Darkened Light

Jubilation and Tirades

Chapter Four: Jubilation and Tirades

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or affiliated characters, places, and things. They all belong to J.K. Rowling and affiliated companies. This particular plot is mine however. And to make it seem more cohesive to the original stories I am using some of the lines from them, but they are not my material. They came for the excellent mind of their owner.

A/N: Okay for those who have been wondering Aisa and Atropos are one and the same. I cannot tell which name is older, but they refer to the same goddess. I just chose to use the lesser known name for varieties sake. As for Daphne and parseltongue she is like Voldemort in that it is a trait she has had since birth. Keep the reviews coming! Cheers!

Harry took one step inside the Dagworth-Granger vault and was instantly hit with the smell of old books. Where he had mounds of gold this one had columns of it, and there were heaps of silver, and very little bronze. However most of the vault was taken up by books and very pristine cauldrons and other potion making equipment. He knew Hermione was not the type to drool, but that was the image he had stuck in his head about the situation.

"Come on Harry help with these books please." Hermione asked as she approached the largest pile of books.

"Yes dear." Harry was snickering as she glared at him over her shoulder. It got to the point where they got Daphne to help them with the books. The goblin was shrinking books as fast as he could, but with Hermione no one could truly know how many she would want to take with her. After the goblin hand her a 'small bag' they loaded the books inside it. "So Hermione what are you going to do with the money?"

"I don't know. I was thinking of moving everything to the Slytherin vault and renaming it the Granger vault." She looked over to Daphne. "Sorry if that bothers you."

"It doesn't. You got me away from the high ponce of Slytherin so I thank you." As she sat down in the cart it took off further down into the maze of vaults. "So your mum knew my mum?"

It was Sirius who answered. "Yes the two were friends since first year, and by seventh the only things that could separate the two, aside from a Marauder prank, was you father and Harry's."

"What are the Marauder's?" At that Sirius explained the Marauder's leaving out Remus' furry little problem. "Okay that explains my mum's fear of you letter then Mr. Black."

"Please just Sirius." When Daphne finally nodded he continued. "I remember the last prank letter I sent your mum. She thought it was from your dad, but I had laced it with a laughing potion which I had turned into dust. She could stop laughing for days. She told me if I ever did it again she would make it impossible for me to have children." He let out a barking laugh.

"Good. Just remember her threat Sirius." Hermione was glaring at him. "Because if you mess up my wedding I will do it worse, and make sure it is painful."

"Yes ma'am." Sirius saluted Hermione while Daphne let out a laugh.

"So Daphne why are you with us?" Harry asked.

"Because it requires three wizards and/or witches plus the owner of the vault, so long as they are trained in magic, to verify that the vaults are intact when they are reopened after this much time. It is a stupid rule really. Why would the goblins ruin a good business deal?" Daphne asked looking at the goblin. "Are we almost there?"

"Just about ma'am," the goblin looked back at them. "You're very wise young lady. It is a pity there are not more like you." And with that he was silent the rest of the trip.

The continued down further into the recesses of the bank into the eight hundred vaults, and once they reached vault eight hundred and eleven they stopped. This time all four of them got out not knowing how much work would have to be done. As the vault opened Harry could smell not the musty smell of books, but an acrid smell one he could not place. When he entered the vault he could see the cause: hundreds of rotten eggs.

"No need to guess what those contained." Harry said as he walked into the vault.

"No and thankfully they would have just been chickens." Hermione said casting an air bubble charm.

Harry looked around the vault. While there was some money in the vault it looked like who ever opened the vault intended just to recreate Slytherin's work. Hermione asked if the goblins could just move the money to the Dagworth-Granger vault, and that she would take the items (a parchment scroll, ring, and a tome) with her. Harry suggested using a separate bag for the ring in case it was cursed. A few cleaning spells and the rotten eggs were gone, and the air was a little better smelling. The goblin said that the money would be moved by the end of the work day, and they were also informed that they would need to see the England Branch Manager Ripsaw for the Blood Confirmation test. With that they took the final ride back to the ground level section of Gringott's.

Reentering the main room of the bank introduced the group to the glaring audience of Death Eater families and one potion professor. The former demanding that Hermione hand over what rightly 'belongs' theirs while the latter asking for its return to the school. Either one would be bad at this point in Harry's opinion, but thankfully the goblin guards prohibited any of the fools from attacking the group. One of the men in the group stepped up and glared at Hermione.

"How does one such as you get these kinds of rights?" the man barked. If harry transplanted Vernon's mustache onto him and the man would be a magical look alike for the walking walrus.

"The fact that I apparently descend from a line of squibs leading back to Hector Dagworth-Granger." Hermione was staring the man down.

The man seemed ready to say something, but Sirius cut him off. "Bulstrode I am telling you right now if you threaten her you will incur the wrath of the Black family." This stopped the man cold. It also drew the attention of everyone else. "Now make room the four of us must complete the rest of the paperwork, and as you all know it will become accessible to the public within the week. Now move it!"

The crowed parted, but Harry didn't know if it was because of Sirius' threat or the nice pointy spears of the goblins. The group followed the goblin through a hidden passageway just inside the entrance of the bank. The group walked down the maze of corridors that led to Ripsaw's office. The large golden doors were elaborately decorated with the scenes of battle, and by the amount of dead bodies depicted on the door. After the goblin knocked on the door a far softer voice than the group was expecting bid them entrance.

"Madam Ripsaw the heir of Slytherin is here for her test."

"Thank you Deadpan you may leave." The goblin turned to the group and much a kin to the other goblins name flatly said "If you mention to anyone that a female goblin runs this office I will kill the lot of you. Do you understand?"

The two magically raised members of the group responded as one. "Yes ma'am."

Harry looked to his beloved before he said "As you wish."

"And you young lady?" Ripsaw said glaring at Hermione.

"I do not see the reason, but I swear." She just merely shrugged.

"So be it. Now which of you two is Lady Granger?" Ripsaw was looking between Hermione and Daphne.

"I am," Hermione stepped forward. "… now what is it I must do?"

The goblin produced a silver piece of parchment. "As before ma'am prick you finger and let three drops of blood fall onto the parchment." Hermione repeated the same process she had in the Ministry using a knife instead of a pin. The paper flashed blue, and as the goblin looked at the parchment her eyes grew wider than a house-elf's. "You have seen the divine haven't you Ms. Granger?" She handed Hermione the parchment.

The others in the room gathered around Hermione, and looked over her shoulders at the parchment. As Harry read the blood lines he saw nothing noting her patron, but then he looked next to her name and saw a line shooting of to the right that said patron and at the end of this line was the name Aphrodite. Harry could feel his cheeks warm at the mere implications that the name entailed, and hoped the old hound kept his mouth shut.

"Harry if I am going to be subjugated to this so are you." Harry looked at her with pleading eyes. "Oh no mister you're not getting away with this. Manager Ripclaw I am not the only one favored by the Olympians in this room." She looked over to Harry with a marauder's grin on her face. "He is favored by the goddess of magic."

"YOU'RE KIDDING?" Sirius and Daphne said in unison.

"No." The smirk on Hermione's face screamed Slytherin.

Before he could say anything the same silver parchment was thrust into Harry's face. "Is there some kind of law saying I must do this?"

"For a goblin Harry the divine rule their wellbeing far more than they do mortal men, so yes." The smile on Hermione's face made the statement a little more than dubious.

Taking the clean knife presented to him Harry cut his index finger and pinched it to his thumb, and let the needed three drops of blood fall upon the parchment. Unlike with Hermione the parchment flashed dull silver. Harry tried to sneak a glance but one look from Ripsaw stalled him. "Hermione I swear…"

"You will swear nothing boy..." Hermione was cut off by the barking dog.

"She's right Harry; I mean she is favored by the goddess of…"

"I swear Sirius Black if you finish that sentence I will kill you." Hermione was giving him a rather believable death glare.

"Enough." Ripsaw passed around the parchment, and like Hermione's Harry's had a line shooting off to the right. The name at the end was indeed Lady Hecate's, and before anyone could say anything Ripsaw ushered them out of her office telling both of them that the documents would be disposed of immediately.

As they made their way back to the Leaky Cauldron the group could hear someone yelling at the top of their lungs. Looking over to where Daphne's mother was still sitting where they had last seen her, but there was a nuisance now in the Cauldron. Draco Malfoy. He was trying to get in a shouting match with Mrs. Weasley, but as he was learning that was a foolish mistake. Mrs. Greengrass was still sitting in her chair, and this time she had a bemused smile on her face. Ron was over in a corner in heated discussion with his father about something, and by the looks of things it was not going well for the elder Weasley.

Harry watched Daphne walk over to her mother and whisper something into her ear, and when Elisabeth looked over to Harry and Hermione her eyes where the sizes of galleons. Harry didn't need to guess at what she had just been told by her daughter. The woman stood up and seemed to ignore Draco's yelling for her to get back to where she once was.

"Draco shut the fuck up!" Harry yelled.

"Harry Potter!" was the resounding chorus from Mrs. Weasley, Hermione, and Elisabeth Greengrass.

"Fong me," Harry whispered.

"Potter you think you have the right to tell ME what to DO?" Draco yelled.

"No Malfoy I don't think it, I know it." Harry let his voice drop a few octaves as he said this.

Malfoy looked ready to retort, but he was cut short by Mrs. Greengrass. "Mr. Malfoy as my husband told my daughters are not an object to be purchased, nor are they a possession for you to parade around. If you do not get this then I suggest you leave this instant." At that moment two men walked in what looked to be bobby uniforms.

"He is right there officers." Tom said from behind the bar as he pointed at Draco.

"What do you want?" the blonde git said.

"Young man we are the Magical Law Enforcement Patrol for this region, and if you will not either settle down or leave; I am afraid we will have to arrest you." The taller one of the pair said.

"Do you know who my father is?"

"No sir, and to be quiet frank, we don't care." The short brunette said reaching behind her back. "Now you can either come with us willingly, floo home, or we can stun you."

"Wait till my father hears of this." He said as he turned to Mrs. Weasley. "And when I tell him about you he will…"

The little git didn't get to finish his sentence as a stunner came from the female officer's wand and struck Draco ending his sentence. The male walked over to Draco placed handcuffs on him, and then searched him for his wand. The other officer was talking with Tom as Ron flooed to Malfoy Manor. The officers asked a few more question as her partner portkeyed back to the DMLE. Just then Lucius stepped out of the floo.

"Where is my oldest son?" he demanded the officer.

"Back at the DMLE office sir; if you wish to bond him out you can, but I must state unless it is to go to Diagon Ally he is no longer welcome in this establishment." The woman said with a stern look on her face.

At that Lucius turned to Ron. "Come on son we have to get your brother out of jail." With that the two left through the floo to get Draco out of jail.

Harry turned to Weasley patriarch "Mr. Weasley why was he calling Ron 'son'?"

"He has used his influence and an ancient loop hole to cease custody of my youngest son from me because we have a common ancestor." He used his fingers to put the words 'we' and 'ancestor' in quotes. "It is not like it's that bad of a loss the boy was nothing but a stain on the family name." Even though he said it with undying conviction Harry could see the pain in Mr. Weasley's eyes.

"Don't worry about it Arthur, if he is happy living with trash let him live with trash." The venom in Mrs. Greengrass' voice was clearly aimed at the Malfoy clan. She turned to Harry and Hermione. "So are you now lord and lady?" She looked at their confusion for only a moment before adding "Because of your patrons Harry, and Ms. Granger."

"Oh." was all Harry could say.

The two Greengrass women said they would see them again tomorrow with a promise to keep what was said in Gringott's a secret. The rest of the evening progressed like Harry remembered it with only one slight alteration.

"Everyone there is something that I want to tell you." Ginny looked down at her feet. "I'm gay."

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