Two Hearts Combined


Ren Bakura was married and had a her son Ryou Bakura. Suddenly her husband leaves after her elder brother Akefia kicked him out for hurting her. The Bakuras left England and came back to Domino where

Romance / Drama
Kida Tenshi
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Beep…beep…beep…bee-click. Warm brown eyes fluttered open as a light groan sounded. Six thirty in the morning, this twenty-five year old woman has to wake up, make breakfast, make lunch for her five year old son, making lunch for herself, make her brother lunch, get ready for work, drop her son off at kindergarten, go to work for seven hours, leave work, pick her son up from school, and come home. The woman sat up reveal her waist length blond hair, the sun light touching her pale and flawless skin as she stretched. She when to the kitchen and started the coffee maker and breakfast. When she finished making the eggs, sausage, hash browns, and toast. She set the table adding a glass of orange juice for her son and two mugs off hot coffee for her and her elder brother. When she finished she went to her brother’s room and knocked.
“Ake, time to wake up, brother,” she told him in her thick British accent. An audible groan of protest sounded.
“Tell my boss I died,” the gruff Brit replied. The woman giggled. The man is named Akefia Bakura, twenty-six years old, long white hair that matched his sister’s, as well as the same brown eyes. Hers were more innocent and warm compared to his though. When it comes to his family only do his eyes soften.
“Akefia, you know your boss won’t believe that,” Ren Bakura told him. Akefia worked at the museum alongside his friend Marik Ishtar with the help of his siblings Ishizu and Odion Ishtar. “After all, Ishizu knows you just as well as I do,” she smiled at him.
“Bloody hell…” Akefia grumbled getting up.
“Breakfast is on the table and so is a hot cup of coffee,” she told him before leaving. She then quiet walked into a light blue room where her five year old son slept. Ren sat on the bed and ran her fingers through his long white hair. Ryou Bakura looked exactly like his mother, he even had her personality. “Come on, baby. Time to wake up. It’s a new day,” Ren said softly to her son.
“Mama, I’m still sleepy,” the little boy told her as he sat up rubbing his tired brown eyes. Ren smiled warmly at her son before kissing his forehead.
“I know, baby. I’m still tired too, but we have to get up so we can do what we need to today,” she told him. He lifted his arms up asking to be picked up. Ren picked her son up and held him as they walked out. She kissed his head. Once in the kitchen, Akefia was already sitting at the table, drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper. Ren set her son in a chair before taking a seat herself.
“Morning, Uncle Ake,” Ryou greeted.
“Morning, Ry. So, Ren, who’s taking Ry to school today?” Akefia asked.
“Oh, I can do it,” she replied making Akefia nod. Ryou was eating his food just as Ren was. Once they were finished, Ryou accidentally let out a small burp making Akefia chuckle.
“Oh yeah, he’s my nephew,” he said. Ren shook her head amused and looked at her son who was blushing.
“What do you say, Ryou?” She asked.
“Excuse me,” Ryou replied. She stood up and grabbed the dishes.
“Good, now go with Uncle Ake and you both take a shower, okay?” She asked. Ryou nodded before leaving with Akefia to get cleaned up. Ren did the dishes before heading to her room where she took a shower. Once done, she got dressed in a blue dress that ended above her knees, a grey blazer, white flats, her gold watch, a tear drop necklace. She then brushed her wild white hair up into a ponytail. She walked out of her room to find Akefia dressed in a white button up with a grey blazer, and a pair of jeans. Ryou was dressed in a blue and white striped shirt and a pair of white shorts. Ryou saw his mom.
“Mama, you look pretty,” he told her. Ren smiled and kissed his forehead.
“Thank you, baby. You and Uncle Ake looked handsome,” she said making Ryou smile up at his mother. Akefia ruffled his nephew’s hair causing the five year old to giggle. Ren the made all their lunches while Akefia made sure they had everything and that Ryou was ready for school. She looked at the time. “Alright, time to leave, Ryou. We’ll see you later, Akefia,” she told her brother as she walked her son to her car which was white 2003 Convertible Mustang. They both got in the car and Ren buckled her son up.
“Good luck on your first day, sis!” Akefia called over before getting in his navy blue 1997 Chevrolet Corvette. She sent him a smile in thanks as she drove off. Okay, today was the first day of school for Ryou and the first day Ren started work. They made it to the school then. Ren got out and went to the passenger’s side to get Ryou out. Ryou got out timidly and looked over at the kids who were walking in. Ren saw her son’s hesitation and frowned.
“Baby, what’s wrong?” She asked concerned.
“W-what if they don’t like me, mama?” Ryou asked. Ren smiled warmly and cupped his face in her hands.
“Honey, they will love you. You’re a sweet boy. I have no doubt you’ll make a friend or two. And if you have a panic attack then you have your inhaler, the teacher will also call me and I’ll come and get you, okay?” She asked softly. Ryou often got picked on back in England, and that was only pre-school. The bullying and watching his father leave created his anxiety. Ryou hugged his mother.
“Okay, mama. I’ll try,” he told her.
“That’s my little soldier. I love you, baby,” she told him before kissing his head.

“I love you too, mama,” Ryou said. He let his mother go and watched her get in her car. She sent him a wave which he returned. She then waited until he started walking up to the school before she drove off for work, feeling worried for her son along the way.
While this was all happening, Yami Moto, twenty-five years old, single father, black hair with crimson tips and blond bangs, and amethyst eyes, was making breakfast for him and his five year old son, Yugi. He soon heard foots steps descend the stairs and Yami turned to son. Yugi looked exactly like Yami, but his eyes were more innocent looking. Yami smiled at his son.
“Good morning, Yugi. Sleep well, son?” He asked. Yugi nodded with a bright smile.
“Good morning, daddy!” Yugi greeted happily.
“You seem really happy today. Something going on in school?” Yami asked as he prepared the plates.
“Yup! Mrs. Calloway said we’re getting a new student today. I hope they’re nice,” Yugi replied. Yami chuckled a little.
“I have no doubt. You guys might even become friends. Now, eat up and I’ll go get your bath ready,” Yami said setting Yugi’s plate down. He kissed his son’s head before heading to the bathroom to start Yugi’s bath. He ran a little hotter so when they got done with breakfast it would still be warm. Yami made it back to the kitchen and ate his breakfast. Yami watched his son, sometimes this boy’s personality reminded him of his wife Tea. Yami and Tea were high school sweet hearts and got married after high school. A year and a half later, they had Yugi. It wasn’t until a year ago that Tea died. A drunk truck driver smashed into her car, killing her on impact. Yugi was with her and ended up with a mild concussion, a broken arm, bruises, and a couple cuts. Tea protected him as best as she could before she died. The first six months were hard on Yugi and Yami. Yugi would have nightmares and cry every night while Yami would sometimes cry himself to sleep while holding his wife’s pillow. Once the two finished breakfast, Yami got Yugi cleaned up and dressed for school. Once Yugi was ready, Yugi would sit on the couch watching cartoons while Yami got ready for work. Yami made it down and they were ready to leave. They got in Yami’s black 2005 Chevy Cobalt. Yami then took his son to school. Once there, Yami ruffled his son’s hair making the five year old giggle.
“Bye, daddy! See you after school!” Yugi said getting out. Yami chuckled at his son’s excitement.
“See you later, Yugi,” he told him. Yugi ran into the school and Yami saw a boy with snow white hair. The boy was walking in timidly, seemed like he was a little scared. Yami then saw his son walk up to the boy offering a friendly smile. Yami couldn’t help but smile seeing this. He drove off and went to work. Once there he saw a white Convertible next to his spot. He’d never seen it in the lot before. ‘There must be a new employee,’ Yami thought. He got out and went into the building he worked in. Yami works for his friend and cousin, Seto Kaiba, here at Kaiba Corp. Yami helps with testing the games and editing the documents. Once in he saw a woman walk out of Kaiba’s office. Yami was shocked to see her. Her white hair up in a ponytail and her brown eyes were warm and innocent. She shook hands with Kaiba.
“Ms. Bakura, you’ll be working with Yami Moto, who happens to be right here,” Kaiba smirked at Yami. Ren smiled at Yami and Kaiba politely.
“I look forward to working with you both and please, just call me Ren,” she told them revealing her British accent to Yami.
“Hey! I heard we got a new girl! Is she cute?!” The three heard. They turned to see Joseph Wheeler and Tristen Taylor walking over.
“Wheeler, remind me why I keep her here?” Kaiba sighed rubbing his temple. Seto was married to a nice woman named Kisara and already had a three year old daughter. Joey grinned.
“For security reasons!” He answered. He then saw Ren and blushed. “Whoa, you’re da new girl?” He asked. Ren giggled a little and nodded. It’s then all four men blushed a little at her giggle. It was a cute giggle.
“Yes, I’m Ren Bakura, it’s wonderful to meet you, Mr. Wheeler,” she greeted.
“Joey Wheeler, a pleasure ta meet ya. Dis is my pal Tristen Taylor,” Joey introduced. Ren shook hands with the two men. Joey was married to a woman named Mai while Tristen was married to Joey’s little sister Serenity.
“Nice too meet you. Also just call us by our first names please,” Tristen smiled at her.
“Well, we better get to work, Ren. See you later, guys,” Yami smiled at his friends.
“Good luck with work, Ren,” Tristen told the Brit. Ren smiled in thanks and followed Yami.
“So, what is it we do, Mr. Moto?” She asked. Yami smiled at her.
“Well, I sometimes test the new equipment out or edit documents for Kaiba. Oh and please just call me Yami,” he told her. Ren smiled at him and nodded. He led her to her desk and they split the paperwork. They began editing the work, Yami was surprised at how fast Ren could type. She was able to get her work done before Yami did! As Yami looked at her, she seemed familiar, especially with that white hair and pale complexion. After work, Yami escorted Ren to her car. “Great work today, I’ll see you tomorrow, Ren,” he told her. Ren nodded.
“Until then, Yami and thank you,” she replied. Its then they drove off and Yami noticed Ren was following him. He shrugged it off thinking she might have just had to go the same way. After a little bit he found it odd that she followed him to the school. Once out they looked at each other with shock.
“You have a child?” They both asked. They both either chuckled or giggled at the fact they asked the same question.
“Daddy!” Yami and Ren looked over to see Yugi and Ryou running over. Ryou ran over to his mother who was happy to receive a hug from her son. Yugi hugged his father who hugged back and ruffled his hair.
“Mama, this is my friend Yugi Moto,” Ryou beamed. Ren smiled at Yugi.
“It’s nice to meet you, Yugi. I’m Ren Bakura,” she greeted.
“Hi, Mrs. Bakura,” Yugi greeted back with a grin. Ren giggled a little.
“I’m not married, hun, Miss is fine. My, I see the resemblance between you two already, must be the hair,” Ren smiled at Yami. Yami chuckled.
“Indeed. I could say the same for you and…” Yami looked at Ryou.
“Oh, this is Ryou,” she told him.
“Ren and Ryou, it was nice meeting you both,” he told them. Ryou was shy and hid behind his mother’s legs making the adults chuckle at his bashfulness.
“It’s okay, Ryou. My daddy is really nice,” Yugi told him. Ryou only peaked from behind his mother’s legs.
“I’m sorry, Ryou tends to be shy when it comes to new people,” Ren smiled as she pet her son’s head soothingly. “It’s okay, baby. Say hello,” she said softly.
“H-hi,” Ryou waved. Yami smiled at him.
“Wonderful to meet you, Ryou. Now, we better get going,” Yami said looking at Yugi.
“Yes, I have no doubt you both have homework,” Ren agreed. Both the kids and the adults waved and said their goodbyes. Once in their cars. Ren looked at her son and smiled. “How was your first day?” She asked him.
“It was great! Yugi’s really cool,” Ryou beamed. Ren chuckled happy that her son made a new friend. “He sure seems like a nice boy. I’m glad you made a new friend, baby,” she told him. Ryou nodded with a happy grin and they arrived home. “You and Ryou seem to get along well,” Yami mused. Yugi nodded with a grin.
“He’s really nice and he told me he’s from England!” He informed. Yami chuckled at his son’s enthusiasm. “How do you know Ms. Bakura, daddy?” “She started working with me today,” Yami answered making Yugi nod. Yami then realized. ‘She’s not married and still has Ryou. There’s no way Ryou is adopted considering he looks exactly like his mother. Maybe his parents divorced, poor boy. Well, he still has a nice mother who obviously cherishes him,’ Yami thought. It’s then they made it home where they would start Yugi’s homework. Ren was helping her son with his homework when the door opened. Ryou looked over and grinned.
“Uncle Ake!” Ryou ran over and hugged his uncle. Akefia chuckled a little before ruffling the boy’s hair making the five year old giggle. Ren smiled.
“Welcome home, Akefia. How was work?” She asked him. Akefia took off his blazer and draped it over the chair. He then sat down with a sigh.
“I came close to killing Marik,” he muttered.
“What did sweet ole Marik do this time?” Ren asked amused.
“He’s nowhere near sweet! He kept bugging me and wouldn’t let me get any work done! He wanted me to go out with him tonight for drinks,” Akefia replied.
“AKEFIA! WALK OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW AND NO ONE GETS HURT!” They all heard from outside.
“Uncle Marik!” Ryou beamed.
“OKAY! I WON’T HURT THE KID OR THE WOMAN!” Marik corrected making Ren and Ryou laugh as Akefia groaned.
“TAKE YOUR BLOODY IMAGINARY FRIEND, YOU TWIT!” Akefia growled. Ren giggled and opened the door.
“Hello, Marik. Come on in,” she said to him.
“No! Don’t let him in!” Akefia groaned. Ryou ran over and hugged Marik.
“Hi, Uncle Marik!” Ryo greeted. Marik smiled and ruffled the boy’s hair.
“Hello, Ryou. Sorry, kiddo, but I have to steal your uncle for a bit,” Marik told him.
“Okay,” Ryou agreed making Akefia’s jaw fall.
“You turned my own nephew against me!” Akefia pointed to Marik. Marik smirked as Ryou laughed.
“I’m just that good. Let’s go,” Marik said pulling Akefia along despite the white haired man’s protests. Marik stopped. “Oh, Ren, how was your first day at Kaiba Corp?”
“It went great, thank you. Now, take my brother out and show him a good time…just don’t get him too drunk, Marik,” Ren said with a sweet smile. The two men gulped. They know underneath her sweet smile lies a scary woman. Both men nodded before running off.
“Mama, why did Uncle Marik and Uncle Ake look scared?” Ryou asked innocently. Ren smiled at her son as she picked him up.
“You’ll learn in time, baby. After all, you take after me,” she mused lightly tapping his nose. Ryou giggled and hugged his mother. “Now, let’s go finish your homework and we can start dinner,” she said walking back over to the table. They then finished what was left of Ryou’s homework and began making dinner. Ren would chop up the vegetables and Ryou would add them to the pan for stir-fry.
“Mama, did you make friends?” Ryou asked. Ren smiled at her son as she chopped up the carrots.
“Yes, a few actually. Yugi’s father was one of them, then there’s Joey Wheeler and Tristen Taylor,” she informed.
“Are they nice like Mr. Moto?” Ryou asked.
“Very nice. Joey seems a little more hyper though. According to Mr. Kaiba, there will be a career day coming up where we can bring our kids to work. Maybe you’ll get to meet them then,” she told her son. Ryou grinned.
“I can’t wait!” He said adding the now cut up carrots to the pan. Ren chuckled. “Neither can I, baby,” she agreed.
At the Moto’s, Yugi and Yami had finished the homework and had finished making dinner. Joey was over and was playing with Yugi. Joey looked over at Yami who was setting the plates.
“So, Ren is cute,” Joey piped up. Joey, Tristen, and Kaiba have been trying to get Yami to date again since it’s been a year since the horrible tragedy. They want their friend to move on and be happy again.
“Yes, she is and don’t even think about it, Joey,” Yami said giving Joey a look. Joey sighed.
“Don’t ya think it’s time ya moved on? I know ya still love her, man, but she wouldn’t want ya ta be lonely for da rest of ya life!” Joey told him.
“Who said I was lonely? I have Yugi and you guys,” Yami said.
“You won’t have Yugi forever, ya know. As for da rest of us, ya, you’ll have us, but soon you’ll want more dan us,” Joey stated.
“That may be so, but going out with Ren might not be a good idea,” Yami sighed.
“What? Why?” Joey raised an eyebrow.
“She may have just gotten over a marriage herself considering she has a son,” Yami replied.
“Ya! His name is Ryou, he’s the same age as me,” Yugi smiled. Joey was shocked.
“She doesn’t even look like she had a kid. Well, maybe dis was meant ta happen. Back in high school ya were always talkin’ about destiny. Ya met Ren at work den learn dat she’s single and has a child da same age as Yug,” Joey said.
“Joey…you know it’s not just up to me. If I asked Ren on a date, there’s a chance she might turn it down due to her old marriage,” Yami said.
“How do ya know da kid’s not adopted?” Joey asked.
“Because Ryou looks exactly like his mother. White hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and the same innocent look. I think it’s safe to say he isn’t adopted,” Yami stated. Joey was shocked yet again. Sure, Yugi looked exactly like his father. Now he learns there’s a boy who could practically be the twin of his mother. Joey sighed.
“Well, it wouldn’t hurt ta try, ya know. Ya never know, ya might need each other,” Joey said. Yami contemplated it and knew his best friend wouldn’t drop it until he eventually agreed.
“Alright, I’ll ask her out for a drink tomorrow,” Yami gave in making Joey grin.
“Finally! I thought I might have ta go down on my knees and beg! Dat or just bug ya until ya agreed,” Joey said. Yami chuckled at his friend.
‘Hopefully Ren will say yes.’
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