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Maleficent and the Vilain Kids


Inspired by "Descendants" and "Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir", this is the story of a kind girl, a kids band and two super heroes.

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The Transformation

Once upon a time, in the French city of Paris, lived an 18 years old young girl named Maelys. She lived with her parents and her younger brother Jim who was 12. Jim had 8 friends: Nala, Connor, Grace, Jared, Clara, Benjamin, Jasmine and his best friend Harold. All together, they formed the kids band “the Descendants Kids” but they were better known as “DKs”. Maelys spent a lot of time for them and the band.

But one day, as she was giving them all the advices they need for the show that evening, Jim entered in an argument with his sister: “why don’t you mind your own business, seeing the big butt you got, it should keep you busy for a while! He cried

-Why don’t you thank me for the time I spend for you instead of complaining about my butt you sneaky brat? Responded his sister, I should make you pay my salary for all I did for this band, but no because I don’t even have to do it, and I’m doing it with love.

-With love? You’re only giving us orders and you want us to do it the way YOU would have done it! You’re so selfish, useless, and no one loves you. You’re the worst sister a person can have. Mal is way nicer with Uma!”

After these words, Maelys felt brokenhearted and managed to step away, leaving the DKs by themselves. She was feeling frustrated, angry and lonely of trying to help her brother but having failed. She remembered how much Jim asked her favors for him and his band and how much she did without saying a word. She remembered having spent time of her life making sure they collaborated peacefully and even changed the wicked child Harold into a nice openhearted boy, by winning his trust and his love.

Maelys thought about how she was losing her own confidence and started to cry every tears of her body. At this time, a black colored butterfly came nearby and touched the wooden stick Maelys was holding. “Maleficent, said a voice, I am Hawkmoth and I know how much you did for these little singers. Now, it’s time for the final performance but right after, I need you to take Ladybug’s earrings and Cat Noir’s ring. Can I trust you?

-They’re gonna pay an expensive price, Hawkmoth, said the girl, may the show begin.”

At these words, Maelys meets a transformation. A long black dress appeared on her body, with long black sleeves and, two horns covered by a black hat. On her face, her liner was forming wings as big as the horns on her head at each side and her eyes turned bright green. Finally, the wooden stick she was holding turned into a tall and intimidating scepter. Yes, Maelys have disappeared and left her place to a scary evil queen: Maleficent.

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