A Child of The Demon Who Longs for The Moon

Chapter 15: It was A Blast

Both Gintoki and Tsukuyo could only stare in silence at their future-selves who were standing in the midst of the remaining enemies. The future Gintoki (Gin) still had his natural-wavy silver-blue hair, only his hair was slightly longer. He still wore his usual white yukata in the same way, with only wearing one side as he let the other side loose hanging on his waist. But this time, instead wearing a modern-casual black outfit, Gin’s outfit under the yukata was more traditional, although the colour still black. Gin was wearing a black hakama and sandals under his white yukata, and he still used his ‘Lake Touya’ wooden sword as his primary weapon. His body was a bit bigger and his face gave a more dandy image.

While the future Tsukuyo (Tsuky) had cut her hair shorter, making the woman did not need to tie-up her hair or put any hair-ornament on it. She still retained her grace and beauty despite being eight years older. Her oufit was still the same black kimono with slit around her thigh. Only this time, she was wearing a pink haori on top of her outfit. The scars on her face still remained, but had started to fade from the passing years. The future couple looked at their past-selves who were still standing like statues, with shocked written all over their faces.

“Oi, oi… What’s with you all? Did you see a ghost or something?” asked Gin towards the silent duo.

Gintoki and Tsukuyo quickly returned to their senses and they tried to say words to describe their surprises. “Well, y-you know… We’re…” replied Gintoki stuttering, Tsukuyo was also acting awkward.

“Alright, alright. Save the talk fer later, we still got company”, said Tsuky calming the nervous duo.

“Wha-what sorcery is this?! Two of them?” asked The Chidori Leader in confusion.

“Hey, c’mon… You are a space pirate but you talk about sorcery? All you see here can be explained by science, y’know”, said Gin retorting while picking his nose.

Tsuky noticed that Gintoki was wounded on his arm, leg and his waist. Noticing that the present couple was having a hard time, the elder woman turned her gaze on her husband. “Look at them. Thanks to yer foolin’ around you got yerself into trouble”, said Tsuky scolding Gin.

“I’m sorry, ok? It’s been eight years since the last time we’re here. And besides, weren’t you forgetting as well? Don’t tell me you’re starting to be forgetful from aging”, replied Gin to his wife.

“As if! You’re the one who’s turnin’ into an old man”, replied Tsuky back as she threw her kunai towards Gin, which Gin dodged and struck right into the enemy’s head that was sneaking behind him.

“Don’t just stand there, you fools! Get them!” yelled the enemy leader commanding his elite troops who were still in shock at the sight.

The enemy’s troops regained back their senses and they proceeded again to attack both present and the future couple. Both couples quickly readied their weapons to respond at the enemies’ attacks. “Oh shit… Alright, you two! Make sure you don’t die on us!” shouted Gin as he and Tsuky confronted the incoming attack.

Gintoki who heard their words only let out a small sigh as he and Tsukuyo returned to stand back to back. “Say, Tsukki…” said Gintoki while his eyes still focused at the incoming attack.


“Now I’m not sure what’s going on anymore”, said Gintoki again as he raised his wooden sword, preparing his stand.

“Yeah, me too”, replied Tsukuyo as she held up her two tantos, ready to fight.


The enemy leader could only stare at the fight in front of him, where there were two Shiroyashas and two Courtesans of Death, taking down his elite troops one by one. Both couple from present and the future kept fighting, parring and evading while they talked to each other.

“Where’s our girl?” asked Gin in the midst of the chaos.

“She’s safe now with Kagura and Souyo-kun. What’re you guys doing here, anyway?” replied Gintoki while engaging another enemy.

“We’re here to pick-up our daughter, of course”, replied Gin.

“How’s she? Did she give ya any hard times?” asked Tsuky while evading attacks directed to her.

“No worries, she’s been a good girl”, replied Tsukuyo, parring an enemy attack.

The four kept fighting until they gathered back-to-back in the middle of the hall. While the enemies were still hesitating to charge or not, the four people had a quick conversation.

“Did she have fun?” asked Tsuky.

“You bet”, replied Gintoki as he glanced over at Tsukuyo beside him.

Tsukuyo and Tsuky only gave a smile at Gintoki’s answer.

“Then do you wanna keep her here? I could use a day-off or two from looking after that girl”, asked Gin playfully.

“Hell no. You take her back, thank you very much”, replied Gintoki receiving sighs from the women.

They continued their fight with the enemy elite troops until the last one of them had fell down to the floor. After both present and future couples had confirmed that all enemies had been taken down, they shifted their attentions towards The Chidori Leader who had made his way to the window facing outside. The enemy leader faced them with horror on his face.

“Impossible… My elite troops… It took a fortune to hire those Shinra clansmen…” said the enemy leader not believing the sight before him; dead bodies everywhere with only two Gintokis and Tsukuyos remained standing.

“Hmph, these guys were nothing compared to Yato clansmen…” said Gin placing his wooden sword on his shoulder.

“You won’t get away fer disturbing Yoshiwara”, said Tsukuyo readying her kunais that she looted from the ground.

The enemy leader’s face turned into a smirk as he seemed to have another plan. “Huh, never thought I have to resort to this only for you bastards”, said the enemy leader opening the window behind him, revealing a huge-size amanto heli-carrier equipped with four mounted guns, two on each side.

People from the town, including Shinsengumi finished putting down the riot, Shinpachi and The Hyakka, and Kagura, Kyouko, Sougo and Sadaharu who were just getting out from the fortress saw the enemy air-craft hovering near the fortress. “Tch, bring the bazookas! Take down that heli!” commanded Hijikata at his men.

The Shinsengumi quickly dispersed to do what their vice-commander’s orders.

In the mean time, inside the fortress, the group of four noticed The Chidori Leader took a few step aside, both Gintoki realized what’s coming to them. They quickly jumped taking their women with them into some random covers to avoid the line of fire as the mounted guns in front of them started to unleash rains of bullets towards them. The firing was so intense, it almost destroyed the entire hall that just got renovated. The enemy leader walked closer towards the window, proceeding to get on the aircraft.

“Hahahaha! From my last defeat I have learned some other things; always prepare a back-up plan” laughed The Chidori Leader.


Meanwhile, from outside…

“Oi! Where the hell’s the bazooka!? The heli will take off any moment from now!” yelled Hijikata to his men.

“I’m sorry, sir. But we need to go back all the way to the surface to get our equipments”, replied Yamazaki.

Kyouko who was watching with Kagura, Shinpachi and Sadaharu could only stare without able to do anything. Kagura quickly took a step forward.

“Wait, Kagura-chan! Where are you going, this time?” said Shinpachi holding Kagura.

“Let go, yes! I promised them that I’ll come back with back-up!” replied Kagura while squirming.

“But calm down, first! Everyone still needs to recover from the riot!” said Shinpachi still trying to restrain the female Yato.

“Papa… Mama…” said Kyouko quietly praying for her parent’s safety.


Back to the fortress…

“Tch, this time is an aircraft?” said Gin scoffing.

“Wait! Don’ ya dare to leave!” yelled Tsukuyo wanting to go out, but she could not since she would be entering the line of fire.

The Chidori Leader only grinned ecstatically as he turned back one last time. “Sorry, but this time I-!“


Before The Chidori Leader could finish his words, suddenly the aircraft behind him exploded. He turned around to see his aircraft descended in flames, disappearing from his sight. Gintoki who came out first from the four’s hideout, followed by the others, started to walk towards the enemy leader who was still trying to assess the situation.

“What the f*ck!?” said The Chidori Leader looking at the sky outside.

Everyone else in the town were surprised when they saw the enemy’s aircraft got destroyed as there was another ship-like aircraft hovering above Yoshiwara, with one of the canons letting out a smoke. On the ship, stood a man with long hair in blue outfit.

“Well, I sorta figure that you might come to this, so I asked Zura earlier to block your escape”, said Gintoki as he stood a few meters from The Chidori Leader.

The enemy leader turned his head again to see Shiroyashas and Courtesans of Death were standing before him. “Ha… Hahahaha…. Don’t f*ck with me! I won’t loose here! I just had my proper appearance! I’m not gonna end here like this!” yelled the enemy leader out of frustration.

The Chidori Leader suddenly stopped on his rattling only to find kunais were pierced into his body. Then he turned his gaze on the two blonde women, as his body stumbled few steps backward towards the fence of the veranda.

“You don’t have to worry ‘bout yer appearance anymore”, said Tsuky.

“Because you’re going down for good!” continued Gintoki as he and Gin struck their wooden swords right to the enemy leader’s chest, knocking him out of the building.

The Chidori Leader could only scream in agony as he fell into the sea of flames from his own aircraft. Gintoki walked out to the veranda to see a better view on Katsura’s air-ship. When he saw his old friend, Gintoki swinged his hand.

“Are you done there, Gintoki?” asked Katsura shouting from his ship.

“Yeah, thanks a lot, Zura!”

“It’s not Zura, it’s Katsura!” replied Katsura when suddenly something hit his air-ship.

When the joui leader looked at the source of the attack, he saw the Shinsengumi were aiming their bazookas on his ship. “Get him! It’s Katsura!” said Hijikata to his troops as they kept bombarding Katsura’s airship.

“You damn government’s dogs! We’re on the same side here! Men, we are leaving!” said Katsura then his airship immediately flew away to escape.


Back inside the fortress, Gintoki and Tsukuyo faced their future-selves once again.

“Man, I forgot you’ve asked Zura for this occasion”, said Gin rubbing his head.

“By the way, how’s Zura in the future? Does he still like that?” asked Gintoki pointing his thumb at the direction Katsura’s ship flew away.

“Yeah, more or less…” Gin replied with a shrug. “Anything else you wanna know about the future?”

“Hmm… Are we gonna have to deal with that guy again? I never knew his name, though....” said Gintoki hinting The Chidori Leader.

“Hahaha, don’t worry. At least I never heard nor seen him for the past eight years”, replied Gin chuckling. “Well? Anything else you want to know? There are still some other things worth hearing”, asked Gin tilting his head.

Gintoki stay silent for a while, then he put on a smile. “Nah, I don’t want too much spoilers. I prefer to wait for the surprise. Just like Shounen Jump”, replied Gintoki with content smile.

“Guess so”, replied Gin smiling as well.

While the two silver-hairs were talking, Tsukuyo walked over to her future-self. “Um, ‘scuse me...” asked Tsukuyo whispering to her older-self.

“Hm? What is it?” replied Tsuky.

“How’s… y’know, things around him and everyone?” asked Tsukuyo with her face flustered a bit.

Tsuky could only smiled as she sighed upon the question from her younger-self. “Was I always like this around him?” she thought.

“Don’t worry. Ya shouldda known better that everything’s gonna be fine with him around”, replied Tsuky. “And you’re gonna spend yer time with him for a looong time”, continued Tsuky as she tapped Tsukuyo’s shoulder.

Tsukuyo only smiled at Tsuky’s answer, then the older woman shifted her head to Tsukuyo’s ear, whispering. “One more thing. Make sure not to let him takin’ care the finance. Ya know what I mean.”

The younger one blinked at the request before blinking again in understanding. “Yeah, sure thing”, replied Tsukuyo as she turned to look at Gintoki.

The women giggled to each other until they overheard the two men’s conversation.

“Oh, one more thing. Does she still… You know, being a drunken terminator?” asked Gintoki to Gin, jabbing his thumb at the women’s direction.

“(Sigh)… Just keep her away from alcohol, her reaction is different depends on what kinds of booze she drinks. Let me tell you, the last time was during Kyouko’s second birthday party. Guess what, she was- Ugh!“

Before Gin could have said more, a kunai pierced his head. As Gin fell to the ground, Gintoki turned his head to see Tsuky was smiling with a vein popped on her face. “What’re you tryin’ to say to him, darling?” asked Tsuky holding out another kunai.

“No, nothing. We’re just talking about your taste in- Argh!” replied Gintoki only to be interrupted by a kunai on his head as well. “Hei! I’m wounded, remember?” said Gintoki with a kunai on his head.

“You shut up. And what’re ya talkin’ bout my taste again, darling?” asked Tsukuyo this time, after throwing Tsuky’s kunai.

The two women only sighed and thought in unison upon the sight of their men, while the men also thought in unison as they were lying on the ground.

We’ve gotten ourselves one hell of idiot to look after here…”

We’ve gotten ourselves one hell of a woman to be taken care of here….”


After the four of them had arrived back at the first hall they entered earlier, Tsukuyo noticed that Gin and Tsuky were heading towards the opposite direction.

“Wait, you’re not comin’?” asked Tsukuyo before getting out from the fortress with Gintoki.

“No, we can’t scare everyone else. Especially Kyouko”, replied Tsuky refusing politely.

“Besides, didn’t you guys promise to take Kyouko out somewhere? We’ll be waiting at the old-man Gengai’s place”, said Gin as he took his leave with his wife.

Gintoki and Tsukuyo could only agree as they saw their future-selves disappeared into other room. Meeting themselves from different timeline had already felt awkward enough. They could not make it any weirder by having them meet with the others. Kyouko might have had a heart attack if she suddenly were to see her parents become two persons. The two of them proceeded to walk out of the front gate with Tsukuyo acted as Gintoki’s support, swinging his arm and place it on her shoulder as they walked toward the crowd that had been waiting for them. In that crowd, there was Kyouko, who upon seeing her parents first, quickly ran towards them and jumped into their arms. She had a wide smile on her face, with tears of joy leaking out from her eyes.

“Papa, mama! Welcome back!” said Kyouko inside Gintoki and Tsukuyo’s hug.

“Yeah, we’re back, Kyouko”, replied Gintoki to his daughter then he shifted his gaze on Tsukuyo, who was looking back at him.

Gintoki and Tsukuyo realised that the sky had started to change its colour from the breaking dawn. Remembering everything they had been through in one long night, the two joined their foreheads together as they were still embracing Kyouko. After they separate their foreheads, they put Kyouko down as they were greeted back by their friends and comrades.


The rest of the following day were spent by repairing the damage of the chaos from last night, with everyone including Shinsengumi helped to fix the damaged building and properties. Gintoki and Sougo had their injuries treated in Yoshiwara and fortunately their wounds were not that serious. Tsukuyo, Kagura, Shinpachi and Sadaharu were accompanying the exhausted Kyouko who fell asleep on Tsukuyo’s lap inside one of empty rooms in Hinowa’s place. Hijikata and Kondou were still busy helping Hinowa and Seita in charge of the town’s recovery. Later that night, Hinowa was holding a small ‘welcome back party’ for Kyouko. Of course The Yorozuya was invited. Otae, Ayame and Kyuubei were also invited to celebrate Kyouko’s home- coming. Kondou and Sougo wanted to join as well, but unfortunately they had to be dragged back by Hijikata to the headquarters to finish the pilled-up paperwork.

“Bye bye… Sougo, Toshi, Gori~!” Kyouko sent her farewells cheerfully as she saw The Demon Vice-Commander who only looked back at her without saying anything as he was dragging Sougo and Kondou, who were waving their hands with heavy hearts.

During the party, everyone had a toast for Kyouko, Kagura gobbled up everything on the table, etc. Kyouko was simply having fun being with everyone else in the party. Gintoki accompanied Kyouko together with Tsukuyo, while at the same time, the man aslo kept an eye on the blonde woman, making sure that she would not touch any liquor during the party. He saw at the other table inside the room, Otae and Kyuubei were occupied to accompany Ayame who was trying to drink her sorrows away with tons of booze.

“I gave myself to him but instead he chose a woman who always throws kunais at him?” the female ninja shouted furiously. “What the hell! Is Gin-san an M? He’s an M, isn’t he? If so, he’s not for me! I prefer S…!” said Ayame in her drunken state before she collapsed her head again onto the table.

Gintoki was a bit annyoed hearing Ayame’s rambling, but he decided to let it aside after he saw Otae’s look towards him, saying that the drunken woman was going to be fine. Then Ayame bursted-out again. “But the worst thing is, I still can’t get over him! God f*cking dammit!” yelled Ayame slamming her hands on the table.

Upon hearing the last words, Gintoki only let out a sigh as he put on a small smile. “I guess she’s gonna be just fine…” thought Gintoki seeing the three women were having a good time despite one of them was totally drunk.

Thinking that things were going to be fine for now, Gintoki went out of the room for a toilet-break. After few minutes or so, Gintoki went back inside the dining hall, only to see the party had become chaotic. He saw the drunken Tsukuyo with a flushed face, one arm was holding a bottle of sake while the other was carrying the laughing Kyouko around, as the woman laughed whole-heartedly with several people lying on the ground around her, including Shinpachi who was knocked out with cracks on his glasses. Kagura was desperately trying to stop the drunken woman despite having her yato super strength. Everyone else could only watch the chaos from a safe distance. While still trying to stop Tsukuyo from trashing around, Kagura pleaded upon seeing Gintoki entered the room.

“Gin-chan! Help us here, yes! We can’t hold her down any longer!” said Kagura clinging on Tsukuyo’s waist.

The hell!? I only left to take a piss for a few minutes then suddenly the shit’s already hit the fan!??” thought Gintoki with his face getting pale. “Oi! What happened here?” asked Gintoki towards the crowd who distanced themselves from the chaos.

“Um, it seems Sarutobi-san had asked Tsukuyo-san to drink with her, Tsukuyo-san refused at first, until suddenly Sarutobi-san forced a liquor into Tsukuyo-san’s mouth…” said Otae who was inside the crowd together with Kyuubei.

“Well, where’s Sacchan, now?” asked Gintoki not seeing Ayame around Tsukuyo.

Otae only replied by pointing at the corner of the room, where Ayame’s upper body was planted into the wall, revealing her bottom parts to stick out.

“After Tsukuyo-dono swallowed a few sips, suddenly she punched Ayame-dono into the wall and started to act weird…” said Kyuubei when the one-eyed girl noticed something was flying towards them. “Tae-chan, look out!” shouted Kyuubei pulling Otae away when Kagura’s body suddenly was thrown into the crowd.

“Hnn?? Hic! Gintoki?? Gintoki! Com’ere and join us… Hic!” said the drunken Tsukuyo within her hiccups, still holding Kyouko and her bottle of sake.

“Dammit!” Gintoki cursed as he looked around for a solution. “Kagura, Shinpachi! Get everyone outta here, quick!” shouted Gintoki at his two employee who were still lying on the ground.

Shinpachi and Kagura quickly got up from despite their heads were still in pain after being beaten-up by Tsukuyo, and the two proceeded to evacuate everyone outside while Gintoki confronted the drunken woman.

“Alright, lady Tsukuyo… Just calm down and put the little girl down, okay?” said Gintoki holding up his both hands.

“Eehh…!?? Hic! C’mon now… Kyouko-chan’s waitin’ fer ya…. Hic! Right, Kyouko-chan?” said Tsukuyo towards Kyouko in her arm.

“Papa…. Hic!” said Kyouko waving her hand, her face was as red as her mother.

Realising his daughter’s state, Gintoki’s eyes widened, his mouth gaped as his face getting paler. “KYOUKOO!!!” screamed Gintoki in his mind before he turned again at the woman.

“You let your own daughter drank a liquor! Who gave her that shit!?” asked Gintoki pointing at Kyouko, who was still as drunk as her mother.

“Me! Ehehehe… Hic!” said Tsukuyo chuckling, trying to act cute in her drunken state.

“Wha- Are you shitting me?! What kind of mother are you!?” shouted Gintoki.

“C’mon, it’s just a lil’ bit… Hic!” replied Tsukuyo before she chugged the bottle in her hand into her throat. “Now, Gintoki…. Let’s drink some more, okay??? Hic!” said Tsukuyo as she threw away her now empty bottle aside.

“No, no, wait. Both of you, snap out of it!” replied Gintoki taking a few steps backwards as he saw his drunken family approaching him with somewhat blood-red eyes.

Everyone who had gotten outside of the room could hear a certain man’s scream of agony from inside the dining hall. As they clapped their hands together, they prayed that whoever was confronting the drunken Tsukuyo inside could survive to see another day.


Later at the same night, everybody had gone back to their own homes, except for The Yorozuya and Kyouko who decided to spend one more night in Yoshiwara. Tsukuyo suddenly awoke inside the dining room. She got up from the floor trying to remember what happened before her visions went blurry. She examined herself, her clothes are still intact but her hair was quite dishevelled, the hair ornaments that kept her hair tied and bundled were gone, presumably during her rampage by alcohol, leaving her hair loose. When she turned her head, she found Kyouko was sleeping soundly beside her, accompanied by Gintoki lying across the woman, using his hand to support his head. The man was still awake, he was still wearing his black shirt and pants but his white yukata was laid on the little girl, serving as a blanket. Tsukuyo noticed that Gintoki’s face was a quite beaten-up, then Gintoki looked up at Tsukuyo with his usual dead-fish eyes.


“Hey…” said Tsukuyo and she looked at the sleeping Kyouko. “How long have ya been awake?” asked Tsukuyo turning her gaze on the man.

“Not long ago, I guess.”

After she had remembered vaguely about what happened during dinner, her expression turn apologetic. “Sorry, Gintoki…. I… I did it again, didn’t I?” asked Tsukuyo while apologizing.

Gintoki only sighed at the woman’s apology. “Yeah, even worse than usual. Everything was a total wreck…”

Suddenly Kyouko let out another small hiccup, showing the effect of alcohol still lingered on her body. Tsukuyo felt even worse, thinking that she had forced a minor to follow her bad habit. Gintoki who noticed the woman’s expression only took another breath.

“Just make sure to apologize to her tomorrow… If she managed to remember anything, that is.” said Gintoki as he silently ruffled his hair, then he continued, “But it’s fine, though. We’ll just have to get used to it”, said Gintoki as he turned his gaze to Kyouko.

Tsukuyo only smiled at Gintoki’s reply and started to lie again beside Kyouko with similar pose as Gintoki, facing both the little girl and the man across her. Right now the family was laid down with Kyouko slept between Gintoki and Tsukuyo who were now facing each other.

“Say, Gintoki….” Said Tsukuyo with her eyes stayed on Kyouko.


“Maybe it’s too late to ask this, but….” Said Tsukuyo turning her gaze from Kyouko to the man in front of her. “Are you… really okay with someone like me?” asked Tsukuyo with hesitation and worry shown on her face.

“C’mon, now…” replied Gintoki ruffling his hair with his free hand.

“But still-“

Before Tsukuyo could have said another word, Gintoki silenced her with a kiss. “Tsukuyo.” Gintoki continued as he moved his face away, demanding the woman to let him finish. “At first, I’m not sure about my own feelings towards you, even after meeting Kyouko for the first time, I still don’t really know. But…” said Gintoki looking at Kyouko then he looked right into Tsukuyo’s eyes.

“Ever since that night, and when I spent my times with you and her… My eyes had been opened. Do you still remember, during my fight with Housen, when I said that I wish to die surrounded by my family and grandchildren? I want to start it with you”.

The woman stared into Gintoki’s eyes to see nothing but sincerity. “Gintoki…”

“So, don’t ask anymore things about my feelings to you anymore, okay? Even from the beginning, I always see you as a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul”, Gintoki finished with a smile.

“Yeah”, said Tsukuyo as she dropped a tear, her face smiled back at his reply.

“By the way”, said Gintoki, making Tsukuyo wondered what the man wanted to talk about again.

“Next day might be our last day with Kyouko. Do you have any plans?” asked Gintoki.

Tsukuyo looked down, thinking for a while before replying. “I got tickets for Amusement Park in Edo… We can take Kyouko there, just the three of us”, said Tsukuyo with her face slightly blushed

Gintoki only grinned at the woman’s invitation. “Heh… It’s unusual to see you really got into this, you know that, Tsukki?” said Gintoki teasing.

“D-don’t get a wrong idea, okay? Hinowa just suddenly gave me these before dinner, so I just don’t want to-!” said Tsukuyo blushing harder, when suddenly Gintoki cut her retort with another kiss.

After he parted his lips from Tsukuyo’s for a bit, Gintoki put his forehead against Tsukuyo’s as he stared right into the woman’s eyes again. “Alright, alright… I got it”, said Gintoki attempting to put his lips on Tsukuyo’s again.

“Wha- Kyouko’s here, you know…!” said Tsukuyo blushing, trying to avoid the man’s lips.

“Relax, she’s totally knocked out”, said Gintoki tried to reach Tsukuyo’s lips.

“But- mmph!“

“Shh... Don’t make too much noise or she’ll wake up”, said Gintoki, finally able to cover Tsukuyo’s lips with his.

Tsukuyo, who was resisting at first, gradually closed her eyes as she accepted Gintoki’s kiss. They maintained their position, as they kept feeling each other’s sensation, their taste, their smells, everything, as they nibbled each other’s lips and running through each other’s mouth.

Later in the early morning, when Hinowa went inside the room to check on the family, she found Gintoki and Tsukuyo were sleeping soundly with their arms hugging Kyouko between them. Hinowa smiled as she put a larger blanket on three of them and went out of the room to give the family more time to rest.


On the following day, Kyouko was being cheerful as usual by the time she woke up. Much to everyone’s surprise, the little girl did not show any signs of hangover, although she did not recall much about the chaos last night. Gintoki and Tsukuyo only let out a relieved sigh upon seeing their daughter was being just fine as they prepared for their last activity with Kyouko before sending her home. Gintoki and Tsukuyo were waiting outside the house for Kyouko, who was saying her goodbyes to Hinowa, Seita, Shinpachi, Sadaharu and Kagura.

“Bye bye… Kagura, Pachi, Sadaharu, Seita, Hino~!” said Kyouko waving her arms.

“We’ll miss you, Kyouko-chan”, said Seita hugging the little girl.

“Kyouko will miss Seita and Hino too…” said Kyouko hugging back.

Hinowa simply patted Kyouko’s head with a bright smile on her face. After finished with Seita and Hinowa, Kyouko turned around to hug Kagura, Shinpachi and Sadaharu.

“Kyouko-chan! I won’t forget about you, yes!” said Kagura crying, could not stand the fact that this would be the last time.

“Hmn, Kyouko won’t forget Kagura too…” replied the little girl.

“We’ll see each other again, ok?” said Shinpachi holding his tears.

“Yes!” replied Kyouko smiling.

Sadaharu only let out a bark, which also replied with Kyouko hugging the dog’s head. Afterwards, Kagura, Shinpachi and the rest saw Gintoki, Tsukuyo and Kyouko walked away with Kyouko being carried on Gintoki’s shoulder, Tsukuyo walked closely beside them. After sending the family away with smiles, Kagura took her parasol as she took her leave with Sadaharu.

“Kagura-chan, where are you going this time?” asked Shinpachi.

“I’m going to settle my score with sadist, yes” replied Kagura opening her parasol and hopping on Sadaharu’s back.

“See you around!” said Kagura waving her hand as Sadaharu started to run away.

“I guess I’ll take my leave as well, then”, said Shinpachi smiling after seeing Kagura off. “Thank you for having us, Hinowa-san, Seita-kun”, said Shinpachi heading home.


The rest of the day was spent with the family had fun in the amusement park. They walked together, got on various rides and attractions, and ate various kinds of foods.

Of course there were several ‘problems’ where they got caught in some idiotic situations. Like when Tsukuyo had to drag Gintoki before he could have spent their entire money on sweets shop, Gintoki tried to stop Tsukuyo who almost tried a whisky-choco, both of Tsukuyo and Kyouko found Gintoki was the one to be scared the most when they were entering a haunted house, Gintoki teased the blushing Tsukuyo who got interested into girly-stuffs when they were window-shopping on souvenirs, even the parents were too much into their picnic until they fought a bit over which attraction they should try next, etc.

Kyouko simply laughed on having fun while looking at her parents’ antics. When the sky had turned colours during dusk, the family were riding a ferris wheel as their last ride before leaving the park. Gintoki and Tsukuyo were sitting side-by-side while Kyouko was standing, mesmerized at the sight of horizon through the cart’s window. As the cart moving slowly, the family enjoyed their moments together by looking at the sunset.

“Kyouko-chan”, said Tsukuyo to her daughter, the little girl turned her head towards her mother. “Were you havin’ fun?”

“Yes!” said Kyouko without any sheer of doubt as she made her way to Gintoki’s lap.

“I see…” Tsukuyo nodded in content.

This time, it was Gintoki’s turn to say his piece. “Listen here, Kyouko… The next day you’re awake from your sleep, you’ll find everything will change back into the way it was, as if nothing previously had ever happened….” Said Gintoki, then he bent his head down together with Tsukuyo’s head; making his, hers and Kyouko’s head leaned to each other.

As their eyes were piercing right to each other, Gintoki smiled as he continued. “But look closely at us, as we look closely at you, so we won’t forget about what had happened.”

Tsukuyo and Kyouko smiled back at Gintoki’s words. When they parted their heads again, Kyouko noticed something on her hair. It was her new hair-clip from the other day. It fell when Kyouko was captured and brought into the underground prison until her parents picked it up during the rescue.

“Whenever you feel like you’re going to forget, look at this. This gift from us is the proof of our time together with the others”, said Gintoki rummaging through Kyouko’s locks of hair gently.

Kyouko then buried her face into Gintoki’s chest as Gintoki responded by enveloping Kyouko’s back with his arms. While burying her face into her father’s chest, Kyouko muttered some words, audible enough to be heard by both adults.

“Kyouko…. Kyouko loves papa and mama very much….”

Hearing their daughter’s words, Gintoki and Tsukuyo simply smiled as they closed their eyes and they shifted their hands and heads together to envelope the little girl in their arms.

“Yeah. We love you too, Kyouko… Very much”, said Tsukuyo, only to find out that the little girl had fallen asleep peacefully.

“Looks like she’s tired” said Gintoki as the woman let out a chuckle.

The family spent the rest of their time inside the ferris’ wheel by embracing each other until the ride finished its round. When they got off from the ride, it was already night. The family left the amusement park towards Gengai’s shop with Tsukuyo carrying Kyouko, who was still sleeping in her arms. After a while on their way, Gintoki looked at Tsukuyo who was still carrying Kyouko.

“Wanna switch?” asked Gintoki offering his help to carry Kyouko.

“…Nah, thanks”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I wanna carry her for as long as possible”, replied Tsukuyo as she shifted her gaze into her daughter’s sleeping face. “Besides, if I couldn’t carry her at this extent, how am I suppose to carry her arround inside my belly for another nine months?” said Tsukuyo to Gintoki with cheerful grin.

The man only smiled and shrugged at Tsukuyo’s remarks.


Meanwhile, at Yorozuya, two figures were carrying a body of a girl with vermillion hair followed by a giant white dog. One figure, a woman with a short blonde hair opened the doors to make a path for another figure, who was a man with silver wavy hair carrying the girl on his back all the way to the closet, which was Kagura’s bedroom. After settling Kagura on her bed, Gin closed the closet door quietly then he signed Sadaharu not to make any noise. This time, the dog was being obedient as it walked through the living room and started sleeping right under Kagura’s room. After feeling nostalgic at his old Yorozuya office for a moment, Gin and Tsuky went out and took a quick break at the terrace. As they leaned on the wooden fence, the couple stared at the night view.

“So much we’ve said about not meeting them… But we still ended up meetin’ them again…” said Tsuky sighing.

“Well, it can’t be helped. We already met with the Hyakka and tax robbers, anyway…” replied Gin picking his nose. “Besides, they didn’t really see us. They were totally out-cold.”

As for reason why Gin and Tsuky had to carry Kagura all the way back home, the couple was on their stroll looking around in the evening, reminiscing about how things looked like during the past, until they found both Sougo and Kagura were lying on the park where they usually had fight at, which was now devastated. Both of the teenagers were totally knocked out from the over-exhaustion they suffered after fighting for a long time. Sadaharu was simply keeping on guard there when he suddenly barked at the couple passing by. Knowing that they could not just ignore the sight before them, Gin and Tsuky were forced to bring Sougo all the way back to Shinsengumi headquarters, only to drop him at the front of the gate before they quickly ran away to Yorozuya.

“These kids still have a long way to go, after all”, said Gin looking back at the closet where Kagura was sleeping in.

“Are you sure it’s fine to leave Okita-san there?” asked Tsuky looking worried.

“Nah, don’t need to worry about Sou… Sou… Sougo-kun, was it?”

“Hmph, it took eight years for you to barely remember his name”, said Tsuky smiling in teasing manner.

“Shut up…” Gintoki replied with a scoff.

After a moment of silence, the couple started to talk again. “Many things have happened…” said Tsuky starting a conversation.

Gin replied as he merely gazed at the space in front of him. “Yeah…”

“D’you miss this place?” asked Tsuky again.

“Kind of…”

After another moment of silence, Tsuky asked her husband again. “Say, Gintoki…”


“I feel rather… Weird… Even after letting Kyouko sent here and making her gone through so many things… I don’t feel any regret at all…” said Tsuky looking down. “Why is it? What d’you think?” asked Tsuky turning her gaze at Gin.

Gin remained silent for a moment then he spoke up. “Fancy, because I also don’t regret at all for having Kyouko got thrown here”, replied the man as he closed his eyes, smiling. Then he opened his eyes again. “Tsukuyo, we humans make mistakes. Or rather, we will definitely make mistakes sometimes, but from those mistakes we can achieve something greater…” continued Gin as his gazes were moving towards the moon. “Like what we’ve done here. Sending Kyouko here might be a mistake. But if we didn’t meet Kyouko back then… Then we’d probably still not being able to be honest with each other’s feelings”, said Gin as he looked towards the ring in his finger and Tsukuyo’s.

“Guess so”, replied Tsuky as she reached her hand towards Gin’s hand, her gaze went towards the moon. “Well? Should we warn ‘em, then?” asked Tsuky looking back at Gin again.

Gintoki only pouted as he contemplated his options. “Hmm… Nah, let’s leave their future on themselves”, said Gin smiled as he stared back at the moon.

“Yeah… But don’t forget, after this there’s only movin’ forward fer us, ya hear me?” said Tsuky as she leaned her head on Gin’s shoulder.

“Yeah, I know”, replied Gin as he leaned his head on top of Tsuky’s head.

After a while, Gin jerked his head slowly, making Tsuky flinched slightly and look at him. “Let’s go, now. It’s time”, said Gin as he went down the stairs, followed by his wife behind.


Upon arriving at Gengai’s shop, Gintoki and Tsukuyo found their future selves and Gengai were waiting for them. The old mechanic was the one who greeted them first. “Hey there, Yorozuya. Everything’s set here”, said Gengai pointing his thumb at the new time machine.

“Yeah. Thanks, old man”, replied Gintoki at Gengai.

“Sweet dreams, sweetheart…”, said Tsukuyo placed a kiss on Kyouko’s forehead before she handed the little girl to her older-self.

After confirming there was nothing wrong with her daughter, Tsuky who was now carrying Kyouko turned her eyes on Gintoki and Tsukuyo. “Did you guys have fun?”

“Yeah, it’s a blast”, replied Tsukuyo smiling.

“Heeh… Pretty well done on giving her a souvenir…” said Gin noticing the hair-clip on Kyouko’s hair.

Gintoki could only smile and shrug the comment, as well as Tsukuyo. “Take care of her, will ya?” said Gintoki towards the future couple standing in front of the time machine.

Gin only smirked lazily in return. “Who the hell do you think we are?” replied Gin as the time machine started to work.

“You guys should be the one to take care of yerselves”, said Tsuky as she waved one of her hand, the other was still carrying Kyouko as the light from the time machine started to envelope them.

“Well, then. You guys take care”, said Gin finally sending his goodbyes to Gintoki and Tsukuyo.

Gintoki and Tsukuyo only smiled and waved their hands as they saw Kyouko’s sleeping face started to disappear into the blinding light together with Gin and Tsuky. After the future party had completely gone together with the light, Gengai stepped forward, looking at Gintoki and Tsukuyo, who had bitter expressions on their faces.

“You folks can always go after them, you know”, said Gengai showing that the time machine was still able to operate.

“No thanks, we’ve had enough spoilers”, replied Gintoki as he took his leave with his face brightened up.

“We’ll take our leave then. Until next time, Gengai-san”, said Tsukuyo bowing her head slightly then she followed Gintoki.

While looking at the couple’s back that was getting further, Gengai looked back at his time machine again. “I guess I’ll just put my biggest invention right here”, thought the old man to himself.


In the far distant future, it was night as well. The time machine in Gengai’s brand-new shop, shot out a light that slowly revealing The Sakata Family who had just gone back from the past. Upon arriving in their own time, the family thanked Gengai who had gotten much older, the old man now needed a cane to stand on his own. At the front of the shop stand two adults. One is a young woman with a long vermillion hair in Chinese outfit bringing a parasol riding a giant white dog, while the other was a young man with glasses wearing a black outfit with a sword on his waist. Both of them had a ring on their respective fingers.

The two adults were waiting at the front of the shop and they noticed The Sakata Family was walking towards them. “Finally… Took you long enough, yes. Gin-chan, Tsukki…” said the woman.

“Come on, it was quite a mess back there, remember?” replied Gin ruffling his hair.

“Hurry up home and get some sleep, Gin-san. We have tons of clients waiting for us tomorrow”, said the man with glasses.

“Cut me some slack, four-eyes. I’m starting to get too old for this shit, you know”, replied Gin at the young man.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop calling me that, you old man?” the young man retorted with annoyed tone.

“Well? How’s Kyouko-chan? Is she alright, yes? How’s the trip there?” asked the woman at Tsuky.

Seeing her daughter in her arms smiling in her sleep made Gin and Tsuky smiled in relieve as well, they answered as they walked off followed by the young woman with her dog and the young man.

“It was a blast.”


Back to the present time, Gintoki and Tsukuyo were walking side by side through the streets of Kabuki District.

“Say, Tsukki…” said Gintoki making the woman beside him to turn to him.


“Want to crash at my place?” asked Gintoki glancing at Tsukuyo.

The woman’s face was flushed, then she replied nervously. “Wha- But… Isn’t Kagura there? What if she wakes up?”

“Wake up from what? We’re just gonna sleep together, that’s all.” Then Gintoki’s lips twitched into a grin. “Or what, are you expecting something else, honey?” said Gintoki teasing, Tsukuyo’s face got even brighter in shade of red as she pouted, looking away.

“So? What will it be?” asked Gintoki again.

Tsukuyo only answered by reaching out to Gintoki’s hand, interwining her fingers with his. Then she moved closer, almost making a body contact. Seeing Tsukuyo’s behaviour made Gintoki smiled even wider.

“I’ll take that as a yes. You know what, you can be very cute sometimes if you try”, said Gintoki looking back at the streets in front of them.

Tsukuyo flushed again hearing Gintoki’s words, she clenched her fist so tight for few seconds until she suddenly pulled Gintoki’s collar, who was caught totally unguarded into one deep kiss. They remained in their position with their mouths enveloping each other, as Gintoki’s hand slowly reached to Tsukuyo’s waist and the woman’s hand was still grabbing the man’s collar, until the woman let go of the man and muttered a single word while looking right into his eyes.

“Idiot….” She said with a pout before her pout turned to a smile.

She leaned her head on Gintoki’s shoulder as the couple continued their walk. The Shiroyasha smiled again at the fact that the moon was now beside him, holding his arm as they walked together under the moonlight into the distance.

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