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Childhood friends, Jeongguk and Taehyung love each other unconditionally. However, Jeongguk slowly starts finding out about a hidden secret Taehyung has been keeping from him making him question if his best friend trusts him. Taehyung, also known as V, is a cam boy who doesn't show his face but pleasures himself on camera. He's in love with Jeongguk, the name he sometimes let's slip out whenever he's filming meaning...Jeongguk must never find out about his secret. - Kookv - smut - short - make sure you know omegaverse !! (it's not the main focus tho just makes the plot hotter) - critiquing is accepted so comment wtvr u want

Romance / Drama
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Prologue: Real Creative

Tuesday, June 2nd

"HEY, TAEBEAR," A deep and rugged voice called out. It caught the attention of the oblivious brunette typing away on his phone. He smelled the familiar scent of the alpha walking his way and looked up to confirm his suspicions.

It was more than apparent Jeongguk was who called him. The smile he wore was bright and contagious, as was the air around him calm. Taehyung, who happened to be head over heels for this younger man, sat at the edge of his seat. The look towards the alpha pure stricken joy as he raised his arms out to greet his friend.

"Hey, Bun, How'd your date go?"

Jeongguk accepted the hug with eager arms. He moved to the seat in front of Taehyung who had been expecting his presence.

The younger of the two sighed as he crossed his legs. It was a sheer sign that Jeon Jeongguk about to spill out all his troubles. Not that Taehyung minds of course, if anything he enjoys it. Hearing his voice is what makes his day, not just the coffee.

"Long or short version?"

Taehyung dropped his phone down to his lap, leaning back, "Long version. Give me the deets."

Taehyung and Jeongguk are known for being that one pair of friends that haven't succumbed to the natural instincts of omega and alpha stereotypes. They're childhood friends. Taehyung the omega who's an art fanatic and Jeonguk the dancing prodigy. They've never gotten past the line of best friends nor does either of them want to.

Well, that's what Taehyung wants Jeongguk to think. Behind his best friend act, is a love sick puppy, one of which has never been let loose due to the alpha being as straight as a needle.

Jeongguk is interested in girl omegas, at least, that's what he always tells Taehyung. And every time he mentions he's got another girlfriend it breaks his fucking heart. But like every mature man, he smiles through the excruciating pain each and every time. At this point, he's used to it. Used to the burning ache that trifles his heart.

"This time it wasn't my fault," Jeongguk explained, emphasizing the my. "You know I'm a good guy, I don't like to fuck on the first date but, dude, she was pressing her fucking boobs on me the whole time while we walked and making these faces. It was actually kind of annoying. So, you know, I told her—"

"Ggukie," Taehyung slowly blinks, inhaling his deep frustration for this dense alpha of a best friend, "you what?"

So yeah, he may just be in love with an idiot, an idiot who's two years younger and experimenting with the trails of a long and harsh college life for the first time. He knows how it is, as an observer he's watched countless new college freshmen go through multiple stages. Jeongguk happens to be in the 'I want a girlfriend so badly' phase.

Jeongguk held out his arms a cheeky grin plastering one his lips showing off his canines, "I told her I didn't feel good."

That was hardly a relief. Taehyung squinted his eyes, "Ohhh." You could say he felt better but Jeongguks stories tended to go ballistic like a rollar coaster. You never knew where he was going until he got there.

"And well, she decided she'd take me home and when we got to my place she sort of did that thing where girls are like 'let me take care of you' and shit to probably show off how good of wives they'd be but I didn't want that so I denied her. She was cute but, too slutty, you know? It was too much and I'd rather have a girl who's conservative around me. I don't need other alphas eyeing my girl, only me."

"Yeah," Taehyung mumbled, he bit the inside of his cheek. There were so many things he wanted to say other than a simple, yeah, the bitterness sitting at the tip of his tongue, but he knew better than to act on his emotions.

As an omega, they're seen as sexual beings, Taehyung being an odd one of the bunch, doesn't wear slutty clothing, but I mean he could if he wanted to, but he'd never do that. He doesn't like getting stared at. He'd rather have Jeongguk be the only one—I mean what—Jeongguk nothing. The alpha's not gay by any means.

"But Tae, she got so fucking mad! I didn't know what to say! She kept yelling and yelling about how I'm obviously not interested in her and that I'm probably fucking someone else and left, slamming the door very hard in the process mind you. So, in a way, I'm glad I denied her, she was a hormonal bitch who wanted me for my glorious body."

Taehyung was processing all of this information and shook his head, "So, what I'm taking from all of this, is that you're okay and it didn't affect you this time. I know how big your alpha pride is, so I'm kind of shocked you're not at the gym right now."

"I know, same." He ran his hand through his hair and looked down. "Ah, are you gonna finish that?" He mumbled, licking the side of his lips, eyeing the croissant Taehyung failed to fully devour.

Taehyung looked down at the treat he bought, his hunger had diminished long ago, "Go ahead." He stood up placing his phone down, "I'm going to the bathroom actually, be right back okay?"

Grabbing the croissant, Jeongguk nodded, watching as his best friend left the table. He eyed Taehyung's outfit, it was as aesthetic as ever, his hair curling around a pink beret. Jeongguk depends on plain t-shirts, ripped jeans, and timberlands. The usual outfit, perfect for a non creative fellow such as himself. He found it cute though that Taehyung always managed to look his best. It made him stand out, but not too much in a way where people walk up to him.

Jeongguk hoped he wasn't burdening Tae with his problems. He knows Taehyung's one to care more about others than himself. It's always been that way. Taehyung's a good listener, it's one reason why Jeongguk relies on him so much.

Taehyung was his senior back in high school. The omega took care of him whenever he had flashes of anger, or whenever he'd question everything. They have history together, Taehyung he could say, could be in the same category as family, but there's something about him that fits the best friend role. Not a brother role, that place is taken by Namjoon.

The alpha took out his phone to play clash of clans. He was so close to leveling up one of highest ranked characters. He couldn't wait to tell Taehyung he knew the omega would be super fucking jealous. But, before he could press the app, Taehyungs phone dinged and he curiously reached over to grab it, not thinking much of it. He's sure his best friend wouldn't mind, it's not like he's snooping. Plus, he knows the password, Taehyung wouldn't give him the password if he didn't trust him. He swiped open the phone and looked at the text message uncaringly.


Hey! I was wondering when I'm going to get paid.

Money guy:

You'll be getting paid this Friday after your next cam show. I ordered you a new toy, so be sure to use it, V. Your fans will love it.

Read 10:28 am

Jeongguk froze pressing his lips into a straight line. He scrunched up his nose in confusion. He read over the two texts twice but still couldn't understand what it meant. Who in the world is V? And why is this guy's contact name money guy?

Super creative Taehyung.

The alpha placed the phone down the way it was before he touched it hoping Taehyung wouldn't notice. He wasn't supposedly shocked, more like super confused and oddly intrigued. The text sounded shady as fuck. Was Tae testing some illegal shit?

I mean he wouldn't have to keep that a secret Jeongguk wouldn't mind doing some illegal shit either...

"Ggukie, I'm back," Taehyung's voice rang, but Jeongguk flinched looking up at him from the phone he tried to distract himself with. The innocent smile on his best friend's face made him regret considering those ideas. Taehyungs too pure to be involved in shady situations. What's he thinking?

"You okay?" Taehyung asked.

Fuck, his best friend would definitely notice how strange he's acting. He attempted a smile but it came out tense and Taehyung tilted his head, thick lips pursing out in a pout.

"What's wrong? Did one of your ex's show up?"

"What?" Jeongguk shook his head. "No, it's not that." He turned on his phone to check the time and soon started uselessly tapping and swiping at his phone at nothing in particular, wanting to seem occupied. When he noticed how Taehyung looked at his own phone, teeth clamping down at his lower lip nervously, he put his phone down. What did he have to be nervous about? Was he doing illegal shit?

Jeongguk stood up, his mind racing, "I forgot I had, um, rehearsal. Uh, see you later?"

"But you just got here." Taehyung's pout deepened, putting his phone down watching as Jeongguk strode away, not looking back. The omega sat down slumping.

"What the fuck? Did I do something wrong?"

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