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Harry and Hermione are betrayed by the magical community of England, and are about to be executed when they are rescued by divine forces. What they want the pair to do is fix what Voldemort broke.

Adventure / Romance
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Outside On Lookers

The all important Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or affiliated characters, places, and things. They all belong to J.K. Rowling and affiliated companies.

A/N: AU warning I have tossed out two parings and the epilog. There will be serious Ron and Percy bashing so if you don't like that idea please don't read. R&R please and enjoy!

A/N 2 I have made a slight change to the chapter to clarify what time it is, and I hope this stops most of the confusion. *Bows* again I am sorry for not doing this sooner. Cheers!

Outside on Lookers

Footsteps echoed in the great marble hallway leading to the council chamber. Hecate would not stop for anything her champion had just been sentenced to death along with his bride to be, and for what some stupid notion of blood purity? She could hear the shouting going on in the chamber before her, and really didn't care who was on her side. Throwing open the bronze doors she exclaimed "Whose idea was THIS?"

All voices stopped as Lord Zeus rose to his feet. "What is the meaning of this Hecate?"

"Lord Zeus, take a look at this." The goddess of magic flicked her wrist and an image of the main courtroom in the British Ministry of Magic appeared.

The entire room gasped as an image of Harry James Potter and Hermione Jean Granger appeared before them. This was not the image the council was expecting to see Hecate guessed, and judging by the quick jump to her feet Aphrodite was beyond angry.

"What is the meaning of this!" the mistress of love was justifiably upset as Hermione Granger was her favorite poster child of the decade. The flames of passion in her eyes were now white hot. Everyone watched as time was rewound to what caused this event. Time went back to the accusations against the future leaders of Magical Britain were being read.

"Mr. and Mrs. Harry James Potter you stand accused of the murder of Ronald Bilius Weasley how do you plead?" The caustic voice of Delores Umbridge made the chamber cringe.

"NOT GUILTY YOU TWO FACED WHORE!" Hermione's response caused a gasp in the Wizengamot.

"Mrs. Potter, mind your tongue." The voice of Percy Weasley was cold and cut with finesse in its precision. "You are here to face the charges of murdering my brother. You are not here to spread you mudblood agenda."

"Your BROTHER was beating my fiancé, and was about to kill me so what were we supposed to do, nothing!" Harry's voice drowned out the ambient noise in the room. "Percy I can't believe you would hire Umbridge back after all she has done to this community, and then once more make her Deputy Undersecretary! Do you not remember what she did?"

"I think we are ready to pass sentence on the two of you. All in favor of guilty." Everyone in the courtroom raised their voice in vehement support of the accused. "Well then I guess that settles it. You are here by sentenced to death by dementor, which is to be carried out right now."

The image was once again of the Potters current situation, and now the king of the gods was hovering over the image. "Fates is this what you intended?"

Three solemn voices responded as one. "No father we did not. Someone hovering between death and judgment caused this change."

"Who was it?" Zeus was calm in his words because the two strings in question were floated in front of him with a clearly mortal incision an inch from the end.

"Tom Marvolo Riddle." Aisa* said as she examined the strings. "It seems he received a 'copy' of the scissor with malicious magic. Not beyond him but the knowledge to do that was destroyed."

"I see." Zeus looked back over at the image of Harry and Hermione on the verge of death. "I think it is a foregone conclusion that their lives will be spared, but what next?"

"Lord Zeus if I may?" Hecate stepped forward.

"Go ahead magic is your domain after all." Zeus' eyes followed the raven haired goddess' eyes. He was looking at his father's weapon an instrument that had not been used in centuries. "Moving time back just a few days would not change the outcome."

"No my lord I was thinking something more far-reaching. We change some of their past, and send them back to 1993 and start from there. I think that is where the problem started, and I have plan."

"Well let me retrieve our champions and then we will discuss the matter while they recover."

Harry felt the familiar sensation of his soul being sucked out of his body, but strangely he still held Hermione's hand. A crackling sound could be heard directly above them, and then the sound of thunder shook the room. The sounds of witches and wizards screams filled the air next.

"Who dares to disrupt justice?" Percy's angered voice filled the room.

"Me mortal," said a man with bright white hair and electric blue eyes. "… and if I were you I would shut up." Harry could tell the man held immense power. The man placed one hand on Hermione's shoulder and the other on Harry's.

"Who do you think you are to disrupt the Ministry?" Umbridge's voice rang throughout the room.

"Zeus." An eagle shrieked above them and a blinding flash of light enveloped them.

The next thing Harry knew he was standing in an elaborate marble chamber with twelve other people in it. Harry could have sworn they were giants except that most of them were wearing modern business dress saved for a man with a facial deformity dressed in a mechanics uniform. Harry felt his fiancée tug on his sleeve. Looking at her he saw that Hermione was pointing at the man's name tag. Harry decided to read it. Hephaestus. Harry was looking at his bride to be when the answer hit him. He slowly started to take a knee.

"That will be unnecessary Mr. Potter, but thank you for the show of respect." The deep throaty voice of the blacksmith god reminded him a lot of Hagrid.

Zeus spoke once more to the two of them. "Step forward Mr. Potter and Ms. Granger. I apologize for myself first, and then for the Olympian council. We chose the two of you to stand against evil. You would have done this regardless, but we chose to lend you our aid. And then we failed you."

"What do you mean Lord Zeus?" was Hermione's immediate response.

"We should not have let the people you saved abandon you, and as for the aid: for you Ms. Granger we provided Crookshanks, and to your fiancé the Nimbus 2000, the Firebolt, and his wands."

"But those were… Oh." This was all Harry could say. The items may have been made by/sold by mankind, but the influence of a god was not out of the question.

This time a dark haired goddess spoke. "As my champion Mr. Potter you were steadfast against something I despise: the idea of blood purity. And Harry we ask you to once again to relive five of those seven years of your life. And you as well Ms. Granger."

Both Harry and Hermione were struck speechless. The gods wanted them to do it all over again?

"Let me be honest with you both. What we just pulled you out of was never meant to happen, and it angered me when I heard you were dying. So we chose to save your lives, and in so doing we will rewrite a few things of your first and second year. From your third year it is up to the two of you what you will do next. We will be sending you back with your memories intact, and two people of your choosing, and one of ours, will have their memories remain."

Harry didn't even need to think about it. "Let it be Hermione's parents my lady."

"Harry, are you certain?" The look on Hermione's face was almost priceless, but the young man just nodded.

"It is decided then, and now before you go Mr. Potter I will warn you the horcrux that was created in you is no longer there. So do avoid any contact with the killing curse." The serious tone that Zeus carried let Harry know there would be no Kings Cross waiting on the other end of that spell.

"I understand."

Hermione grabbed him by the shirt collar. "If you forget that I will bring you back to life somehow and kill you again." Hermione then pressed her lips against his.

As Harry and Hermione kissed both of them could feel the years physically slipping away and Harry wonder if this is what Nicolas Flamel felt when he drank the elixir of life. Looking down at himself he saw the cloth the Dursley's enjoyed 'giving him as gifts'. He looked over at Hermione and she was there in sleep ware which was far more modest then what she had been wearing the last few months, but then again she was now thirteen years old. Looking back at the gods Harry could see a mist cloud building around them, and felt Hermione slipping away, and the more he tried to hold on the faster she slipped away. Harry then felt himself falling towards the earth at an incredible speed, and Harry feared the impact would end his life rather than save it. When the momentum stopped he was surrounded by silvery dust. The dust seemed to cut off his air supply for a split second as it entered his mouth. As it did so images from how the gods reworked 'history' filled his mind. He and Hermione had been going to the same primary school.

As for the memories regarding Hogwarts not much had changed. He and Hermione had been sorted into to Gryffindor, but Ron had been sent to Slytherin. In exchange two former Slytherins had been sent to Gryffindor. Those two were Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini. As for the 'Golden Trio' it now consisted of him, Neville, and Hermione. It was really weird to Harry because he had both memories of Ron helping him and Hermione over the previous two years and of Neville doing what Ron had previously done. In fact Ron was now the very thing he had hated in the previous time line. He was a cruel, vindictive, and deceitful person. It was as if fate had turned him into the son of Tom Riddle.

Harry looked around the room it seemed he was in the Leaky Cauldron, and judgeing by the books that were on the night stand he was in his third year once again. This meant Sirius was still in jail, and Pettigrew was on the loose with the Weasley's, but Harry was having a hard time remembering which one. At times it seemed as if he was Percey's pet, other times Ron's, and oddly Fred's. Shaking his head of the remembrance Harry looked to his famillar her hooting in the corner brought tears to his eyes. He found himself relieved to see Hedgewig his beloved owl. He walked over to her, and gently petted her before he walked over to the desk in the room to write a letter.


I hope this finds you well my love. I know we last saw each other on Mt. Olympus, and I am unaware of how your parents are feeling about this. I hope your parents are feeling well. As soon as you can could you come to the Cauldron to keep me company?



The raven haired boy smiled at the note before he rolled it up and giving it to Hedgewig. "Here girl take this to Hermione would you, and don't let her reaction spook you." He rubbed under the snow owl's beak before he opened the window to let her out. It was the dead of night outside, and Harry knew it would take time for Hedgewig to get back so he closed the wind and went to bed.

The next morning Harry was awoken by a knocking on his door. He tried to ignore it putting it off to the cleaning witch, but when the person didn't stop he wondered over to the door.

"Yes what do you oomph…" was all he could get out as he was knocked over by something. When he realized the object was person her responded. "While I am glad to see you too I need to breath."

"I hope you're glad to see me Harry!" The sweet sound of his beloved's voice brought a smile to his face. "I got your owl, and I apparated here as soon as possible." Hermione said this as she pulled him up.

"You can still do that?" he asked.

"Yes I can. At first I was unsure if I could, but then I remembered what that goddess said: They would be sending you back with your memories intact; which means everything learned at Hogwarts."

"What about Hedgewig?" Harry quizzed.

"She should be on her way back here with a note from my parents. Oh and Harry my dad says to behave yourself." Hermione had this wicked grin on her face.

"Did he now?" the raven haired boy said as he conjured a 'Do Not Disturb' sign and hung it on the door. "What he doesn't know won't kill him."

"Indeed." With that the brunette cast a silencing charm on the room and led her fiancé to the bed.

An hour and a couple of cleaning spells later they left the room for Diagon Alley. After checking the calendar Harry realized that it was the day after he had inflated that worthless air bag that was Marge Dursley. So the two of them decided to get the schools stuff they would need. The first thing that they did was go to Gringott's to get enough money for the both of them and a little spending money for Hermione's birthday. As they went around getting their supplies for the 'new' year they noticed that people were staring at them. Harry decided to shrug it off until he caught the tail end of a camera flash.

Harry decided to make a course change and not take divinations, but Hermione would not allow him to have a free period.

"Harry you need to do something for that time block. How about Ancient Runes?" the brunette had this gleam in her eyes that he loved so much.

"You know it is hard to say no to you?"

"I know." She leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Look what we have here boys, a mudblood and her pet Potty." The caustic voice of Draco Malfoy cut through the air in Flourish and Blotts like a knife.

Both of them turned to the offensive boy, Hermione snorted and Harry gave him the two fingered salute.

"Sod off Malfoy. Nobody cares what you have to say, and least of all what you think." Harry knew for a fact Hermione hated curse words, but sometimes their use the only way to communicate your disdain for something.

Harry felt a pull on his arm. "Sweet heart it is not worth it."

"Your right," he patted the brunette's hand. "…I hope your day gets worse Malfoy."

The two of them turned away and went to the manager to get their books. They both decided to leave out the divinations book, and picked up books on advanced wards, as well as, animagus transformation. The entire time they were trailed by the Slytherin quartet: Draco, Ron, Crabbe, and Goyle. It was hard on them they half wanted to tell Ron to join them, but with all that the gods had changed it was impossible. Add to that the memories of how he treated Hermione minutes before he died, and all they could do was pray he did not give them a reason to kill him.

Their last stop was Magical Menagerie for the last member of their family. After paying for Crookshanks Harry instantly thought of the rat that was going to be sleeping with Ronald Weasley. Apparently Hermione was thing the same thing because he could feel her tight the grip she had on his arm. They looked at one another, and without saying a word came to the same conclusion. Sirius Black was going to be a free man!

Hedgewig returned that night with a letter from her parents telling them to be safe, and stay out of trouble. The note also gave Harry a warning that they better not be grandparents before the two of them graduated Hogwarts. This caused Hermione to laugh, but Harry was out right terrified. Sure in the past he and Jacob had been on great terms after their memories were restored, but now they were teenagers again. In addition to that there was Hermione's dignity to think about, and he was not about to turn her into a statistic. She was too good for that kind of stigma.

"What are you thinking about Harry?" Hermione quizzed as she leaned against him.

"Not getting you pregnant." Harry felt an elbow hit him in the stomached. "Ouch."

"Seriously what are you thinking about?"

"Sirius, Hermione how are we going to free him. I mean we didn't even succeed at it the first time we went through this year last time." Harry sounded crest fallen.

Hermione let Crookshanks go, and turned to face her fiancé. "Harry we have something that we didn't the last time. Knowledge, we know who betrayed your folks, and we know where he is."

"Yes I know that, but how do we…" He felt a soft finger on his lips.

"Harry leave the planning to me for once, and I grantee that Sirius will be a free man." The confidence in her voice was scaring him a little.

"What do you mean?"

"Well we know where Pettigrew is, we also know what he is, and lastly we know how to turn him back to his normal form." Hermione paused for a moment to let this sink in. "Now I will do some 'research' after 'seeing' Scabbers run from a picture of Sirius Black, and I will do research on animagus during the year to 'discover the truth.' We then stun the rat, and take him to Professor Dumbledore to call off the Dementors, which will in turn free Sirius."

Harry just sat there dumbstruck. His best friend had just laid out a viable way of saving his godfathers life in less than ten minutes. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her gently on the lips. The kiss quickly deepened, and it was only end by the need for air.

"I am amazed you thought of that in such a short time."

"Actually my love I have been planning it since we picked up Crookshanks. Now let's go get something to eat and go to bed my folks should be here by tomorrow evening."

"Oh boy, am I in trouble?" He asked rhetorically. His beloved just rolled her eyes.

The next morning came and went faster than Harry would have liked, but time was a cruel mistress, and she waited for no one. Another thing time was good at was unraveling things you planed out. A special edition of the Daily Prophet headlines proved this point all too well.

"Harry look at this!" Hermione said as she entered the room. She laid a paper on the table and Harry began to read it.

Peter Pettigrew Alive!

Order of Merlin First Class wizard Peter Pettigrew was found alive yesterday afternoon in Egypt by a Mrs. Molly Weasley, wife of Ministry employee Arthur Weasley, disguised as a common rat that was used as a family pet. It seems that Pettigrew faked his own death twelve years ago to cover up his betrayal of the Potters, and thus causing Sirius Black to be imprisoned in Azkaban for crimes he did not commit. When asked why she suspected the family pet was an animagus Mrs. Weasley had this to say:

"Well I found it odd that he started acting out of place when news of Sirius' escape hit the international press. So I started paying closer attention to him, and that's when I noticed he was missing a 'finger' on his right front paw. Upon seeing this I decided to look into the idea the rat was animagus."

The readers should remember that the Weasley family. They were the winners of the yearly prize the Daily Prophet gives out to one our…

Harry sat there in stunned silence. He looked over at his bride to be, and she had the same expression of shock across her face. It took him a couple of seconds to realize what this meant. "He is free?"

"Yes Harry the Ministry sent him an owl this morning telling him the good news. He turned himself in near Glasgow an hour later." Hermione grabbed his hand. "Come on love we still need to eat breakfast."

Harry just nodded. He knew his future wife would be making adjustments to the plan they had concocted last night while they ate.

*The names of the Fates or Moirae are: Clotho the carrier/spinner of the thread, Lachesis the measurer of the thread, and finally Aisa the cutter of the thread.

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