The Family Business

Chapter 7

I wanted to go help my dad, but I was paralyzed by the sight of it. Plasmius was ruthless… And my dad. He was faltering. I couldn't even move.

Somehow, all the pain in Dad's face turned to scorn. A transformation before my eyes… Determination glowed ferociously in my dad's already bright eyes. Despite his near-fatal injuries, he stood up and yelled, "Enough!" A large, radiant white ring - quite like the one that formed whenever we transformed into our ghost halves - formed around him but, as this one went up and down his body, it sent an impulse through the whole room. Vlad was knocked down to the floor at this sudden ripple of energy. His eyes widened with fear. But the fear quickly dissipated as my father collapsed to the ground and changed back into his human form. Vlad grinned at my dad's disadvantage and started to create a large ecto-ball in his hands, aiming towards my father.

"I don't think so Plasmius!" Aunt Jazz aimed an ecto-gun at him. He howled in pain as she shot his right knee cap.

He shot a blast back at her but Uncle Tucker pushed her out of the line of fire. He nearly got blasted himself, but it missed him by centimeters.

Mom got up and took another Fenton ghost gun off of her belt and pointed it towards Vlad. She shot a couple of times. He floated into the air and she hit him but not enough to debilitate him.

Dad changed into Danny Phantom again and got up, somehow able to ignore the excruciating pain he must've been in and the red and green blood dripping down his arm. He froze Vlad in a cube of ice. Vlad plummeted to the ground and the ice shattered around him. He yelled at the impact.

"Vlad, all these years and you came back. Why?" My dad demanded.

"A little birdy told me you had a son who had just developed ghost powers like yourself…Word travels fast in the Ghost Zone."

"But - you knew we would defeat you. We've searched for so long, desperate to find you and lock you away for what you did all those years back. You were my archenemy for as long as I can remember, but you had never done something so awful as taking Dani's life. "

"It seems you are forgetting that I also created her. It was only appropriate that I ended her existence."

Dad furiously narrowed his eyes. "You don't get to decide things like that! Dani was a good person! She was just a kid! She didn't deserve to die…" He made direct eye contact with Vlad. "And neither do you."

Vlad raised a brow.

"No, you deserve much worse than dying you evil son of a bitch. All you have done your whole life is wish for things you could never have. My mother's love, my dad's life, my apprenticeship, and now my son… That's why you've been alone and will always be alone. And now we can insure that you will never hurt anyone ever again."

I saw that Plasmius was forming another ecto-ball in his hand and immediately shot him with one of my own in the back as best as I could. He gasped at the unexpected hit and fell face-first to the ground. My father nodded in approval.

Dad grabbed the Fenton Thermos from his belt and uncapped it. "I think it's time you finally face your fate and get what's been coming to you for 16 years."

Plasmius scowled as my dad activated the device and he was sucked in.

When Plasmius was finally gone, we all let out sighs of relief.

Dad, Mom, Uncle Tucker, and Aunt Jazz came to me. "Phillip, are you okay?" Mom asked, concern written all over her face.

"Yeah, but - " I felt tingling in my hands and raised them. Sparks were flying this way and that.

Aunt Jazz gasped. "That's different from your powers Danny."

All of the adults looked at my hands surprised. I put them behind my back feeling a bit self-conscious.

Dad looked at me proudly and rested a comforting hand on my shoulder. "You did a great job today."

"Thanks Dad," I smiled.

"I can't believe we actually did it…Vlad's gone." Mom shook her head.

My dad held the thermos with care. "We need to take this somewhere in the Ghost Zone where it will never be found. A prison in the Realm of the Far Frozen would probably be the best place for it."

Uncle Tucker nodded. "Probably. We should do that as soon as possible."

"Agreed," Aunt Jazz said.

"I forgot how great of a team we make," Dad laughed.

"It's easy to forget when it has been so long," Mom admitted.

"So does this mean you guys are gonna start fighting ghosts again?" I asked.

Everyone exchanged glances. Dad sighed. "Only if needed. We have our own lives and our own jobs now."

"Will you teach me?"

Dad smiled. "Of course. You need to have control over your powers. But promise me you will always call us if there is a ghost. I don't want you getting hurt. And it's easy to forget that you aren't indestructible when you have powers like we do."

I nodded. "I promise. Well, this was not the way I expected today to turn out!"

We all laughed and shook our heads. "I think it's about time we head back home and celebrate," Mom said.

Dad smiled gently, changing back into his human self and taking hold of Mom's hand.

All of us gathered in a group hug. I smiled.

Then, realizing people were reading this, I scowled and said "Ew gross!" And backed out of the group hug.

My family chuckled.


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