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Truth or dare🤍 {yoongi imagine}


You and yoongi have been friends forever, him and you get a chance to hang out. You never thought that a game would spill all your secrets.

Romance / Fantasy
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{yoongi imagine}

It was just another day, all you ever do nowadays is wake up and get ready for class, go home to eat and sleep and do it all over again. You were getting your major in college while still working a job to support yourself. Your parents arent really in contact with you that much so your pretty much on your own for most things.

Your eyes slowly open hearing birds chirp at the earliest time of day; wondering if you should get up or not you sigh at the sight of the plain ceiling. You look to your side wishing someone was their to fill the emptiness, but you don’t really date much anymore since after your last breakup. You decided that it was better for you to be alone since none of the dudes that you get into a relationship with respect your worth and how loyal you are to them so, what’s the point.

You sit up off of your bed and rub both of your eyes while trying to keep them open as best as possible. Once you stand up, you walk to your bathroom to do your daily morning routine. Once you were finished you got into your everyday fit consisting of a baggy shirt with ripped jeans and checkered vans, yeah you don’t really have much style but yours complimented you.

Once you were done and drove off to school, you went straight to your first class. You sat down and slid your bag onto the floor in front of your feet while putting your laptop and computer on the desk in front of you. You were trying to finish a paper when suddenly you heard somebody call your name.

??: Hey Y/N!

I turned to see who it was and a bright smile crashed onto my face.

Y/N: oh hey yoongi

Yoongi was your bestfriend, so you actually did have someone there for you..even though you said you would never date, you really liked him since he had been your closest friend for years.

Yoongi: ugh still working on that dumb paper?

Y/N: it’s not dumb if it’s gonna help me graduate

He playfully rolled his eyes and started to scoot closer to me.

Yoongi: hey so I was wondering if your free tommor-

Teacher: yoongi that’s enough talking

Yoongi: sorry sir

He looks back up at you and starts to whisper.

Yoongi: I was wondering if you wanted to come chill at my hous-

Teacher: Mr. yoongi im gonna need you to find another class to go to.

Yoongi chuckles and packs his stuff up, he then turns to you once more and says..

Yoongi: meet me at the library after class ok?

I look at him and nod while smiling.

Teacher: yoongi get out!

yoongi: okay okay I’m going

He turns to look at you and you were already staring him down, you both chuckle while he dissapears.

*after class*

You walked out of the classroom auditorium doors and walked to the library. You saw him already leaning on the library wall waiting for you, you walked up to him adjusting your book bag on your shoulder.

Yoongi: we meet again

Y/N: yes we do

you both giggle and he leans up from the wall to talk to you.

Yoongi: so before the jerk cut me off I wanted to know if you wanted to chill at my place...if your not busy of course

Y/N: oh I’m not

Yoongi: so it’s a yes?

Y/N: yeah sure, so what time?

Yoongi: umm how about 7?

Y/N: sounds good, I’ll see you then.

Yoongi: okay cool.

You both hugged before waving bye to eachother. Once you got home you jumped around like a teenage girl. You couldn’t keep in the excitement that you had that you jumped onto your bed laying flat and looking up at the ceiling smiling, suddenly the ceiling didn’t seem so dark to you. You felt a warm wave through your body every time you thought about him.

*the next day*

After all of your classes you went straight home to take a shower to smell the sweetest you could. You dressed into shorts with a regular tee of yalls favorite band with your white sneakers. You looked simple but cute which he liked since he was the same way. You straightened your hair because he loves your hair that way, you then rolled your purse on your shoulder and headed over to his place.

Once you parked in front you turned the car off and get out. You inhaled and exhaled deeply trying to calm your nerves. When you walked up to his door you rang his doorbell twice, you could hear a tv on in the living room so you knew he was close to the door. After a couple seconds the door opens revealing his handsome figure smiling back at you.

Yoongi: you made it!

Y/N: I did Thankyou for noticing

I bowed to be funny and he pulled me inside. After awhile of talking he asked me a question which made me choke on my own saliva.

Yoongi: hey do you wanna play truth or dare?

You froze..you didn’t know what to do

Yoongi: earth to Y/n???

Y/N: yes?

Yoongi: so you do want to play it?

Y/N: wait what?

Yoongi: truth or dare?

Y/N: oh umm I guess truth

Yoongi: okay...do you have a crush on someone

You looked away and pretended to think but all you were thinking was “oh no”.

Y/N: umm no..I don’t

Yoongi: okay well it’s your turn I guess

Y/N: um okay truth or dare?

Yoongi: I’ll do truth

Y/N: okay well do You have a crush on someone?

Yoongi: I do actually

Once he said that...your heart sank. You almost teared up but you held them back and decided to continue.

Y/N: okay well tell me about her

A smile brushed across his face and he went on about her.

Yoongi: well she has beautiful soft brown hair, and pretty brown eyes and She is so funny and beautiful. The thing is though,I don’t know if she likes me back.

Y/N: oh well I hope she does

yoongi’s small smile turns into a sad one once you said that, you didn’t know why..you asked if he was okay when suddenly you felt a tear run down your face. You didn’t even realize until he said something.

Yoongi: oh y/n are you okay? Why are you crying..

He takes you into his arms to make you feel better..

Y/N: because I’m jealous

Yoongi: jealous of what??

Y/n: because you like someone else...and I’m jealous it’s not me.

Yoongi: y/n...I was talking about you silly head

You get up from his embrace in confusion..

Y/n: what?

Yoongi: y/n I’ve had a crush on you for years, I just never had the guts to tell you because you had all these dudes flirting with you at school and they were all better than me.

He looks away at the ground and you cup his cheeks to look at you.

Y/n: nobody could be better than you, I wouldn’t want anyone else than you and that’s how it’s been for years.

Yoongi suddenly pulls your face into his and kisses you, his soft lips felt amazing to your touch. After awhile you pull away from eachother to catch your breathes while resting each other’s foreheads. his dark brown chocolate eyes were beautiful and charming you couldn’t look away.

Yoongi: I love you so much y/n.❤️

Y/n: I love you too yoongs.❤️

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