The Family Business

Chapter 5

The past events surprised me so much I could barely breathe.

My dad.

He's - he's a superhero?


I wasn't mad. I mean, if you find out something that awesome, it's kind of hard to be angry about it.

But it was so hard to believe. That my own father was - is Danny Phantom. Not to mention the fact that I'm becoming what he is. Would I someday be as powerful as him?

It's crazy to think about... I feel like I'm in one of the comic books I always read. I never could've imagined that something quite like this would happen to someone like me.

I wondered a lot about what my dad had to go through at my age. Balancing his ghost-fighting with homework must've been hard if not impossible. And having your parents hunt you and think you were evil? I'm surprised he even got through it sane.

Enough of that though. Let's get back to what's going on…

Suddenly, I felt a cold tingling and let out a loud gasp at the same time as my dad.

Wait! That means there is another ghost right? I thought.

My dad transformed immediately. I…well, I tried, but to no avail. Mom rushed into the kitchen, opened a cabinet and dug in it until she pulled out a Fenton gun (ecto-gun my grandparents had called it once before?). She stood up slowly and looked around. I saw my mom as someone I had never seen her like quite before… she looked like a total badass. Dang, my parents are cool.

Dad took slow steps into our living room and formed some green electric ball in his hand. Mom and I followed behind him. I had never experienced such anxiety. I didn't know I could be more nervous and fearful than when I had talked to my parents only a few minutes ago. My dad put up his free hand, signaling for us to stop. We did and he walked to the center of the living room. I wanted to yell, "WHO'S THERE? SHOW YOURSELF!" or ask "Are there any spirits in the room with us?" like they would on those ghost hunter shows…but since my parents didn't say a word, I decided not to either.

Abruptly, a ghost came out of nowhere and he shot a pinkish, purple ball of energy right into Dad's stomach, knocking him out of air and sending him onto the ground.

"Hey!" I yelled. "Who do you think you are?"

I noticed a white ring forming around me, changing me back into what I had been when I woke up. "Whoa!"

"Phil! Watch out!" My dad yelled, but, by the time he did, the ghost had gotten a hold of me by the neck.

I whimpered in pain as it floated up in the air with me. I was astonished to see that the ghost wasn't the one from the day before. This one was much more evil looking, almost vampiric in appearance. With red eyes and black hair and bluish skin…

"NO!" I heard my mom shout. Shots fired but nothing freed me from the stranglehold.

Hold on. I can go intangible!

If only I knew how to will myself to become intangible.

I closed my eyes tightly and told myself to. It hurt my brain to think this hard. It wasn't like riding a bike, lemme tell you. Of course, this probably would get easier over time. My dad clearly got the hang of it.

My body became intangible and I started falling to the ground but caught myself a few feet above the ground. Phew!

I fell the rest of the way. "Ow!"

Mom rushed over by my side. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, but," I winced, grabbing at my ankle.

"It'll be okay. Should heal in less than 12 hours," Mom said.

I raised a brow, but the question in my head dissipated as the ghost came flying down at us. Dad shot the ghost with…ice?! His eyes glowed a bright blue. The ghost was knocked over but got right back up.

"You're getting old for this, Vlad," Dad narrowed his eyes and smirked at the ghost.

"Still better than you'll ever be!" Vlad yelled. All of a sudden, there were four of him and I wondered if I were seeing things. "Can you do this?"

"After all these years and you don't think I can make doubles of myself?" Now there were four of him too.

Okay then.

They - all of them - fought each other in a series of ecto-blasts (is that what they call them?), punches, flips, etc. I watched in awe as the two ghosts battled. It was strange to think my dad had been doing this all since he was my age.

Mom picked me up and rushed into the breakfast room to get me away from the fight and out of harm's way. She pulled a brick out of the wall and behind it was a Fenton thermos (how many secret compartments are there?). She ran into the living room and tossed it to Dad who caught it effortlessly. She had good aim…better than I had ever given her credit for.

"Thanks!" He yelled.

Mom came back in and started dialing a number on the phone. "Hey, it's Sam. After all these years, Vlad is here…Oh, you are already on your way?...Great, could you call Tucker too? I want him to be here for this."

This? What is this? Wait, Vlad must be Plasmius. That was the ghost who killed Dani… So he was back after all these years? Why? My question was answered within the next few minutes.

"Heard you had a son Daniel. I just had to see it for myself!" Plasmius sneered.

"You stay away from my family!" Dad yelled.

The doubles were now all gone. A blast sent my dad spiraling into the kitchen. He hit the cabinets hard and howled in pain.

Mom's weapon whirred to life and she shot at Plasmius who had followed Dad into the kitchen. He cried in pain as it hit his side. Both he and my dad got up. My dad flung himself at Vlad, but the older man was quick and immediately formed a shield in front of him. Dad stopped before slamming into the shield and started to scream.

Well, it was more like a ghostly wail - much like the one I saw in that video but much deeper and louder… The wail forced Plasmius to the wall and quickly demolished our kitchen. The whole wall caved in and in a loud BOOM fell into shambles into our backyard. I gawked at the damage.

I wondered if our next door neighbors would see what was happening. And what they would think when they saw the destruction. Mom and I ran to my father's side who was now down on his knees, weak but still incredibly powerful. I stood up when he said he was fine and looked at the pile of wood and drywall that had been blasted. No sign of Plasmius though…

Unexpectedly, I felt hands tightly grasp my arms from behind.

"So this is him isn't it? How sweet. He looks almost identical to you," A sinister voice said from behind me. He whirled me around and the grin on his face was terrifying enough to make someone pass out.

"What? How the hell are you not dead yet?" I asked in shock.

The man's grin widened and he laughed. "You can't get rid of me that easily."

"Get away from him!" My parents yelled. They both got into battle stance.

His evil red eyes glowed brighter than before and he made both of us invisible and shot out of the house all in one second.

"Phillip!" I heard my parents shout.

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