If At First

A State of Business

Chapter Number: A State of Business

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Roadway to Hogwarts from Hogsmead

6:30 PM

Hermione was sitting in the carriage with the two of the Marauders, and Neville. She was wondering if Harry and Daphne new how infuriating it was for her to see them holding one another’s hand right now. She was truly happy for Harry, and by extension Daphne, but she thought that by now she would have had someone interested in her a little bit. She knew she had her faults that probably drove boys and girls away, but she was hoping that someone at least found her interesting. Yet, no one has shown an interest in her. The only one she knew was at some point interested in her was now completely out of the question. Had it not been for Tracey and Susan coming out of the closet she probably would have never questioned if she was only interested in boys. After being away from her friends for a part of the summer she had time to think about this matter in peace.

Just thinking about this brought to the surface of her mind the conversation she had with her mum about this matter.

Hermione was sitting at her desk looking at one the new photos of her and her friends. This one was of her and Susan goofing around with Tracey. These two had caused her to start thinking about WHO she would like to go out on a date with. The funny thing was that the people that were filling her mind were both boys and girls. It shocked her for a second, but it didn’t take her long to realise this felt so normal to her. In fact, there were more than a couple of girls she wouldn’t mind having her arms wrapped around. These feelings were new to her, but she didn’t mind them at all. Yet, there were these thoughts that she was only wanting this because of her friends. Seeing the other two girls radiate such joy only made Hermione ask her self a question she should have asked herself months if not years ago. The answer she came up with caused her stomach to flutter a little bit.

“I don’t want to make this decision through rose coloured glasses,” Hermione said firmly. “Honestly if it weren’t for Tracey and Susan did I probably wouldn’t have even considered this.” Hermione wanted to turn into her animagus form at this moment, but the last thing she needed was for her mum to come in and see a king cobra sitting on her bed. The thought of it did make her smile slightly for a moment. “I just wish these thoughts that I’m only fooling myself would go away.” Hermione let her head hit her desk.

A soft knocking on her door caused Hermione to jump a little. A short time later the door opened revealing her mother. Her mum had this worried look on her face. “Is everything okay dear?”

Hermione shook her head. “No, mum I am not feeling that well right now.” Hermione let her head fall back on top of her forearms. Hermione thought back to all the times she and her mum had talked about things like this, but she was still afraid to bring this up with her. She breathed in deeply as she heard the door shot. She glanced over and saw her mum walking towards her bed. Hermione closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. ’Well here’s to hoping this goes well.′ “Mum I know we’ve talked about romance before, and you said I could talk to you about anything concerning such things.”

Her mum smiled slightly, and there was this sparkle to her eyes. “I did Hermione, and I just want you to know that whoever it is that has your heart don’t let them ruin your life. You know...”

Hermione cut her mum off quickly. “I am not to that point yet Mum, but it may happen at some point.” Hermione took in a deep breath and lifted her head up off her arms. She then turned her chair towards her mum so she could look her mum in the eyes as she said this. “Mum I know you know about my friends Susan and Tracey are dating each other.”

Her mum nodded, but there was this worried look on her face. “Of course dear, has something happened to them?”

“No, they are fine Mum.” Hermione said calmly.

“Then what’s the problem dear? The last time I saw them you were having a great time.” Her mum was looking even more concerned now.

Hermione winced at her own hesitation. She took in another deep breath. “Mum I’ve started thinking about who I would like to be involved with.” Hermione started kicking her feet around even with her vast intellect she was finding it hard to find the words to say this tactfully. ’Now I truly understand the phrase ’to bite the bullet.″ Hermione wanted to smile at this thought, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. “Mum I think I don’t have a stronger preference to boys over girls. In fact, I think I am drawn to them both equally. Mum, I think I am bisexual.”

Hermione watched her mother breathed a sigh of relief. “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that.” Her mum held her hand up to stop Hermione from saying a word. “Hermione dear, I’ve been watching your interactions with your friends, and to be honest I was wondering how long it would take you to figure this out. When your friend came to pick you up for that night out to the movies I watched how you interacted with her. To be honest you looked like a love-struck puppy, my dear.”

Hermione looked back at the picture to gather her thoughts. She knew this at the time, but back then she wasn’t ready to admit to herself that she was bisexual. It took her another eight months to figure it out. At this moment though she realised what her mum had said. “You’re not upset?” Hermione asked more than a little shocked. Of all the people Hermione thought her mum would be the first person on the upset list.

“No, Hermione I am not, and there is a small part of me that is hurt that you would think that.” Her mum looked like she was lost in thought for a couple of minutes, but it wasn’t long before her face steeled over with resolve. Her mum once again held up her hand, and the next thing she said was spoken so softly Hermione almost couldn’t hear it. “Hermione you and I are a lot alike in this regard. To be honest I wouldn’t have told you about it unless the situation called for it. Like it does right now.” Hermione thought for a moment that there was some pain in her mum’s voice at the moment.

Hermione shook her head to clear her shock. “So, you are bisexual?” Hermione asked tentatively.

“Yes, and before you ask I was with her before I knew your father.” Her mum took in a deep breath. “Perhaps we need to take this to the kitchen, and get ourselves a glass of wine.”

“Mum, are you sure about this?” Hermione didn’t want to cause her mum any agony. If this was a sore spot for her mum she didn’t want to touch it.

“I will be fine Hermione. I just think a glass of wine will be helpful in easing my pain. One glass is really all I need regarding this matter. Maybe.“Her mum stood up and walked towards the door. “That is unless you want to sit and swelter in your misery alone.”

Hermione smiled and stood up, and followed her mum to the kitchen. Her mum asked her to get two wine glasses and put them on the table. Hermione did this, and once she got to the table she looked over at her mum. She had a bottle of red wine and was getting out a bowl of cheese cubes from the refrigerator. Hermione set the glasses down on the table, and walked over to the pantry and got out some crackers. Once she was back at the table her mum was retrieving a wine opener.

“Before you say a word you are nearly a year away from being legally able to drink anyway, and you are quite mature for your age. So I don’t have a problem with you drinking this. Under supervision.” Her mum said this with an ear to ear smile. “That being said I don’t want you using this as a reason to get tossed at school by any type of alcohol snuck into Hogwarts.” Her mum said this while she was uncorking the wine.

“You don’t have to worry about that Mum,” Hermione said with a smile. “The last ‘party’ had in Gryffindor common room I stayed away from the Firewhisky.”

Her mum looked at her a little worried. “Firewhisky?”

Hermione chuckled at what her mum must have been thinking. “It is whiskey that makes fire shoot out of your mouth if you drink it too quickly, and after drinking enough of it fire and smoke jut out of your nose.”

“That’s interesting.” Her mum said with a smile on her face. “When you get old enough to by some get some get it and send it to me.”

Hermione took the glass and laughed. “I’ll have to ask Sue if that would be legal and if it is then sure I’ll get you and Dad some as soon as possible.”

“I’ll hold you to it.” Her mum said as she handed over the second glass of wine. Her mum took a sip of wine as Hermione opened the package of crackers, and set it near the bowl of cheese. Her mum sighed and looked down at the table. “Hermione I want you to understand that what I am about to tell you took place months before I met your father, and had things gone differently you might have had a different mother.”

Hermione stopped moving at the end of that sentence. The wine glass just millimetres in front of her lips. “You two were that serious?” Hermione asked with a shocked look on her face.

Her mum nodded her head. “I was starting to lean in that direction. Before I could tell her that I was in love with her she got a letter telling her to come home. We never got the chance to kiss each other goodbye cause her sister said they had to go. The next thing I know she sent me a letter saying we could no longer be together. I wanted to ask her why, but there were drops of blood on the letter. That scared me a little. She told me that her parents were putting together a marriage contract of some kind to solidify a business deal. I was horrified by that bit of news.”

Hermione took a sip of wine so she could think about what to say about this. While this was incredibly outdated it wouldn’t surprise her if someone used it to gain an upper hand in a business deal if they were more than a little desperate or underhanded. Yet there was always the possibility the blood was that of the woman’s parents. “Do you think she did something unconscionable?”

Her mum shook her head after tossing a cheese cube in her mouth. “No. I spent two months with her, and not once did she show an ounce of violence. There was more than one instance where she could have if she were inclined to such behaviour. Hell her sister who was with us would have corrected such behaviour. That woman was a kind and loving woman. She was four years older than me, and also definitely had this ‘mother bear’ attitude about what her little sister did. So, I highly doubt that it was someone else’s blood on the letter, but what she told me about her mum made my blood run cold. I wouldn’t doubt that the woman hurt her badly. The thing is she only wanted to tell her father about us because apparently, he would be far more accepting of our relationship.” Her mum took a long drink from her glass at this point. “I just wish I could have saved her from the life she’s been forced to lead.”

Hermione swallowed the cracker she’d been chewing on. “I thought you didn’t see her after the day she left?” Hermione hoped that she didn’t sound upset or anything like that.

“What I said was kind of misleading. I never saw her again that summer. We didn’t run into one another again for many years.” Hermione went to say something, but her mum shook her head. “We’ll get to that in a minute.” Her mum took a piece of cheese and ate it thinking on what to say next. “I cried for days after that letter. What made it worse is I couldn’t tell my mum or dad about it because they didn’t approve of such activities. Had they known you would have never known them. Even just having a fling with another girl would have them disown me. I don’t want you to ever feel that way.”

“Oh my.” Hermione couldn’t believe her grandparents were like that. The definitely fell into the category of ‘nice people’. “Why do they think that way?”

“I think it has to do with the way they were raised. While I may not have caught that much trouble for ‘coming out of the closet’ to them they would have distanced themselves from me. It just wasn’t worth it because I wasn’t attracted to any other woman.” Her mum took another sip of her wine. “So, I spent a few months in a pool of agony. About three months into being at Cambridge I bumped into your father, and you know the rest of that story.” Her mum ate one of the crackers, and then ate a piece of cheese. Hermione remained silent for at this moment she KNEW her mum was trying to find the words to tell her story. Once she swallowed the cheese Hermione noticed a slight smile on her mum’s lips. “I ran into her again while I was looking for some magical sanitary things for you before the start of Fall term last year. I should say she ran into me. When she went to apologize we recognized one another right away. She looked around to see if we were alone. Once she was sure of this she asked if I could meet her in a more private place. I thought she might be needing my help, so I told her I would. I told her that I would also have to tell my husband and daughter something.”

“So that’s why you said it was Ok if I went with Ron to Fortescue’s Ice Cream?” Hermione asked a little shocked.

Her mum nodded her head before taking a sip of wine. “Your dad was staying with Mr Weasley for about an hour, so I had the time to meet her. She had told me to go to the Leaky Cauldron and ask the barman what room Nici was in. Once I was at the Cauldron the man told me to go to room seventeen. When I opened the door to the room she was pacing back and forth like crazy. When she realised the door had been opened she turned towards the door. For a second there was this worried look on her face. Once I stepped into the room and closed the door she ran up to me. She just jumped into my arms me a bone-crushing hug. I remember closing my eyes and enjoying her embrace once more. It wasn’t long after that until she started crying. I just stood there and let her cry upon my chest. She stayed like this for what felt like fifteen minutes. Once her breathing return to normal, and her tears came to an end I asked if she needed help.” Her mum poured herself another glass of wine. Hermione knew her mum was doing this to show that she supports her, but seeing her mum go through this was heartbreaking. She knew this wasn’t a lie or a tall tale. Her mum was that sort of person. Had this been coming from her dad she didn’t think she’d believe it unless her mum confirmed it. After taking another sip her mum continued. “She looked up at me with red bloodshot eyes and said she wanted to know how things were going with me first. I knew if I was going to be able to help her I needed to gain her trust first. I told her everything, and even though she supported me I could see the pain in her eyes. I asked her about what had happened to her, and like I suspected it was her mother that forced her to marry some arsehole who beats her on a regular basis. The bastard even magically heals her to hide the evidence. I told her she could come and stay with us, but she said the bastard had some form of magical tracking as long as their marriage was active. So, even if she went to get a divorce until it was official the man can find her.”

“Oh my God.” Hermione whispered.

“I asked her if there was a way to break this tracking, but she said no. I was furious that such an abusive areshole had laid his hands upon her. She said there was a way, but it was denied to her because the only one who could remove her from this situation a was a criminal who was being hunted by the Ministry of Magic. Her older sister could have also helped her, but that man would have just used his political connections to get her ‘rescued’ from a dangerous situation. It infuriated me that such a thing was possible in such a wonderful place.”

“Such stupidity is a common thing in the Wizarding World mum.” Hermione sighed at the absurdity of it all.

Her mum laughed as she poured them another glass of wine. “She said the same thing. Anyway, we talked for another ten minutes about our lives. I told her about you, and she said that she had a son, but she was not as pleased with him as I was of you. The boy apparently has been forcing other students to do his homework and bullying other kids at Hogwarts. Before we parted ways she asked if I loved her. Though we had never said those words to each other we knew they were coming. It was almost like a game of who will say it first. I had to think about it for what felt like an hour, but it was only a couple minutes. I looked her in the eyes and said yes. She kissed me, and to be honest with you Hermione I melted into her arms. I poured my heart and soul into that kiss because I didn’t think it would happen again. It felt like there was this energy flowing between us. Instead of feeling scared I felt at peace with the world. Before you ask, NO I am not having an affair with her, and I told your father about it once we got home.”

Just hearing this made Hermione think of what happened to Harry and Daphne. She also wondered if this had anything to do with the weird things happening to and around her mum. Hermione didn’t want to approach this topic with her mum just yet, but there was something else she could ask. “What did he say?” Hermione asked as she grabbed two cheese cubes. She knew her father was okay about such relationships one of his college buddies was gay. The man had come out to him a while back now, and her dad had told him he’d known this for years. So, he probably wouldn’t be mad that her mum was bisexual, but she really didn’t know how he would take the kissing part because Hermione knew her mum wouldn’t hide that from him.

“He told me he felt hurt, but he understood why I did it. He’s known about her for years. I told him about Nici three months into our relationship.” Her mum laughed at that memory. “At the time he wanted to know every sorted detail. He was like most young twenty-year-old young men when it came to lesbian relationships.” Hermione just shook her head at this little fact about her father. She found it very hard to resist smiling and chuckling. “Anyway, after telling him that we did what we are doing right now. Granted the food was a pizza, not this.” Her mum smiled as she gestured to cheese and crackers. “He said that if she needs a place to stay she could stay in the guest room. He said we’d need to ask you if you knew of anything that could be done. Your friend Sue might be able to help as well. You did say her aunt is the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.”

Hermione nodded her head in agreement. Hermione thought of how she was going to have to approach this topic with Sue carefully. It was just now that the name she used, and the description of the woman’s son really jarred her mind to a halt. “Is her name Narcissa Malfoy?”

Her mum nodded her head. There was this hint of anger to her mum’s face when the name ‘Malfoy’ left her lips. “I knew you’d figure it out at some point. Yes, she is the mother of the young man who was your worst bully in your first year. I can only imagine what the little bastard is like in person.”

Hermione snorted at the thought of Draco Malfoy. “Take the worst stuck up kid you’ve ever know, add a dash of Nazi to them, and you will have a pretty good idea what it’s like to be around him.”

Her mum poured them both another glass of wine. “Wow, that’s a bit disturbing Hermione. I can guarantee you that he didn’t learn it from Nici.” She looked at the crackers and cheese. “You know what I think we need to order some actual food. Pizza?” Her mum asked with a smile on her face.

Hermione laughed at this point. “Sure.”

“Okay let me order it. While I do that why don’t you go off and think about what makes you think that your preferences aren’t what you’d believed them to be.” Her mum said this with a smile on her face.

Hermione nodded with a slight smile on her face. She went back up to her room and walked back to her desk. She once again picked up the picture she was looking at earlier. At the moment Susan was chasing Tracy around for some reason. Hermione thought it had something to do with herself because she was rubbing the back of her head and glaring at the pair. Hermione placed the portrait back on the desk. She walked over to her bed and fell down on it looking at the ceiling. She thought about what her mother had told her. It was kind of weird to think about it really. She had caught her mum looking at other women from time to time her whole life. She had originally thought her mum thought their clothing looked really good, but now she knew the real reason her mum was doing it. She closed her eyes and thought of what Mrs Malfoy must have looked like as a seventeen to eighteen-year-old young woman. The image that came to her mind made Hermione feel a little intrigued, to be honest. The fact that Mrs Malfoy really didn’t hate muggles was a curious thing really.

These thoughts, of course, brought to her mind why her mother said she could go off and think about what she’d discovered about herself. That her mum had caught her looking at Sue the way she’d been looking at her that night was a bit embarrassing. Though if she were honest with herself Sue while attractive was not really her type of girl. A girl more like Cho Chang was more her type. Granted though it was Cho’s personality that was attractive Hermione didn’t feel any physical attraction to her. If she were honest with herself someone like Katie Bell was what she wanted in terms of looks. Hermione really thought about the idea of dating another young woman. Could she do this without feeling uncomfortable? Would she actually be happy to eventually dedicate her life to having a woman as her life partner? Was she thinking this because she had gay friends? Furthermore, was she thinking this because her own mum was bisexual? Another question that came up was: would she be able to do a good number of those question with a young man? The answer was a resounding yes to all of them. Hermione breathed out a sigh of relief at this point. The only one that got a No was the question ‘Am I doing this because of Susan and Tracey?’.

“Well, at least I am not just thinking this because I have gay friends.” Hermione said calmly. “Honestly, I don’t know if I’d have the courage to ask Katie out on a date AT ALL. I know she had feelings for Oliver, but I think that ship sank last term.” Hermione smiled at that thought. “I am so going to get razed for this by the rest of the Marauders for sure, but it might be worth it.”

Hermione heard the doorbell ring, and before her mum even called her name she was moving towards the door. Once she was downstairs Hermione could smell the pizza. If her mum ordered things like she normally did this one would be a pepperoni pizza with extra pepperoni. Once she was in the kitchen Hermione noticed that there were red streaks running down her mum’s face. This broke her heart a little. Here she was getting ready to look at all of her possible options which causes her mum to think about the woman that still held her heart. If she could find a way to get Narcissa Malfoy out of that bloody marriage then she would get her somewhere safe.

“Is everything ok Mum?” Hermione asked softly.

Her mum nodded her head. “Yeah, Hermione. It just hurts a little thinking back to those days. There is a part of me that has always wondered what would have happened if she had stayed with me. Who knows what would have happened. We both could have been a happy couple for a long time.” Her mum laughed as she wiped her eyes. “Hell, who knows we could have both fallen in love with your father, and you’d have a few siblings to hang out with.”

Hermione blanched at the images that flowed through her mind at that comment. “Mum please, please, please don’t ever say that again. The last thing I need is the image of you, Dad, and Nici ‘enjoying’ one another’s company.” Hermione walked over to the cabinets to get a couple of plates.

Her mum laughed. “Oh come on Hermione you know you WANT to know about the lurid details of my love life.” The smile on her mum’s face was more than a little mischievous.

‘Maybe becoming a Marauder wasn’t a bad idea after all.’ Hermione thought as she set the plates on the table. “So, if I can find a way to get her out of this horrible situation you’d be okay with that?”

Her mum nodded. “Of course, but that’s not what we need to talk about right now.” Her mum opened the pizza box, and put two pieces on a plate and handed it to Hermione. “So, have you been thinking about this matter?”

“Thank you.” Hermione said as she sat down. “Yes, I’ve been thinking about it.” Hermione took a bite out of a piece of pizza. She chewed on it and washed it down her throat with some wine. “I asked myself several questions while lying in bed, and I’ve discovered that it is not curiosity, or wanting to imitate my friends. I honestly have an interest in one of the girls at my school. I also know that if there was a young man that piqued my interest I’d be more than willing to see where that went.”

Her mum nodded her head before swallowing a piece of pizza. “So how do you feel about this?”

Hermione swallowed another bite of pizza. “I feel happy really. It’s not that I felt miserable when I was just focused on boys, but knowing this about myself makes me feel at peace. I don’t know where this will go with Katie, but even if it goes nowhere from the start I will keep my eyes open.”

Her mum took a sip of her wine. “That’s good Hermione. Just so you know you should be careful who ask because they may be bigoted regarding this.”

Hermione nodded before she sipped on her wine. “I know, and thankfully Katie doesn’t seem to be that way.” Just thinking about this made Hermione think of some of the things she’s noticed about her mother since coming home in July. As she went to say something she found herself incapable of saying anything. It was like something was holding her mouth shut. She knew she’d not done any magic since getting home. Nor had she been cursed, or at least she’d hoped she wasn’t. The more she thought on this the more it felt like something Divine. She had to see if she could talk to her friends about this on the train, carriages, or the Room of Requirement where they had more privacy. She grabbed another piece of pizza.

“That’s good. Now let’s talk about what you can do for Nici. She said that the only one who could help her is someone named Sirius Black. I am assuming there is only one Sirius Black in the magical world?” Her mum said flatly.

Hermione stopped moving with the pizza an inch from her mouth. She was wondering if Narcissa Malfoy had tried to contact him since his release. “First has she contacted you since you met back up, and second has she contacted Sirius?”

Her mum nodded while chewing on some pizza. After swallowing she took a drink of wine. “We’ve run into each other every now and then in Diagon Alley. When we did we would almost go out of our way to touch one another. She sent me a letter at the end of June saying she’d like to meet up again. Said that she was finding it harder and harder not to be with me. Before you even ask yes your father knows about it. He actually wants me to do it. He said even if we don’t rekindle the romance it is our duty to get her out of that situation. I’ll be meeting her in France on the second of September.”

Even though she was smiling Hermione cringed at the thoughts going through her head. “Mum, are you trying to make me lose my apatite?”

“Nope to both your second and third question.” Her mum said before biting into the piece of pizza. “If I wanted you to lose your apatite I would tell you what I really want to do to Nici.” Hermione choked on the wine she was trying to drink at that moment. Her mum laughed hysterically at this point. As she recovered Hermione glared daggers at her mum.

“Earth to Hermione come in Hermione,” Harry said in a monotone voice.

Hermione shook her head to clear her thoughts. “I’m sorry Harry I was thinking about stuff my mum and I talked about.”

“Well hopefully that is not something terrible ’cause you looked like someone died.” Daphne said with this look of concern on her face.

Hermione thought about things for a moment. Two of the people in this carriage might be able to help solve this particular problem. Hermione closed her eyes and let out a held breath. “It is, and it isn’t terrible at the same time.”

“What’s going on Hermione?” Harry asked with a concerned look on his face.

Hermione looked around the compartment and took a deep breath. “I know the three of you have a standing opinion about Narcissa Malfoy, but I have learned a few things that changed my opinion about her rather fast.” Hermione noticed Harry wanted to say something. She held up her hand to stop him from opening his mouth. “No, Harry you need to hear this because what I learned is super important as to why it’s terrible.” It took Harry a couple of moments before he nodded. “Okay, so I guess I should start this by telling all of you that what started all of this was the two of us talking about my sexuality. During this conversation, my Mum told me that in the year she started college she had been in a relationship of sorts with another woman. I don’t think they ever told each other those three words, but they clearly felt for one another if my Mum and her upon meeting again spent some time catching up, and upon parting ways kissed one another. My Mum said it felt like she was melting into Narcissa’s arms.”

“Wow, that’s a bit... unexpected.” Daphne said with a smile on her face. She and Harry looked at one another.

“I felt the same way trust me Lucky. Anyway, the reason the woman could not return to my Mum is that the woman’s mum had entered her into marriage via contract,” Hermione took a deep breath, “...here in the magical world.”

“Your mum dated a witch?” the other three said as one.

After that, it didn’t take Daphne and Harry long to figure out who it was Hermione was talking. The asked as one: “Was it Narcissa Scales?”

Hermione nodded her head with a slight smile. “Yes, and before you ask no it doesn’t seem to have been via love potions. She described the Narcissa rather rationally, and without bouts of goofiness. The thing is the two of them were pretty serious about starting a relationship. Even though she said it had only been a little less than two months they were already talking about spending the rest of their lives together. Though neither of them said the words ‘I love you’, or kissed one another on the lips they could not see living without one another. To me, it seems like they were trying to work up the courage to admit they were in love but just could do it. My mum says that she only realised it was love when the woman told her that she’d been married off to someone else and that she couldn’t see her anymore.” By the end Hermione had her fist clenched, and this look of rage on her face. Hermione took a breath and thought about what she couldn’t tell her mum. “The thing is I think there’s more to it than just love. I think the two of them are soulbound I just can’t prove it.”

Daphne got up and knelt infront of Hermione placing a hand on her knee. “Scales, we’ll figure that part out later. Is Narcissa’s life in danger?”

Hermione nodded her head. “If her ‘husband’,” Hermione air quoted the word husband, “...found out about this yes. The bastard beats her regularly, and the fucked up thing is she HAS to act as he does or the beatings are worse!” Hermione screamed this with so much venom she was scared her canines might have actually turned into her fangs.

“Whoa Hermione, we aren’t the arsehole, and we damn sure don’t agree with what he’s doing.” Neville said calmly. “The only thing we need to know is who she is. Then the three of us will do everything within our power to fix this mess.”

Hermione smiled and looked at Neville. “Thanks, Nev. My mum calls her Nici, why I don’t know, but I did get her to spell it out for me, and it just made me more confused.” Hermione smiled at this point. “It’s spelt like a short version of Nickie but pronounced Knee-See. I know no more about it, nor do I want to know more about what they did that summer.”

Everyone else nodded at this, and the carriage went silent for a while. After a couple of minutes, Harry asked. “Are you sure about Narcissa loving your Mum Hermione? She is a muggle, and at the World Cup, she was looked awfully upset that you were there. So, I can only guess that she carries Lucius’ ideals.”

Hermione smiled and shook her head. “Only while Lucius, Draco, and now Ronald can see her. When they were distracted by the veela she looked over at me and smiled. You two,” she pointed at Harry and Daphne with a smile on her face, “...were too distracted by each other to notice, and Nev my boy you were entranced.”

“True, true, but why would she stick with the arsehole if he abuses her?” Harry asked.

Hermione sighed. “Because she’s under a marriage contract, and Malfoy has her under some kind of tracking charm. So he will always know where she is. Now if I am right about them being soulbound I don’t know what kind of effect this will have on my Mum. She’s been showing signs of magic of her own for a month now, so I am worried about her.”

Neville and Daphne looked at one another for about a minute. The look on their faces were ones of shock. Neville looked back at her with this stoic look on his face. “Hermione by magic you mean accidental magic right?”

Hermione nodded her head. “I didn’t want to tell her because she’d wanted to learn magic when she was informed about the wizarding world. When she learned she couldn’t she made it her mission to make sure that I could. So, I don’t want to get her hopes up. Do either of you know of such a thing happening because of a soulbond?” Daphne and Neville shook their heads. Hermione sighed in desperations.

“Don’t worry Hermione we will figure something out.” Harry said with a determined look on his face.

Hearing Harry say this made Hermione smile. “Actually you might know someone who can help us, and if you have the mirror we can manage this quickly because Sirius is needed for this. But before we tell him anything there is something else you need to know.”

Daphne chuckled a little bit. “Let me guess your mum and Nici are bonded.”

“Yes.” Everyone stopped laughing at this point. “I only consider this a possibility because my mum was starting to actually look younger day by day the last few days I was there. The change was significant enough that you could tell something was happening. Before I say any more you need to call someone Harry. It’s about me.”

Daphne squeezed her knee again. She smiled at her and said in a soft voice. “It’s okay Hermione whatever it is we’re behind you on it. You have nothing to worry about.”

Hermione took a deep breath to calm her nerves. “I’m bisexual.” At that moment everyone started giggling, and that went into outright laughter. Hermione was worried for a split second, but when Daphne hugged her she was stunned. “What is going on?” Hermione asked a little shocked.

“It took you long enough to figure it out. We kind of figured that out about four months ago, but we weren’t going to tell you what we suspected because we were afraid it would look like we were picking on you. That and Tracey and Susan said it’s something better you discover on your own. So they say. I’m no expert, and I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” Neville said with a smile.

Harry nodded then reached into his pocket and pulled out his mirror. “Padfoot.”

Granger Residence 10:00 AM

Amanda was pacing around the room trying to figure out was going on. She’d ‘called in’ sick today because she just didn’t feel right at the moment. Over the last three days, there had been little instances around the house and at work that seemed to be accidental magic. Specifically the kind Hermione used to have when she was little. One day she was wanting her sports drink that was sitting on her desk. The next thing she knew the blasted thing was floating towards her as she checked the schedule near the front desk. Thankfully no one was there at the moment. She was half expecting the Ministry of Magic to come barging into her office, but by the end of the day, nothing happened. She asked Richard if he’d seen any weird bits of magic. He told her no and asked why she wanted to know that. Amanda didn’t know how to answer that question. The only people in the office at that time were herself, Richard, Kim, Rachael, and Barbara. None of them had shown any magic, and if any of their assistance were witches they would have said something when Hermione started showing signs of magic.

Then there was the time that Amanda was on her way home and someone cut her off. She let out a few choice words regarding the young man, and then ‘saluted’ him. The moment her fingers went up Volkswagen Bug jumped a couple of feet in the air and slammed into the car ahead of it. That stopped traffic for twenty minutes. This whole time Amanda tried to rationalize all of this. She could come up with no reason for this to happen. The only way that could happen is if the car was hit by a missile, and that would have done a LOT more than just fling the car forward.

Then there was something that she had only become aware of this morning. Even though it had been happening since the day before Hermione left for the Quidditch World Cup. She has been getting physically younger over the last nine days. While most people would be overjoyed about this Amanda was definitely not. For starters, her husband seems to have noticed it before she did, and never said a word! Had he done so she wouldn’t have ripped him a new one this morning? Although she didn’t know how much of the lecture he was paying attention to considering all she was a rather upset face, and a tan.

“What the bloody hell is going on!” Amanda screamed to no one in particular. She was really hoping that some signal from God might help her out here.

If she was hoping for something Earth-shattering she was horribly underwhelmed. Although the sound of an owl pecking on a window did make her jump at three feet into the air. Turning around Amanda saw a screech owl sitting on her window sill. Thinking it might be from Hermione she opened the window to let the animal in. It flew up and landed on her shoulder. The pouring rain had made the poor thing rather cold. “Do you want me to light a fire?” Amanda asked, not really sure why, but also not caring for an answer to the question. The owl looked at her and nodded his head. “Okay, this is kind of weird. Not you, just that... I kind of understand you... that’s what I find weird.” Amanda stammered out as she walked toward the fireplace. She picked up one of the logs, and got a copy of the Daily Prophet put them into the fireplace, and then grabbed the utility lighter. She lit the paper on fire and welcomed the warmth of the flame. The owl flew down and sat on the hearth basking in the warmth. Amanda noticed the letter tied to its left talon. She knelt down and untied the letter. The owl looked up at her with this quizzical look in its eye. “You don’t have to go just yet. Besides, I have an owl post, and some owl treats, but I think you want this a little more right now.” The owl nodded, and Amanda just chuckled.

Amanda my love,

Hi, Amanda, I know we set up a meeting for tomorrow, but we’ve been given a small window to do it today here. Weird things have been happening, and I just want to see if they have been happening to you as well. I know we’ve bumped into one another over the past year, but the things that concern me are recent. I would love to say more, but I don’t want to risk this being intercepted. Come to the Leaky Cauldron. I’ll be there waiting for you by 12:30. And to prove that it is me and not my husband I would like to remind you that I got a little touchy-feely with your breast in a Berlin on the 30th of July in 1972.

Love Always,


Amanda smiled at the memory. It was something that they had sworn to never tell another soul, and no matter how hard her sister tried to get them to talk about that night they never did. She looked at the clock. It was 11:45. She had time to take a quick shower. Amanda looked over at the owl. He/she was moving around stretching out its wings help dry out the water. “You don’t mind if I go take a shower do you?” The owl shook its head. “Okay, then I’ll be back in a few minutes for me to take a shower.” Amanda stopped when she was halfway to her bedroom. “Why am I talking to this owl more than I normally do? Furthermore, why am I ‘understanding’ him/her?” Amanda asked her self. Amanda shook her head. “I don’t have time for this.”

Amanda walked into her bedroom and grabbed a dress, a clean set of undergarments, and some clean socks. Amanda looked into the mirror for a moment so she could collect her thoughts. She was looking at a face she hadn’t seen in eighteen years. Sure she still had a pretty face, but it was kind of starting to show age. The slight laugh lines that she had were now gone. She was also not getting tired as fast as she’d been getting within the past few years. She had also felt a little more frisky as of late. Richard for sure wasn’t complaining about that. Amanda ran a hand through her light brown hair. All of this had to be real.

“As much as I like what I’m seeing I need to take this shower,” Amanda said as she took off her shirt.

Once Amanda was done with her shower she started making sure she looked good. Her black dress she was wearing hugged her curves nicely. She’d been hoping that it would fit her current shape because she’d bought the dress last year, and as much as she’d love to say otherwise she just didn’t have the form she did when she was in her late teens and early twenties anymore. She was in any way overweight, but with age comes some weight gain no matter how healthy you eat. Yet this dress fit her perfectly now. This was yet again another weird thing, but there was no way she could have magic. She’d asked Professor McGonagall about that when she’d come to talk to Hermione the day before her birthday in 1989. If she remembered correctly McGonagall said: “I am sorry ma’am, but there is no way you can just ‘learn’ magic. You are either born with it or as some suspect you are a carrier of the genes that allow it.” If this was true then how was accidental magic happening around her now while there were no children around to explain it happening right now.

“Well the last time I saw her dressed like this we were going to a night club in Amsterdam. She was speechless for most of the night.” Amanda said with a smile. She then shook her head. “Just because I look nineteen does not mean I can act like one.” She looked back in the mirror and satisfied with the way she looked Amanda grabbed her raincoat. Once she was downstairs she found the owl sitting on the post eating an owl treat. “Ready to go?” Once the owl swallowed the treat it nodded. “Okay we’ll be going in my car ’cause I don’t think you want to fly through this mess.” The owl once again nodded. “Well come on then.” Amanda held out her arm. The owl flew over to her arm. She then headed to the garage, and as she opened the garage door Amanda could feel this weight lifting off her shoulder.

Leaky Cauldron

12:35 PM

Narcissa was pacing around in room twelve. She knew this was a bit risky. If Lucius knew about her going to the Leaky Cauldron to get a room she’d pay for it later. Just think about this caused her to look at the damned ring on her left hand. It was a gold diamond ring with the Malfoy crest on the side. There had been this red glow coming from the crest since September 31st of last year. It had caused her to get a few beatings when Lucius though she’d cursed it regardless of how many times she told him she had not. Then she started to ‘lose’ years physically. It was Draco who noticed it first, and the little bastard had the stones to mention her ‘nice tight arse’ to Lucius one morning. This caused the man to lose it. He thought she’d been taking a body modification potion. He forced her to drink a body purging potion. When that didn’t work the beating began. After about ten minutes Lucius demanded her ring. She willing gave it to him hoping that it would signal their marriage was over.

He then sealed her in a room and went off to get the ring tested by the goblins. He was gone for three hours, and when he returned he started apologizing to her for what he did. He had a healing balm in his hand. He applied it to all parts of her that he had assaulted. She cringed every time he touched her. With each slight twitch, he told he was sorry, and that he only did this because he loved her. This made Narcissa rather ill. She wanted to vomit every time he said ‘I love you’ or ‘you should just be an honourable wife’. It still amazed her that he really thought she was some inanimate thing to just dangle off his arm.

The bastard seemed to love this. They hadn’t slept together since Draco was born. She was only obligated by contract to give him an heir. The only way she’d have slept with him again is if the contract said ‘heir and a spare’. The bastard had been relegated to whores since Draco was born. When he demanded to know why she told him that she was a lesbian. The beating she got for that nearly crippled her, but her magic saved her from this fate. She didn’t know where the money came from to keep this bastard out of Azkaban. He was either bribing people or giving ‘special service’ to someone to stay out. The man also made side money for being a go-between for selling dark artefacts. So maybe some of these people had the means to keep her visible discomfort from being seen as abuse. The man did seem to enjoy lording this over her, and this only made her want to leave him more.

Narcissa was glad that no matter how hard he beat her last year she didn’t break. Not once did she talk about running into Amanda again after sixteen years. She could never betray her love because of this shite. Just thinking about doing it brought a bad taste to her mouth. She didn’t know why, but since last year she’d been wanting to leave the Malfoy family more and more each day. At this point, she felt no binding obligation to stay with them. The only reason she was staying was that she feared what Lucius would do to her if she left. Just thinking of what he might do to Amanda made her frown.

“You shouldn’t look so down, young lass. I’m sure your friend will show up.” The mirror in the room said.

Just hearing the mirror made Narcissa smile. She’d spent a couple of minutes looking in the mirror once she got there. It had kind of been inspiring to her over the last few days that she was now looking much younger than her husband. This both excited him and infuriated him. She looked back at the mirror. “I know my friend, but it’s not her I worry about. It’s my husband and his temperament that concerns me.”

“That I can agree with.” the mirror said sombrely

Before Narcissa could say anything there was a tapping on the window. She looked to it and saw that Harriet was sitting at the window. Narcissa got up and ran to the window. She pushed all negative thoughts out of her mind. There was no way Amanda would take this long to write a rejections letter. She opened the window stepping out of the way to let Harriet into the room. Once she was well in the room Narcissa closed the window. She made her way quickly over to the table and took off the parchment. It was the piece she used, so that was a good sign.


Hi, my love I will be there as soon as I can. I am stuck in traffic at the moment. I will be there as soon as I can. Hopefully, that thing that calls itself your husband is stuck in France for a while.



Narcissa breathed a sigh of relief and brought the letter to her chest. “She’s on her way.” Narcissa said with a smile on her face. She looked over to Harriet and smiled. “Thank you, my friend. You have no idea how much good this makes me feel.” Harriet chirped and the look she was giving Narcissa made her smile. “Yes dear, I love you for your dedication. When I get home you are getting some bacon that’s for sure.” She scratched Harriet on top of her head. “Wait here for a bit if we need to send a letter we’ll use you. You’re the only one I trust for such a task.”

Harriet chirped and nipped at her finger before flying to the owl post in the room. The sound of the door opening caused her to look from her owl to the door. What she saw made her jaw drop. Amanda was wearing this beautiful black dress that clung to her curves so nicely that Narcissa was finding it hard to move her eyes above the woman’s chest line. A soft chuckle made her shake off this stunned reaction. Once she fully looked at Amanda’s face it was like she’d lost a decade’s worth of years as well. In fact, she looked no older than the day they had parted ways in Switzerland. This all but confirmed that there was some kind of magical bond forming between them even though they’d been miles apart from one another for over a year. Sure she’d seen her every now and then shopping for her daughter in Diagon Alley. In those moments they would only nod to one another, or briefly hold one another’s hand, but the contact was never long though. To Narcissa it didn’t matter how brief the contact was if there was any at all, she poured every ounce of love she had for Amanda into the.

Narcissa was pulled out of her thoughts as Amanda closed the door, and made her way over to Narcissa slowly. Nici couldn’t even think at the moment as she was too entranced by the movement of Amanda’s hips to care about anything else in this world. Did she complain to Lucius when he did this to her? Yes, but this was different. Amanda was clearly doing this FOR HER where she dressed sexy because it was required. This was just mind-numbingly enticing.

“I think the last time we actually talked to one another you asked me if I loved you.” Amanda said with a slight smile.

“Yes, I did,” Nici responded in a shaky voice. “Do you still?”

Amanda was silent for a moment off in thought. “Yes I do, and I don’t think that is going to change.” Amanda’s face got this serious look on it before she said anything else. “Before we do anything else there is something I’ve been wanting to ask you.” Nici nodded her head slowly as she desperately tried to keep her eyes away from Amanda’s cleavage. “Do you love me as well? And by love, I do mean romantically.” Amanda said calmly, but there was this pleading look to her eyes.

Narcissa smiled and took Amanda’s hand. “Amanda Davis Granger I was in love with you the moment I saw you in Paris. That’s why I dragged Andromeda up next to you when you and your friend started fighting. Had it not been for that damned letter I’d have confessed my love for you the day I left.” Narcissa reached out and took Amanda’s hand. “The only reason I went home is the letter was from my father, but it was a setup.” Narcissa’s face morphed into one of malice just thinking about that day. “My mother,” Narcissa said this with such venom she hoped she didn’t scar Amanda. “...had placed him under the Imperious Curse, and made him write the letter. When I got home she told me that she was having a contract worked up between me Lucius Malfoy to solidify our wealth. One look at my father confirmed this.”

Amanda looked shocked at this news. “Okay that all sounds bad, but sadly I don’t know what the Imperious Curse is. It doesn’t sound good by name alone that’s for sure.”

Narcissa nodded. “It is a spell that will get you to put in prison for life if you cast it on another human being. The reason for this is it gives you complete control over another person, and unless you are strong willed you will do whatever you are told. No matter how dark, disturbing, or disgusting.” Amanda shivered at this point. “They had to break the curse when my father had to sign the contract. He wanted to cancel it, but my life was on the line. After the contract was signed Lucius went to his father and yelled at my mother. I didn’t say anything to her about us because Lucius was there, and I thought he was going to get his new associates to kill you and your family, so I waited.”

“And when you did tell her why you didn’t like this she beat you, and forced you to write that letter.” Amanda said as she pulled Narcissa into a hug.

The memory of her mother hitting her with an Expelliarmus strong enough to break bone made her flinch. This was followed up by the Cruciatus Curse, and threats of the Imperious Curse. She was kicked in the face for good measure before she was allowed to write the letter. “Yes, and I’ve regretted that day ever since.” Nici buried her face into Amanda’s chest. “Can you ever forgive me?”

Amanda pulled Narcissa’s face away from her chest and forced Nici to look her in the eye. “My love, I forgive you. To be honest I was going to do the same thing. It just felt so right, and it feels right now, but I am happily married.” Amanda laughed for a moment. “My husband told me that if being with you made me happy he would step aside.” Narcissa took in a sharp breath. “Before you say anything what he said next made me laugh. He said he also wouldn’t be opposed to being a third wheel in this relationship.”

Narcissa giggled at this, and for a split second, she was shocked that she’d ever done this. “If I could leave Lucius today I would, but I don’t want to impose upon you and your husband.”

“You wouldn’t be imposing. Richard and I have already talked about it. If we can find a way to break these chains we’ll do it, my love.” Amanda leaned in and kissed Narcissa passionately on the lips. There was this ‘pulse’ to this kiss, but Nici didn’t care about it at all. She was too lost in the moment to care. When the broke for air Narcissa knew she had to be blushing, and one glance at Amanda showed those beautiful light red cheeks she loved so much. Amanda cleared her throat and gestured towards the chairs. “Now you said we needed to talk about something, and I am assuming it is more than that you love me?”

Narcissa sat down in the chair Amanda pulled out for her. “Thank you. Yes, and to be honest I think you already know what that is.”

“Our regression in age?” Amanda said with a slight smile.

Narcissa smiled. “Yes, Amanda our regression in age, but I was wondering if anything else has been happening to you?”

Amanda looked off in thought for a couple of minutes. “I can think of a few things actually. The first is that every time I saw you in Diagon Alley I felt a pull towards you. Every time we touched each other I felt this ‘flow’ of energy between us. There’s more, but I am kinda curious if the same happened to you. I felt it again just now when we kissed one another.”

Narcissa nodded she felt the ‘flow of energy’ as well then, and now. The pull towards Amanda she’d said in the letter, but she was relieved that Amanda didn’t repeat her wording. Thinking back to the flow of energy earlier made Narcissa wonder about it a little more. “Did the energy flow into and stay, or did it flow into you and then leave?”

Amanda nodded. “Yes, Nici it flowed into me and then rushed back out again. It felt like it touched something here,” she touched just below her sternum. “...and then fled out again.”

Narcissa nodded this fit the one description she read about this happening, but she had to take things one step at a time. Although she wanted to handle one thing before she got into this heavier stuff. “You know if this is going to seriously continue I need a cute name for you. You’ve got one for me, and it only came about because we were drunk.”

“Hey, I stand by my decision.” Amanda got this slightly prideful look on her face. “Had it not been for Andromeda we would have never known what I called you while we were drunk out of our minds.” Amanda said this so finely that Narcissa started laughing.

“You do have a point, my love. Though she didn’t have to have a note saying ‘Nici (pronounced Knee-See) your knickers are being washed’ stuck to my forehead. I guess she wanted us to know exactly what you called me.” Narcissa chuckled as the memory came floating into her mind.

“Yeah, I remember that day. It was fun walking around Amsterdam and enjoying ourselves.” Amanda’s smiled broadened. “She still never told us my answer to how I got the spelling of Nici from your name.”

“Your right, and seeing as I haven’t talked to her since my marriage to... him I haven’t been able to get an answer.” Narcissa shook her head. “Now you have deflected enough I need to come up with a name for you...” Narcissa smile grew as she looked over at Amanda. “It can’t contain all the letters of your name, but It must start with the same letter, and at minimum have one more letter of your actual name.”

Amanda smiled at Narcissa mischievously. “Just don’t make it too ridiculous my love.”

“I would never do such a thing, my dear,” Nici said with an equally mischievous smile. She thought through all the combinations of Amanda’s name. Most were too stupid to even consider. She’d narrowed it down to three: Ada, Many, and Anda. Of those three only one made sense. “Will Ada do? Cause I love the sound of it.” Nici said as she leaned back in her chair.

Ada moved her lips around and scrunched her eyes in thought. Narcissa smiled as she thought the woman was trying to come up with a way to say ‘No’. After about five minutes Amanda nodded. “I accept my fate.” Amanda said with a smile.

Narcissa laughed at this and grabbed Ada’s hand. “Why don’t we go sit over on the bed for the rest of this conversation?” She asked with a hopeful look in her eyes.

Ada smiled as she stood up. “Trying to get suggestive her my love?”

Narcissa smiled. “Nope, but maybe in time we’ll be able to get to that point. Now, what has you so worried Ada?”

Ada laughed as she pulled Narcissa onto the bed. They both leaned against the headboard. Narcissa to the right, and Ada to the left. Narcissa wrapped her arm around Amanda’s waist. “Okay, what I wanted to tell you is that I’ve been noticing some Accidental Magic around my house and home when Hermione isn’t there, and at my office as well. When it happened there I looked for any wondering children, but couldn’t find any. It’s starting to make me think of things that aren’t possible.”

Narcissa sat there stunned at what she’d been told. “I don’t doubt you Amanda, but are you sure of this?” She asked softly as she brought Ada’s hand to her lips.

Ada nodded and blushed a little at this show of kindness. “Yes, and what’s bugging me is it has been happening more often in the last three months.”

Nici sat there stunned at this news. Could their bond actually be magical? Could it be that the most unlikely of bonds was really happening to them? Narcissa shook her head of these thoughts. The answers would come later. She thought back to what had happened to them today, and what had happened to them every time they touched one another in Diagon Alley. What were the pulses of energy? Was it really the rarest of magical bonds? There was only one way to test this.

“Amanda I think I know what might be happening, but to test this I’m going to have to ask you to do something that would normally be dangerous for a muggle.” Narcissa said softly as she tightened the hug she was applying to her girlfriend. Narcissa smiled at that thought. ’My girlfriend,” Narcissa chuckled lightly at this moment. “I never thought I’d be able to say or think what I just thought.” Nici said with a smile. She pressed herself against Ada a little more after saying this.

“What was that?” Ada asked before lightly kissing her on the side of the neck.

Narcissa closed her eyes and tilted her head back further. Almost inviting Ada to continue the action. “I just thought of you as my girlfriend, and to be honest I am okay with that.”

“Nici, focus. I’m not saying I don’t like that idea, but I do want to know what you are wanting me to do.” Ada said before she kissed Nici once more on the side of her neck.

“You are taking the fun out of this.” Nici moaned.

“Not what I want to do,” Ada said with a smile. “I am just telling you if Richard were here he’d be taking photos of us right now.”

Narcissa chuckled at this point. “For his pleasure or ours?”

“Both,” Amanda said softly. “Now about this idea of yours.”

Narcissa sighed before turning around so she was looking at Amanda. “My love, I think we have a soulbond, and that is something that is super rare in the magical world. It is speculated that everyone has one, but the odds of finding yours are so bloody unlikely its almost comical.” Narcissa gently kissed Amanda on the lips gently. When she broke the kiss she looked Narcissa noticed this lovely silver light between the two of them.

‘Well, that answers that for me.’ Narcissa thought before standing up and pulling Ada to her feet. Ada looked worried, but Narcissa wasn’t going to have any of that. “Ada what I am wanting you to do before I explain more is try and cast a spell.”

Ada looked shocked. “Are you serious?”

Narcissa smiled at her and gently kissed Amanda on her nose. “Yes, and if I am right you will be able to do it without a problem.”

“What are the odds this will actually work?” Ada asked softly.

“Really high my love. Now what I think you should do is take my wand,” Nici smiled as she drew her wand, “...and try and cast a simple spell.” Ada looked a little worried for a moment. “Don’t worry love I will be standing behind you, so nothing should happen to you if I’m wrong.” Narcissa handed Ada her wand. “I promise you nothing bad is going to happen.”

Ada held the wand in her hand. Looking at it suspiciously. “What is the worst that could happen?”

Nici said softly as she could. “The wand won’t recognise you as a magic user, and send us flying into the wall, BUT since I’m going to be behind you neither of us will be hurt.” Narcissa said this as she was turning Ada so she was facing the other wall. “Now what I want you to do is envision a stream of water flowing out of the tip of this wand, okay?”

“Okay, but why?” Ada asked.

“Magic is as much about focus and concentration as it is learning semi-Latin words and wand movements. If you don’t mentally picture what the spell is supposed to do then all you get is a flash of lights.” Nici said softly as she ran her arms around Ada’s waist. “Trust me, love. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“That’s my line...” Ada said softly. Narcissa watched her close. Ada stayed like this for a while but after thatNarcissa smiled. “The incantation you are going to use is aguamenti. I want you to focus on a stream of water flowing off the tip of the wand after saying that word. The wand motion is a slanted ‘s’ shaped motion. There is no need for over exaggerated motions, just a fluid motion should be enough to get this done.”

“Okay,” Ada said calmly. She closed her eyes and thought of a stream of water flowing off the tip of Narcissa’s wand. She felt Nici help her through the wand motion a couple of times before letting her hand go. Once she has done the pattern a couple more times she opened her eyes and focused on a stream of water leaving the tip of the wand. She did the motion, and as it approached the end she said firmly “Augamenti!” Ada said with so much intensity one would think she was trying to put out a fire.

Narcissa felt a backwards thrust for a moment, and in that brief moment, her heart was broken. The key word there was ‘brief’. What followed the backwards motion was the sound of a raging river. The force of the water leaving the wand was immense. Narcissa was laughing hysterically at this point almost screaming for joy. This was something that had only been a rumour concerning what she thought the two of them had. Well, this would jump it from rumour to confirmed fact. They would need to confirm this, but that could wait for a few minutes. This was only a dream a couple of minutes ago, but now it was a reality. It took a moment to realise Amanda was asking her how to stop the flow of water. She told her to just drop the wand. Once her wand fell to the floor Narcissa turned Ada around and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Once Narcissa broke their kiss she placed her forehead against Ada’s. “Not that I am complaining Nici, but what was that for?” Ada asked with the most adorable confused look on her face right now.

“My love we are soulmates. What has been happening over the last year was a soul binding. Every time we touched each other our souls bonded a little bit more. I think the bond was activated when we told each other ‘I love you’.” Ada looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “I am not saying that is how all soulmates initiate their bonds, but that IS how ours began. There is another thing, and that is what makes me so happy. It’s that we were always meant to be together. I don’t doubt for a second that Richard would have been part of our lives. Because had we kissed back thin I would have been ‘disowned’.” Nici said as she picked up Ada, and spun the two around in a circle.

“Because you’re gay, or because you were dating me?” Ada asked confused.

“Knowing my mother both!” Nici said as she stopped spinning. She stepped away from Ada and picked up her wand. “The first thing we need to do is get over to the Ministry of Magic and confirm all of this. Secondly, once that is done we need to go get you a wand, some books, potion ingredients, a cauldron, and an owl. Oh my God, we need to get you an owl.” Nici said in such glee she thought the room was now coated in sugar.

“Whoa slow down.” Ada said she wrapped Nici in a hug. “I am more than willing to do ALL of that, but why are you so overjoyed right now, my love? I mean aside from my magic turning on because of this super rare thing.”

Narcissa looked Amanda in the eyes with this wicked smile on her lips. “By activating and sealing this bond my marriage to Lucius Malfoy is over. Any child I am the mother of will still a Malfoy, but I have no obligations to either Lucius or the little prick he calls a son.” Narcissa could mentally envision the look on Draco’s face when he read that his mother was soulbound to a muggle-born. “Another bonus from this is that I will regain my dowry, and that should set Lucius back a pretty knut.”

Amanda looked even more confused. “What?”

As she dried the room and her girlfriend/wife Narcissa explained. She dried herself off before turning to face Ada with a smile. “If I remember correctly my father paid Malfoy one-hundred and thirty million galleons for my dowry. That would be a third of my ex-husband’s wealth.”

Amanda whistled sharply. “Hit ’em where it hurts I take it.”

Narcissa smiled and nodded. “More than that. He’s been banking on that money to pay debts, but he MUST pay me that amount of money because our marriage is now dissolved, and that’s even if it is every last knut he has.”

“Sounds like fun,” Amanda said with a smile. “So where do we need to go?”

“We will need to go ‘mundane’ entrance to the Ministry because I don’t think you just up and being taught how to use the Floo Network would be wise. That would cause the news of this getting to Malfoy Senior faster.” Amanda nodded as she opened the door.

“Right, where is that?” Ada asked.

“Outside Great Scotland Yard, it’s a red telephone box outside don’t worry about it. Not all of us are stupid enough to put an entrance into a magical zone inside a high traffic area.”

“Well, that’s good to know.” Ada said as she looked back at Narcissa. “There is something you are forgetting though.”


“It’s that you screamed so loudly that the old man behind the bar will have a rather large smile on his face.”

“Oh, you...” Narcissa said as she swatted Ada on the shoulder. Ada was laughing as they made it on to the first floor. Narcissa looked over to Tom, and like add said the old toothless man had a broad smile on his face.

Hogwarts, Great Hall

7:45 PM

Draco was sitting there next to Crabbe and Goyle looking over at Ronald sitting there at the Gryffindor table. He wanted to laugh at how far away some people sitting there at the table wanted to get away from him. Sadly for all of them, he couldn’t get anywhere near Potty boy. He remembered his father had tried to get Ronald resorted, but the old codger wouldn’t allow it. They were now almost done with the sorting of this lot. Thankfully Slytherin had gotten a high bunch this go-round than the other lesser houses this go around. This might give them an ‘honest’ advantage over the other Houses.

“What has you so happy Draco?” Crabbe asked all dumbly.

Draco chuckled and looked over at Potter. His rival was glaring down at Ronald. “I am just happy that we will now have a ‘spy’ in Gryffindor house like Potter has two in ours.” Draco looked down the table at the two whores sitting there talking with their new friends in Slytherin. “I can’t believe fate would deny me MY RIGHT to date that lovely bird.”

“There’s always Tracey Draco.” Goyle said looking a little anxious as the old codger made his way to his dais.

“You dunce she plays for our team. If you don’t remember she is dating Bones.” Draco all but growled at the idiot.

Before Crabbe could say anything the sound of hundreds of owls flooded the room. This was an odd post no matter how special didn’t arrive until the morning. What bothered him more than anything else was that it was going to every student. There was no way these mudbloods could have all gotten the MONEY required to pay for a special delivery of the Prophet. He looked over at Potter and his pet mudblood. They looked as confused and shocked as he felt right now. This couldn’t be a charade being pulled off by such a simpleton. He was incapable of working with enough people to pull this kind of stunt off. Draco’s father may have somehow found a way to get Potty boy’s godfather thrown back in prison. This caused Draco to smile as the owl landed infront of him.

It was delivering the Daily Prophet all right, and for some reason, it didn’t have the knut pouch on its talon. Once he took the paper off the owl it just flew away. Draco looked up at the old fool to see what he was about to do. Dumbles was reading the damn thing, and it seems the blood was draining from his face. “This has to be good if the old fool is scared by it.” Draco half laughed as he set the Prophet down under his leg to read later. He wanted to enjoy this, and he couldn’t really do that in the Great Hall waiting for the old codger to get on with this shite.

“Draco you need to read this,” Nott said in a shaky breath.

Draco looked over at one of his longest associates. “Theodore this is probably some ‘important’ nonsense from Skeeter about the World Cup, and let’s face it that woman is a pest, not a reporter.” Draco laughed hearty at this point. When he looked back at his friends and found them looking at him with these worried expressions on their faces. “What?”

“Draco you need to read the Prophet,” Pansy said more than a little frightened.

“Why?” Draco demanded. “What could this shite of a paper have that I need to read?!”

“It’s about your father you bloody fool!” Nott nearly screamed this at him. Draco looked around the Great Hall and found a vast majority of the people were looking at him. Those that weren’t had their eyes glued to either the Prophet the Mudblood Granger.

Draco lifted his leg to retrieve the paper. He opened it and started reading.

Magic Confirmed to be Connected to the Soul

By Rita Skeeter

Readers we at the Daily Prophet know this is late time to deliver the paper to you, but this information is too important to not make a special edition of the Daily Prophet for it. Waiting to deliver this news ’till tomorrow morning just isn’t right. The only reason we know any of this is thanks to Madam Narcissa Celine Black and her Soulmate Doctor (Dr for short) Amanda Davis Granger. The two of them told me that they initiated the bond back in the summer of 1972. Had it not been for Madam Black going back home for a day the bond would have been sealed that year of this they are certain. For those of you who do not know a soulbond has two stages: Initiation and Seal.

The Initiation is the simplest of these two steps. It is the admission of true love between the two. Now, this is not as simple as saying ‘I love you’ to someone. This is both saying the words and believing in them from depths of your soul. This and only this will Initiate the soulbond. As for the bond itself, it functions in a similar manner. When you kiss the person you are soulbonded to must pour everything you feel into it. Almost as if it was the last thing you were going to do. From what this lucky couple told me you will feel this ‘flow’ of energy between yourself and the person you are bonded to. Perhaps it is this, and this alone that woke up Dr Granger’s magic.

Though with Madam Black and Dr Granger delayed initiation there was something that bothered me, and that was why Madam Black had returned home. When I asked her this is what she had to say.

I returned home because my father asked me to return for a family meeting. When I arrived home my mother and Lucius’ father had worked up a marriage agreement between our families. I was ordered to make ready for my wedding in a couple of weeks. I told them I wanted nothing of this, but the three of them gave me no choice. I either did this, or they would hunt down the woman I loved.”

As Madam Black said there was this gentle glow to both of their eyes. It was awe inspiring to watch a Soulbond seventeen years in the making. Though most new to the magical world don’t know this most in our world think Soulbonds are a myth. Of course, there are those who believe it is a thing, but most do not. This one thing confirms that it is not only a real thing but something that happens often enough to occur twice in a century. That is, of course, the only number we KNOW of. Perhaps there are more out there. It also shows that it is more than just one’s bloodline that matters concerning magic. As I said earlier it is only after Dr Granger and Madam Black Initiated their bond that Ms Granger started to display magical talent.

The thing is it is through this bond that we learned the information in the headline. As Madam Black and Mrs Granger were getting the paperwork done concerning their soulbond they informed the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Amelia Bones, Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt, and Auror Nymphadora Tonks, and the Head of the Department of Mysteries Unspeakable Abigail.

While Unspeakable Abigail would not go into too much detail she did let this reporter see the documentation that confirms the soulbond. (See Page 5) It seems that Madam Black and Dr Granger initiated their soulbond last August. As we mentioned earlier the bond was sealed today. For those of you who do not know a soulbond works in stages. The first stage is the admission of love to one another. The second is the first true kiss the couple share. The Department of Mysteries says that this kiss must be one purely of love, and not just because you want to kiss the person you are bonded with. That is why there are times it has been recorded history that there have been months or years between the two events. The most famous of these is the one between Godric Gryffindor and Helga Hufflepuff with ten years between the two points. They were married for FIVE of these years!

This soulbond leads us to the most interesting part of it all. Over the year the bond was slowly building between the two Dr Granger’s magic was slowly getting stronger. To eliminate the chance that Dr Granger was doing anything to ‘steal’ magic, as an unnamed work in MoM accused her of doing, she answered a total of twenty questions that the Daily Prophet was allowed to witness. (We will show the most important ones in this article to see them all look to page 15) Dr Granger’s magic can also be explained as she is a descendant of Arnold Rockworth Davis. Arnold Davis was a squib in the Davis family line. He was the youngest of nine children, and he married a muggle. This means that the first witch in this family line since Arnold’s mother is Madam Hermione Jean Granger who may also be a descendant of Hector Dagworth-Granger on her father side. (For more on the Granger Family Connection see page 13.)

Draco growled as he listened to the woman’s picture answer the questions. He could see the Unbreakable Vow on her arm, so there was no way she lying. If she did that she was dead because the picture did include the very CAREFULLY worded vow. The Ministry would never leave anything to chance, and IF she’d lied the woman would be dead thus making the news something else entirely. Sadly the bond was being made with Amelia Bones, so there was no way his father could turn any of this against the traitorous bitch he had for a mother. The two other Aurors looked ready to stun the cunt that just had their magic awaken because of a kiss.

Doctor Amanda Rachel Davis Granger do you swear to answer truthfully to the best of your abilities the next twenty questions we ask you by Amelia Diana Bones?” Unspeakable Abigail asked.

“Yes, I do.”

“Did you in any way steal the ability to use magic from myself or Madam Narcissa Black?” Madam Bones asked.

“No, ma’am. I don’t know of anything that would allow such a thing.” Dr Granger answered calmly.

“Did you through a potion, spell, or a magically unknown muggle way force Madam Black to fall in love with you thinking she’s under a soulbond?” Madam Bones asked a little more sternly.

Absolutely not!” Dr Granger screamed. “That is something I would find reprehensible. That is worse than just raping someone. You are doing to their mind what rape does to the body.” Dr Granger’s face looked rather offended. “When I met her in 1972 I was smitten with her at first glance. I didn’t want to admit this to myself back then, but I was in love with her at first glance.”

Do you love Madam Black?”

“Yes absolutely. When we broke apart in 1972 I spent a month crying myself to sleep daily. I didn’t know back then why it hurt me so much for this to have happened but know I know. Part of my soul was hurting because of the forced separation.”

Do you know if muggles have a secret way of stealing magic from a witch or wizard?” the look on Bones face showed she doubted the question more than the answer.

“No, ma’am. This is a rather absurd question Madam Bones. In all my life I’ve heard stories of good and bad witches and wizards, but I never heard of a muggle stealing magic from a witch or wizard. I’ve heard fairy-tails, those being stories parents tell their children to get them to go to sleep or hopefully scare them away from doing bad things, where a boy or girl stole a wand or the like. In those stories, they could never control the power. There are also modern fictional stories in the muggle world about magic users being able to teach someone how to use magic, but none that I can think of where magic is stolen. I mean if this what some of your people fear then there is something fundamentally wrong with them.”

Draco started tuning out the damn picture. This woman had in one answer killed centuries of ideals that he and his father supported although not publicly. He may insult the mudbloods when he could, but never where a professor could hear him. Another thing that was irritating him more than this was that every time the Half-blood, as the people across the table from him addressed this cunt, would say anything regarding the relationship she had with his mum the cunt would smile. His mum would also from time to time reach out and touch the THING answering questions. If he could he’d get his Aunt Bellatrix’s blood and use the sister potion his father used on Ronald to change his maternal blood from that of a traitor to a noblewoman blood loyal witch. He shook his head and continued reading the article maybe there was something he could glean from all of this to help his father.

As for her magic, it was discovered by Auras Shacklebolt and Tonks that there had been loads of accidental magic going on in or around Dr Granger’s office, residence, and places she frequently went to. They went to Hogwarts and talk to the Professors to make sure Dr Granger’s daughter Hermione was actually in class, or somewhere on school grounds at that time. To which all of the professors said that Ms Granger was on the school grounds. There was also no detection of apparition from outside Hogwarts Anti-Apparition Charm boarders. Nor were these locations of muggle exposure to such magic alerts in the. So, it could not be Ms Granger doing some remarkable underage unlicensed apparition.

Professor Minerva McGonagall (Transfiguration professor, Head of Gryffindor House, and the Deputy Headmistress) had this to say: “While she is the Smartest-Witch-of-Her-Age it is unlikely that Ms Granger would do something so reckless. She may have started doing foolish pranks with her friends, but they are all benign. The worst thing she has done was to blame one of them for a faulty spell that causing her to stumble over stumble over her words for a week. Aside from that Ms Granger is a model student. I am going to be talking to Dumbledore about this later today. I should have been notified by the school that this was happening. Since Dr Granger was well above the age nine I should have received a letter to sign and send off this year. It most definitely would have grabbed my attention considering I told Dr Granger this was impossible. Now if you don’t mind Ms Skeeter I have other matters to handle for tonight’s Sorting thank you.” what her head of House stood out to this reporter.

Once the Unbreakable Inquiry was done I took the time to talk to the lucky couple. I first asked Madam Black how she felt now about no longer being Mrs Malfoy.

“I feel relieved Ms Skeeter. I have spent the last seventeen years living in spurts of fear and joy. I feared my husband’s mood swings, and I enjoyed his absence. My son for the longest time brought me joy, but as he aged the more like his father he became. I feel for any witch that he may swoon to his side. Lucius Malfoy is a twisted individual that I’ve wanted nothing to do with for over a decade. The only thing that kept me in that home was his ability to track me. This was done through dark magic placed upon my wedding ring.”

Draco growled as he read this. The statement was followed by a picture of his mother putting the Malfoy family ring in an evidence bag being held by Madam Bones. ‘HOW DARE SHE SAY SUCH THINGS! I was the perfect child. I behaved the way a pure-blood’s child should behave!’ Draco thought firmly.

A loud crack of thunder grabbed his attention. The sound of the odd clanking of some weird footsteps pulled his attention towards the entrance of the Great Hall. Staggering into the Hall was a man with a magic eye. The man was portly and looked more than a little scared. Just like all the other tosspots, Dumbledore hired. Useless. Dumbledore watched this man make his way up to the professors’ table. He shook hands with Dumbledore, and after this, he heard the old fool introduce their new Defence teacher Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody. His father had talked about this man for years. He hated the man. Moody had a tenancy to miraculously avoid death, and arrest Death Eaters at the same time. What kept him from reading the rest of the article was an announcement that quidditch was cancelled this year. Like everyone else, he was enraged about this. How dare he take away his best chance for showing Potty that he was nothing more than a mistake.

The next professor to be introduced was Greengrass’ mother. Alice Greengrass was easy on Draco’s eyes as her daughters. Thing is he didn’t know what she could be teaching. The school had a full staff and did not need another one unless McGonagall wanted to step down and let a better individual take over. The word’s that left Dumbledore’s mouth after Greengrass’ name though made everyone whisper, but it made him groan. “Professor Greengrass will be taking the place of Professor Binns. It is a change that has been needed for some time, but no one has thought to ask for the job, and no Headmaster, myself included, has thought to ask for one. So hopefully our History class will be a little more engaging this year.” There was a small amount of laughter at this point. “Well at this point there is some very important news I would like to inform all of you about...”

What followed that though was something that made him think of grandeur. Sadly this did not last for long because the old codger set an age restriction that in his opinion was unreasonable. HE did know enough magic to handle himself just fine in the tournament. Like any properly raised pure-blood, he was taught more proper magic at home than this shite they teach here. At home, he actually learned the Dark Arts, and those spells would clearly be better than the Defence garbage they taught here. There were a few half-bloods that were raised in such a way. Some said that Snape was one such half-blood, but Draco doubted this.

Draco shook his mind of these thoughts, he put the Prophet away and started gathering his meal. As he ate people were asking him what he thought of his mother, but all he would tell them is he didn’t want to talk about it. The more he thought about the more enraged he became. The fact that he might not even exist had it not been for Grandmum Black this traitor would have been killed long before she could do this to his family. From what his father told him during his Talk about men and women told Draco about his mum. That she was actually a lesbian, and that she was about to confess her love to the muggle that she’d been hanging out with for two months. The muggle didn’t know that it was Black money helping her get around all over Europe. Though now it seems that the... Half-blood had money in her own right cause her family was old and done well for themselves since they lost the glorious gift of magic.

“Draco you need to calm down,” Pansy said softly.

“Why?” Draco said as he brought a piece of steak up to his mouth.

“You are slamming your knife into the plate and making a scene.” Pansy said softly.

Draco looked up and down the table. He found that most of the people were casting glances at him, and whispering to themselves. He’d expected to see Davis and Greengrass smiling at him further down the table. However, Draco could not find them at their usual spots at the Slytherin table. He looked around the Great Hall wondering were those whores could have gone. It didn’t take him long to find them. Honestly, he should have started his search there. Before he could say a word Dumbledore opened his big ‘honest’ mouth.

“Ms Davis and Greengrass, normally we sit with our own houses at this time of the year, but I want to compliment you for supporting your friend Ms Granger. To Slytherin, I award fifty house points for each of you.” The smile on the man’s face was a lie. There was no way the man could be happy about another ‘grey’ family being restored. Davis’ father was a good ally of his father’s and the Dark Lord, but his wife and daughter didn’t carry his viewpoints. His wife was killed because she dared to challenge her rightful master, and his daughter only lived cause she ran to Aunty Alice. Lord Greengrass stunned a noble man as he tried to redeem his family. The fact that he would kill the blood traitors within his family was a... minor inconvenience.

Draco shook his head of these thoughts. He needed to finish his meal, and just leave this wretched place. he knew the password to get into the Common Room anyway. If points were lost for this it didn’t matter they could be regained in no time. Once Draco was done with his meal he downed his pumpkin juice, and then stood up. He reached down grabbed his Daily Prophet and started walking out of the room. He could hear Dumbledore and McGonagall saying something but he didn’t care one bit what those two had to say about him at this moment. He had more important things to worry about. He just marched his way down the Common room entrance. As he walked past the darkened glass looking out to the lake he realised something was wrong. He stopped for a moment and looked at his reflection. He was standing there in a pink leotard in the reflection. There is also this weird pink skirt thing around his waist, the shoes he was wearing, now that he knew he wearing them, were causing him terrible pain. He took a step up to the glass window, and at that moment he was filled with rage. With every step, he did some kind of dance that he’d never seen before. How he was lifting his leg higher than he’d ever done in the past baffled him. That he spun in a circle till he got the reflection was a bit nauseating. Once he stopped moving he reached down and started pulling at his new clothing. He had to get this damn thing off, and go to his dorm room, and continue reading the newspaper.

Once the damn thing was off it turned back into his clothes. Draco growled at this shite. “This is the lowest those two nitwits have stooped to make me look like a fool. They have FAILED at it until now!” Draco screamed as he made his way up to his dorm. Once he was inside it he threw his clothes and onto his bed, he dropped the Prophet on his night table, and then he got out his night clothes. He walked infront of the mirror. He stepped to the right and took a couple of steps to make sure he was doing that ridiculous dance. Once he was satisfied he walked back to his night table and picked up the prophet. He then went back down to the Common Room and sat in his favourite spot infront of the window that looks out into the lake. He mumbled as opened the Daily Prophet back up to page 3.

The Bloody Baron floated through the door, and glide to right infront of him. “Mr Malfoy Professor Snape would like you to rejoin the other students in the Great Hall.” The Baron asked in his usual sombre voice.

“No, thank you, Baron. My family has just suffered the worst kind of betrayal.” Draco told him in rather cold tone.

“Mr Malfoy if you do not return it will cost Slytherin another fifty points,” Baron said more than a little agitated.

“I don’t care,” Malfoy said sternly before he continued reading.

When asked why she said this Madam Bones let me take a look at some of the notes taken during an Inquiry of Madam Black earlier in the day. The information on that piece of parchment made me more than a little uncomfortable. It seems Mr Malfoy physically and emotionally abused Madam Black. There were traces of the torture curse of some kind on her that the Mediwitch from St Mungo’s had found. They could not say whether it was Toe Biter charm or a similar spell. There was also some evidence of broken bones and magically healed physical wounds. Her jaw was broken multiple time, her wand hand was severely broke at one point, and most of her body carried some form of healed laceration. Madam Black says that he has used it on her in the past, and that was more than enough for Madam Bones to ask for a warrant for Lucius Malfoy’s arrest. Sadly even if this were to make to the courtroom this reporter doubts it will be taken seriously. Madam Bones swore that she would not let this one slide through the cracks.

Ms Skeeter I am going to personally lead the Auror Squad that will be going to arrest this man. We will be leaving this room to do so once we talk with Professor McGonagall on how Dr Granger’s magical education should go.”

Madam Bones then called in two more Aurors to assist her and the other two Aurors already in the room. They’d been told where Ms Malfoy should be, and they’d already contacted their French counterparts to look for him. The last I saw of them they were leaving Madam Bones’ office. Sadly I was not there to see Malfoys arrest. For that riveting story see page 5.

Some of the other reporters of the Daily Prophet had to help me gather parts of this story. There were too many angles for one reporter to work on their own. I nod to them with the greatest joy, and they GAVE ME the HONOUR of doing the biggest part of the story. I feel blessed. Have no fear though readers I will do everything I can to keep you updated on the tale of this riveting couple!

Draco growled loudly while he read this blasphemous article! There was NO WAY his father would be arrested for doing his duties to maintain family honour. It was his ‘mother’ they should be arrested for lying to authorities! How had they gotten the clearance to do the Unbreakable Vow in the first place? That required the approval of the Head of the DMLE, two other Department Heads, and the Signature of the Minister himself. There was no way that blow hard would betray his father like this. The thing is Fudge was nowhere in the pictures, so the man must not know what they were doing. He KNEW that when the minister found out what was going on he’d stand up, and help his father. The people at St Mungo’s surely could just ignore the forty-thousand galleon donation his father had just made to them to support this damned blood traitor.

The sound of the door opening grabbed Draco’s attention. His fellow Slytherin were filing into the Common Room now, and none of them looked happy right now. Before he could say anything Malcolm Baddock spoke. The look on his face was matched by a vast majority of his housemates. “Do you know what you have DONE TO US MALFOY?!”

Draco scoffed at the aggravation in the boy’s voice. “Hardley anything that can’t be made up with ease in our Potions classes.”

“No, you DUNCE!” Pansy screamed at him. “You just cost us two hundred and fifty points in one bloody fucking day!”

Draco sighed at this point. “Pansy my love, my father will just talk to Snape and have this all swept under the rug soon enough. What that whore has done won’t last long. You’ll see, they may arrest him, but they will be arrested for taking the Unbreakable Vow without Minister Fudge’s approval.” Draco said as he waved them off.

Kevin Bletchly walked up and backhanded him. “Are you ignorant or just fucking stupid?!”

“What the bloody Hell was that for Bletchley?” Draco said as he rose to his feet.

“For you not paying attention in class you fucking fool.” Zabini said in an enraged voice. “Had you not fallen asleep so often in History, or Hell done you own bloody homework you might have actually learned something. To answer your question: the Minister of Magic is ONLY NEEDED to sign a search warrant for a FORCED Unbreakable Vow. For example, if they take your father to court and wanted to put him under an Unbreakable Vow they would need to prove he would not tell them the truth any other way. That is when they need a warrant first, then the agreement between the Head of the DMLE, the Head of the Department of Mysteries, and the Minister’s signature. What you said is about two centuries out of date. Who taught you this? Oh wait, let me guess: Your father?” Zabini’s rage almost hinted at sarcasm at this point.

“What I thought that law was amended to reintroduce the older much SAFER law?!” Draco yelled back at Zabini.

Bletchley laughed at this point. “Again you should really pay attention.” He held up the Prophet that had arrived after the sorting was done. “That bill you bragged so much about back in May failed, and they bring it up in the story on page 5.”

“Why?! It is just saying lies about my father.” Draco growled.

“Sorry Draco, but I don’t think they are lying about this,” Crabbe said with a sombre look on his face.

“Why do you think that Crabbe?” Draco said just staring daggers at his ally.

“’Cause McGonagall told everyone after you left that everything that was in the Prophet was true. She also informed us, at the protest of Dumbledore, that the school’s system detects and determines who will be allowed as students detected Lady Davis-Granger back in June. Someone wiped her memory of this, and McGonagall thinks they were trying to protect someone from being attacked. She also says that while she is probably going to be receiving home education she will extend an invitation to be sorted here at Hogwarts so that she feels more connected with our culture.”

“WHAT?!” Draco screamed in shock. “This cannot stand. This woman...”

“Just shut up Draco.” Pansy said stepped closer to him. “The only reason I was clinging onto you was for my families benefit, but now after this shite.” She points to her copy of the Prophet. “We’ve all be forced to accept has been torn to ribbons. That magic has to do with one’s soul, and their blood I can see where squibs come from now. They may have the genetics, but their soul just doesn’t have the right amount of power.”

“And who determines that Pansy?!” Draco screamed at his girlfriend.

“Fate, God, Hecate, or some bloody fucking angel spinning a wheel! It’s very simple Draco after today if you are a blood supremacist in this country you will no longer be liked. It may survive this day, but the rules behind it will have to change.” Pansy said with a growl.

“Why you!” Draco growled and raised his hand, but before he could move he felt a hand wrap around his wrist. He looked to his left. Zabini was standing there with a death glare on his face. “Fine, you all just leave me alone.”

“Oh, we plan on leaving you alone, in a way, Malfoy,” Zabini said while inching ever so closer to his face. If you so much as touch a bird in this house we,” Zabini pointed to others in the room, “...actual men will fucking deal with you.”

Nott spoke at this point. His voice was cold and low in volume. “Also Draco it would be within your best interest to sleep here in the Common tonight.”

“Why?” Draco asked with a scowl on his face.

Nott just looked between Crabbe, Goyle, Zabini, and Vagor. They nodded at him with this menacing look on their faces. “We very well may make your night rather unpleasant.”

No one looked like they wanted to defend him. Draco could feel his rage build as his gaze moved from person to person. The half-bloods that thought it wise to be sorted into this house were looking a little more empowered because of that article. The few mudbloods that were in this house now had this smug look on their faces. These scum would learn their place when the Dark Lord returned. Draco was even thinking of bringing his ‘mother’ to the Dark Lord himself.

These were things to learn about at a later time. Right now he had a minor inconvenience to deal with. “Fine Nott, but don’t think I won’t be informing your father about this betrayal of our families alliances. You were supposed to watch my back.”

Nott’s face took this slight smile to the left. “Draco that would be a thing if you hadn’t tried to smack Parkinson just now. With that act, I cannot in good faith offer any daughter I may have to your son or daughter in a marriage contract.”

The sly tone Nott spoke with made Draco even more enraged. He was going to have to get up early in the morning and send a letter to Lord Nott about this. “Fine. Madrel.” Draco said in a near growl.

The soft popping of the arrival of his families new house-elf grabbed everyone’s attention. “Yes, Master Draco. How may I’s help you?”

“Go get my comforter, bed sheet, and pillow.” Draco barked out.

“Of course master.” the elf disappeared, and within seconds his things were on the couch. “Is that all master?”

“Yes,” Draco said. He turned his gaze back towards the others. Most of them were now leaving, but there were a few staying behind. He was hoping that they were just putting on a ‘face’ earlier because of the other’s viewpoint on him right now. The Prefects took this time to inform the first years where their dorms would be. Draco scanned the group heading for the two traitors who need to be corrected the most, but he could not find them. Perhaps they retreated to their dorm to escape his revenge. Well, they will not be so lucky. Once everyone else was gone he turned to Crabbe, Goyle, Parkinson, and Nott. “My love I am sorry about earlier, but I know you were just...”

As Draco’s hand came within inches of Parkinson’s face the bint slapped it away. “I don’t think so Malfoy.” The glare she was giving him was nearly fatal. “If this is what your father taught you about being in a relationship then I don’t want to deal with you.” She looked over at Nott, and for the briefest moment he thought they’d been seeing each other, but Parkinson’s words ended this train of thinking. “So, do you really think she’ll accept me?” The look on Parkinson’s face was one of hope and dreaminess.

“You have a better chance with Patil than I do Sue Li,” Nott said with a smile.

“You two are at least are speaking to each other. I don’t know how well Patil will react.” Parkinson said doing more than blushing a slight pink tone. “Maybe you should ask Sue which way she leans.”

“Maybe you should get to know her first.” Nott said as he started walking towards the boys’ dorms. Nott looked back at him. “Remember Malfoy, you are on everyone’s shite list right now.”

“I won’t forget Nott.” Draco said with a stern look. ‘When my father gets released on bail, IF he is in custody, I’ll have him talk to these traitors parents. Pansy’s mother is going to be SO upset about this.’ Draco started smiling once everyone’s back was facing him. Draco sat back down in HIS chair and turned to page five.

September 1

2:30 PM

Ministry of Magic

Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Amanda was rubbing her wrist where that bond had been. It had been a couple of hours since she answered all those questions. To put one’s life on the line to prove to someone you are telling the truth seemed more than a little extreme to her. It was odd to have done this really, but after Madam Bones confirmed what Nici had told her about this spell she was more than willing to do it. This was the first time she had seen her soulmate be this... cunning about what she was doing. It wasn’t a bad thing, but THIS is why she never wanted to be in politics, being a solicitor, or a diplomat. This was just too much like dancing across three or four levels of a game of chess. There seemed to be about nine boards one above the other. With each board only aware of the one above and below it, and she was a piece on board one. Even though she expressed this to Nici her soulmate told Amanda that while she was a piece on the board that piece was the king. ‘That’s comforting to know though. She will never view me as a sacrificial piece,’ Amanda thought with a smile.

She had been waiting in Madam Bone’s office since the end of her inquiry’s end. They had wanted to talk to Nici about her life with Malfoy. They had called some people over from the magical hospital St. Mungo’s to assist them in the examination. Much to her dismay Madam Bones had offered Skeeter limited access to the report so long as she kept using that Self-writing Quill instead of the Quick-quotes quill. It was only after the interview with Ms Skeeter that Amanda got any answers regarding the difference between the two quills. Just thinking about what transpired made her smile even broader.

Amanda watched as Rita Skeeter left the room through the floo network to Professor McGonagall’s office. She heard some talking going on to her left, and returned her attention to what was going on because of some of the things that were revealed in the interview. Madam Bones was standing behind her desk taking some more notes, and barking an order to another Auror. Amanda didn’t know if she was going crazy or what, but it sounded like this woman was both happy and enraged at the same time after the inquiry was done.

“I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK AUROR DAWLISH! MALFOY IS A CRIMINAL AND NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED!” Madam Bones screamed at him for something she barely heard the man say.

“But ma’am we need a warrant to do that.” Dawlish said in a little bit shaken voice.

Madam Bones looked up from her desk right at him, and Amanda was really glad she was not at the receiving end of this gaze. She was almost certain that the woman’s gaze through the monocle might actually cause a laser burn on the man. “What the bloody hell do you think I am writing Dawlish?”

“Minister Fudge will...” Dawlish said rather casually but was cut off by his boss.

“Will do nothing. He is not in charge of such matters!” Bones screamed at the man. “I just need you and Proudfoot to take this down Algie Longbottom’s office,” she opened a drawer pulled out a crystal phial and put her wand to her left temple, “...and tell him to look at this memory. DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL HE SIGNS THIS!” Bones growled the last part. She looked over at the other Aurors. “Proudfoot I want you to make DAMN SURE THIS,” Madam Bones pulled her wand away from her temple. There was this silver strand that turned into something like a tear drop from her head. Amanda was amazed at what was happening, and wonder what Bones was doing. The silver thing when placed in phial it filled it almost all the way up. “...GETS INTO ALGIE’S HAND.”

Proudfoot stood at attention nodded at Madam Bones. “Yes, ma’am.” The woman said swiftly. She looked over at Dawlish. “If you so much as THINK of dropping this I’m going to stun you, and levitate you back here.” Dawlish’s face paled at that threat. This kind of made Amanda smile. She kind of wanted to know what this one and a half meter tall woman that weighed, maybe, forty kilograms soaking wet could do. It had to be awesome to make this man who stood a meter and nine-tenths of a meter this scared.

“Of course Fiona.” Dawlish said with a slightly shaky voice. He also seemed to shiver at that moment.

The two of them turned on their heels and walked left the room. There was this weird sense of tension that built up the moment between the remaining Aurors, Madam Bones, Nici, and herself. Amanda didn’t know what was causing this, but it was almost like this sixth sense kind of thing telling her that something bad was going to happen. She wasn’t that big of a fan of Star Wars but she agreed with Han Solo: ‘I’ve got a bad feeling about this.’

Amanda heard a sigh of relief coming from Nici. “I am so glad we had Skeeter use your Self-writing Quill Madam Bones,” Nici said with a smile.

Madam Bones laughed at this point. “Had you not told us about that Quick Quotes Quill I wouldn’t have thought about it. How did you learn about that little trick of her’s?”

Nici smiled took on this slightly sinister look. “When she was interviewing Lucius about his donation to St Mungo’s I was curious why he didn’t care it was Skeeter doing the interview. I said I need to go to the loo, and as I walked past her I cast a glance at what that thing quill was writing. I focused on what it wrote about my comment. I am also really glad I have enough sense not to break out laughing in a situation like that. The quill had written that I’d said: I have an incredible infection of my bowels and need to go relieve myself once every hour.” Nici shook her head. “I am not one of dirty jokes, but that is just a little too comical to read.”

“Wow.” Madam Bones said sounding more than a little impressed. “I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

“I think she made it Madam Bones.” Nici said with a smile.

“Ingenious, and call me Amelia.” Amelia looked over to Amanda. “The both of you.”

“Thank you, Amelia, and it’s Narcissa,” Nici said with a smile.

“Yes, thank you, Amelia,” Amanda said with a smile. “And it is Amanda.”

Amelia looked to the other two Aurors. “You two go see how much of that document the DoM has redacted. Remind them we want people to understand and KNOW that magic is both soul and blood-based. All checks of Madam Bones magic should not be part of the redaction. Tell them that unless innocent people being killed that information needs to get out there. Because of the Soulbond, Dr Granger’s soul got strong, and thus can now cast magic.”

“Yes, ma’am!” both Aurors said before leaving the room.

Once the door closed Amanda asked a question that had been bugging her. “So, the quill Skeeter wanted to use makes lies, but what about the Self-writing Quill do?”

“Right, right,” Nici said with a smile, “...you don’t know anything about this world other than what is related to your... our daughter?” Nici looked at her with this hopeful look in her eyes. Amanda had to think about it for a few moments before she nodded her head. “Our daughter needs for school or personal hygiene. Now while Self-writing quills can be bought in Diagon Ally Hermione doesn’t seem to be the kind to want one.” Nici could wipe the smile off her face.

Amanda chuckled at this point. “Your right Nici. Hermione would rather write notes herself.”

Nici just looked over at Amelia. “She sounds like someone we both know.”

“Yep.” Amelia said with a slightly sombre smile. “She sounds like Lily.”

Amanda felt a gentle hand press against her right cheek. This snapped her out of her thoughts, and she looked once more at Nici. “What has you smiling like the cat that ate the canary?”

“You,” Amanda said as she leaned forward and pecked Nici on the lips. “It makes me happy that you think of me like a king when it comes to chess.”

“Of course you are, dear.” Nici returned the kiss. “So are you ready to go get the things you will be needing to start your magical education?”

The sound of someone clearing their throat grabbed Amanda’s attention. This man who looked like he was in his forties with a receding red hairline, deep blue eyes, and he was slightly overweight for someone who stood one-meter fiver millimetres. He had these thick black framed glasses look like they came right out of the nineteen fifties, and was wearing a nice black pinstriped suit of all things. Amanda had seen wizards wear robes of that style, but never an actual pinstriped suit. She knew that he had to be some kind of official of some kind. ‘Maybe he has something to do with muggle relations.’ Amanda thought.

“Ah, David how is it going? How are the kids?” Nici asked the man as she gave him a gentle hug.

“Things are going well Lady Malfoy. They are quite fine Annie has been asking about you lately though. She is concerned about you, and she asked me to look in on you. It seems her fears were well-founded.” David looked over at Amanda and smiled. “And how is this young lady you have hanging off your arm Lady Malfoy?”

“It’s Lady Black actually David, and please just call me Narcissa now. Lucius and I are no longer married.” Nici walked back over to Amanda and took hold of her hand. “As for this ‘young’ lady may I introduce you to Dr Amanda Granger. The mother of Hermione Granger surely Hannah has told you about her?”

“Ah yes. According to Hannah, she is a the-smartest-witch of their year. Some even say of our age.” David said with a smile. He extended his hand. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Dr Granger.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well David.” Amanda shook the man’s hand.

David looked back at Nici and smiled with this little knowing look in his eyes. “Is she the one you told me about?”

Amanda looked over at Nici with a raised eyebrow. Nici just gave her this sheepish smile. “I didn’t tell him EVERYTHING, but I did tell him that I had been really in love with someone once. He asked if it was my ex-husband, and I told him no. Aside from saying it was a woman I told him nothing more.” Nici leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“So, is this reunion the reason you want me to run a special edition of the Daily Prophet?” David asked with a slightly raised eyebrow.

Nici shook her head. “No, the reason I want you to run that edition is simple.” Nici unlaced their finger and walked over to Madam Bones’ desk. She picked up the piece of parchment that had their soulbond documentation on it. She walked over to David and handed the parchment to him. “This is, and oh so much more.”

David took the parchment and started reading it. His eyes got wider and wider the further he went down the parchment. He looked back at Nici with this stunned look on his face. “So, this is the reason you look so... um... young?” David asked trying to bite back a laugh.

Nici gave him a look that spoke of some unknown inside joke. “Yes, and she is the same way. I’m sure her husband hasn’t complained.” Nici said with a smile on her face.

“Oi!” Amanda said as she swatted Nici on the shoulder. “Richard is not so... debased. Unlike other men he has class.”

“I’ll take your word for it love.” Nici said as she kissed her lightly on the lips.

David couldn’t help but laugh at this point. So this Soulbond awakening magic is what you want to be the reason for the special edition?” Nici nodded her head with this twisted smile on her face. “Okay, but don’t blame me if your soon to be ex-husband starts pumping more of his money into a charity to improve his standing.”

“Actually David I have an idea about that,” Nici said as she walked up and put her an arm around the man’s shoulders. “I was thing Mr Abbott that I could in good charity pay for ALL of the copies of the Daily Prophet as my last act as Mrs Malfoy.”

The man’s smile broadened. “See I knew there was a reason I liked you. They say Gryffindors and Slytherins can’t be friends, but we prove them wrong every time.” The gave a hearty laugh as he shook Nici’s hand. “I’ll send the invoice to the goblins for you, and to make sure he doesn’t find it I’ll put it as a request from his son.”

The sound of Amelia’s door flying open grabbed everyone’s attention. Standing in the doorway was Andromeda, a man with jet back who seemed to be related to Nici, and a blonde woman who looked like she had been pulled out of a kitchen. When Andromeda’s eyes fell on Nici she ran forward throwing her arms around her sister. Amanda could barely hear what Andromeda was saying, but she was certain they were conciliatory words. Promising to never abandon her sister again if she so much suspected mistreatment.

“It’s okay Andi, it’s okay. I’m back with Ada now. Everything is going to be okay.” Nici said as she patted Andromeda on the back. “We are both free now Andi. We both free.” Nici looked back at her with a smile. “As for what caused this...” Nici reached back and grabbed her hand. “I’m sure you remember Amanda from I time abroad?”

Andi smiled. “Yes, the one who named you Nici. I thought you were a muggle?”

Amanda looked over at Nici. With a simple nod, Amanda looked back at Andi. “I was a muggle, but since Nici and I started nurturing our soulbond my magic fully woke up.”

“YOU’RE SOULBOND?” Andi all but screamed. The shocked look on her face was priceless. Andi then looked back at Amanda. This big sister look on her face made Nici take a stepped ‘slight’ step backwards. “If I remember correctly the two of you loved to party. Hopefully with age comes wisdom. I am only saying this because you both don’t look a day of nineteen.”

Amanda laughed a little. “I can a sure Andi my partying days are long behind me.”

“Good cause the last thing I need at my age is a repeat of happened on July twelfth.” Andi said with this stern look on her face.

The man that followed them in barked out a laugh at this point. “What the bloody hell happened on July twelfth?”

Both sisters responded as one “None of you business Sirius Orion Black.”

Amanda couldn’t help herself. “The two of us got so overtaken by alcohol that Nici and I ran starkers through the halls of our hotel.”

Nici swatted her on her backside. There was this turned look on her face. “Ada do not give this man ammunition like this. He will use it to prank you for life.”

Amanda looked over at the man with squinted eyes. “I have a lifetime of preparations for such a man. My cousins were... notorious for such things. If you prank me prepare for payback tenfold.”

Nici wrapped her in a hug. Amanda thought she might actually be trying to protect her. “Ada my love I don’t think you want to get in a prank war with my cousin Sirius.”

Amanda looked at Nici for a moment, and then at Sirius. “Sirius Black? The godfather of Harry Potter?”

“Yes, ma’am. May I ask how you know my godson?” Sirius asked as he looked between Amanda and Nici.

“He’s good friends with my daughter Hermione.” As Amanda said this the man’s eyes got wide.

“Oh wow,” Sirius said a little shocked. He looked her up and down for a few seconds. “Well, I can see where your daughter gets from. Ouch!” He looked over his should at the blonde. “That was a Janet.”

“Says the man who is a perpetual teenager,” Janet said with a stare that would make a lion take a step backwards.

“So what my daughter said was true...” Amanda smiled at him. “Well, at least he knows to keep his eyes on an individual within his age range.”

“That’s mainly because he’s still pining over the woman hanging harassing him right now.” Andi said with a smile.

“Oi! That was given to you in extreme confidence!” Sirius said in protest.

A low chuckle made them aware of Amelia’s presence once again. “You will fit in with this family just fine Dr Granger. Now I’m going to have to ask you to leave. I do have other things to do today.” Amelia said with a smile.

Nici patted her on the shoulder. “She has a point love.” Nici gripped her hand and started moving towards the door. “Besides we have to go get your wand, and other things you will need to be able to pass your exams.”

“I’ll be informing Hopkins to remove your address of her monitoring list. Even though you haven’t passed your NEWTs you are still above the legal age of majority. That and Madam Black will be living there now.”

“Thank you,” Amanda said as she was lead out the door. long wait. Ada asked: “Okay, what do I need to do?”

“We need to get your wand, and trust me Ada size does not matter.” Nici said with a smile. Amanda just gave the best serious look she could give her. This of course caused Nici to laugh.

Ministry of Magic

Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Entrance; September 1st 2:45 PM

Lucius was more than a little annoyed that his wife had last been seen here. Had it not been for Yaxley contacting him about this he would have never known. She was also with a woman Yaxley had never seen before. It wasn’t one of her normal ‘friends’ that are connected to him. He thought he heard her call the woman ‘Ada’. He didn’t know of any woman with that name Ada. Where she came from was an unknown to him. He knew she was in love with a muggle all those years ago, but as far as he knew she had not found another since then. The odds of the two meeting were low, but if the bint had a mudblood child they could they could have met once again. Though the odds were still there that they did meet once again through some act of God.

“That would be the only way they could meet again. My luck has not been good today. The meeting wasn’t going in my favour, and they were wanting more money to keep doing trade with me. Can’t these damned Frenchmen realise that I am their best option to get the things they are looking for.” Lucius said just above a whisper.

Just the thought of loosing sixty galleons a month was slightly annoying to think about. Narcissa was going to pay dearly for this inconvenience. The family reputation was at stack now because of this whore. Had she slept more with him then she would not be in the situation she was in now. The cunt was really loyal for some reason to the woman she was in love with all those years ago. None of the women she hung around with spent that much time with her. He knew Crabbe’s wife had hit her up for an ‘interview’, but she turned it down. What could have caused this dedication to a lesser thing? It was like they were all but married, but there was no way that was possible. His son told him about the soulbond between Potter and Greengrass, and how it was being proven the longer the two were together.

They were some things they showed that were documented as true between soul bonded individuals. Sadly they couldn’t be tested for any of the other suspected traits because of their age. Damn Ministry wasn’t wanting to touch the beloved ‘Boy-Who-Lived’ to do the much-needed testing. In his opinion that testing could be life threatening just to see what kind of things a Soulbond could really do. The myths regarding such things needed to be tested.

“Mr Malfoy it’s good that we’ve met you early.” the sound of chipper female voice grabbed his attention. Turning around Lucius was confronted with a group of aurors. Some looked to be from France. Sadly Yaxley was not amongst the group. “We would like to TALK to you, sir. Although to do this we needed you to surrender your wand to do that.”

Lucius mentally growled at this, but he smiled towards the woman. “Ma’am I am more than willing to talk with an Auror, but I would love to know what I am being questioned about,” Lucius said this as he looked around. There were too many people gathered around for him to even consider fighting them and coming out a winner. Well, he couldn’t do this without a hostage of some kind. He didn’t want to have to resort to that unless completely necessary.

Proudfoot smiled. “We have some questions to ask you about your wife.” The few male aurors who were with her didn’t look too pleased with him at this moment. Lucius took the time to look at his ring at this moment. His family logo had gone from red to black. This meant the bint was dead. ‘She must have told someone about the way I treated her before kissing the bint she’s with.’ Lucius thought to himself with a mental smile. ‘I would love to see the look on that woman’s face right now.’ “Of course Auror Proudfoot, but madam I can assure you that you are in no danger from me.”

Proudfoot’s left hand twitched at this point. “Mr Malfoy I’d LOVE to believe you, but that is a little impossible right now. Given that your ex-wife is soulbound I don’t think you understand the severity of the charges against you. It is soul bound to Lady Davis, and before you ask no she is not some young child. She’s around her age.”

Lucius growled at this point. “Ma’am the only Lady Davis I know is the one under the care and protection Lord Greengrass,” Lucius said as he drew out his wand. “Surely she isn’t soulbonded to a minor. In fact, I thought the girl was going out with Madam Bones’ niece.”

“Sir, I don’t think you understand. This is NOT Tracey Davis that she is soulbound to. She is soulbonded to Dr Amanda Davis Granger. The two of them have the fortune of starting the bond in their late teenage years, and since the activated the bond a year ago they started regressing in age. Something that even the Unspeakables didn’t know about Soulbonds. I mean if I ever found my soulbond I wish we’d have started our bond that long ago.” Proudfoot said this with a smile on her face. All though Lucius didn’t know if that was because she was taking his wand or the idea of losing two decades of physical age.

“Ma’am my wife must be bewitched because I can assure you that she would never say such things about me. She can’t be soulbound to some... muggle.”

“Sir I’d LOVE to believe you, but I think you don’t get it. Dr Granger answered questions under the Unbreakable Vow about her relationship with Madam Black. So there is no way the courts will accept your excuses regarding the two of them.” Proudfoot said this with a little bit more joy in her voice. As she handcuffed him he could her chuckle. “I don’t think even Minister Fudge will want to deal with you right now.”

“So, you say,” Lucius said as they started walking him towards an interviewing room. Once he was certain they weren’t looking he started doing a little trick Yaxley showed him. This was something that was supposed to help an Auror should someone get the handcuffs on them. “So where are they?”

“I can’t tell you that sir.” Proudfoot told him. She looked around to the other Aurors that were with her. “This went simpler than we thought it would. Thank you, gentlemen, for letting us know that he left Paris not long ago. Had you not done this we’d have lost you.”

Auror Dawlish voice rent the air at this point. “Mr Malfoy what bugs me is that you don’t seem concerned about what is going on.”

Lucius smiled as he felt the click of the cufflinks released. “Sir, I have nothing to worry about. I have valid answers for everything my wife has accused me of.” Lucius said this with a sombre tone.

“I’d luv to ’ear dis.” one of the French Aurors said.

“I’m sure you would bint,” Lucius mumbled to himself. The sound of very familiar laugh off to his right. His WIFE was walking out of Bones’ office. There was this young THING holding her hands. The Thing looked so much like Granger that it had to be her mother. This was unbelievable really. Lucius looked to his left make sure Dawlish was distracted. Once that was confirmed Lucius let the cuffs fall to the ground. As they fell he rounded Lucius rounded on Proudfoot, and grabbed her wand. He then turned once again on his wife. “Diffindo!” Lucius screamed. The hot pink light heading for Narcissa’s neck. “Diffindo!” The hot pink light raced towards the bint’s neck, but a shield charm came between his target and his spell. He stood there and blinked for a couple of seconds before his field of vision went dark.

Girls’ 4th-year Dorm

Gryffindor Tower, Hogwarts 10:30 PM

Hermione was sitting there on her bed feeling more than a little happy at the moment. Last year she’d gained her first real female friends, and what was happening right now proved it. Her dorm-mates were proving their tentative friendship at this moment as well. All of them were gathered on Hermione’s expanded bed. At first, she was disgusted about owning a house-elf, but at the moment she found it very helpful. She’d been studying the expansion spell so she could do some personal work over the summer between her sixth and seventh year. She knew it would take time to learn and master the enchantments required to make the purse she wanted.

The sound of Susan’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts. “So your Mum told you about this over the summer?”

Hermione nodded her head. “Yeah, we were talking about me at first.”

Parvati looked over at her a little confused. “What could you have been talking to her about that brought this up?”

Hermione bit her lower lip about this for a moment. She knew she didn’t have to worry because everyone here was okay with Tracey and Susan, but there was still this fear about the topic from the muggle world. She knew she would have to bite this bullet at some point, and it was better to get this out of the way sooner rather than later. “Because I was struggling with something along those lines for months now.” She took one last deep breath. “I’m bisexual, and it took you two,” Hermione pointed at Tracey and Susan, “...for me to figure this out.”

Tracey and Susan looked over at one another. They kept looking at one another for a couple of minutes. When Susan looked back at her there was this slight smile on her face. However, the look on Tracey’s face was pure mischief. “So you want pointer tips on how to pick up a bird, or do you want to join this relationship? Oaf!” Tracy was putting her arm around Susan’s shoulders as she said this, but Susan lightly elbowed her in the stomach. “I was only joking love.”

“The tone of your face said otherwise said otherwise,” Susan said flatly.

“I really was joking,” Tracey said pleadingly.

“We’ll talk about that later.” Susan said with this look of emending doom on her face.

“Yes, ma’am,” Tracey said in a timid voice.

Parvati was laughing hysterically at this point. “You two sound like my Mum and Dad in that order.” She pointed first to Susan and then to Tracey as she said this. “You responded to it a little faster than Dad does though. He usually whines longer about things that you do.”

“Just shows his stupidity,” Sally-Anne said with a smile. “One of my Mums holds out at least an hour before she caves into it that she’s wrong.”

“I always thought those two were in a relationship.” Parvati said while she looked at Sally with a smile.

“Yeah, they don’t like broadcasting it that much. Before you ask yes I am their child. Mum Anne said that her Dad donated the male part of making babies, and they added a potion to it that contained Mum Sally’s blood. It changed that stuff to her ‘stuff’...”

Hermione cut in at this point. “Then they made you using this?”

Sally-Anne nodded her head with a smile. “And that made me. Mum Anne said that was nine months of hell for her.” Sally-Anne said this with a smile. “Granted like normal methods I could have been a boy, but through the adoption potion being add to the ‘stuff’ from granddad it completely changed.”

Daphne looked confused at this point. “But the adoption potion is more than one. To change the ‘stuff’ from being genetically her father’s to your Mum Sally’s she would add the Maternal and Paternal potions containing her blood.”

“She did, but every time during the story they told it to me that way as a kid.” Sally-Anne said with a smile. “This will make things easy for the two of you,” Sally-Anne said with a smile. “Just get one of your male friends to ‘donate’ that ‘stuff’ to you.”

“That shouldn’t be too hard just give them a Playwitch to go with it.” Parvati said with a smile. Everyone laughed at this point.

“So anyone, in particular, you thinking about Hermione?” Susan asked.

Hermione blushed at this point. She wasn’t expecting this question to come so fast. “Yes, but I don’t know how she will answer.”

“That’s how I felt about her.” Susan said as she wrapped her right arm around Tracey. “Thankfully she was wanting to ask me the same question.” Susan leaned in and kissed her on her cheek.

“Is she in this room?” Parvati asked.

Hermione study Parvati’s reaction to what she was about to say. ‘Best to not rule at an option.’ Hermione thought to herself. “No, but I won’t say no to at least a trial date if that’s what you want.”

Parvati looked a little re-leaved at this moment. “Not that I am against such relationships or anything, but I didn’t want to have to break your heart.”

Hermione smiled back at Parvati. “Thank you, Parvati, and the same goes for you two.” Hermione pointed at Lavender and Sally-Anne. “The same goes for you too, so don’t worry about it.”

“Well I wouldn’t have minded the idea, but I am kind of chasing someone else, Hermione.” Sally-Anne said with a smile.

Lavender smiled as well. “Well sadly Hermione I don’t lean that way, so I’d have turned you down. Though I do wish you good luck on your quest.”

Hermione looked confused for at Lavender. “Quest? What do you think this is like hunting a dragon or something?”

Lavender nodded her head. “It can be. You have to MAKE them want you sometimes, and once they want you they have to be drawn to you. Once they are confessing their love for you return the expression, and kiss them.”

“Lavender you make it sound like someone setting a trap,” Sally-Anne said with a smile.

“Sometimes it has to be set up that way, and I am not ashamed of it.” Lavender said with a stoic look on her face. Everyone laughed at this. The sound of a beak wrapping on the window grabbed everyone’s attention. “I’ve got it. I imagine it is someone’s mum trying to get a hold of them.” Lavender smiled over at Hermione.

“Maybe,” Hermione said as lavender left the bed and closed the curtains behind her once more. It wasn’t long after that a bird did come through the closed curtains, but it wasn’t an owl. It was a falcon with a lightning bolt on its right wing. Hermione just glared down at the falcon. “I don’t know if this one is for me...”

“Maybe it is,” Parvati said. “I’ve heard of witches and wizards using other kinds of birds to send messages. This one though seems to have been hurt. Poor thing.” Parvati petted Talons on the head. “It does have a message though. Is it for Hermione?”

Talons chirped and turned to face her. It turned to face her and stuck out its leg. Hermione looked over at Daphne who was sitting there without a top or bra on. She was expecting Lucky to be upset at this, but she was leaning back against the headboard and smiling. ‘Well, he has managed to avoid trouble this time.’ Hermione thought as she looked back down to Talons. She untied the parchment from his leg. She opened the letter.

Scales I’ve got an idea to complement our prank tonight, but it needs to be enacted a little sooner than we’d like. Meet me down in the Common Room.


Hermione looked between Lucky, Ruby, and Spots. “It looks like someone wants to meet us in the Common Room.”

“Let me guess it’s a ‘Sirius’ problem?” Tracey asked with a smile.

“I think so. He did help my Mum and Nici.” Hermione said this while shaking her head with a slight smile. “Don’t ask me how Narcissa Black got the nickname Nici. Though given that they were both young when it happened alcohol might have been involved.”

“Oh I want to hear more about this, but I’m getting tired. Night girls.” Parvati said after an exaggerated yawn. She waved at them as she left the bed.

“I think she’s got a point, goodnight everyone,” Lavender said before leaving.

“Goodnight,” Sally-Anne said this as she looked coyly at Talons. She patted him on the head. “Good night to you too.” She then leaned down and whispered something to him. Talons looked up at her with this ‘worried’ look on his face. After that Sally-Anne left the bed. “I’ll let ’em out the window,” Sally-Anne said as she let Talons hop on her arm.

Once the curtain stopped moving Hermione and Daphne started casting silencing charms on them. When they were done Hermione turned to look at Talons. “You are busted Talons. Hopefully, she doesn’t tell someone. We will meet you there just carry this like I wrote a response.” Hermione rolled up the parchment and held it infront of Harry’s beak. Once he took it and flew off Hermione turned to Daphne. “I’m surprised your not upset about this.”

“Normally I would have been, but I did wear a rather revealing bikini to his place to sunbathe in, so this isn’t too far from that. At least he knows how I sleep so it won’t shock him when we start living together. What does shock me is that Sally-Anne knew about his alternate form.”

“Agreed,” Ruby said with a smile. “I think we need to talk to her about joining our little sisterhood. Before you say anything there are more girls in this go round then boys.”

“True,” the others said as the charms were removed.

As they left the bed they were all stopped in their tracks. There was an otter sitting by the door looking at them in an expectant manner. The weird thing is this otter had bright green-eyes like Sally-Anne’s instead of black. Hermione looked at the others with a raised eyebrow. She looked at her friends for a moment and as one they nodded. Daphne took her animagus form and walked towards Sally-Anne. The two stared at one another for a bit before Lucky started leading her down the stairs. The other three just looked at one another. It was Tracey that broke the silence.

“Well, this just got interesting.” There was a smile on Tracey’s face as she said this.

“No, bad girl.” Susan said this as she hit Tracey on the nose with her index and middle finger. “Adding a third member to this party is a no go.”

“That’s not what I was thinking!” Tracey protested as she walked down the stairs. “I was thinking she might want to join the fun tonight. Because I don’t think she will disagree with what we plan to do tonight.”

Hermione nodded at that statement. There was always the chance that she was willing to join the sisterhood. The way Sirius and Harry would react to this made her chuckle. Remus would just laugh at it, and tell the other two that it was an undeniable fact when Tori joined the club. Once she was downstairs Hermione found Harry dancing around throwing his arms out infront of him with his fist sitting right next to one another. The look of happiness on his face was a bit worrisome. Then again he did just see his girlfriend/soulmate topless, so that was somewhat ‘forgivable’, but only just.

“You are SO lucky Harry,” Susan said with a smile on her face.

Harry stopped dancing and turned to look at them. “Hi girls.” The slight blush to his face was adorable really. “So, you ready to hear about the changes to the plans? Oh, and who’s the otter?”

“We’ll get to that Harry, but I want to know what Sally-Anne told you.” Susan said this with a smile on her face.

Harry looked over at the otter. “She told me that she knew who I was and that I was really lucky that Daphne didn’t scream, but I guess now she knows that it isn’t just me that can do this?”

Sally-Anne took her normal form. She was smiling over at Harry at this point. “I do now, and you forgot that I told you I’d follow your girlfriend down here.” Sally-Anne looked over at Daphne. “So, I take it the two of you aren’t the only ones who can do this?”

“Oh no, we all can do this.” Tracey said with a smile. She looked over at Susan, and the two of them nodded at one another. Seconds later they were in their animagus form. They walked around the couch toward Harry. He smiled at them and laughed and backed up. Once they got to his side they retook their normal forms and smacked him on the back of his head. “That is for doing this without warning us in the first place.”

Harry rubbed the back of his head. “Point taken.”

“So what’s your form?” Sally-Anne asked Hermione. Hermione took her animagus form. She then looked over at Harry and hissed. Sally-Anne whistled at this and looked at Harry. “I’d take that as a warning Harry.”

“I’ll do that.” Harry looked over at Daphne once more. Hermione noticed he was doing his best to keep his eyes off her breasts. “My love trust me, had I know how you sleep I would have sent the message another way.”

Daphne looked at him judgmentally for a moment. “I believe you,” Daphne’s face morphed into a wicked smile, “...but had I been bothered by it I wouldn’t have leaned backwards like I did.”

Hermione retook her normal form. “You just want him sweating bullets don’t you?”

“Yes,” Daphne said with a slight smile and sparkles in her eyes. Daphne had been doing well-learning muggle sayings. She turned her attention back to Harry. “Now what is it you wanted to talk about?”

Harry started to smile once again. “Well given what was in the Special Edition I think we need to do something to Draco that makes it very clear he has no protection.”

Tracey started cackling at this point. “I’m all for that, but which of our many ‘tricks’ are you thinking of using on him?”

Sally-Anne looked between everyone. “Tricks?”

The five of them looked between one another, and after five seconds of unspoken words, they nodded. “Sally-Anne we are going to prank Slytherin tonight, and I think a vast majority of it is going to be on Draco Malfoy,” Harry said calmly as he pulled out a small hag from his pocket. “What we are doing is a continuation of my father and his friends’ era. Now we will have to hold council with Sirius before we can finalise this, but you are more than welcome to join the brotherhood.”

Daphne walked up and wrapped her arms around Harry’s waist. She brought her face within inches of his. “Actually Harry, I think the term Sisterhood fits this generation better.” She then leaned in and kissed him passionately. Once she broke away she looked at him again. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Hey...” Harry said with this slight smile on his face. “The price though is you need to kiss me like that more often.”

Daphne blushed a little and smiled up at him. “I plan on it.”

Hermione could hear Susan giggling she looked over at her. She found the girl with the biggest chest of the five them looking at Daphne’s bare chest. Hermione couldn’t help herself from asking this question. “What’s so funny Susan?”

Susan looked over at her and there was this wicked smile on her face. “I am just wondering if you are going to be kissing him that passionately topless or not.”

“Susan!” Tracey truly sounded shocked. When Susan looked over at her Tracey had her hands on her hips. “That is my ‘little sister’ I am the only one allowed to do that to her.”

Hermione looked over at the other three. She did her best to not laugh. She hid her mouth behind her hand and tried to choke down the laughter. She failed, however, and started laughing within seconds. She was grabbing her ribs within seconds. The laughter actually made her feel really good at this point. She didn’t know if her friends were doing all of this to make her feel good, but if they were at this point she didn’t care. Once she regained her composure she looked over at Sally-Anne who seemed to be recovering herself. Hermione looked once more over at Harry. He was smiling broadly at her. “Please tell me you didn’t plan this?”

“We didn’t plan this Hermione, but I am happy to see you laugh. I was worried that what you read in the Prophet would be upsetting to you.” Harry said this while rubbing the back of her head.

Hermione smiled at him and nodded her head. “I am fine Harry. I was shocked to read the article about Lucius trying to kill Nici.”

Sally-Anne looked confused for a moment. “Knee-See?” Sally asked with a questioning look on her face.

Hermione chuckled at this point. “It’s what my Mum calls Narcissa Black. She wouldn’t tell me how it came around, but I think alcohol was involved.”

Daphne chuckled at this point. “That’s a story I want the details on, but that can wait we have a prank to pull.” She looked over to Sally-Anne. “So before we go are you in?”

Sally-Anne stood there in deep thought for a moment. “Sure, it’s not like I’m going to be a prefect anyway.” Sally-Anne looked over at Hermione and smiled. “If the future prefect is doing it the prank can’t be that bad.”

The six of them walked out of the Common Room. Hermione watched Harry pull out the fifth floor, and Hermione started silently wondering why Sally-Anne’s Mums hadn’t used the process with Anne’s father to give her a sibling. As they made their way onto the sixth floor Hermione could no longer resist the question. “So Sally-Anne why hasn’t your Mum Anne not done this with her father to give you a sibling?”

Sally-Anne shook her head. “That is one side of the family that will always be denied to me. Mum Anne is Theodore Nott’s aunt, and since she was dating a muggle-born she was disowned. It didn’t bug her one bit though. She’s been less than cordial with her brother when he’s talked to her.” Sally-Anne growled at this point. “The bastard has called Mum Sally some pretty unfavourable things. Theodore though doesn’t seem to agree with his father.”

“Really?” Harry asked after he checked the map. He gestured for them to follow him. “He has always stood behind Malfoy when it came to opposing me.”

Sally-Anne shook her head. “When his parents aren’t looking he will wave at my Mums. This makes Mum Anne smile. She thinks there is hope for the family in the future.”

“That makes sense,” Daphne and Tracey said as one.

They fell silent as they made their way through secret passageways and hallways to Slytherin dorms. For the first time in her life, she was happy that they had the Map. There was a part of what they were doing that made her feel bad, but the excitement that she was feeling was winning out at this point. After they went through there fourth secret passageway they were now in front of Slytherin Dorm entrance. Tracey was the one to speak the password “Parseltongue”, and they made their way inside.

What they found inside made them stand still for a couple of minutes. Standing around one of the couches were about a dozen people. Most of them with this shocked look on their face. It was like they were expecting to see Snape standing where they were at this moment. After a couple of seconds, they all let out a sigh of relief. It was Pansy who spoke first to the group.

“I take it you two,” Pansy pointed to Daphne and Tracey, “...want some revenge on what this little bastard has done to us.”

The two of them looked at one another for a moment before nodding to one another. They then looked back at Pansy. Daphne is the one who responded to the question. “Yes and no, but what we want to do is to everyone in the house except to the first years, and you Blaise. That being said we are wanting to do something special to Draco.”

“I would say target me as well.” Blaise said as he looked between the two. “I know we are good friends, but if Malfoy has someone to target he will whine to no end about it to Snape. I’ve always hated that he has been ‘favoured’ amongst us. The little shite gets more point for breaking the rules than you do.”

Tracey groaned at this point. “Now given that his Daddy is in a holding cell things are going to get worse.”

“Yep,” Pansy said with a scowl on her face. Hermione didn’t know why his girlfriend was so upset with him. It might be that she was afraid he would behave like his father later on in life. “I will be free from this stupid marriage contract because it was dependent on Lucius not going to prison. Since he has been arrested I’m free. I also don’t think my Mum would sit well with the knowledge that Draco thinks it is okay to abuse his wife.” Pansy said this last bit with a little venom in her voice.

Sally-Anne whistled at the way Pansy was talking about Draco. “I take it you don’t like him anymore?”

Pansy growled at the thought of her ‘dating’ much less ‘marrying’ Draco. “I never ‘loved’ him. I was contractually bound to like him. Now though I am more than likely freed from such obligations. I can now date whoever I please.”

Sally-Anne nodded her head. “Good to know.” Sally-Anne looked down at the couch. “I take it that is where Draco is?”

Every Slytherin standing on the other side of the couch nodded their head. It was Nott that spoke up next. “We were planning on pranking Draco ourselves, but what do you have planned?”

Hermione looked between Sally-Anne and the other Marauder’s. They all held this silent conversation with nothing but facial expressions.

Hermione raised an eyebrow. ‘Can we trust them?’

Sally-Anne gave a half-smile and tilted her head to the right. ‘I don’t see why not.’

Daphne rolled her eyes. ‘Of course, you’d side with your cousin.’

Sally-Anne smiled. ‘Of course.’

Tracey smiled. ‘See building bridges already.’ She looked over at Susan with a mischievous smile. ‘I like her.’

Susan squinted at Tracey. ‘Hopefully not THAT way.’

Tracey tilted her head down a little and looked sheepish. ‘Of course not.’

Harry rolled his eyes. ‘Focus girls.’

Both Susan and Tracey smiled sheepishly at him. ‘Sorry.’

Daphne let out a sigh. ‘I guess it’s better than trying to stun them.’

Harry nodded his head. ‘Good point.’ Harry turned “Okay before we say anything we were planning on pranking everyone but the first years. Mainly because that would just be cruel. So, if we join forces you should know that the rest of the house was going to be targeted as well.”

Blaise nodded. “That makes sense. If you just targeted Draco you guys would be target number one.”

“Yes, and no. Snape would think it was me, but everyone else will blame the Weasley twins.” Harry said with a smile. “So for this to work in both our favours we need to share information. What were your plans?”

The Slytherins looked between each other and then nodded. Nott was the one who answered the question. “Our plans were to stun Draco, which we’ve done, and...”

September 1st 4:15 PM

Diagon Alley, London

Amanda was walking down the street with everyone looking at her rather strangely. She wished that the Daily Prophet were out with the story already, but sadly even in the magical world the news spread awfully slow when it came to newspapers. There was a part of Amanda that wished they had a bloody telly network, but sadly that had been shot down years ago. As it stood Nici was telling everyone that she was moving in with Amanda and Richard. She also told them that Amanda was an old friend. Some pressed for more, but all Nici would say is that they would have to wait for a special edition of the Prophet for more information.

Amanda was almost tired of shopping for things at this point, but Nici had insisted on her getting a set of formal robes and casual robes. Amanda had thought this was an excuse for Nici to see her half naked. Nici denied this, but Amanda was not buying it. As it stood they were now on their way to buy her wand. Nici had told her that the wandmaker was a little eccentric, but he knew his stuff.

As they walked into the store Amanda was hit with a sense of awe and wonder. This was going to be HER wand, and that was something she’d wanted since she learned magic was real. Now, this was something she didn’t know whether she was anxious or excited about. As she made her way up to the counter she actually enjoyed. The smell of ‘old dusty books’ brought a calm sense to her mind.

Once she was at the counter she noticed that the shelves in the store ran all the way into the back. There seemed to be a small pathway that leads off to the right. It might lead off to an office, but she didn’t feel comfortable making that assumption. For all, she knew it could be a workshop to make a wand. Before she could call out for a worker an elderly man came out of the pathway off to the right. He smiled at her, and this made Amanda a little worried. “Ah, Ms Black it is good to see you again, and Lady Davis it is an honour to meet you at last. I’ve been waiting for you for years. Let me think on it the last head of the Davis family Teresa Davis wand was 9½ inches aspen dragon heartstring unyielding wand. That was made by my great grandfather’s grandfather. Then there is Tracey Davis’ wand which is 9¼ inches cedar phoenix feather slightly supple wand.”

Amanda stood there a little shocked at all of this. “How can you remember all of this?” The stunned tone of her voice made Nici giggle.

Mr Ollivander chuckled at this. “I remember every wand I have made like Ms Black’s here. An 11-inch cherry dragon heartstring unyielding. It is clear to me now why that wand called out to you. The strength of your character shows given what you have been through. I now know why that wand was held in my family for two generations. It was waiting for its true owner.”

Amanda looked between a blushing Nici and Mr Ollivander. “What’s so special about that kind of wand?”

Mr Ollivander answered this in a bit of a sombre voice. “Japanese cherry tree wood is a rare one to be good for a wand. The branch must be perfect to work with, and it must have a touch of magic in its own right or it is useless.” He looked over at Nici with a smile. “It is a wood that when made into a wand carries a lethal level of power, but if paired with dragon heartstring that power is amplified. It takes one of strong will and self-control to wield such a wand. Ms Black has held it for over two decades, and never given into the power the wand yields.” Amanda felt this sense of awe fill her about her soulbond. “Now, of course, we need to find your wand, Mrs Granger. I have actually been waiting for you for many years now. I felt you grace magic back in the seventies, but it faded from you. Now though it is flowing through you like water through a sieve.” He reached under the counter and pulled out a tape.

“How did you know this?” Amanda asked a little bit stunned.

“My family has a tome with never-ending pages that detect magic users. It was made similar to the Hogwarts acceptance book and quill. My family made it with the help of Hogwarts founders once the school was up. I could go back centuries, but the book only reveals the centuries you are looking for. Now, which one is your wand arm?”

Amanda responded with a slight smile. “Well, I write with my left arm.”

“Hold it out please,” Ollivander asked.

Amanda did as he asked, and he let go of the tape measure. It started zipping around her body. It measured the length of her arm. The gap between each finger, and the distance between the thumb and little finger. The distance between her armpit and hip. The length of her leg from her hip to the ground. It also measured her inside leg measurement. It also took a measurement around her waist. Just as she thought the measurements were about to get a little personal Ollivander asked the tape measure to stop, and the thing fell to the floor. The next thing she knew the old man was walking up with about twenty little boxes.

“May I ask what those measurements were for?” Amanda asked a little sheepishly.

“They help me narrow down the length of the wand that may suit you. Each measurement helps determine the length, width, and potential cores of your wand. That being said the wood and core combinations are all determined by the flow of your magic.” He placed the boxes on the counter. He pulled out this beautiful light coloured one and handed it to her. “Try this one.”

Amanda grabbed it, and she just felt this instant repulsion to it. She didn’t have to say a word because Ollivander plucked it out of her grip within seconds. This went on for about fifteen minutes, and Amanda thought that she had tried about a thousand wands by the end of it. It ended when she flicked this beautiful wand made with this light reddish brown colour, and it had this amazing carving of tree branches and leaves spiralling up to its tip. The very tip of her wand was coated in a small bit of silver. At the base of the wand was carved this amazing unicorn running towards her. The moment her hand wrapped around it Amanda felt this flow of energy flow from the wand all the way through her body. When she gave this wand a flick this ‘blast’ of sparks flew out the tip.

“Oh, that’s amazing Ada!” Nici said as she clapped, and the next thing Amanda knew was that her soulmate’s arms were around her waist. “I can’t believe you got this lucky. Not many people get wands that long.”

Amanda looked rather confused over at the old man. “Really?”

Ollivander nodded his head. “On average most people’s wands on average are between nine and fourteen inches. Anything longer is meant for someone taller than average, or those with exceptional power. Anything shorter and you as a person is lacking something in character. Be that morals or conviction it doesn’t matter. I have only sold one such wand. Birch and dragon heartstring eight inches. The woman’s personality has grown to match the... disparity in length. One you might have seen is the one of Harry Potter. His is an 11 inches nice and supple holly wood phoenix tail feather wand, and I’m sure you know your daughter’s.”

Amanda smiled at Ollivander. “10¾ inches dragon heartstring vine wood slightly supple.”

The old man laughed. “Very good, now yours is a 12-inch Sycamore wood Unicorn hair core. It is reasonable supple. It is good for charms and complex transfiguration.”

Amanda looked down at her wand lovingly. “Anything else I need to know?”

Mr Ollivander smiled. “Your wand wood loves excitement, and if it falls into a dull routine they have a tendency to destroy themselves. So keep them doing a vast verity of spells.”

Amanda chuckled at this point. “So don’t do the same spell for a hundred thousand times?”

Ollivander laughed at this harder than anything else she’d said. “Yes, I would HIGHLY recommend that you NOT do that.”

Nici patted Amanda on her bum. “I will make sure you don’t do that.” The mischievous smile on her face made Amanda blush.

“Well, how much is this going to cost?” Amanda asked.

Once they’d paid the seven galleons for the wand they were finally done. Amanda looked at her watch. It was now 5:15 PM. She smiled at this even though she was feeling a little sheepish about having Richard must have been very thankful they had a new dentist working with them. Although she might a few jokes are thrown her way for what happened today. Although she did have a ‘tool’ she could use against him. She and Nici could be a bit more ‘loving’ in front of him than expected to ‘distract’ him. That might even work if they kept their clothes on.

The sound of Nici’s voice ripped her out of her own thoughts. “What has you smiling so much?”

Amanda looked over at her soulmate with a smile on her face. “Not that we are going to be in that much trouble, or that Richard is anything like Malfoy, but if he is complaining about me not being at work today we have a... unique way of distracting him from his woes.”

Nici laughed hard at this point. “That we do, but will he be okay with that?”

Amanda nodded with a wicked smile on her face. “Richard did say he didn’t mind if we add him into our relationship he wouldn’t mind...” Amanda leaned over and kissed Nici lightly on the lips.

Nici purred before she said, “Most men would kill for this opportunity.” Nici laughed as they walked into the Leaky Cauldron.

Slytherin Common Room

September 2nd 7:30 AM

Draco Malfoy was dreaming joyously of strangling his mum to death while Harry Bloody Potter was impaled in the background. The sound of a sobbing Daphne Greengrass filled his ears. It made him so happy to be back in power. His father was laughing hysterically while his mum was weeping over Granger’s mum’s dead body. Draco could feel his smile grow as he looked at the scene around him.

The feeling of cold water jarred Draco awake. His head was soaking wet, and it felt like the water that he’d been hit with was arctic cold. He looked around the common room to find the idiot responsible for this farce of a joke. The door to the Common Room was closing. From the other side of the door, he could hear someone laughing, but he didn’t recognise it. It had to be a bloody first year. When he found out who that was he was going to make them pay. This was uncalled for really. Yesterday his family had been disgraced, and he was supposed to sit here and take it. The nerve of some people.

Because of his ancestor, Wigmund Eadmund Malfoy betrayal of Edward III in 1334 Malfoy family lost all noble status in the United Kingdom. It was only because of his ancient grandmother being on the wrong side of a war that cost them this much-needed standing. Here in the magical world it still held some power to actually be noble. It didn’t matter to most pure-bloods if you were noble. The Malfoy family was respected only because of its ‘charity’ work and political standings. They made thousands of galleons through investments, the business they owned, and dealing in dark objects with questionable people. The latter part was glossed over by the other two, but now everything was in question, and these stupid pests were taking advantage of it! They will pay when his father is freed.

Draco stood up and turned towards the boys’ dorm. At that moment he felt something run down his leg. His hand on instinct grabbed at it through his nightclothes. He felt this warm liquid on his palm. He moved his hand away from and looked at it. His blood ran cold when he saw blood. ‘These bastards have cut me!’ Draco thought as he ran upstairs to the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, he made his way to one of the loo stalls. He was stopped in his tracks however when he saw his reflection. Instead of seeing a handsome young man he was staring at a beautiful young woman. This couldn’t be real it had to be part of their joke. Draco even though he could feel the blood going past his ankle he reached for his chest and gave it a squeeze. What he felt was a soft warm mass, and with a simple squeeze, he felt his nipple harden.

Great Hall

7:35 AM

Harry was sitting there talking with his girlfriend about what they were going to be doing today, but in the back of his mind, he was thinking about what they would be seeing when the Slytherins started making their way into the Great Hall. He knew they all were aware of what was going to happen, but there was an agreement between themselves and the other Slytherins. The two groups had agreed to work with the potions they had collectively brought to the ‘party’.

Harry turned his gaze towards the professors’ table, and his gaze fell on Snape, and for the first time in ALL his lives, he actually felt sorry for the bastard. There was no way he could bin this shite on Harry. Given what Draco had done the older students had sworn to take responsibility for what had happened to Draco. Just thinking about that made Harry smile. What they had done to the bastard may be viewed as cruel by Dumbledore, but in Harry’s not so humble opinion the little bastard got what was coming to him. If his father taught him to treat people in the same manner that he treated his ex-wife what happened is only fitting. Just thinking about this caused Harry to turn his gaze to the mornings Daily Prophet once more.

Before he could continue reading through the castle was rocked with the loudest high pitched scream the school had ever heard. Most of the owls that were in the Great Hall took to flight at this point. Before any professor could leave their seats to investigate the cry of horror the doors to the Great hall opened allowing the senior Slytherin students into the hall. Most of the first years were already sitting at the Slytherin table and were as stunned as everyone else at what they saw.

All of the Slytherin students that were entering the Great Hall had completely different uniforms from their brethren. Instead of black cloaks, they were all neon green. Their uniforms were a mix of pink and blue. The boys had a vibrant pink, and the girls had the deepest blue. All of their ties were the colours of the rainbow. All of their shoes ‘squeaked’ with every step. The hair of the boys had been turned to a deep green colour, and the girl’s had been turned to bright silver. Though their eye colour had not been changed the iris of their eyes glowed brightly. Within seconds of seeing this, the entire Great Hall broke out in laughter. Well, it was incorrect to say all of the Great Hall. He and his friends her not laughing as loud as the others, and not all of the teachers found this funny.

“POTTER!” boomed Snape’s voice over all of the laughter.

It took a couple of seconds before the Great Hall died down enough for Harry to say anything. “What?”

“YOU DID THIS!” Snape screamed. “And given that I cannot see Draco I can bet you have done something to him as well. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO DRACO!” Snape screamed as he made his way towards Harry.

Harry spoke loud enough for everyone to hear him. “I have no idea what you are talking about sir?”

“YOU HAVE DONE...” Snape snarled.

“ENOUGH SERVERUS!” McGonagall snapped. “We do not know if what we heard was Mr Malfoy. Poppy and I will go check on Mr Malfoy, and you will check on your charges with Filius to make sure they are all right.” She then looked scathingly over at Fred and George. “Boys if this is your doing mark my words you will be in detention for the rest of the year.”

Harry’s mind drifted back to what the group had done to Draco last night.

11:15 PM

Slytherin Common Room

Harry looked around at the Common Room amazed at how many Slytherins were actually helping the torment the ‘Great and Mighty’ Draco Malfoy. Hermione was double checking the curses she and Daphne had put on Pansy Parkinson. The girls’ hair was a nice bright silver colour. Her eyes now had this eerie glow to them in his opinion. Daphne swore to him by the morning the glow would be a bright colour. The sound of clinking phial caused Harry to look once more over at the unconscious moron. The sight of a female Draco was both scary and enticing in some way. If he didn’t know how much of an arsehole she was had this been another universe he might have asked out. And then promptly shot himself in the foot for sheer stupidity.

“What potion did you just use?” Hermione asked as she looked over at her shoulder.

“The Calming Draught Hermione,” Nott said calmly. It was hard for Harry to take him seriously looking the way he did.

Hermione snapped around with this look of horror on her face. “And the one before that?”

“The Befuddlement Draught,” Croger said with a confused look on his face.

“How long between the two?” Hermione’s face looked even more worried about this statement.

“About ten seconds,” Croger said.

“Oh no,” Hermione made her way over to the couch. She then reached out and pressed her hand against Draco’s thigh. When she pulled her hand back it was covered in blood. “Well shite.”

“What’s wrong Hermione?” Pansy asked.

“I am afraid ladies this change Draco is now under is permanent.” She scorgified her hand.

“WHAT?!” The other girl’s in the room screamed.

“There is a horrible side effect of those two potions being applied at the same time. If you don’t wait a minute between the application the potion you applied before it becomes permanent, and this,” she pointed to the blood stain on Malfoy’s thigh, “...proves the sex change is permanent. Had she been turned into a boy lets just say her ‘soldier’ would be a little stiff for a while. Since she was once a boy her ‘Aunt Flow’ has come for a visit.”

“Oh my...” Harry said with a look of horror on his face. He didn’t need much mental capabilities to figure out what Hermione was talking about.

“We need to finish this up and get out of here quickly,” Tracey said as she looked at the Map. “Snape is on his Patrol, and since he knows Malfoy will be sleeping down here he won’t bother with the room. If we are still here though he might hear us so we need to move quickly.”

Harry nodded. “Alright girls you go deal with those that haven’t been changed, and boys lets go do the same thing in the opposite side.”

As one they said: “Right.”

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