Darkened Light

Meddling in the Affairs of Mortals

Chapter Five: Meddling in the Affairs of Mortals

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The smell of sulfur filled the air, and as it mixed with the usual sounds of the screams of those suffering outside his palace Hades pondered the events of a few days ago. The Potter boy was given such a senseless task. Oh sure he had to truly fight a man he had beaten four times already, but how was that a challenge? In his opinion it wasn't. The more he brooded on the situation the more agitated he became. Potter need a challenge not of the body that hand long since been tested. As had his capacity to love. There need to be more struggle and turmoil this time around else it would be a walk in the park for the three of them. The parents didn't count as they had the least impact in the situations the teens would 'find' themselves in.

He stood from his chair and walked to a window to gaze upon the enlightened and the damned. Hercules was wondering the fields of Elysium again, and Achilles was trying to pick a fight with him. His gazed pasted over the fields of Asphodel and settled on the numerous members of the damned. Sisyphus was still trying to get passing souls to take his burden, but all this managed to do was cause the bolder to role faster down the hill. His gaze left the trickster and fell upon those who had forcibly taken the innocence of youth and forced themselves upon an unwilling adult. Within the tall field of bramble and ivy was a man who he knew should be seated at a table of gluttony. He looked over at those seated at a table overflowing with food, and the man sat there as well. A smile crawled across his face as the lord of the Underworld realized what he must do, but he wanted to consult the tortured soul before moving forward with his plan. He flew over to the table to consult the well robust tortured soul.

"I see you are of two minds Vernon Dursley." As Hades spoke the fire in the center of the table die down.

As Vernon's teeth made contact with the juicy stake it turned to dust. The gluttonous pig went for a leg of lamb and had to beat off another person for it. "I am not of two minds I am just confused is all, and whoever made this food needs to be fired it taste like dirt!" Again as he bit into the lamb it reduced to dust and ash. "I hate those damn freaks!"

Hades chuckled at the man's plight. "Out of morbid curiosity: who are these 'freaks' you speak of?" He knew the man meant wizards and witches, but the lord of the Underworld wanted actual names. Hopefully this would be someone he could test Harry against or with within this new time line.

"That boy and my freak of a daughter," at this point Vernon and a woman were fighting over a bottle of brandy. "Why do you care?"

"I don't. Thank you Vernon, and enjoy your meal." He looked down at the man's crotch and saw a trail of blood running down his inner thigh. "Brothers I wish to take council with you on neutral ground." The crack of thunder and the sound of waves crashing into the shore signified that they would meet with him. Hades faded out of sight leaving Cerberus to keep the order within his realm.

Hades emerged surrounded by the sounds of cars buzzing by him, and the chatter of men and women as the moved past him. The sounds of modern life encompassed his senses. The feeling of life filled him with energy that he only caught fleeting glimpses of in his realm. He proceeded towards the red iron tower. He brushed off the Parisian peddlers and made his way to the elevator. He had to laugh as the mortals aimlessly made way for him. If it weren't for Persephone he would be chatting up some of these young ladies hoping for a good time later on. Once at the top of the tower he started looking for a place he and his brothers could chat without drawing too much attention. On the left hand side there appeared to be a man in dark grey fisherman's gear. The crackle of energy behind him caused him to turn around, and there in all his emblazoned glory was his younger brother Zeus.


"Brother, how has the Underworld been since the turmoil Riddle caused?"

"Better actually. The poor sod thought he could retain his memories, but I took more than just that from him." They were now standing beside Poseidon. "What are you looking at brother?"

"A young lady has caught my eye, and a young man is trying his best to make a move, but it seems she is looking for more." He looked over his shoulder to the other two gods. "What is it you wish to speak to us about Hades?"

"Harry Potter."

"We have already given him enough boons brother." Zeus said sternly.

"I was not thinking of giving him a boon. I was actually thinking of giving him a challenge that will test his sense of morals." Both of his brother's gave him an unforgiving look. "I know he is willing to put others before himself, but how far is he willing to go with it."

"What is your intent Hades?" Poseidon asked.

"I wish to borrow father's weapon and cause the death of a child to be averted, and through her birth test young Harry's sense of honor." Hades smiled at the look on his brothers' faces. "I know Hecate will be displeased, but I swear to you this I will watch over the child throughout her life until she meets Harry. After that it is up to him."

"As you've stated Brother; Hecate will not be pleased."

"I know my lord, but it is something that must be done. I do not want to allow a man into Elysium simply because he did the same thing twice."

"I see your point Hades, but you know the reason Hecate chose to end her life don't you?"

"Of course I do Poseidon, but I will ensure that does not happen." Hades eyes burned with passion and rage. "I am not about to let her live with that foul minded man."

"Then where would you have her stay my lord?" the silken voice of Hecate filled the air.

"I was wondering when you would show up." Hades turned to stare at the goddess of magic. She was dressed in attire better suited for the boardroom than a wizarding council. Her silvery eyes glowed brightly in contrast to the new Moon that graced the night sky. "I do say wizards and witches should take after you more my dear."

"I wish they would, but free will and all that you know." She flicked her hair over her shoulder. "Now what is this I hear of you wanting to do my lord?"

"That young child of Vernon and Petunia Dursley, you know the witch?"

"I chose for her life to end given what Vernon would do to her. Why would you want to undo that death Lord Hades?" Hades said this with both anger and shock.

"Because I intend to shield the child from his… unwanted attention," Hades chose his words carefully Hecate was more than the goddess of magic and this was an area she was set in her ways on. "I will choose the child as my champion, or to be more accurate take her under my protection. She will live with Marge."

"That is not much of an improvement." Zeus held death in his eyes.

"I know this brother, but I will punish him as though he had done the deed, and as for his sister she deserves to clean up the mess left by Cerberus, and then become it for eternity."

Zeus closed his eyes, and let a small breath. "You may do this brother, but remember he is still her champion."

"Of course brother and I would actually prefer that she accompany me." Hades turned to look at the goddess of child protection. The look on her face was a mixture of agitation and elation. "I will take that look as a yes."

"It is at that my lord." Hecate bowed her head.

Zeus handed her the scythe of time. "Return this to me."

With a simple nod Hecate ripped open a hole in space time, and the two of them strolled from 1993 to 1982. The crowded tower did not change but the smell sure did. Hades often wondered how mortals put up with this stench. He felt the goddess of magic's presence fade, and he followed suit. The trip from Paris to Little Whinging's Privet Drive was mercifully quick, but the neighborhood left something to be desired. The humdrumness of the place was sickeningly ridiculous. Each house looked the same saved for the paint colour. Hades was half tempted to damn the owners for apathy at the very least. He felt the pain of two of the streets residence. One he could do nothing about, but the other he could. He walked over to number six, and roused the young teen from her slumber with a wave of his hand. Even though the outer walls of the house separated them he whispered to her to dial the police and tell them what was happening to her. He stayed there to ensure she was safe should she choose to end her misery this way. The young girl slowly made her way down the stairs. She paused every once in a while to check if her father had risen from his sleep. Once in the living room she picked up the phone and dialed the authorities. It didn't take the police long to arrive at the house, and due to a 'slip of the tongue' the man let lose his intensions for his own child.

"That was merciful of you Hades."

"If I am to put a child into that situation I will remove one from it." Hades said while he glared at the man as he was handcuffed. "Come on let us do what we came here to do, and be gone."

"I just hope you will do the same for this child…" Hecate said under her breath.

As they made their way to number four Hades could hear the man screaming at the top of his lungs that this was a set up, and his daughter would pay for this. With one simple word the man's ranting stopped. By the time they reached number four Privet Drive the police car was passing them by. Once inside house Hades could feel the sorrow this place gave off. Hades made his way upstairs as Hecate went to check on her champion. As Hades past Dudley's second room he decided to 'fix' a few of his toys. Hades walked into the Vernon and Petunia's bedroom. Thanatos was already there with his hand on Petunia's stomach.

"I will not accept the child in my realm Thanatos."

Death turned and faced him. "Hades what are you doing here? You are in the afterlife as we speak."

"I know, but I am wishing to test someone with her safety." There was a frown on his face as he said this.

"Hades you know as well as I that this man will never look upon this child any better than he does the boy. In fact he will treat her worse."

Hades let out a sigh. "I know this my friend, but it is not he I wish to test. It is young Harry."

"Very well, I will leave her to your mercy." Thanatos then faded from the house; however the chill in the air remained.

Hades walked up to Petunia and placed his hand over her stomach. He let his energy flow over the child sealing an agreement to watch over her until she arrived at Hogwarts. He could feel Hecate standing behind him, and given the energy she was putting off things must have been bad. "Was it a lack of food or water?"

"Both. I want to kill these two every time I see them." The fabric of reality vibrated with her anger.

"We will get our chance, but not tonight." Hecate split the air with the scythe and they were once again in 1993. "Do you want me to terrorize Marge's dreams?"

"No, but these two are fair game."

"Why not," Hades asked with a smile.

"I have dealt with them enough; besides Vernon has been abusing your champion as well now."

"True." Hades laid a hand on Vernon's head. "It also seems that she has taken advantage of Marge's absence."

"So it does, so it does." Hecate walked towards the door. "So we are still on for canasta on Tuesday?"

"Of course," Hades then faded back to his realm.

"Everyone there is something I want to tell you." Ginny looked down at her feet. "I'm gay."

"That's okay Ginny," Molly said patting her daughter on the head, "we are happy that you are happy." She then walked up to Tom, and started up a conversation.

Everyone blinked at this comment, and once they regained their thoughts they started confirming that they still loved and cared for Ginny, and that they didn't care who she loved so long as they treated her right.

It was at this moment Harry's mind was thrown into chaos. Images of a young girl getting hit by Vernon flooded his mind. The girl had blue eyes and bright red hair. Harry had no idea who she was, but he knew they were related somehow. This new memory came with another of the same girl levitating an apple to her while Aunt Petunia tried to pull it away from Harry. Hermione placed a hand on his shoulder, and she had a look of concern plastered on her face. Harry told her he was alright, but he got the feeling she didn't believe him. As they made ready for bed Harry remembered the girls name "Rose."

Daphne was pacing back and forth in her room. Her mind was in pieces because of the things that happened only six hours ago. First she learns that her mum and the Potters were very good friends, then she learns that Hermione is the heiress of Slytherin, and to finish it all off both she and Harry Bloody Potter were favoured by an Olympian Goddess. All of this was compounded by the fact that Hermione was now probably the richest teenage witch in all of the United Kingdom! What was really bugging her is that she was annoyed by all of this somehow, but she was completely clueless as to how.

"Ah, what is wrong with me?!" said in exasperation.

"Well to put it bluntly Ms. Greengrass: you're in love with them." Daphne spun around with her wand drawn. What she saw made her jaw drop. Sitting in front of her closed bay window was a man dressed in an outstanding pinstriped business suite that looked beyond even her family's ability to afford. His slicked back jet black hair and crystal blue eyes made her heart stop cold. "I don't think that is going to help you much in this situation Ms. Greengrass. May I call you Daphne?" He asked this as he hopped down from the bench in front of her window.

"Only if I know who you are, and I don't, and before-" Daphne was cutoff.

"My name is Hermes, dear Daphne." Daphne scanned the man's pinstriped suit on the left side of his sport coat was a pin in the shape of a caduceus. Daphne looked back into the man's eyes, and then it clicked. Daphne slowly curtseyed as the deity before her laughed hysterically. "Let's not have any of this nonsense."

"But your-"

"I know, believe me I know, but that's not why I'm here." The messenger of the gods walked up to her. "I just come with a message from me," he held his index finger an inch from her forehead, "to you."

When his finger touched her forehead Daphne was slammed with information that just shoved itself into her mind. Memories of a different Daphne Kelly Greengrass were flashing before her eyes. Daphne watched as the other 'Daphne' watched the two people she had feelings for go through six years of school, and what should have been a blissful seventh year was an absolute nightmare. She watched as her sister was beaten by a man that said he loved her (Vincent Crabbe) while two certifiably insane 'teachers' watched over Slytherin house. What followed this horror was two years of sheer bliss. Once this 'flashback' was over she looked to Hermes.

"Why, my Lord?"

"Because I feel a little bit left out here," he said this in an annoyed voice. "Hecate, Aphrodite, and now Hades get their champions to do a restart; well Hades is more of a beginning, with their lives. And what do I get? Nothing, while they have their champions doing whatever it is their doing I am left high and dry in all of this. How do you think I feel about that?"

Daphne didn't say anything for a couple of seconds knowing full well that if she said the wrong thing she was screwed. "I would say you are angry, my Lord."

"Close, I am severely annoyed. The only thing the other eleven on the council have to do is sit back and watch most of their champions. Harry, Hermione, and Rose; you'll meet her later; will do just fine… hopefully. But my champion is left 'blissfully' unaware."

"What would you have me do my Lord?"

"Just use the information to your advantage. Now I stole this information from a world that ended in a rather spectacular explosion." Daphne shivered at the thought of an entire world blowing up. "Now I must leave you, but please do stay in contact with the other two, and remember her patron is the goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure among other things. Just letting you know."

Daphne wanted to retort back that she knew that, but thought better of it. Once the presence of Hermes left Daphne went back to her bed. "That was really, really, creepy. I mean if they can bypass wards I'd hate to think of what it was like for that other world." As she closed her eyes Daphne mentally hit herself upside the back of the head. 'Of course they can bypass wards. They are gods you twit.'

Harry splashed some more water on his face. His night had been plagued by dreams of his new cousin's life, and what he saw didn't sit well with him. The earliest 'memory' he had of her was one of her being shipped off to Marge's house, so that the 'freaks' couldn't 'feed' off one another. Then there were the frightening memories of Vernon taking her into a room with a camera. He didn't know what happened in the room, and a few minutes later the girl coming out the room her face completely scarlet. He feared the worst for this girl.

A knock at the door pulled Harry from these dark thought.

"I'm decent." Harry said quickly.

Hermione opened the door. "Harry what's wrong?"

"I have a cousin who was abused worse than me." He ran his hands through his hair once again. Before Hermione could say anything he continued. "It's not Dudley; it's his sister Rose Petunia Dursley."

"What?" Hermione asked in amazement. Once Hermione regained her composure she asked "Could this be the work of the Gods?"

"It has to be. But why are they doing this?" Harry sighed. "Did we do something wrong?"

"I don't know Harry, but regardless of the reason for her existence we need to get her out of that house." Hermione said this with conviction. "What did he do to her to make you like this Harry?" Hermione started rubbing his back.

"Things I really don't want to think about Hermione." A sharp intake of air let him know she understood the unspoken truth. "I don't think he did the unthinkable, but the thought is still there. She's a witch."

"Harry is she still at the Dursleys?" the panic in her voice was frightening.

"No she lives with Marge. That is in some way a better place for her to live."

Hermione gave him a strong hug. "We'll get her out of there. And if Marge Dursley has problem she can go to Hell."

Harry kissed her on the cheek. "Thanks Mi. Let's go before Mrs. Weasley comes in here and sprays us with ice cold water." On his way towards the bathroom door Harry lightly hit Hermione's backside.

"Hey!" Hermione said sternly as she chased after Harry.

Harry ran down the hallway. Hermione was following him closely. As Harry got to the bottom of the stairs he was thrown off balance when Hermione's body collided with him. When they stopped tumbling Harry ended up underneath Hermione. "Well this has escalated quickly."

"Well this was not my intent." Hermione started blushing.

"Get a room you two." Fred said with a smile on his face.

"We already have one." Hermione said as she leaned down and kissed Harry on the forehead. "Now let's get up before anyone else shows up."

"You temptress," Harry took Hermione's hand. "So how are we getting to Platform 9¾?"

"We will be taking Ministry cars to Kings Cross." Mr. Weasley said.

"Maybe we should make these two take separate cars?" Sirius said with a smile.

"That is unnecessary Sirius." Harry said fighting back the urge to blush.

"That is enough Sirius." Mrs. Weasley said with a stern look on her face. "We need to get going."

With that they all left for the cars. Harry, Hermione, and Sirius were in the third car. Mr. Weasley and the twins were in the second car, while Ginny and Mrs. Weasley took the first car. It was almost a sad trip to Kings Cross for Harry and Hermione. The memories of the trip to Kings Cross from the old lives came flooding back. Image of the old Ron flashed through their minds. It made them simultaneously angry and sad. Sirius asked them what was bothering them.

"Nothing just thinking about the way things used to be." Harry thought about what other things had changed. "Hey Sirius, could you go check on my cousin?"

"Sure Harry, if the Ministry hasn't stepped in already I'll do something. If she has been hurt I'll get her out of there and take her to St. Mongo's."

"Thanks Sirius." Hermione grabbed Harry's hand.

The car ride to King's Cross was somber from that point forward. When they were unloading the Harry started looking for his cousin. He saw a lot of redheads, but none young enough to be Rose. As they walked through the station Harry kept looking for her. It wasn't until they got to Platform 9¾ that he saw her. She was standing next to Penelope Clearwater. As he approached her he noticed that she was sporting a good sized bruise on the right side of face. When he got closer he noticed Rose got tense. Penelope looked over at him when Rose tugged on her arm.

"Harry, is everything okay?" Penelope asked.

"I'm doing well. I was just wondering how my cousin was doing. It has been a long time Rose how are things with Cow?" Harry asked gently.

"She doesn't like being called that." Rose said quietly.

"I know that, but where is she now?" Harry asked.

"She went to grab security when we wouldn't stop walking away from her. She's threatening to charge us with kidnapping." Penelope said with a stern look on her face. "Did you know the way she treated Rose?"

"No, but given the way my uncle treated me I can only guess." Harry looked at Rose. "Look Rose this is to public of a place-"


Turning around Harry saw Neville Longbottom running towards them. Rose backed towards Penelope. "Don't worry Rose he's a friend of mine."

When Neville reached the group he tripped over Sirius' foot, and fell to his knees. Looking up at Harry he just started laughing. "How are you doing Harry?"

"I'm doing fine." Harry looked down at Rose. "Rose this is Neville he is a friend of mine. This is Hermione my girlfriend, and these are the Weasleys more friends of mine this Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Fred, George, and Ginny."

Rose looked up at Penelope. "Are these the parents of Charlie Weasley?"

Penelope went scarlet. "Yes. Well Harry we were looking for you, and now we must go." Rose started walking away.

"Hold on Rose why don't you go with Ginny she's a second year, and a good friend of mine." Harry said patting Ginny on the shoulder. "Gin, why don't you go and introduce her to others?"

"Sure thing Harry," Ginny started talking to Rose as they walked away.

"Harry I'm going to get Luna." Hermione said as she leaned in and kiss him.

"Sure thing," Harry kissed her lightly on the lips. Harry turned to Neville. "So what's up Neville?"

Neville leaned in and whispered. "Our patrons have given us a place to talk to people."

Harry's eyes went wide. "They sent you back?"

"Oh yeah, scared the Hell out of me." Neville patted him on the shoulder. "Persephone, and from what I hear you're the Lady of Magic's."

"Yep," Harry nodded he leaned back ending their whispered conversation. "So shall we find our seats?"

"Sure just follow me." Neville took off to the last compartment. "They told me you liked the last compartment."

"No I just couldn't find seats elsewhere, and just gave up trying to." Harry boarded the train.

As they walked towards the end of the train Hermione said she had to go find someone. The compartment Neville opened made Harry's mouth fall open. It was massive compared to other compartments. There was a large table within it covered in all kinds of food. There were wine bottles lining the walls. Harry walked over to the rack of wine and pulled out a bottle. The label was in French but the date was 1780.

"Nice." Harry said.

Inset line

Hermione was walking through the compartments looking for the Luna. The blonde girl often could be found alone. She was supposed to tell Luna what had happened, but that was probably because the girl would have figured it out anyway. As she made her way from compartment to compartment she noticed Daphne Greengrass following her. She turned around. "Do you need something Daphne?"

"Yes I do," Daphne said as she gave Hermione a hug, "you."

Hermione blushed. "Daphne what-"

"I know what you know. Hermes came with a gift for me last night, and I want to take a chance with you," she put a finger on Hermione's lips. "I'm taking a chance with one of the two people I love."

"And who would that be?"

"You and Harry, but this is something that needs to be worked out between the three of us. I am hoping to avoid something I really don't want."

"Let me go get Luna Lovegood and then we'll talk to Harry alone." Hermione said as she lead Daphne down the corridor.

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