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Power Rangers: Last Engage: Advent

By Rylan Sato

Adventure / Action


It was a loud Friday night at one of the local high schools. Two high school football teams squared against each other in a weekly gridiron match up. The Bulldogs and Chieftains were going head to head in a rivalry game in the middle of the season. They were were going blow for blow. The Bulldogs' quarterback dropped back and launched the ball into the air towards his intended receiver who was nearing the end zone. The receiver had blown past the Chieftains secondary and was open. The ball was in front of him and just a little out of his reach. He leapt forward and grasped the ball with his gloved hands. He twisted his body as he pulled the ball in. He landed on his side and rolled onto his back. He knew he scored. He shot to his feet as as the whistle blew and the referee signaled a touchdown.

However, his celebration was interrupted by an explosion. The scoreboard exploded and was turned to debris. The receiver thought that one hell of a malfunction caused the explosion but that idea went out the window when he saw two figures make an entrance through the flames. The crowd was confused but showed signs of fear.

One of the figures looked dog like and wore all gold and held a giant sword as his female counterpart also wore gold but looked Human. She was a beautiful Asian that wielded a boomerang. They were followed by an army of gray clad figures that jumped and flailed around. They didn't walk normally like the two gold wearing figures. Then other beings that looked like Ravens landed next to the army.

"What the hell?" the receiver said to himself.

"Golems! Tengas! Attack!" The dog faced monster commanded.

Panic erupted as the monsters began to attack. People were being thrown out of the stands or beaten by these things. The receiver ran towards the group. Some people fought back, mostly the football players but even they succumbed to the vicious attack.

"RILEY! RACHEL!" the receiver called out. Riley was his twin sister who was on the cheerleading squad and his younger sister Rachel was in the stands.

"RYAN!" a voice called out. It was Riley. She came running through the chaos and up to Ryan. One of the gray clad Golems jumped in between Riley and Ryan. Riley punched the Golem in the face and then kicked it in stomach. Ryan ripped off his helmet and smashed it into the head of the Golem, dropping it.

"We need to get to Rachel," Ryan said.

"I'm here," Rachel said from the stands. Two of the Tengas flanked her. Ryan used his foot to pick up his helmet and launched it into the air, hitting one of the Tengas. Rachel backhanded the other one and threw it over the railing. Riley ran over and kicked it in the chest before it hit the ground.

Suddenly, six people appeared in flashes of multicolored light. The situation didn't seem strange to them. In fact, they seemed to know what was going on.

"Let's do this," the one wearing red said. The others sounded off their acknowledgment. They all did a few arm movements and small devices appeared on their arms. They connected the devices. "POWER RANGERS ZEO!" They shouted zeo as if it was two syllables.







The six people transformed into multicolored outfits. Five of them matched identically with the exception of color and helmet designs. The sixth one wore all black with a gold shield and had a staff with emblem at its top that matched the design on the helmet.

The six leapt from the position and into action. They battled the army of Golems and Tengas. The six new comers attracted the attention of the two gold wearing beings, particularly the dog faced one.

"Shit, it's Goldar and Scorpina," the red ranger said.

"That just adds to our problems," the green ranger said. "There is an unusual amount of Golems and Tengas here. I wonder what they are up to."

The three siblings grouped together and headed for the gate. More Tengas and Golems appeared and attacked them. They knew they would have to get past them if they were to get away. They spaced themselves to separate their opponents. Unlike most high school students, these there were trained in martial arts.

A mixture of Tengas and Golems charged in. Ryan punched one and kicked another. Riley kneed one in the face and threw it into two more who were ganging up on Ryan. Rachel kicked one across the face and then threw up her hands to block the attacks of two Golems that flanked her. Suddenly, Rachel felt a pair of hands grab her and lift her in the air.

"HELP!" she screamed. Ryan and Riley looked up to see their younger sister being lifted off the ground. Riley ended up getting tackled by two Golems when she reached out to help her sister. Ryan ran up to grab her but he too was held down by a Tenga and Golem.

They both protested but they couldn't get out of the grasp of their attackers. All they could do was watch helplessly and in horror as their sister was taken away.

Days later, after the attack, Ryan and Riley walked through the halls of the school. The school had lost some students and staff from the attack but they tried to carry on. The school seemed empty that day. Ryan wasn't sure if the school was empty from the students not fully recovered or they had been killed. It was their lunch period and the twins decided to relax outside. On their way to the door, a teacher stood in front of them, blocking their path. It was the Japanese instructor, Kanami Ishimaru.

"I need to see both of you," she said. The twins looked at each other and then back to the teacher.

"Why?" Ryan asked. "Did we do something wrong?"

She shook her head. "No, but I have something if you want to help your sister." That had their attention.

"What is it?" Riley asked. "How do we help her? We don't even know where to start."

"Right and we don't have any clue about those things from the other day."

"The birds are called Tengas and the grey guys are called Golems. The dog faced monster is called Goldar and girl is his wife Scorpina."

"You know a lot," Ryan said.

"I'm supposed to," Ishimaru shot back. "Now come with me and we'll give you something that will help you."

"Like what? An army?"

"Better," Ishimaru said as she started walking to her office. The twins had no choice but to follow her. They walked into an empty classroom where Ishimaru taught her classes. "I saw you two fighting the other night. While others ran for their lives, you two and your sister stayed and fought off your attackers. I saw others were taken besides your sister.

"So what do you want us to do?" Riley asked. "We were barely able to hold them off."

"I was just getting to that," Ishimaru said. She reached deep into her desk and pulled out a lockbox. After unlocking it she pulled out two gold hand held devices. They both held gold coins in the center. Each coin had a different design on it. She handed them to the twins. "These are your power morphers. They derive their power from strong legendary animals such as the dragon and the tiger. Ryan, you will be the green dragon ranger. Riley, you will be the white tiger ranger."

"So what you're saying is...?"Riley asked.

"You two are now Power Rangers."

In a darkly lit room, two figures stood in front of one who was sitting in a large throne, who looked rather pleased, if in fact you could tell how he looked for he wore a silver mask with a red visor, that covered his eyes. He also held a large staff that sported a Z at the top of it.

"I am pleased with your work Goldar and Scorpina." He stood up from his throne and began to walk about the room. "This group of people will be instrumental in my plans to reign supreme and bring about a new world order. But first, I'll begin with the United States."

He walked out of the room and down an inclining corridor. As he walked, his appearance changed from his grotesque exoskeleton figure to one of a blond haired man in a suit. He came to the end of the corridor that appeared to be a dead end. He pushed open the door and walked into a brightly lit room.

He crossed the room and sat behind a large wooden desk. He swiveled in his chair and gazed out the window. A few moments had passed before someone else walked into the room.

"Mr. President, these documents need your signature."

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