A Child of The Demon Who Longs for The Moon

Chapter 5: Always Supervise Your Minors, Otherwise You might End Up in Awkward Situations

Kagura flinched upon hearing the little girl saying the name of Shinsengumi 1st division captain, Okita Sougo. “Oi, sadist. Don’t just stand there, apologize to her, yes!” yelled Kagura while she pointing her parasol on the sadistic captain.

Sougo stared at Kyouko who was looking at him, and then he turned his gaze to Kagura. “Why should I? She was the one who bumped into me first. Anyway, what’s with this kid? How did she know my name? Is this kid yours?” said Sougo with his usual deadpanned expression.

“None of your business.” Kagura scoffed. “But I’m a bit surprised that Kyouko-chan even knows a tax robber like you. Anyway, just apologize to Kyouko-chan! You got in her way in the first place!”

Sougo sighed and said, “China, I think you are being too childish here. Even this kid still knows her manners. Don’t you feel embarrassed having a kid more mature than you?”

“Tch, whatever. I don’t have time to deal with you now. Let’s go Kyouko-chan!” said Kagura not wanting to admit that Sougo had a point about manners and stuff.

As Kagura pulled Kyouko’s arm leaving Sougo, the shinsengumi captain suddenly grabbed Kagura’s arm. “Oi, China… You have not answered my question yet. Although….” Sougo turned his gaze on Kyouko, “This kid somehow looks familiar.”

“I’m telling you it’s none of your business! Let go of me, yes!” yelled Kagura as she yanked her hand off Sougo’s clutch.

“China, I can arrest you for disobeying a police officer” said Sougo smirking at Kagura.

As Kagura ran out of patience, she started hauling at Sougo with full power, “Shut up! Don’t make up rules! I have no reason to obey the likes of you in the first place, yes!”

The fighting between two sadists broke out on the Streets of Kabuki district. Kagura purposely forced Sougo to take their fight a bit further from Kyouko, so the little girl would not get caught in it.

As Shinpachi went out from the store after hearing the ruckus, he saw Kyouko laughing at the brawl between a teenage man and woman. “Kyouko-chan, what happened? Are you okay?” asked Shinpachi as he ran approaching the little girl.

“Sougo and Kagura being lovey-dovey again…” said Kyouko grinning at the two, who were now pulling on each other’s hair.

Both of the fighters overheard Kyouko’s answer and they turned around at the same time, staring at the little girl. “Kyouko-chan, that’s mean of you! No way I’m getting lovey-dovey with this sicko here, yes!” Kagura shouted as she was poking (with all her strength) her finger at Sougo’s face.

“Little missy, I don’t know who you are, but I can still charge you for accusing and insulting a police officer…” Sougo said with his stoic expression, while his hand was pushing Kagura’s head.

How could this be called lovey-dovey?” thought Shinpachi as he left Kyouko to walk towards Sougo and Kagura, “Okay, okay… Stop this both of you! You might end up destroying things…”

But the fighters remained stubborn, giving Shinpachi a hard time separating the two. While looking at Shinpachi trying to stop Kagura and Sougo, Kyouko turned her head around to see a figure of someone. Her eyes widened as she was starting to walk towards the figure.

When Shinpachi turned around to check on Kyouko, the little girl was nowhere to be seen. “Where’s Kyouko-chan?” asked Shinpachi, his eyes widened.

Kagura who was busy pulling Sougo’s hair, suddenly stopped and looked at Shinpachi’s direction. As her eyes widened too, she let go of Sougo and started panicking. “We have to find her! Oi sadist, you help us finding Kyouko-chan too, yes!” shouted Kagura towards Sougo.

“Why should I? She is your brat. It’s your fault not watching her properly…” said Sougo reluctantly as he started to walk away. “Good luck on finding her…” The man said waving his hand.

“What the f*ck’s with that! You tax robbers should help citizen to find a defenceless kid! That’s your job, yes!?” Kagura shouted waving her fist around.

Sougo stopped on his track, looked over his head towards the yato girl and then sighed. “Fine, fine… I still curious about that girl anyway”, said Sougo walking back towards Shinpachi and Kagura.

“Thank you very much, Okita-san! Let’s go, she can’t be too far yet!”

“Sadaharu! Track Kyouko-chan’s scent!” said Kagura commanding the giant dog. As the giant dog start sniffing, the three started to follow Sadaharu searching for Kyouko.


Meanwhile, when Kagura was confronting Sougo…..

Tsukuyo walked across the Kabuki district while she was smoking from her kiseru. “There’s no one around the house when I got there… Well, I guess I might s’well looking around and come back later”, said the leader of Hyakka in her head as she saw various shops and goods around her.

While she leisured around the road, her mind was in deep thought. “Walking around this district by yourself sure is lonely… Wait, so what if I’m alone? This is just to kill time, that’s all. And why did I have to go all the way here? If I just want to drop a payment, I can always ask one of Hyakka drop this, or just use mail. What’s wrong with me??” she stopped on her tracks, letting out a puff of a smoke from her mouth as she starred at the blue sky.

Suddenly, an image of a man with silver perm hair appeared on her sight once again. “Seriously, if I met this asshole again, I’ll….!”

Before Tsukuyo could have finished her monologue, suddenly there was something pulling her kimono’s hem. Tsukuyo turned and looked around, and when she turned her gaze downward, she saw a little girl with silver hair staring at her.

Before Tsukuyo knew what was going on, suddenly the little girl hugged her and squealing, “Mama, I miss you!”

Tsukuyo was very shocked upon a girl calling her ‘mama’ out of the blue, as she thought, “What? She got lost or somethin’?”

But before she could have asked anything, a familiar voice was heard. First it was a dog’s bark.

“It’s this way, yes! Kyouko-chan!” then it was a girl’s voice.

“Kyouko-chan! Where are you?” this time it was a boy, and the voice came closer.

Tsukuyo and Kyouko looked at the source of the voice and they saw Kagura and Shinpachi were running to them, with Sougo following from behind. “Ah! There she is, Shinpachi!” said Kagura relieved.

Shinpachi replied with a relieve tone shouting, “You are right, Kagura-chan! Kyouko-“ but before the glasses man can finished his sentence, the Yorozuya duo saw a woman figure near the little girl as the girl holding the woman’s kimono.

Realizing who the woman is, Shinpachi said, “Tsukuyo-san! What are you…”

However, before Shinpachi finished again, Kyouko said to them, “Pachi, Kagura, Kyouko found mama!” as she hold Tsukuyo even closer.

Shinpachi and Kagura looked at Kyouko as their sweats dropped on to the ground, then they looked at Tsukuyo’s face.

“Shinpachi, Kagura….” Tsukuyo said towards the duo as the two teens gulped. “Mind telling me what’s happening?” asked Tsukuyo with a smile but her eyes were not smiling on her face, her finger was pointing at the smiling little girl.

Gin-san/chan… I think you’re so screwed now….” Thought the Yorozuya duo at the same time.

Sougo who was watching behind Shinpachi and Kagura all the time, smirked as he took his leave, noting that the two probably had already forgotten about him.

A child from Yorozuya calling that Yoshiwara woman ‘mama’… Not to mention that silver hair of hers…” thought Sougo as his grin getting wider on his sadistic expression. “Danna, it really never gets bored around you after all…..” muttered Sougo as his face indicated that he was plotting something terrible in his mind.


Meanwhile, Gintoki was driving his scooter without knowing his destination. Simply put, he got lost while searching for his three kids (her ‘real’ daughter included). “Dammit, I should have gone with them!” cursed Gintoki. “I sure hope that nothing’s bad gonna happen….”

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