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awkward; y.seok


in which hoseok tries to change his fuck boy ways for an awkward yoongi.

Drama / Romance
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"y-you know, i've ne-ever done this before..a-and it kinda feels weird but good at the same...time..!"

"i kinda wanted to wait, b-but...i guess i trust you.."

hoseok was completely ignoring everything the girl below him was saying. he was more focused on making marks on her neck, and working to get both of their clothes off. by now he completely forgot who her name was but that really didn't matter to him at the moment. although, they should be at school, which is much more important.

"hey uh..?" he paused to pry a name out of her mouth, and she did without hesitation. "it's layla!"

"layla." he echoed before getting off of her and standing on the side of the bed. layla sat up with a worried expression and looked up at him. "is everything alr–"

"how about you get on your knees, yeah?" hoseok suggested with his teeth clenched, trying not to snap at her from the sexual frustration. layla gulped and nodded before scooting off of the bed, and onto the floor in front of hoseok himself.




yoongi stood awkwardly in front of his whole classroom with a bright large screen behind him. he was patiently waiting as his teacher mr. Sanchez was trying to get everyone to be quiet. the teacher turned towards yoongi and gave him the signal to go.

"okay uhm.." he looked around to see if his friends decided not to be dicks and actually come to class on time to watch his project. yoongi rolled his eyes when he saw no sight of them and turned to the smart board. "alright so, today i'm gonna be doing my project on photosynthesis.." god, he hated speaking in front of a large crowd.

he was just too awkward for this type of this and usually mr, Sanchez would let him send the slides to him and get graded that way. unfortunately a lot of kids found out, and he had to do it like everyone else. snickering was heard from behind him as he spoke, he felt his blood began to boil but he decided to just ignore them.

the poor boy just wanted to go home.

after class, yoongi stormed out of the room with his hands tightly clenched on his straps to his bag. he heard footsteps hastily making their way behind him, and turned around. there was the two idiots he counted on today, "ohh, look who it is," he said in a sing songs voice with a smile on his face, but then it dropped. "butthead and beavis.."

yoongi turned around and began to walk down the hall again, jimin and taehyung followed behind him. "we're so sorry, yoons. that class is way too boring for my sanity." taehyung whined, and jimin nodded in agreement, adding on to that statement. "besides, i'm pretty sure you did great."

yoongi didn't say anything, and jimin gasped. "oh fuck, were you awkward?" he asked, genuinely concerned while taehyung was wheezing and holding his stomach. yoongi stopped in his tracks and threw his hands on his face. "god, it was like i was in court! people were giggling and snickering..and..." he removed his hands from his face and looked furious at them.

they were both scared for themselves.

"and you two assholes weren't there!" he huffed and ignored the two the whole way to their next class together. the only way they could be forgiven if they bought him some food after school.


"hoseok you can't keep skipping school like that.. the school might contact your da–"

"i'm sorry, who? never heard of his bitch ass. i don't wanna hear it, seokjin.." hoseok said bitterly, clenching a soda can and tossed it to the side. if he was completely honest, his father was dead to him, but he wouldn't go into the details why with anyone. he hopped on top of the table and sat down while looking upon the cafeteria like he was king.

well, he was one of the popular kids at vanguard, but there was someone who was on top of the "food chain.", Kim Namjoon. oh, hoseok hated his guts, and they both have a rough past together, now they are rivalries. all of his friends, jimin, taehyung, and another dude he didn't know.

"speaking of the devil.." he muffled under his breath, and watched as namjoon and his friends kicked some kids off of a table. "fucking bastard.."

"joon, you didn't have to be so mean to them. they were trying to study.." yoongi sighed, but sat down on the table along with his friends. jimin chomped down on a carrot from his tray and quirked an eyebrow up. "you're not gonna eat anything, yoon?"

"no sir, you and i have a date after school." jimin's face lightened up at that statement but it dropped when yoongi said, "right, taehyung?"

the said male sighed, and nodded as he shoved some fries in his mouth. namjoon shook his head at his friends, and looked behind him seeing someone staring at him from the vending machine.

usually he would shoot them a glare, but this guy was breathtaking. people knew he was bisexual, and that gave him some clout. the only problem was, he was apart of hoseok's little gang.

then he remembered that he was nowhere near scared of hoseok so he sat right up and the guy turned his head away. taehyung turned around and watched as namjoon walked over to the guy. "i see seokjin caught his eye." yoongi nodded at that but he didn't really care, love is love but he knew that's not only what namjoon wanted from him.


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