Darkened Light


Chapter Seven: Trust

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Rose was following Richard Pennyworth and Sarah Monte to the Gryffindor tower. She was left speechless as they walked to the moving staircase. This was an amazing place to be. She had been told all her life that magic was fiction, and that the weird things that happened around her were happenstance, but seeing this place brought a smile to her face. Seeing paintings that moved and talked was pretty cool. They reminded her of movies only a little bit more interactive. She wondered how awestruck her cousin was when he first came here. Was he just as speechless, or was he familiar with all of this by that time?

She shook her head to pull her head out of this train of thought. She needed to listen to Richard as he told them what the password was to enter Gryffindor tower. She watched as the Fat Lady moved aside to reveal a room with chairs, tables, and a sofa. Off on the left side was a chair sitting in front of a fireplace that was giving off a decent amount of heat. Sitting in the chair were Harry and Hermione cuddling together. She was watching them as Sarah explained where the students would be sleeping. The boys on the right, and the girls on the left, and she also gave a warning to the boys that the girls dorms were off limits, and that there were magical protections against any boy trying to get into the girls dorms.

“With that said I suggest you all get some sleep classes start tomorrow.” Richard said as he walked to the boys’ dormitory.

Rose headed to the girls’ dorm looked over at Harry who just smiled. Even though she wanted to talk to him for a little bit the need for sleep was just too much. She waved at them as she went up to her dorm. She looked around the room that was for first years, and saw her trunk sitting by the second bed on the right hand side of the room. The other girls were already in the bathroom across the hall, and she deciding to err on the side of caution she chose to shower in the morning. She changed out of her school things and into her light blue pajamas. Rose climbed into her bed and pulled the blanket up. She let the warmth of the bed pull her off to the bliss sleep would provide. Her dream however was not the peace that she was looking forward to.

Rose found herself in enormous hallway made of black granite that was lined with torches giving off a green flame. There was this feeling of foreboding that surrounded her. She was no stranger to nightmares. Most were of her father and her aunt. This was clearly different. For one she knew this was a dream. There was no question that this was a dream, and no matter how hard she tried she could not wake herself from it. She looked behind her to see a large expansive opening. As she moved towards it a chill ran up and down her spine as she heard the wales of what seemed to be thousands of people screaming in agonizing pain. What caused fear to well up inside her was the changing light emanating from beyond the opening. It shifted between bright red to brilliant white. The colours between these two were shades of deep orange to light blue. She backed away from the opening slowly.

She bumped into something that was warm to the touch. That feeling against her back made her jump what felt like six feet in the air. Spinning around quickly revealed to her a beautiful woman wearing a slightly revealing dress made of what appeared to be silk. The woman’s long black hair seemed to fall just above her backside. Rose’s eyes traveled up her hourglass form to her heart shaped face. The woman’s long black hair seemed to sparkle in the torch light. The woman’s bright green eyes trapped her gaze. This woman was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

“Good evening Rose.” The silken voice of the woman caused her fear to fade away immediately.

This dream was starting to get too weird. She pinched herself. The sharp pain that ran through her arm made it very clear this was not a normal dream. “Is this a dream?” Rose asked the shock clear on her face.

“Yes and no.” The woman said with a smile. “This is a dream because last I checked you were not dead, so you are most definitely dreaming.”

Dead? What did this mean? Was all the things that had happened over the last few weeks been a protracted dream. “What do you mean I am not dead?”

“Well you’re in the realm of the dead right now.” The woman said this as if it was something normal. “Outside of this palace lays the land of the dead. That is not the important information to be honest. My husband wants to meet with you, and don’t worry it is nothing foul.”

Rose watched as the woman walked down the hallway. She really didn’t want to follow the woman, but the alternative was a little bit worse. She followed the woman through the long marble corridor. The weight that had been building in her chest just seemed to grow. When they got to the end of the hall they stood before brilliant white marble doors. The woman lightly pushed on the doors to reveal a gigantic throne room. There were two thrones within the room. They appeared to be made of sold gold. Sitting on the throne was a gigantic man. His long curly black hair fell to just above his shoulders. This combined with his slate grey eyes made him intimidating. She turned to the woman who she had been walking with to be shocked once more. The woman went from being about five feet six inches to approximately forty feet tall in the span of six seconds. As she walked the ground shook beneath her. The two whispered to one another for a short time. When this conversation ended the man’s gaze returned to her.

“Welcome to my home Rose Petunia Dursley.” The man voice though soft in tone boomed around the room. “I know you are afraid, and if I were in your shoes I would be as well.” Rose’s fear seemed to fade at that moment. Rose looked between the two of them for a moment. “Where are my manors I have forgotten to introduce myself. My name is Hades.”

Hades she had heard that name before, but she couldn’t pin it down where she had heard it from. The stuff she had her whole life didn’t seem to cover this at all. The afterlife was not supposed to look like this. There weren’t any angels, no elderly fellow with a long beard, nor were there horrific monsters to torment those that had done evil deeds in their life. The sound of the couple chuckling snapped her out of her thoughts.

“I’m sorry sir, but did I do something?” Rose asked.

“No. You may not know me Rose, but you do know of my nephews: Hercules, Perseus, and Theseus.”

She knew those names. All three of them were legendary. Rose racked her brain for names relating to the ancient Greek faith. Then it clicked the other two were also demigods. She had read the kiddie versions of these tales. She knew they were dark tales, and that some of the material was a bit out of her understanding. So who was Hades? He was sitting on a throne, so did that make him a god? To be safe she took a knee.

“I am sorry sir, but I don’t know you.” Rose said with a shaky voice.

The man laughed. “I didn’t expect you to Ms. Dursley. To clarify I am the Greek god of the Afterlife and violent death. I know that is scary but you needn’t worry too much. You are not dead, and hopefully that won’t be the case for some time.”

“Prove it.”

The man laughed so loudly that the ground beneath her feet was shaking. “Gladly young lady, follow me.” The man stood up and walked past her. Rose looked to the woman who nodded and followed the man out into the hallway. Rose decided to take her chances and followed both of them back into the corridor. They walked through the opening that terrified her not too long ago. What awaited her past the opening was an endless expanse of fields. One of the fields had people endlessly walking to a river and taking water out of it and spreading it over the field. To the left of that was field of what appeared to be people suffering endlessly for the deeds they had done in life. On the other end of people spreading water across an endless field was a field of beautiful flowers and trees and a large body of water with a few islands in the middle of it. Hades turned around and smiled. “As I said I am the god of the Underworld or after life if you want me to be literal.”

Rose felt this overwhelming weight pressing down on her now. She fell to her knees. Again “I am sorry Lord Hades.”

Hades waved this off. A sad look fell upon his face at this point. “Really it is I that should apologize to you Ms. Dursley. You would have died in your mother’s womb eleven years ago today had I not intervened, and for the suffering that you lived through I am sorry.”

Rose was dumbstruck at this. “What?”

“To give you the short answer your cousin was sent backwards through time to prevent a horrible future, and to insure that it was avoided we sent some of his friends backwards in time as well. You were allowed to live as I felt it was bad for there to be nothing new about their travel through life. I know this sounds bad, and I will understand if you hate me for the misery you have lived through. All I ask is that you follow me to see where your parents will end up so that you know I meant no ill will for you.” Hades said as he extended his hand.

Rose wanted to scream at the deity, but decided it best to let the deity show her what he wanted her to see. What he felt was so important. She took his hand and he began to walk her through the field of what is best describe as ones worst description of Hell. Hades walked her to series of round tables over laden with food. The people who were at the tables were trying to eat the food for it only to turn into dust as their teeth full upon it. Rose looked around the tables for the reason Hades had brought her here. Once her eyes fell on what felt like the hundredth table her breath caught in her throat. Her father was sitting right next to his sister. Rose looked up to Hades wondering why he was showing her this. As if to answer her question he pointed to a field of people walking through what appeared to be rose bushes with no flowers. They were all naked while doing this. On impulse rose looked around for a face she wished was there, and it didn’t take her long to find it. Her father was standing next to all of his friends that ‘played’ with her. Rose turned to Hades wonder in her eyes.

“It was because of me that you lived, and I told the goddess of child protection that I would protect you as much as I am aloud to. I knew what would happen to you, but I never once let it got too far. Trust me when I say this it could have been much worse. I made sure the worst of it never happened. Given what you have been through I know you do not like hearing this.” Hades said this looking down at her. The look in his eyes was not one of hate. His eyes carried a look of sorrow.

“All I went through was because of my cousin?” There was no way she could have hidden the bitterness in her voice.

“Not really. I was not expecting the abuse to go as far as it did. To be fair your cousin was made an orphan, and was/is destined to fight a man that is the terror of the wizarding world. He should have been trained in warfare since the age of twelve, but he was not. The man meant to do this instead kept sending him back to you parents’ house. He did nothing to help him. The man let the boy be beaten, belittled, and enslaved by those who should have taken care of him. Your mother is suffering for her part in all of this as we speak.” He pointed to her left. She turned her gaze to see her mother trying to pull a giant bolder up a hill. At the top there were what appeared to be children dropping small stone marbles on the ground. The small round objects caused the people trying to climb the hill to fall down and the giant stone tied to their backs to pull them back down to the base of the hill. “Now I don’t expect you to like me after hearing this, but if there is some amount of forgiveness in you I would like to ask you to officially become my champion.”

Rose was dumbstruck by this. She was conflicted by the two facts this man brought to her attention. On the one hand this man was the reason she was hurt by her father. On the other he was the reason she was alive at all. What her father did to her was his own thing, and apparently she wasn’t the only victim of his depravity. She turned her gaze back to the version of her father walking the field of thorns. A sign above his head read “victims thirty child not related, and one related”, and the fact that he would suffer for his crimes against her set her mind at ease a little bit. She didn’t know what Hades meant by becoming his champion, but it couldn’t be too bad. Rose looked to Hades and nodded in agreement. Hades smiled down at her and placed his hand on her forehead. Rose felt as if she was being pulled upwards through a straw at this point. When the momentum ended she found herself waking up in her bed. She looked to her left and right. On the left was nothing more than her sleeping roommates, but to her right was Hades leaning against the wall. Rose’s mouth fell open. Hades put a finger to his lips, and gestured for her to follow him outside. Rose looked to her left to see that her roommates were sound asleep. She got out of her bed, and followed Hades out of her dorm room. Once in the hallway she saw the girl that was with Harry when she met him at the train station. She was following a woman with light brown hair, silver blue eyes, and a figure that left one’s eyes glued to her chest for a short time. Rose chastised herself for such crass behavior.

Rose followed them upstairs to the Common Room. Her cousin and a woman with raven hair wearing a business suit was already there waiting for them. Harry was sitting in a love seat, and the woman was sitting on a sofa to his left. Hermione walked over to the love seat and cuddle up next to Harry. Hades with a flick of his wrist pulled a chair up next to him and sat down. Harry stood up and pulled a chair up next to the love seat. Rose hesitated for a second before taking the offered chair. As soon as she sat down the door opened revealing young woman with long black hair and blue eyes. She was followed by a man with black hair and crystal blue eyes. The man was carrying some kind of staff. The young woman sat down on Hermione’s lap. While the man just floated in midair next to the three of them.

“All right now that everyone is here I think it is time we explained a few things to Ms. Dursley.” The woman sitting in the chair next to Harry said sternly.

“I have explained most of it Hecate, but I have left out the things she does not need to know.” Hades said with a somber tone.

“That’s good it cuts our time here in half,” the man floating in midair said sternly.

“What is going on Harry?” Rose asked in a state of confusion.

Harry looked between Hermione and the other girl. “Rose these are our patron deities’. Mine is Lady Hecate, Hermione’s is Lady Aphrodite, and Daphne’s is Lord Hermes.” As he said the name Hecate he gestured to the woman sitting in the chair off to his right. As he said Aphrodite he gesture to the woman she saw in the stairwell, who was now sitting on the edge of a table with her legs crossed. Hermes was the man sitting in midair. “And this is Daphne… a friend of mine and Hermione.”

“You mean your second girlfriend.” Rose said a little bit of anger growing in her voice.

Hermione spoke before her cousin could say anything. “Rose we were the ones that started this three way relationship not Harry.” Hermione pointed to herself and Daphne as she said this. “Harry isn’t so crass as to have two different girlfriends, and try and keep that a secret.”

“Just so you know I would fail to keep a secret like that from these two, but the gods wanted to tell us something. I don’t think it is wise to waste their time.” Harry looked to Hecate. “I do not think you have gathered us here for nothing my lady.”

“We just wanted to show Rose that she was not the only champion of the Olympian Gods. All though the two of you did that nicely yesterday.” Aphrodite was looking at Harry and Hermione when she said this.

“I just wanted to ask Rose if she hated me for what I have done. I am not the cruel bastard the world makes me out to be. Yes you suffered in this life, but the young man you replaced had a harder life, and would commit suicide next year so….”

“If it wasn’t me it would be someone else.” Rose said as she looked at the ground. She looked back at Hades. “I accept my lot in life whatever that may be… my lord.”

“Well with that I think we should go.” Hades said as he stood up. “We will be leaving now.”

Once the gods left Harry turned to his cousin “So what do you want to know?”

8:50 AM Headmasters Office

Dumbledore was pacing back and forth in his office. The past few days had completely derailed his plans for Harry Potter. First Sirius Black’s escape is downplayed by the revelation that Peter Pettigrew is alive and well. Then at the will reading of James and Lilly Potter Harry destroys the protection placed around his relatives’ house with a few words. This however paled in comparison to what happened yesterday evening. He had hoped by letting Lucius Malfoy pull that stunt he could get Harry Potter back under his control. But much to his dismay this did not work. First Ms. Granger proves that she is the heiress of the Daggworth-Granger blood line, and in so doing proves she is the heiress of thee Slytherin bloodline. Then she confirms that she is the champion to the Greek goddess of passion and lust. Given that she was under the Unbreakable Vow alone proved this to be true as magic would know this to be untrue even if she was being deceived.

The idea of it being a real goddess did not sit well with him. He had to write it off as the situation was so absurd. What could the girl have done to get such a being near her for it to declare her its champion? The idea that anything she had done in the school would grant her an audience with the divine was absurd. It actually frightened him if Albus was honest with himself. Beings that powerful had no business messing with mortal affairs. There had to be a way for him to break off the relationship between her and Mr. Potter.

“Perhaps if I give her a love potion for young Fred Weasley things with Harry will change. Or perhaps I should make the potion for Ms. Greengrass the two did share a peck on the cheek before they sat down. This will take some time to set into motion.”

A soft popping sound behind him made Albus turn around. The expectation of seeing a house-elf was shattered by seeing a woman of unparalleled beauty. Her heart shaped face was framed nicely by her auburn hair. The thing that was hard to break his gaze from was her ever shifting eye colour. He looked at the rest of her body to see if she had her wand drawn, but his inspection was halted by her ample chest. There was something about this woman that was drawing him out of his comfort zone in regards to sexual preference. Her tight fitting muggle clothing was not helping things in this regard. The sleeveless t-shirt was hugging her torso too tightly, and the trousers she was wearing did nothing but aggravate him.

“As much as I am enjoying irritating you Albus I must insist that your eyes stay on mine. No man can resist me to answer the questions flowing through your mind. But that is not why I am here young man. I am here to give you a warning, and it would be wise that you heed it. Do not mess with Mr. Potter or his beloveds.”

Before he could say anything the woman was gone in a flash of crimson light. Albus looked around the room for the woman but could see no one. Faux was looked like he was disturbed by something. Whatever that woman had done it did not sit well with the phoenix. Aside from that he was disturbed by the phrasing she left on. What could that woman do to him if he messed with the relationship between Mr. Potter and Ms. Granger? This woman couldn’t be a witch as it was impossible to aparate into Hogwarts. So that left only one answer to his dilemma and it was the one he did not want. There had to be a way to convince the couple that only he knew the way of the Light.

“If they are to be a couple or whatever they are I must make sure they do things my way.”

Harry was sitting there at the breakfast table looking at Rose sitting there with her new schoolmates. He looked over to the Slytherin table to see Ronald eyeing his cousin. Harry’s blood began to boil. It was really odd for him to think like this. Rose as far as he was aware had only been ‘alive’ for a day and he was already getting deathly protective of her. One look to the other Malfoy at the table revealed his gaze was glued to an approaching Daphne Greengrass. Oddly enough though she was not approaching Draco, rather she was approaching the Gryffindor table. This brought a smile to Harry’s face. At first he was a bit wary of entering into a three way relationship with her, but Hermione and Daphne could be… persuasive about the issue. In a good way, a really good way.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts he looked over at Hermione who was waving at Daphne. When Daphne arrived she and Hermione kissed on another on the cheek once more. When they sat down Harry looked at them and in a whisper said “What should we do about my Uncle’s abuse of my cousin ’cause I don’t think Dumbledore is going to let that man go to prison.”

“He might, and we cannot let the bastard destroy what we have.” Hermione said sternly. “Honestly it was Ginny telling us about his plan to give the Potter family fortune to the Weasleys last time.” Hermione’s face took on a bitter look as he looked to the professors table. Her gaze fell on Dumbledore and she started thinking of inventive ways of ending the moral tyrant’s reign on this world. “If it wasn’t for him Ginny would have led a happy life.”

“That was then this now.” Harry said. “She hooked up with a good woman last time, and we can only hope that she does the same this time. On the plus side she is now has no reason to hide it eh?” Harry said this as he leaned forward to kiss Hermione.

Hermione swatted him on the forehead. “Not right now you prat. Especially after last night you know there has to be talk of the three of us.”

Harry grinned as he rubbed his forehead. “Oh I know… Dean and Seamus were talking about it right up until we kipped off.” Harry quickly moved his head to dodge the two biscuits that were thrown at him. “Hey I didn’t tell them anything!”

“Sure you didn’t.” Hermione and Daphne said as one with a sour look on both their faces.

“Harry mate you get yourself in the dog house way more often than anyone would love to be, and you don’t need any assistance to do it.” Neville said as he sat down.

“I don’t intend too!” Harry said in protest.

“Is there a problem Mr. Potter?” The sound of Professor McGonagall’s voice stopped the conversation.

“No ma’am I just seem to be getting myself into more trouble than I am worth.” Harry said while grinning sheepishly at his head of house.

“Just try not to cause too much trouble Mr. Potter.” Professor McGonagall said with an up raised eyebrow. Her face relaxed before she said. “Ms. Granger I needed to see you and Mr. Potter last night, but with all the havoc after Mr. Malfoy’s… trial I never got the chance to talk with the two of you last night.”

Harry looked at McGonagall for a few seconds before looking at his schedule for this year. His electives were different. He still had Divination and Care of Magical Creatures, but there was also Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. He didn’t think that not having Ron around would make this big of a difference in his life, but apparently he was wrong. Looking over to Hermione she was looking at him with a quizzically look on her face. He handed her his class schedule. When she read it he could see this smile start crawling across her face. When she looked back at him this smile looked so evil.

“Of course professor,” Hermione said as she finished her bacon and eggs. “Harry, come on. Daphne we will meet you in a little while for Ancient Runes.” Hermione said to Daphne with the evil grin still plastered on her face. “Come on love.”

“Yes dear.” Harry stood and followed Hermione out of the Great Hall. He started kicking himself for this. He was acting more like the twenty year-old he used to be at this moment than the thirteen year-old that he is right now. He noticed a few of the students at the Gryffindor table just staring at him. It dawned on him that they may be behaving just a tad bit more mature than their peers. At first he felt a little embarrassed about it all, but then he started laughing rather hard. A cold look from Hermione brought this laughter down to a chuckle.

Once they were in McGonagall’s office they were handed a time turner each. Professor McGonagall told them both about the dangers of meeting ones ‘past self’ while using the time turners. Hermione asked why they were given two time turners. Professor McGonagall told them that it was Hermione had one more class that Harry that would require her to time travel without him. Once they had left the professor’s office Hermione turned to Harry.

“We need to use these as little as possible. I know we are restarting the Marauders and all, but we cannot use them for every prank we pull. One or two is okay. If you ask me to do it more than three times I am going to deny you the right to see me starkers for over a month.”

“Okay, okay I get do not use the time turner to torture Malfoy one and two. But to be fair they are basically asking to be tortured you do realize that right?”

“So is Percy, but you and I will leave them be for now. I am fairly certain we can get them expelled this go round if we play our cards right.”

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