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The world of Tyria, home to many different races. But soon there will be another, and in the conflict heroes will rise. Liliana was just a orphaned human girl, wanting to protect her brother. Freya was a outcast of two norn clans,forced to live in exile because she was of two different clans. Thorn was a simple slyvari, he kept to himself, and didn't take to the others of his race. He's obsession of the darkness, caused others to fear him, but it's what helped define him. Talon was meant to be a king, but others simply saw him as a young cub not meant to rule, his power had yet to manifest. Lizbeth was a protégée in her alchemy school, but she was know, as the daughter of traitors that gave away secrets of the grand alchemy to the Inquest, she wasn't going to allow that to stop her from reaching her goals. Their world is about to change, they must work together to save it or all will perish.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The boat rocked back and forth, as the waves continued to violently grow more restless. The ocean was vast and held many different creatures both benign and violent. Her father used to tell tales of the sea and how dangerous it could be, he would speak of countless lives lost trying to tame its waters, it was a harsh sea. As they bravely tried to cross it with their feeble boats they were spurred on by their desperate hearts.

She sighed as she held her brother close to her, wanting to try and keep him warm. Her people came from a dead land, a land not fertile and hardly any animals resided there anymore. It was a cursed land plagued by war. They left it, looking for a new place to call home hoping to claim fertile lands beyond the wet abyss that was the sea. But they didn't expect the seas to be so harsh, the boat continued to buck, and turn as it sailed through the storm clinging desperately to hope, praying for a future we may never get to see.

She held her little brother close to her, holding on to him to keep him warm. Her wet hair clung to her face, her clothes as well, nothing would change this because of the rain's constant downpour. Her hair was a bright red, like the crimson banners of the royal family. When it was damp, it was a dark red almost an auburn color, but she didn't care about her hair at that moment.

The rain continued to fall harder, drenching all the people on the deck. Those on deck were either the crew or commoners, those who couldn't pay enough to be below deck. She sighed as she held him closer to her, trying to stay dry.

Many people had been lost in the wars, their parents were lost in the fighting, they were both warriors in the war, but they were torn apart by the enemy soldiers trying to keep them safe.

"Sister, I'm cold." Her little brother spoke quietly, she could barely hear him over the wind and rain that hit her. She looked down at him and nodded moving her cloak off herself and placing it around him more.

His bright green eyes, looking at her, he had the same eyes like their mother. She had their father's auburn gold eyes. She was always proud of that fact, they had so many traits of their parents, and yet they would not see them when they became adults.

She could feel some tears coming to her eyes, but she refused to allow them to fall. She was his protector now and She couldn't afford to show weakness now.

"It's ok, Tyferrious, we will be there soon, it's just a little storm. I promise our new home will be much safer and happier for us." She smiled down at him, looking into his eyes, as he searched hers for hope or reassurance. She knew that the new land was to come, but she knew not of what was waiting for them.

She looked around to the other passengers, most were children no older than herself, she was only 16. But she could stand her ground, and I did when we first tried to come to the boat, guards of our old land wouldn't allow me to take my brother with me. I attacked and wounded one of them.

Thinking back to her parents, she felt her heart grow a little heavy. Knowing that they would never see their parents again, and they wouldn't ever see them grow old. She closed her eyes for a moment, seeing her parents in her mind.

The last time they saw them. Her father placed her little brother in her arms, as their mother was guarding the door of their small hiding place. Her father just smiled and as he told her to watch over her brother, and keep him safe, keep him out of trouble, and make sure he smiles. She had promised to do it all before her father hid them in the cubby and fought the invader. That was the last thing her father said to her, it weighed heavily on her heart.

She looked down and saw her brother asleep, she smiled slightly. Before she closed her eyes and tried to let the rocking of the boat lull her to sleep.

She could feel the boat rocking back and forth less and less. As she was finally waking again, she didn't know how long she had been asleep. The rain seemed to let up a bit, and a nice sweet smelling breeze washed over the boat. It smelled like blossoms and honey.

She could feel sunlight shining onto her skin, She peeked her eyes open slightly, and it was sun up. They had survived the great storm.

She looked down at her brother but he wasn't there, she stood up quickly, panicking as she looked around for him.

"Tyferrious!" She yelled out, looking around for him, but she couldn't see him. She was growing frantic, running around the deck as fast as she could. Looking through the passengers, tears stinging her eyes as she tried to find her little brother.

Then she heard a yell from above, and suddenly felt something heavy fall on her. Making her collapse to the wood of the floor. She turned her head a little, but the bright sun made it difficult to see what fell on her. But she could tell it was a person that had fallen on top of her. Simply because he was giggling, she hit the deck hard and made an oof sound. She sighed and knew who it was, her little brother. He had landed on top of her and was now giggling like a mad man, she scowled a bit, as he continued to laugh.

"I got you, I got you, hahaha I got you." He yelled and cheered, he was proud that he could get her, but she wasn't going to let him celebrate too much, cause he could get a big head. She quickly rolled him off and sat on top of him. He squirmed, and tried to get out, but she simply crossed her arms and looked at him.

"Ok, ok get off me." He grumbled, fussing over her weight being on him, she chuckled a bit and stepped off him.

"That will show you not to mess with your big sister." She smiled at him, as she sat on the deck, her back against the wall of the cabin.

"Ya well, it's not my fault you sleep like a bear in hibernation." He pouted at her, as she laughed at him. She stood up, and stretched, yawning as she did, looking around. After such a rough night at sea, and a scary way to wake up. She finally was able to take in where the boat was now. She sighed at her slight disappointment, looking around and only seeing the same thing they had all seen for months at sea.

There was no land in sight, she sighed, looking at the miles of open ocean, and not a speck of land to see. Would they ever make it to the new lands, or was this a trip that was not meant to be a good one.

"Captain!" Yelled one of the crew, as he sat at the top of the crow's nest, looking over the whole boat and us. He was waving his arms frantically, and trying to get the attention of our captain. The captain looked at his crewmate and howled back at him.

"What is it?"

"Land Ahoy!" The man yelled, with a smile on his face, she was stunned, and quickly looked around, but she couldn't see the land, so she ran up to the bridge where the first officer was standing. She looked around frantically, wanting to see the land, and then she turned her head towards the bow of the ship, she saw it. Land, home, she smiled, and with her smile, small tears fell from her face.

"Lilliana? What is it?" She looked down and saw her brother, below her, standing beside the stairs, afraid to come up and see what she saw. She smiled at him and jumped down to him. Hugging him tightly, and laughed a bit into his ear, he squirmed and tried to get out of her hug. Looking at her, with a puzzled look, She looked at him and spoke one word.


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