A Child of The Demon Who Longs for The Moon

Chapter 8: Baby Gift should be Grand and Expensive

On their way back to the Yorozuya office, the family had to go through the shopping district in Kabuki district to retrieve Gintoki’s scooter that had been parked near the restaurant where Gintoki and Kyouko were having lunch before. As they walked passing the same shops as before, this time there was something that caught the silver haired girl’s attention. The little girl stopped on her tracks, stopping Gintoki and Tsukuyo who were holding her hands side by side as well.

“What’s wrong, Kyouko-chan?” asked Tsukuyo looking down towards Kyouko.

Gintoki followed Kyouko’s gaze towards a nearby accessory shop. Then he caught a glimpse of a hairclip with sakura flower designs. As if reading his little girl’s thoughts, Gintoki let out a small sigh and ruffled his hair. Tsukuyo who found out about what that had attracted her little girl’s attention put on a small smile as she blew a smoke from her kiseru. She then let go her hand from Kyouko.

“Wait here”, said Tsukuyo to Gintoki and Kyouko as she walked into the shop.

After few minutes, Tsukuyo came back from the shop with a small bag in her arms. As she kneeled down, she took out the bag’s content, which was the hairclip on the display, and put it on the little girl’s silver hair.

“It looks good on ya”, said Tsukuyo smiling after seeing her little girl with the hairclip.

Kyouko put her hand on the hairclip to have some feel of it, then she beamed to the older woman. “Thank you mama!” said Kyouko with a happy smile as she gave Tsukuyo a hug.

Kagura and Shinpachi who had been walking behind the family with Sadaharu took a closer look as their eyes widened in awe. “Kyouko-chan~! You looked so cute with it!” Kagura squalled ecstaticly, rubbing the little girl’s head.

“It really suits you, Kyouko-chan”, Shinpachi said nodding in agreement. Sadaharu only let out an approving bark.

“What’s this? Acting like mama again?” said Gintoki smirking teasingly to Tsukuyo.

“She’s our daughter, remember? B’sides, it’s not that expensive in the first place”, Tsukuyo replied with a faint blush.


As they continued their trip, they finally arrived at Gintoki’s scooter near the restaurant. Gintoki then realised that he did not have enough helmets for Kyouko and Tsukuyo.

“It’s fine, Gintoki. I gotta go back to work anyway. Yoshiwara’s gonna get busy soon.” Tsukuyo reasoned.

“Are you sure, Tsukki? Gin-chan can give you another ride back, yes”, Kagura said with a playful grin.

“That’s right, Tsukuyo-san. We can take Kyouko-chan home by ourselves.” Shinpachi followed.

“No, really. This time he doesn’t have to…” but before Tsukuyo finished her refusal, Gintoki cut in.

“Don’t sweat it Tsukki… You need to go back there fast, right? More reason for me to send you there”, said Gintoki tossing his spare helmet lightly to Tsukuyo.

Tsukuyo could do nothing but sighed and accepted the offer. Then she felt a small tug on her clothes and she saw Kyouko was looking at her with her puppy dog eyes.

“Mama….” The girl said, silently pleading the woman to stay.

“Sorry, Kyouko-chan. Mama really got to go to work now. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely see ya again, okay?” Tsukuyo asked as she kneeled down, giving the little girl a peck on the forehead.

“…Okay.” Kyouko agreed reluctantly.

“Then it’s settled. Shinpachi, Kagura, I’ll leave Kyouko to you. Kyouko, be a good girl, okay?” said Gintoki starting his scooter.

Kyouko and the other Yorozuya duo nodded obeying Gintoki’s words. As the two adults started to drive away with the scooter, the two adults waved their hands a little towards the youngsters behind them, who were sending them off as well.

“Bye bye! Papa, mama…~” said Kyouko waving her hand.

(Scene Break)

As they arrived at the entrance elevator to Yoshiwara, Tsukuyo got off from the scooter as she handed Gintoki’s helmet back. Then, when Tsukuyo started to walk away to the entrance, Gintoki stopped her on her tracks.

“Say, Tsukki… Aren’t you forgetting something about me?” said Gintoki leaning towards his scooter.

Tsukuyo stopped for a few moments and she realised that she had not thanked him… Or at least that was what she thought.

“Ah, you’re right. Thanks, Ginto…” said Tsukuyo turning her head towards Gintoki.

However, before Tsukuyo could have finished her sentence, suddenly Gintoki pulled her arm, directing her body to him as his hand grabbed her waist and the other still holding Tsukuyo’s hand, then he pressed his lips into hers. At first, Tsukuyo’s eyes widened in disbelief, she was shocked that she could not move her body, but as Gintoki pushed his head forward to deepen their lip contact, her body started to relax, and her eyes closed few seconds later, her free hand reaching Gintoki’s shoulder, as her head leaning towards his, accepting the kiss. Their mouths were enveloping each other for a few moments, and after Gintoki let go of her, Tsukuyo slowly opened her eyes back. After few seconds she regained her senses, she snapped back into the reality and flustered like mad as her face was fuming and coloured as red as tomato.

“Wha- The hell you doin’!?” yelled Tsukuyo taking a few steps backwards. She covered her mouth with one of her hands out of embarrassment.

“Let’s say this is a payback from that night. And…” said Gintoki smiling as he inched himself closer to her. “Take care”, said Gintoki removing Tsukuyo’s hand from her mouth as he landed another quick ‘goodbye’ kiss on her cheek.

As Gintoki’s face inched away from her, Tsukuyo grumbled and she looked down for a while, her face still red when she lift up her face to Gintoki.

“Idiot…” said Tsukuyo pouting towards Gintoki as her face got even redder then she turned her heels and headed towards elevator.

After seeing her off to the elevator, Gintoki put on a smug face as he drove back to his home.


Tsukuyo tried to calm her flustered face as she walked back to Hinowa’s place. When Tsukuyo arrived at Hinowa’s shop, the Sun of Yoshiwara was expecting Tsukuyo’s return together with Seita and several Hyakka members in front of the shop.

“I’m back. Sorry if I took too long”, Tsukuyo greeted her friends.

However, Tsukuyo noticed their faces seemed too relaxed, especially Hinowa and Seita who were smiling as soon as they saw Tsukuyo. Knowing that there was something, Tsukuyo just stood in front of them, tried to look as natural as possible. She still could not forget the intimate moment she shared with Gintoki for the second time.

“What?” asked Tsukuyo with a poker face, but her face was still a bit red.

“Did something happen, boss?” asked her Hyakka subordinate.

“No, nothin’ happened”, replied Tsukuyo nervously.

“It’s a guy, right?” asked Seita curiously.

“No! Nothing happened between me with that idiot silver-perm…” said The Courtesan of Death as her face got a bit reddened.

“Tsukuyo, we didn’t say anything about Gin-san, you know…” Hinowa retorted with giggles.

Tsukuyo’s face got flustered again after hearing Hinowa’s comment, after those efforts she did to forget what she had just done with Gintoki before. Seeing Tsukuyo’s blushing face, Hinowa decided to say something to her.

“I’m sorry, Tsukuyo. Actually I deployed some Hyakka members to spy on you because you suddenly went out during the middle of the day after you got home late last night and it made me worried. But it seems according to Hyakka’s reports, some quite complicated things have happened to you. Now, do you mind telling us a bit more about this Kyouko-chan?” said Hinowa smiling.

“Well, it’s as ya said… It’s complicated… But it’s all fine, Hinowa… Really…” Tsukuyo replied as she tried to avoid her friend’s gazes, fidgeting with her face red.

Knowing Tsukuyo, Hinowa decided to wait until the blonde wanted to tell her about what happened. Then suddenly she got an idea to tease her. “And we are so glad to know that things are going very smoothly with Gin-san…” said Hinowa clapping her hands as the others smiled and nodded in unison.

“I know you guys are meant for each other…” continued Seita.

“What… What d’ya mean by that?” asked Tsukuyo a bit surprised.

“Well, as I said before, Hyakka were spying on you until you came back here. In other words, we also know what happened before you came in…” Hinowa explained with another giggles.

“So… ya saw all those…?” asked Tsukuyo sweating, her face got slightly pale.

“Yep. Every single moment, boss. We are so happy for you…” said one of her subordinates showing her thumbs. Even some of them were wiping their tears of joy.

“Sh- Shuddup! Shuddup! Shuddup! Go back to work!!” Tsukuyo shouted with fuming face, sending her subordinates to run away quickly with laughter.


After driving his scooter back, Gintoki finally arrived back at his Yorozuya office. As he approached his home, he saw two familiar figures were standing in front of his house. One was a man with a long black hair, wearing blue kimono with a yellow sash and a light blue haori on top of his kimono. The other one had a similar natural perm hair as Gintoki, but his hair colour was brown and the man was wearing sunglasses and a long red coat. When the two figures noticed Gintoki was approaching them, the man with red coat started to laugh as he greeted him.

“Kintoki! It’s been a while! Ahaha, hahahahaha!”

And the long-haired man also followed. “It sure has been a while, Gintoki….”

Gintoki sighed on the man with the red coat’s greeting, he got off from his scooter, put off his helmet and ruffled his hair. “What the hell do you guys want here… Zura, Tatsuma?” asked Gintoki in lazy tone.

“It’s not Zura, it’s Katsura! Well, I was on the way to your place and then I met Sakamoto who also wants to see you too. Then, I thought we might tag along together as well as having another reunion.” The man with long hair replied while glancing to his companion.

“Eh… If you want another reunion than just do it another day. I’m kind of busy right now…” said Gintoki picking his nose.

“Come on, Kintoki… Don’t be such a party pooper! Our last reunion didn’t end up well, right? Hahahahaha….” Said Sakamoto Tatsuma threw his hand around Gintoki.

“Well, actually I’d like to talk to you about some urgent matters. It seems like Sakamoto also has something to say to you as well… Why won’t you let us go in for a moment?” said Katsura Kotarou after pointing at Sakamoto.

Gintoki sighed and he decided to let them in, motioning them to follow him with his hand. As they went to the entrance door, Gintoki felt like he was forgetting something. After the three old jouishishi made their entrance, suddenly a little girl with a silver hair came upon them and leaped to give Gintoki a hug.

“Papa, welcome back~!” squealed Kyouko in joy.

The two guests could only raised up their eyebrows upon the scene in front of them. “Eh…? Papa?”

Crap. I forgot they don’t know about her…” thought Gintoki face-palming himself.

Shinpachi and Kagura also showed up few seconds later, following Kyouko. “Sakamoto-san! Katsura-san! What brings you here?” said the straight man greeting the two guests.

“Yo, Zura, Sakamoto” said Kagura raising her hand.

“Leader, it’s not Zura, it’s Katsura! And it’s good to see you again.” Said Katsura to the Yorozuya duo.

Then Sakamoto walked closer to Gintoki whispering to him. “Oi, oi, Kintoki…. You never told us you’ve already made a family of your own! Who’s the lucky woman?”

“Shut up, you… It’ not what you think!” replied Gintoki brushing his old friend.

“Gintoki, is this little girl who do we think she is?” asked Katsura pointing at Kyouko, who was staring at the two guests.

“Zura?” suddenly the little girl called tilting her head.

Katsura’s eyes widened a bit in surprise as a little girl he never knew before suddenly calling him names. “Ojou-chan… It’s not Zura, it’s Katsura…. And have we met before?” said Katsura looking at Kyouko.

“Well…. You see….” Replied Gintoki but part of him was too lazy to do the explaining. “Anyway, what do you guys want to talk about? Let’s just go downstairs. Might as well asking granny to give us a free dinner again. I’ll tell you about this girl later”, said Gintoki still patting Kyouko’s head.

Knowing that the fridge was empty, the other Yorozuya decided to agree with Gintoki’s invitation. Everyone then walked downstairs to Snack-Otose.

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