The Family Business

Chapter 6

I'm not sure how much time had passed since I had been taken away. It felt like hours but I'm sure it was just a few minutes. Getting to this hideout was all a blur. Fear suddenly struck me: what if I never see my parents again?

Or what if…what if this evil man kills me right here and now? I didn't know how this guy operated.

Where am I? I wondered, shaking. I tugged my legs and my arms but they wouldn't budge. I was strapped down to a cold metal table. Like one of those ones you see in those SyFy horror films. I tried to phase through, but something told me that, even if I managed to go intangible, I wouldn't be able to get out. I looked around myself taking in my surroundings. Most of the room was pitch black but somehow my eyes quickly adjusted and I could see everything pretty well - guess it's a ghost thing. - though there really wasn't much to see. To my right there was an arsenal, carrying all sorts of weaponry from handguns to spears and machetes. To my left there was a glowing green hole…much like my grandparents had in their basement. That must be a ghost portal

An elderly man, roughly the same age as my grandparents, turned a harsh light on above me. I closed my eyes tightly when my eyes sucked in the unwanted light. I opened them slowly.

"Who -who are you?" I gulped.

"The name is Vlad Masters, Phillip. I'm a family friend," he smiled.

I opened my eyes wider. "I should've known…My dad said you were half-ghost."

"Did he also tell you that I taught him everything he knows?"

"Please," I said, rolling my eyes. Something told me my dad and his friends figured out that on their own.

"It's the truth Phillip. I'm not the monster you think I am."

"Yeah right! You killed that girl Dani!"

"Is that what they told you?"

I nodded. "You snapped her neck…"

"Ah well. They are convincing liars."


"They killed her. She was my daughter and Daniel - your father - killed her in cold blood. He was jealous because she was going to take his place as my apprentice," he explained.

"Are you freaking serious with this bullcrap? One, you are holding me hostage so it's pretty clear who the bad guy is here. Two, my parents would never lie to me."

"They already have, little badger," Vlad frowned sympathetically.

I shook my head, but he had a point: my parents did lie to me. For a really long time… But they had their reasons.

"How well do you really know your parents, Phillip, if they kept such a huge secret from you for your whole life?"

He was playing me… My parents weren't - aren't - like that. Plus, they obviously cared for Dani. Vlad drew up a pretty good façade but you could tell that, underneath, he was just trying to get what he wanted.

"Well, what do you want from me?"

"Your parents took my beloved child away from me. They have been lying to you your entire life. I say we join forces against them. You become my apprentice and we fight against them alongside each other."

This guy is one seriously crazed-up fruit loop! Sure, my parents hadn't told me that my dad was Danny Phantom, but they weren't killers. Besides, I've known them my whole life whereas I just met this buffoon! But, maybe, if I let him believe that I believed him…

I nodded. "You're right…All these years! Who knows what else they haven't told me? They've been keeping the truth from me for far too long! It's about time they get what they deserve."

My restraints snapped off and I hopped off the table immediately. It was surprising how quick he released me. Though, he had been waiting 16 whole years for this. I hugged (ew!) Vlad. "Thank you Vlad. You've really helped me to see where my loyalties lie!" I stepped away and looked up at him. He grinned.

Boy, was he up for an unpleasant surprise.

"So what's the plan?" I asked casually, trying to keep the nerves out of my voice.

"For now, I need to train you to your fullest potential. In a few months, we will go back to your home and attack."

Did he really think I would attack the people who raised me? This guy really is nuts!

"Oh…okay. So should we start training?"

He changed into his ghostly form and I saw that I had somehow managed to maintain mine since earlier.

"Yes," he hissed. I forgot how menacing his ghost form was. Could I really fight this guy? He had what? 40 years of training? Compared to my 0% of training and less than 2 days of being a half-ghost…

"Um, okay, so how do I form that electric ball thing in my hand?"

"It's called an ecto-blast," he scoffed. "Focus your energy into your hand. Imagine it happening."

"Like this?" I said, as I struggled to form it.

He nodded. "Precisely," he smirked.

It grew a bit in my hand and, once I thought it was big enough, I shot it at him as quickly as I could and it hit his nose. He grabbed at it painfully. "OW!"

"Oh! Sorry it must've…slipped out of my hands," I chuckled, trying to sound innocent.

Vlad looked pissed. Word of advice: never try to fight a ghost - or anyone - until you actually know what you are doing.

"Why don't I try again?" I suggested timidly.

"I don't think that's a very good idea," he grabbed my wrist and threw me to the floor. "You are just like your father. You lying and conniving little -"

Our gasps cut off his insult as well as an explosion and rubble sliding across the floor. We both coughed and my mom came in holding a large bazooka that was smoking on the tip. How'd they find me? Thank God!

"I've been wanting to use this thing for years," she smirked.

Dad, Aunt Jazz, and Uncle Tucker rushed in after her.

"How did you find me?" I asked, amazed.

"We kind of -um - implanted a tracker in you when you were younger… You know, in case you disappeared or something," my dad explained, rubbing the back of his neck.

"It was my idea!" Uncle Tucker said, cheerfully holding a tracking device in his hands.

"You guys!" Aunt Jazz shrieked as Vlad grabbed Mom and put her in a stranglehold. Her weapon crashed to the floor.

"NO!" I yelled, flinging myself at Plasmius.

Once I made contact with his body, Mom slid across the floor. I felt my hands tingle as Vlad and I toppled over and his entire body was suddenly electrified. I nearly passed out, feeling incredible weakness come over me.

Vlad's body was spazzing out from the electrocution - did I do that? - but he got back up and angrily took hold of me, one hand around my neck, another forming a pink ectoball. I could barely tell what was going on.

My dad flew over and pulled me from Vlad's grip. Vlad blasted my father in the shoulder instead. He slammed against the wall and gasped in pain. Vlad walked over to Dad, sinister excitement dazzling in his crimson eyes.

"Danny!" Uncle Tucker yelled as Vlad repetitively shot ecto-ball after ecto-ball at my dad.

"Dad!" I cried.

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