Darkened Light

Letters and Answers

Chapter Two: Letters and Answers

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A/N: I know I did not explain fully how Mrs. Weasley found this out, but I plan on doing so in time. I love the reviews just the same. Constructive criticism is always loved. Keep them coming. Italics mean dreams or thoughts. This means the words of a god/goddess to a mortal mind. "This means Parselmouth." This fic will probably not be updated as often as my others 'cause it requires more thought. I don't want to mess this up. *Kicks ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) in the teeth*

The rest of the day flowed pretty smoothly. Yeah sure he and Hermione were getting stared at a lot, but he tolerated it. In the time they had left the two were seen as the celebrity couple, so this was nothing new. As they walked through the alley the boy-who-lived caught the flash of a camera, and he began to shake his head. His fame was something he disliked, and at the very least wished he could stop the Daily Prophet from getting that picture. He could feel Hermione's hand tighten around his. He looked over at his future wife and saw a wide broad smile across her face. Understanding her intentions Harry leaned over and kissed his girlfriend on the lips.

The two spent most of the day in Diagon Ally, or Harry's room reading up on course material; which to Harry seemed foolish since they had already done all of this and knew the materials. Hermione told him they may have already taken these classes, but they would need to brush up on them, and the chance that the gods would change this much of their history meant anything was possible. After they were done studying the two went for a walk in the muggle shopping district, and even ate a meal at a nice muggle restaurant in the muggle world. Hermione called a cab, and told the driver to go to Harrods. Once there they walked to a nice steakhouse which Harry was worried how they were going to pay for it, but Hermione said she had it covered. Harry asked how she could pay, and all she said was 'Wait and see.'

The meal was excellent, and when Harry saw the price his jaw nearly hit the floor.

"Hermione, where are you going to get seventy pounds?" He looked over at bushy haired teen. She just had a smirk on her face. She reached into her handbag and pulled out a plastic card. "Is that credit card?" he asked dumbfounded.

"No, but it is a debit card attached to my bank account. My parents set this up at the end of last year to teach me fiscal responsibility." Harry heard the emphasis on the word teach, and could only smile at the girl across from him. She handed the waiter her card and the bill. When the waiter came back they gathered their belongings and left.

The duo walked around Charing Cross for a while before heading back to the Leaky Cauldron. The couple went straight to Harry's room and closed the door. Both of them gave into the hormones and desires flowing through their veins. In the post coital glow of the room Harry wrapped his arms around the beautiful woman beside him and gave into sleep.

Harry found himself crawling across the ground in a dank dark corridor. He could smell the stagnation in the water that lay on the floor. He could hear talking a little further down the corridor and he could see two men standing in front of what looked like an archway. They seemed to be talking to a man who was begging for his life. Both men just laughed at the individual before spitting in his direction.

As Harry got closer he lifted up off the ground, and as the man closest to him turned to look in his direction lunged forward with incredible speed. He struck a second time, then a third and proceeded to strike at them man till he fell to the ground. Looking more to the archway he saw the other guard being strangled against what appeared to be bars. When the man stopped twitching a hand reached down and grabbed the keys attached to his belt. Seconds later Peter Pettigrew stepped out into the hallway looked at him and nodded his compliance, before turning into his rat form and scampering off.

Harry woke up in a cold sweat as Hermione shot up grabbing her wand, and looking around the room. It seems a year running from Death Eaters and a crazed mad man will cause just about anyone to be like Mad-eye Moody. Hermione looked over at him and asked what was the matter, and when he told her of his dream she wrapped both arms around him and held him close to her naked bosom which did not help the situation much. There moment of closeness was interrupted by the sound of the door opening.

Harry saw Hermione's mum, Lisa, for the first time in months, and this time there was no grey in her hair. The dentist had this bemused smile on her face. "Get dressed you two, and come one we have an appointment to keep."

"Who is it with mum?" Hermione asked hold the sheets to her chest.

"It's a fool by the name of Vernon Dursley." Before Harry could respond Lisa Granger closed the door. Harry looked over at his girlfriend and saw she was getting dressed.

"Hermione they can't do this Marge is still there." Harry said as pulled on his boxers.

"Darling they will not listen to you and neither will I. Those people don't deserve to live in my opinion, and to be honest they deserve this. Now get dressed I think I can talk them into taking us shopping."

"What for Hermione?" He asked pulled on his grossly oversized shirt.

"Cloths husband of mine." She wrapped her arms around him, and pressed her lips to his. "Now let's go meet up with mum and dad before they break down the door."

As they headed down the stairs Harry once again saw the imposing figure that was Jacob, or Jack, Granger. His midnight black hair and grey eyes sent chills down his spine; though the fact that he was built like Hercules did not help matters. He remembered a slightly grey haired man, but this younger version was still absolutely terrifying. Even though he was sure the man could knock Uncle Vernon into the next century it was still slightly unnerving that they would be going back to Privet drive. Marge might still be there, and he wondered how they would deal with that.

Hermione's mother was dressed in a dark blue t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Her dark brown hair and brown eyes reminded him a lot of Hermione. Her hair however was less chaotic more a kin to the twenty three year old Hermione. It was still wavy but less chaotic, and looking over at his girlfriend he couldn't help but smile. She just glared at him.

"What is it Harry?" the brunette asked.

"Nothing, I was just remembering what you will look like." He whispered in her ear. "Besides I love the way you're filling out." He grinned as Hermione hit him on the arm.

"You prat." His girlfriend just walked over to her parents and started talking to them. She turned around and glared at him. "Come on Harry do you need a written invitation?"

Harry walked over and joined the conversation where it seemed the elder Grangers were planning on scaring the Dursleys with a few 'facts'. Harry tried to tell them that Uncle Vernon would argue with them. Jack just smiled and said "Leave that to me."

They drove the forty some odd minuets to get to his relatives house. His hopes that his aunt, uncle, and cousin would be gone were summarily dashed. He could see the car in the drive way, and by the sounds coming from the house the drunk known as Marge was still at the house. As Jack knocked on the door the younger male braced for the tirade he knew was coming. Dudley answered the door his eyes seemed to rove over Hermione's body before her father coughed. After a short introduction Jack asked for Vernon. When the walrus came to the door his face darkened when he saw Harry.

"What are you doing back here BOY!" the large man growled.

"I do believe his name is HARRY." The way Hermione's dad said his name made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. "As a friend of his father's I will warn you only once Dursley: any further disrespect will cost you dearly." He then leaned over grabbed the morbidly obese man, and pulled him close and started whispering things in his ear. He was uncertain what was being said, but whatever it was made the elder Dursley's face go from puce to pale. "Am I understood?"

"Ye… ye... yes sir." The look on his uncle's face was akin to when Harry first told him about Sirius.

"Okay, and now what you are going to do is tell your sister the truth, and my friend and his wife better be given the respect they are due. Understood?" With a simple nod Jack smiled. "We will be leaving, and if your son continues to ogle my daughter I will cover whatever fines she incurs from turning him into a toad."

As Dudley looked between the man and Hermione Harry felt her hand interlace her fingers with his. The obtuse boy looked upset that Harry had probably the prettiest girl he had ever seen holding Harry's hand, and not his own. Marge came round the corner at that time and traded words with Jack, but it is what she said about harry that set Lisa off like tank of petrol exposed to flame.

"And I assume this delinquent has corrupted this young lady. How tragic. I tell you sir you need to get your daughter away from this trash before…" Harry did not see Lisa move, and he was certain Marge was oblivious until her face was knocked sideways by the well manicured hand of the female dentist. "What was the meaning..."

"You listen here you FAT BITCH. Harry James Potter is not a delinquent! He and my daughter go to the same school, and both are at the top of their class, and that school is not St. Brutus." It was at this point Harry noticed Hermione's drawn wand. "I have never in all my thirty-nine years met a group of people as foul as you and your brother. I am assuming his son is no different, and in which case I am sure there is a special place in whatever afterlife you go to for you, and I doubt it will be a pleasant place to be." She turned to her daughter. "Hermione my dear why don't you take care of the little prat he keeps staring at your chest."

"No mother he is not worth it, but I can do something else." With a wave of her wand she turned the side table into a squealing pig. Harry started laughing, and looked over at his girlfriend who had this wicked grin on her face. "Let's go love."

As the group left they could hear the screams of the Dursley's all the way to the street. Once in the car Hermione started laughing like mad, and only stopped when Harry reminded her that they may still have the Trace on them. He face went pale. She had done many things that were against the rules when at Hogwarts, and for damn sure when Voldemort ran the Ministry, but never this brazen. Harry spent the better part of the ride back reassuring her that everything would be all right, and that the worst she would get was a warning.

The rest of the ride was for the most part quiet. Hermione did convince him to change his second elective course from Divination to Ancient Runes. Once they arrived back at the Leaky Cauldron the Grangers told Harry they would see him tomorrow as they were to meet the Weasleys there anyway. Having spent a year on the run Harry understood the less you stood out the better.

As he entered the pub Tom said that a letter had arrived from the Minister for him. He thanked the bartender, and took the letter to his room. The envelope did not bare the mark of the toad faced whore. The contents of the letter made the raven haired 'teen' smile.

Dear Mr. Potter,

As you are no doubt aware the man known as Sirius Black had escaped Azkaban, and if you get the Daily Prophet you will no doubt know that he had been imprisoned falsely for crimes he did not commit. He would like to discuss with you some things you may or may not be aware of, and I have been informed that you and a Ms. Hermione Jean Granger went back to your relatives place this afternoon and that a transfiguration spell was cast. Now we will waive the hearing for underage wizardry and witchcraft at the insistence of the Headmaster. But I must inform you that this will not happen again. The meeting between you and Mr. Black will occur at the office of Jones and Willis number 145 Diagon Alley at 1:30 in the afternoon. Please be on time.


The Minister for Magic

Cornelius Oswald Fudge

Even though the gods had changed a lot of things it was nice to know that Fudge was still a self serving arse. As he set the note down he tried to figure out how Pettigrew was with the Weasley's if Ron had been with Malfoy in the Ally. He was fairly certain Hermione had reasoned it out, but he failed to ask her. He tried to remember the rat form of the traitorous bastard, and the conflicting images of him being owned by Percy; Ron; and Fred flashed before his eyes.

Harry started to rub his eyes. "I need to get some sleep."

"Yes you do Mr. Potter." The silken voice made him jump nearly a meter of the ground. Turning around he saw a much shorter version of the Greek goddess of magic.

"Did we screw up?" Harry quickly brought his hands to his mouth. If Hermione did not like foul words he didn't want to think of what a slip of the tongue to a goddess would do. "Sorry about that."

"Don't worry about it Harry, but don't let it happen again either." Harry nodded his head in agreement. "Now I am going to explain a few things that we have done that you were not made aware of on your return trip to the Earth."

"Like Mrs. Weasley finding Wormtail before he could resurrect Voldemort?" The quest rolled off his tongue before he could stop it.

"That very well may still happen, Harry. But yes stuff like that. More to the point it is subtle things. As you know you once had parseltongue because of Voldemort."

"Yes ma'am I remember that. Why do you ask?" Harry had a raised eyebrow he was just speaking in parseltongue wasn't he?

"You have it once more, but not because you are connected to the man child. It is a gift I have given you and Hermione for you service, in addition to, your agreement to return to do this all again. Now the Moirae have done one more thing for Hermione, but I cannot say more than it was to spit in Voldemort's face. I also say it will be a spit in the face to 'blood purity'." This caused Harry's eyebrows to nearly merge with his hairline. What could the Fates have done to spite old snake face, and then he thought better of that question: What couldn't they do? "Now before I go you need to know there are few people you can tell any of this to."

The goddess then proceeded to tell Harry that only four people were allowed to know what had transpired aside from the person they chose to send back with them and the Granger's. Sirius and Remus topped the list, but Fred and Gorge brought up the caboose. When he asked why the twins were on the list Hecate brought up the fact the two could hold a secret better than anyone else. She then stated that Hermione need to do a lineage test at both the Ministry of Magic, and Gringott's tomorrow. When he asked he was not given a sound answer. Hecate then bid him a goodnight, and faded away in silver light.

The following morning he woke up, and unlike last time decided to stay at the Leaky Cauldron. After breakfast Harry decided to write to Sirius, and let him know what was going on before their meeting with the solicitor. He went up to his room and started writing a brief note to Sirius about where he was, and that he would like to talk to him before they met with the solicitor. He told Hedwig that this recipient should be easier to get to, and that she would get a good amount of bacon when the term started. Hedwig nipped at his fingers before leaving through the open window. Harry grabbed the book on animagus transformation and went down to await Sirius' arrival.

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