The Devil's Sweet Princess


"Where is she now?" Pai asked.

"Where she should be," Kisshu replied.

Pai gave a small nod, in a way to thank him, "What did you do? Is she hurt?"

Kisshu doubted Pai was at all concerned about poor Ichigo so he cared very little about whether Ichigo seemed to be upset or not. Kisshu ignored the strange look on Pai's face and returned the look back at him.

"Why does it matter?" Kisshu asked.

Pai sighed, "We can't kill her just yet. You know our work with her is not done."

"I know, I know. Chill, she's not dead."

A shorter alien with brown hair came in and joined them. He sat done on the chair and sighed. But Pai and Kisshu took little notice of him. The alien studied Pai and Kisshu and was unsure of what to do about the awkward silence surrounding them.

"So what you guys doing?"

None of them replied. They were both too busy staring at the wall, thinking of something to themselves.

"I heard you caught a Mew Mew."

Kisshu chuckled, "You just wait and see, this will be pretty fun to watch."

"Have you decided what you're going to do with her yet?"

Pai and Kisshu glanced at each other.

"What?" The shorter alien asked.

"Taruto, have you done what we told you to do?" Pai asked.

"Yeah. They're dead."

"Both of them?" Kisshu asked, just to confirm.


"That's good. Then you don't need to worry about anything else," Pai told him, "By the way one of us should check up on her," Pai told Kisshu.

"Why? She's not going to escape," Taruto mumbled. Kisshu gave a nod in agreement but he got up nevertheless, understanding Pai's suspicions. They don't know what Ichigo was capable as of yet but she definitely has realised something was wrong and she would escape without a second thought is given the chance. Her Mew pendant was taken away from her just to be sure.

"I will go and check." Kisshu said giving a long stretch and yawning, he didn't look like he wanted to get up but decided to do so anyway, "It's been a few hours and she hasn't complained," Kisshu said as he got up and teleported away from the room.

Kisshu opened the door and entered the room. Ichigo immediately stood up and looked at him.

"What...What do you want..?" Ichigo said in a whisper.

"Show me your arm."


Kisshu took her by the arm and stared at the red marks from before. He had held her arm so tightly that he felt like he had ripped some of her skin off but it didn't look as bad as he hoped. But her long, red marks were clearly visible in her light skin like an apple would be in the middle of a white sheet of paper. Ichigo looked at his face for a moment as he examined her arm and was surprised how much effort he was putting in to look like he was concerned. Kisshu looked serious for a while and made a sorry face, to pretend to look like he cared but it only lasted for about a second or two. He had his usual non-caring face just like before.

"You'll be fine," he said.

"Why would you care?" Ichigo pulled her arm away from him.

"I don't," he said simply. He looked at her arm one more time and proved himself that he was right when he thought it would be a waste of time to check up on what he thought to be a useless creature. Kisshu was just about to leave, before he turned around and saw tears in Ichigo's eyes. He rolled his eyes like an annoyed child would rudely after getting told off by his parents and sighed.

"Go on. Ask questions."

Ichigo looked at him with a confused look.

"You look like you want to say something. Talk."

Ichigo was surprised, at his sudden change of voice. He still sounded cold but there was a tiny hint of kindness. So small that Ichigo was sure she mistook it to be her imagination or some sort of illusion. Ichigo thought for a while and didn't know that anyone could be so demanding and scary every time they opened their mouth to talk. Ichigo thought he would leave the room pretty quickly in annoyance of her silence. But Kisshu showed little signs of impatience. But even if he did, Ichigo doubted she would be able to tell from his robot like expressions in his face.

Ichigo thought of questions carefully, almost as if a wrong word spoken would make him angry and she would end up in such a situation that would probably feel little different to having a hungry tiger let out of the cage and put right in front of it for lunch. Ichigo convinced herself that such thing wouldn't happen, although there was a big part of her that doubted completely.

"I...Why am I here? Why did you kidnap me?" Ichigo said when she finally mustered enough courage to speak.

"You are going to help us," Kisshu replied almost straight away.

"Help you do what?"

"Now, you are like my slave. You'll do everything I tell you to do. You are going to help us win this fight," Kisshu gave a small grin.

Ichigo gulped, she had very little or probably no understanding of the alien's words but she didn't like what was happening.

"It's ok. Things will become more clear after a while," he said trying to sound reassuring. But Ichigo knew that her nervousness will not go away no matter how reassuring he was or tried to sound.

"So...How long have I been here?"

"About six hours."

"What if I um..don't listen to you?"

"You don't want to know the answer to that question," he said pointing at her arm, "Anything else?"

"W...When am I going home?" Ichigo gave another gulp, her heart was beating fast as she was scared of the answer. Kisshu probably paused to think for about three seconds but it was enough for Ichigo's head to spin like crazy from the short lasting suspense.

"You aren't."

"What do you mean?"

"Once we are done with you and we don't need you anymore, we are going to kill you."

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