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Headmaster’s Office

September 2nd 10:30 AM

Albus was pacing back and forth in front of his desk. The last couple of days had not gone in his favour in the worst ways possible. First Minerva finds out about her mind being modified regarding Hermione Granger’s mother, and then the truth about soulmates and the source of magic gets placed all over the Daily Prophet. This bit of news only caused most of his allies to no long concern themselves with whom Harry Pottered dated. If a Slytherin could be soul-bound to a muggle there was nothing wrong with one dating Harry Potter. This is what he was hoping to achieve through showing mercy to them when they did bad things, but Mr Potter had done it through one single kiss. Now the world knew this, and it wouldn’t surprise him if this shocking news spread throughout the magical world like a wildfire. Most of Slytherin house yesterday didn’t even bat an eyelash when Ms Greengrass and Ms Davis went to the Gryffindor table to show Ms Granger their support.

What scared him the most out of all of this is that Minerva KNEW her memory had been modified. The fact that she’d gone to St Mungo’s to get it fixed didn’t sit well with him. He thought that he had made it so that no one would be able to find the charm. That someone was able to find it and get rid of it within one HOUR made him more than a little worried. What if Harry had this done to him? That would be far more disastrous than what had happened with Minerva. He could regain her trust, but he would lose Harry’s forever if this happened with him. The abuse that Ronald Weasley had done to young Lady Greengrass would upset him, and permanently ruin the friendship between the two boys. He was certain that Harry would pull Ronald away from the influence of Lucius Malfoy. Fate would not be so cruel to the young boy as to make him irredeemable. That just sounded unfair to him. Everyone deserved a chance at redemption.

Just thinking of this made him walk back to his desk, and pick up the Daily Prophet. He had to read the headline article one more time just to get his mind around what his next move HAD to be just to get things back under control. Harry would have to sacrifice himself just to get close to killing Tom. The man had destroyed his soul just to have the hope of immortality. He walked over to his chair and sat down. His gaze fell one last time on where Fawkes had been. He didn’t know why Fawkes left, but he was glad that she had left an egg for him to mentor. This was a rare gift indeed. He knew it was given to a Light sided individual who was near death, so there was no doubt why he was given it, but why would Fawkes do this. Their bond was solid. He had not broken any vow that he had made, and he had not once done something that could be considered purely evil. Yes, what he did to Minerva was wrong, but it wasn’t an act of true evil. If she left because he was trying to keep Dr Granger from learning magic he was left truly baffled. He was trying to PROTECT Dr Granger, but now that was impossible. The article he was reading and what happened this morning made that all too clear.

Was Dumbledore Trying To Hide The Truth From Us?

By Rita Skeeter

Before we get into the heart of this what I want to say I need to say something. Lady Davis-Granger has not notified us about how she wants us to address her, but I will not call her what I’ve heard some people call her. To be so disrespectful of someone who has been divinely touched is unbelievable! Thankfully only some of the most closed-minded of individuals has been saying this. I know that we don’t know enough about her to truly have an opinion about her, but even the pure-bloodist lot have been supporting her! Now why this is I could not tell you, but I can tell you this: It might be fear.

Before I go into the other parts of my concerns about this matter let me spell it out for you simply: Dr Amanda Davis-Granger has taken the blood test to prove her bloodline TWICE at the College of Arms office in the Ministry of Magic. The woman’s bloodline is long and glorious. Her great grandfather Nathaniel Thomas Davis is the three times great-grandson of the last Lady Davis. As I said yesterday her family is Matriarchal so the current Lord Davis in Azkaban is useless. I am told she is going to be talking with Lady Tracey Davis today about what she would like to happen regarding lineage and political standing. That being said I have heard Albus Dumbledore is interested in keeping things the way they are concerning the Davis family line which disturbs me. Is the man secretly a male chauvinist? While I doubt this it is something to consider. Why would I say this? Well, you might want to ask his Deputy Headmistress concerning this matter.

Why would this be you ask? It is quite simple: Albus Dumbledore Obliviated Professor McGonagall. I was fortunate to be informed by someone who had been in the room Professor Minerva McGonagall had her memories. They informed me that she had been obliviated on July 3rd 1993. On that day she was going over a list of first years for the upcoming school year, and on that list was the name of someone who nearly made it on the registry in 1972! All of this was made possible by two women ACTUALLY meeting their soulmate! Can you imagine how many witches and wizards we’d actually have if this happened more often? Just the mere thought makes me curious. I am not saying that we would be all over the place, but we might be more in number than we are right now if it was possible to find your soulmate.

To think that Headmaster, Chief Warlock, and Supreme Mugwump Dumbledore took it upon himself to remove this information from Professor McGonagall’s mind! Why do we trust this man so much? Sure he has done some good things for us, but that does not make him God! We could have maintained a great Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor Mr Remus Lupin if he stood up for the man and threw another professor under the Knight Bus for exposing his condition. Yes I know he is a werewolf, but according to Professor McGonagall, they had a safe place for him during the one day he was affected by the full moon! She even showed it to me! The only way to get to it was UNDERNEATH the Wamping Willow! So, unless a student is feeling really stupid there is no way they would have been in danger. The only reason any of us knew about him being a werewolf was because of Severus Snape, the schools Potion Professor and Head of Slytherin house, informed all of his wards about it. He did this for two reasons. The first is BECAUSE he wants that job, and the second is he has a decades-old grudge against Professor Lupin. I don’t think I need to tell you what happened after that.

I know that this seems like I am pulling at a bunch of straws here, but follow my logic for a minute. So not only has he endangered Dr Davis-Granger, but he has destroyed our trust in who we have as a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher because the words of a bitter fool weren’t corrected! He has to be so afraid that once Lady Davis-Granger finds out what has happened at the school under his watch he’ll lose his jobs. Can you imagine that? Dumbledore doing all of this to save his own hide. I’ve called him an old dingbat before, but maybe I should put the word crazy infront of that. This woman deserves to know what she is and why. Our children need a good Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. Both of these things have been harmed because of one man. It is either because he’s old and crazy, or because he has a hidden agenda that this would derail. I don’t care what the answer is, my readers I will find it for you! I will keep searching until I uncover Dumbledore’s reasons for doing this!

Albus folded up the Daily Prophet and set it on his desk. The fact that people were talking about this made him more than a little uncomfortable. He didn’t want Dr Granger learning about this because she could be attacked by Death Eaters. At first, he thought her magic was a moment of wonder. He had no idea at the time that she and Narcissa Black were forming a soul-bound. After learning what was really going on Albus regretted his action. He and Minerva should have gone and talked to Dr Granger to assess the situation. Maybe he could have had someone hang around her to see if it was a new child in her life or something. Sadly his mind was too focused on Sirius Black to do those things. As always his want to protect Harry blinded him to other issues. He might have to sit down with a more respected reporter tomorrow to answer some if not all of the question this article causes.

While this was his primary concern right now his secondary concern was for Severus’ safety. He would need the man on their side when Tom returned, so he would have to convince Severus to apologise to Remus and Sirius. He would also have to ask the Daily Prophet to run a poll to see if the parents want Remus back as a teacher if he insured the safety of their children. He had to do some quick moves to make sure he didn’t lose any ground here in this critical moment. Harry would need him in the upcoming years. According to Severus, his Dark Mark was going from grey to black, and this disturbed Albus. He was hoping Harry would have graduated Hogwarts before he started teaching him the more aggressive spells he knew. The boy needed a childhood more so than he needed tactical training.

He just wished that Fawkes was still here so he could send letters the people much faster than the standard owl. Albus sighed and drew out his quill and a piece of parchment.

Infirmary, Hogwarts

7:50 AM

Draco was sitting there listening to Madam Pomfrey talking to his Gran about what had happened to her. Draco growled at that thought. He was now a she, and there was no going back to being a boy. He didn’t know who in his House did this to him, and he... no, SHE didn’t care. She was going to make them pay dearly for doing this to... HER. They would all know the wrath of the Malfoy family. It was said that his grandparents on his father’s side were dead, so the only relative left for him to stay with was his Gran Druella. While she loved her the woman could be insufferable some times.

“Ms Malfoy, are you listening?” Madam Pomfrey asked.

Draco shook her head. “Yes, ma’am. I am now a girl permanently. Somehow someone dosed me last night with a sex change potion, a befuddlement potion, and a calming draught in quick succession of each other. So, I was permanently turned into a girl because the befuddlement and calming potions were applied within ten seconds of each other, and they should never be applied within that short of a timespan of one another. That is because whatever potion that preceded them would be made permanent because they in combination are a sealing potion. If I remember correctly they are used in adoption in combination with the bloodline adaptation potions.” Draco said in a low growl. Draco knew the tone she was using might be inappropriate, but she really didn’t care.

“I can do without the attitude Ms Malfoy, but yes that is what has happened. I was wanting to know if you wanted to go with your grandmother today or tomorrow to get your new clothes.”

“Tomorrow, I don’t want to miss the first day of class because of this.” ‘Stupid bint who does she think I am, Potter?’ Draco said curtly. She growled again as she listened to her own voice. It sounded beautiful, but to her, this wasn’t her voice. Every time she thought all she could ‘hear’ was her old voice. “Is there anything else I need to know Madam Pomfrey?”

“Yes,” Pomfrey walked back into her office. It wasn’t long after that that she returned with some more sanitary pads. “You are going to need to pick up more of these tomorrow while you are shopping. I would also recommend you go by St Mungo’s to make sure your physical growth has not been affected by this. I can do many things, but this is not my area of expertise. Had this been a decision you made, and you worked with me to do it I would not have any concerns.”

“Ok,” Draco said with a slight agitation to her voice. She looked over at her Gran. “I’m guessing I am going to need to change my name at this point?”

Gran Druella nodded her head. “I am sorry Draco, but I don’t think it wise to keep your current name. It would get you laughed at.”

Draco closed her eyes and thought about it. ‘She’s not wrong I just hate that I have to do this. So, what name could I default to? I don’t know of any good female names that are equivalent to mine.’ She nodded her head and opened her eyes. Draco looked to his gran. “Do you know of any good ones that are female names for the word dragon?”

His Gran closed her eyes and stayed like this for about five minutes. She opened her eyes and said: “I think these two are the best options. They are Drakaina or Delphyne. Which do you like?”

Draco thought about them. The first was the female version of drakon (the Greek word for Dragon), and the second was the name of a mythical dragon. The second one was so dangerous that she had to be killed by a god. He wanted to sound dangerous and imposing. He liked the name Delphyne, and it gave him the joy of sounding like Potter’s bitch. This would irritate the shite out of the two of them, so this was a good choice. He was also going to take the female version of his father’s name Lucia as his second name. “I will be taking Delphyne Lucia Malfoy.”

His Gran nodded her head. “Alright Delphyne, I will be taking this information to the Ministry and St Mungo’s.” She looked over at Madam Pomfrey. “Madam Pomfrey I will need you to accompany me to at least St Mungo’s.”

Madam Pomfrey nodded her head. “I agree, but I think we can handle St Mungo’s here. I have some people I can call into double-check all of this, but that will be done at lunch Ms Malfoy, so you can go and have some breakfast before your first class.”

Delphyne nodded her head. “Yes, ma’am.”

Hogwarts, Great Hall

8:15 AM

Hermione was sitting there with her friends talking about what had just happened, and acting like this was the first time they had seen the Slytherin’s like this. It was somewhat easy doing this though because for the first time ever she was seeing Slytherin students sitting at other tables on mass. What was odd really for her was Pansy and Padma Patil were talking to one another. It was kind of funny really because Padma was slowly inching closer to Pansy. This was causing Pansy’s face to change to a light hint of pink. Seeing this made Hermione smile. Despite their history, Hermione didn’t want the girl to suffer. She’d actually become an agreeable person to be around in such a short amount of time. Why she hid this side of herself Hermione would probably never know.

The sound of the door opening caused Hermione’s gaze to flow to the entrance of the Great Hall. Entering the Great Hall was an upset McGonagall, and following her were two other women. Hermione knew one of them was her mum, but the other one had to be Nici. She’d not seen Draco’s Mum dressed like this, but the woman looked stunning dressed in robes with a little bit of a muggle hint to them. These robes clung to Nici’s curves a little more than most robes she’s seen. Nici like her Mum looked much younger than she actually was. This had to be something to do with their soulbond. Though why magic, God, or whatever did all of this would cause them to reduce in age was a mystery. Hermione shook her head and made her way over to her mum, and threw her arms around.

“It’s good for you too Hermione.” Her mum whispered into your ear.

“Same Mum and this explains a lot of what has been going on around you,” Hermione said in return.

“It would have been nice if you told me I was displaying accidental magic at some point this summer.” The look on her Mum’s face was a bit conflicted. There was this pointed glare going on, but this coy smile on her face made Hermione think she wasn’t in too much trouble. So, for a Marauder, this was a good thing.

“I didn’t want to falsely inform you of this. I had to get other people in the magical world to investigating it.” Hermione had this sheepish grin going on this moment. “I told Harry, Daphne, and Neville yesterday. They were going to contact Sirius, Mr Greengrass, and Neville’s Gran to look into what they could do to protect you, and investigate what was going on. It looks like the two of you took care of that on your own.” Hermione looked over and smiled at Nici. “Thank you for helping my Mum.”

Nici smiled and rubbed the back of Hermione’s Mum. “Your welcome, but your Mum helped me as much as I helped her.”

Her mum messed up her hair a little and smiled at her after Nici said this. “Well thank you for thinking about that Hermione. Now, why don’t you go sit down with your friends ’cause I think I have a Sorting to sit down for.”

“Of course,” Hermione said with a beam as she parted ways with her mum.

As Hermione made her way back to the Gryffindor table Hermione could hear some people talking. For the first time at the Slytherin table, it seemed there was excitement that a ‘muggle-born’ would be getting sorted into their house. Then again there were people at the Gryffindor table hoping that she would fallow her daughter into their house. She was almost certain that this was happening at every table. Her mum made her way towards McGonagall who had returned from the room behind the Professors’ table. The hat was complaining about having to do another sorting this early to witch McGonagall said: “We had talked about this last night Thomas, remember? There is a woman who’s magic has finally woken up, and she is needing to be sorted. All of this was found out yesterday, and it took a while to confirm this.” During this explanation, McGonagall was glaring at Dumbledore.

Dumbledore stood up at this point. “Professor McGonagall, as I told you yesterday is true. I did all of this to PROTECT Dr Granger...”

“FROM WHAT?!” McGonagall snapped. “She is a Soulmate to a powerful witch. She is more than likely a powerful witch in her own right!” She then gestured to Hermione. “Not to mention her DAUGHTER is the Smartest-Witch-of-Her-Age, so one can easily surmise that Ms Black and Lady Granger would come up with a plan to PROTECT themselves. Perhaps, I should use her rightful title: LADY Davis!”

Dumbledore sighed at this point. “Minerva I can understand WHY you are upset, but what I did was the best I could think of doing at the time. Can you imagine what would have happened to Dr Granger had the news not come out how she gained her magic?”

Before McGonagall could say anything her Mum spoke with such a silky voice that Hermione was certain that she was hiding her hatred of the man behind her words. “Professor Dumbledore I don’t know where you got this idea you know the best action that should be taken, and that it’s flawless, but it is my personal understanding that when someone plays God it has a tendency to bite them in the arse. That being said I can UNDERSTAND your reasoning, but its flawed in many ways. Had you taken me to the Unspeakables to figure this out it would have been revealed that I have a SOULMATE,” her Mum then wrapped her arm around Nici’s waist, “...and my love would have been freed from her torment months ago. I also think that the man she was ‘married’ to would have been in jail much sooner than this. This is something to think about Professor Dumbledore.”

“Well said, Dr Granger,” McGonagall said as she gestured to the chair. “Take a seat, my Lady.”

“Of course Professor McGonagall.” Her Mum said with a smile. Even though Hermione couldn’t see her face the tone of voice she was using generally had this coy smile associated with it.

Before the Sorting Hat could be placed on her head the doors to the Great Hall opened once more. Hermione’s gaze went over to the door, and a wicked smile crossed her face. Draco Malfoy was walking into the Great Hall wearing a girls uniform. It was almost off-putting to see Malfoy in her new form, but then again she was smoking hot so that was a bonus. Not that she would EVER ask her out, but the thought of what she might look like underneath her clothes was there in the back of her mind.

What pulled her out of those thoughts was the look on the face of the man standing next to Malfoy. Snape did not look pleased at ALL. The sour look on the man’s face was funny at this point. Given what she’d learned from Harry the man did have a small bit of redemption in him, but the way he treated people made him more of a neutral. A closer look at him showed that something was bugging him. He kept casting glances at Draco, and the more he did it the more it became aware of what was bothering him. He had to be thinking that if someone did this to Draco they might do it to him. To see him in a state of discomfort was more than a little pleasing now. That the man would set there and see her teeth extending, and call that NORMAL showed Hermione this man’s true colours. She had always defended him, but now knowing that she could never blindly trust him again.

Hermione shook her head of these thoughts and followed Malfoy’s eyes to see what he was looking at. She figured it was either her Mum or Nici, but she didn’t know which of the two ‘Draconia’ was looking at. When her eyes fell back on her Mum and Nici she found Malfoy’s mum giving him the two-fingered salute. Hermione tried to stifle a laugh but failed. The fact that she could actually snort was a smidgen off-putting. Given the giggle, Susan was giving her it had to sound somewhat cute to other people. Hermione shook her head of these thoughts and focused on her Mum as the Sorting Hat was placed on her head.

Amanda was focusing on her daughter as the hat was being placed on her head. It was rare to hear her snort, but given the way, Nici was treating the blonde girl entering the Great Hall that had to be Draco. Though why he was now a ‘she’ Amanda had no clue. Though given the look on some of the students’ face it had to be a joke of some kind. The look on Mr Potter’s face would need some explaining latter, but she was certain that Hermione would tell her later.

Her thoughts were pulled out of this as she felt the Sorting Hat fall on her head. “Interesting indeed.” the sound of the Hat’s voice filled her mind. “At first I had my doubts about this, but now I understand what they were talking about. This is interesting. This is the first time I will be sorting a former muggle in my life.”

You have a life?” Amanda thought with a smile.

“Oh, you’re funny.” The Hat chuckled at this point. “So, let’s see where you belong.” The Hat was silent for a couple of seconds. “This is the first time I have seen someone leaning so heavily to one side of the houses. Yes, I sorted Mr Malfoy, but not this fast. I am only assuming You’d be fine with Ravenclaw?”

Yes.” Amanda thought with a smile.

“RAVENCLAW!” The Hat screamed at the top of it’s ‘lungs’.

The table on the far left side of the Great Hall started clapping, and Hermione was doing the same thing. She looked over at her friends and found most of them doing the same. The only one who wasn’t was Sally-Anne. She was staring over at the other end of the Gryffindor table. Hermione followed her gaze to the end of the Gryffindor table. She was looking at Ronald at the moment. The bastard was looking hungrily at her Mum. This almost made Hermione physically ill just thinking about what he MUST be thinking about. She was going to be talking to Harry about what he had in his backpack today because Hermione for the first time in her life was wanting to VIOLENTLY prank someone.

“What’s wrong Hermione?” Susan asked. The tone of concern in her voice slightly calmed Hermione down.

“I am wanting to prank the hell out of Ronald right now.” Susan cast a glance at the little bastard. Her face morphed into one of rage as well. “That’s why I want to do it, so my question is it you or Harry,” Hermione pointed to Susan, “...that has the pranks?”

“We both do.” Susan looked over at Harry and had some kind of silent conversation. At the end of Susan looked back at Hermione with a smile. In a whisper she said. “Harry and I would recommend the flatulent prank,” Susan said as she looked back at Hermione. “I understand that you have a vast majority of your classes with him, but I suggest this cause it will remove him from them.”

Hermione nodded and looked over at Talons. “Give me the potion and a needle.”

Talons looked at her with this perplexed look on his face. “Why do you need a needle?”

“My name is Scales for a reason Mr Potter, but I am not about to ‘bite’ him,” Hermione whispered this to him, but as she leaned back she smiled. “Besides if I did it through my ‘natural’ gift I’d have to brush my teeth for a week straight.”

Harry ruffled around in his backpack as he laughed. “That’s normal for you Scales. If you didn’t brush your teeth then I’d contact Madam Pomfrey.”

Hermione laughed as she reached over and swatted him on the shoulder. “Prat,” Hermione felt something press against her knee. She sat back down and wrapped her hand around the phial. The sound of someone stepping behind her made Hermione look over her shoulder. Her Mum and Nici were standing there looking at her, and both of them had this mischievous smile on their face. Hermione just pocketed the needle and phial. “Hi.”

“Hi.” They said as one.

“What are you up to Hermione?” her Mum asked as she eyed Hermione’s facial expression.

“Not much just giving Talons here a hard time,” Hermione said as she pointed at Harry and smiled.

“Talons?” Narcissa asked with a perplexed look on her face. “What did he do to earn that nickname?”

“He didn’t clip his nails one day, and lacerated me pretty good.” Tracey said quickly as she hit Harry upside the back of his head. “I still owe you one for that Harry.”

“You just got me back!” Harry protested.

Both of the adults looked at one another rather suspiciously. Her Mum looked back at her. “I’ll buy that for now.”

“It’s the truth I promise,” Tracey said with a bright smile. “Why would I lie to my new Head of House?”

“Because you’ve known my daughter for over a year now. That and we are family so it is slightly expected.” Her Mum said with a slight smile.

Tracy waved her off. “Oh don’t worry about that Lady Davis I can assure the only thing I would lie to you about is whether I did my homework or not.” Tracey said this with the ‘sweetest’ smile she could.

Her Mum looked at her, and all Hermione could do at this moment was nod. She hoped that it worked for now, but she knew that she’d have to write a letter to her later to explain what was going on. She could tell her that they HAD played a prank on Draco, but it wasn’t SUPPOSED to be permanent. That just so happened to be an accident.

“Don’t worry about it love,” Nici said softly as she wrapped her arms around Hermione’s Mum. “We can get all the details out of them later.” Nici then leaned forward and kissed her Mum passionately. Hermione could see this soft glow wrap around the two of them. This was something she remembered happening to Harry and Daphne for the first few weeks after their soulbond was sealed. Once they broke the kiss Nici looked at her. “Hermione it is finally good to meet you under better circumstances than the last time we met.”

“Yes, most definitely Mum Nici,” Hermione said as she shook the woman’s hand. She smiled as she glanced over at Sally-Anne.

“Mum Nici?” Nici asked with a lifted a manicured eyebrow.

Sally-Anne giggled a little as Hermione blushed. “She got that from me Madam Black. I have two mums. You know one of them, Anne Nott.”

Nici’s face lit up at this point. “Yes, I do. She’s my cousin. I heard she got disowned. How is she doing?”

Sally-Anne smiled. “She’s fine, and I’m sure she’d want to hear from you now. Her name now though is Anne Perks.”

“So, she did marry a muggle-born woman?” Nici asked with a smile. Sally-Anne nodded with a smile.

Harry butted in at this point. “Hermione why don’t you go with your Mums for a bit. I’ll bring your schedule.” Hermione looked down the table and saw Ron standing up. She nodded over at him and reached down into her pocket. She fidgeted around with the needle and pushed it through the cork. When she drew it out she touched it to make sure it was coated in the potion.

“Come on Mums I have some things I want to show you,” Hermione said as she stood up, and grabbed her backpack.

“This better be good Hermione.” Her Mum said.

“It is,” Hermione said as she quickly followed Ronald out the door.

Harry turned his gaze back to the others as Hermione walked out the door. He looked over at Daphne and found her trying her best to not laugh at that moment. “What is it?” Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Did you give her the phial from your right or left pocket?” Daphne asked.

“My left, why do you ask?” Harry had raised his eyebrow at this point.

“Because I’ve been taking some lessons from Sirius and the twins.” She inched closer to him. “I um swapped them out while you weren’t looking. Granted I had to bribe these two,” she pointed to Susan and Tracey, “...so they wouldn’t say a word.” Daphne reached into her pocket and pulled out a violet phial. “You gave her a diuretic potion, so Ronald is going to be a bit ‘busy’ for a couple of hours.”

Harry laughed at this so hard he thought he might lose his breakfast. Once he regained his composure Harry wrapped Daphne in a loving embrace. “I knew there was a reason I loved you aside from being soulbound.” He leaned forward and kissed her passionately. His little tongue wrestling with Daphne was called to an end by the sound McGonagall clearing her throat. Harry looked at her, and he could feel his cheeks warm up. He said in the most chipper voice possible: “Hi.”

“Good morning Mr Potter.” She then looked between the two of them. “Good morning to you as well Ms Greengrass. I am assuming that the two of you will be well behaved as your relationship grows.” Harry could swear that there was a slight smile to McGonagall’s face as she said this. There was also this odd twinkle to her eyes, and being on the receiving end of it Harry didn’t know whether to be worried or happy. “Now I am assuming that one of you,” she pointed to the Marauders, “...will be giving this to Ms Granger?”

“Yes,” said all of the Marauders as one. What surprised him though was that Sally-Anne said this as well, and this caused everyone to look at her for a moment before they shrugged their shoulders.

Once McGonagall walked away Harry looked over at Sally-Anne. “We need to get in contact with Sirius to see if we can now just give each other our nicknames, or do we still need to pass it by him and Moony. I mean I am all for just calling her Emeralds.”

Sally-Anne was staring at him blankly for a couple of seconds. “Wait you mean to tell me your nicknames were given to you by your godfather?”

Tracey responded before he could say a word. “Yes, but we all kind of agreed that it needs to happen that way because the original Marauders developed their nicknames once they had unlocked and revealed their talents to Moony.”

“So, this was just to make them still feel like they were part of the club?” Sally-Anne asked.

“Yes,” Harry said swiftly, “...now that being said some of our nicknames, like Spots, were a collaboration effort.”

Sally-Anne nodded her head with this slight smile on her face. “Well, I for once am glad Mum Anne had me learn this ‘talent’.”

Harry looked over at Snape as he made his way towards them. “Why did she have you do that? By the way, Snivellus is on his way.” Harry said the last part only loud enough for the Marauders to hear him.

Before Sally-Anne could ask a thing Snape was standing right beside her. “Ms Greengrass and Ms Davis here are your schedules.” The ‘vampiric’ arsehole was staring daggers at Harry at this moment. “Mr Potter you are exceedingly lucky it seems. Half of Slytherin House has claimed to be responsible for doing this to Mr Malfoy.”

It looked like he wanted to say more but Daphne cut him off. “Sir, given the fact that Malfoy is not back to his normal ‘chipper’ self, and furthermore her original gender I think you have the pronoun wrong.”

“What do you mean Ms Greengrass?” Snape said in a low growl.

Daphne had this smug look on her face. “You called HER Mr Malfoy when in reality it SHOULD BE MS Malfoy.” The coy smile on Daphne’s face was making Harry want to break out laughing, but thankfully for him and his friend he was able to hold it in. “And to be quite frank, sir given the way she has treated some of the girls in Slytherin I’d say this event was a long time coming.”

Snape’s laser-like gaze turned to Daphne at this point. There was this part of Harry that wanted to stand up and stun Snivellus, but it seemed Daphne was two steps ahead of him. As she grabbed her schedule she placed a gentle hand on Harry’s thigh. Snape’s voice grabbed Harry’s attention once again. “Explain.”

“Professor Snape how many of us complained last year that Malfoy was trying to cop a feel on those within his year or the years above him. He stayed away from Tracey, myself, and Bulstrode mainly because he knew if he touched us the consequences would be dire. For Tracey, he’d have to deal with my father, Harry, and now Sirius Black. For myself, he learned last year that if he so much as tried to touch me it would not end well for him. Having a soulbond is one of the best protective things a young woman can have. If you need a reminder when we,” Daphne gestured to herself and Harry, “...sealed the bond MS Malfoy and MR Weasley tried to pull the two of us apart. They were violently thrown back, and caught red-handed, as it were, by two prefects. Then a week later he tried to grab my wrist, and yet again my bond protected me. I do not know what his intentions were, but whatever they were caused him to be shocked by magic, and yet again thrown away from me. So, to be quite blunt, sir: This is karma, and like fate, she’s a bitch.”

Everyone sitting around them could hear this, and it seemed that some of the teachers could as well, but none of them said a word. Snape’s scowl just got worse, but he didn’t say a thing. He handed Tracey her schedule before walking away mumbling something to himself. The Marauders looked at one another for about a minute before they started to laugh.

Harry looked at his watch. It was 8:25 Sirius should be up by now. “Come on guys we need to go make a call.” Harry looked over at Sally-Anne who was still looking at her schedule. “You as well Sally-Anne cause I want you to meet the Original Marauders. Well two of them anyway.”

Sally-Anne looked at him more than a little confused. “Your seriously okay with me joining this little club?”

“Absolutely,” Susan said with a smile. “We would not be Marauders if the number was an odd-numbered group.”

Daphne rolled her eyes. “We will be odd-numbered when Tori joins us.”

“None sense, you’ll see her bring Ginny into this club,” Susan said with a smile. “I mean she couldn’t join the Marauders and leave her girlfriend behind.”

“Quiet you,” Daphne said and threw a crumpled up napkin at her. “I really don’t want to think about my sister’s romantic leanings yet.”

Harry cracked a smile as he wrapped his arm around Daphne’s shoulders. “Love if you think about it you two will one day be talking about such things, and she will be relying on you, and your WISDOM when it comes to romance soon. Don’t get me wrong, I love your mum, but Tori doesn’t seem to be the kind to rely on her Mum to sort things out in this topic. She might actually turn to you two when it comes to the more personal aspects of latter things in a relationship.” Harry said this last part with a smile as he pointed to Ruby and Spots. He cast a glance at Lucky who was looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

Susan looked at him a little worried. “What exactly are you talking about?” she asked with more than a little hint of concern in her voice.

Harry stood up and guided Lucky to her feet. “Well I’m not saying your relationship has gone towards a more intimate situation, but I know one day it will. Once it does though you will HAVE information that Tori might want.” He looked at Daphne and found her both smiling, and with what appeared to be an upset glow to her eyes.

Susan looked horrified, but Tracey had this wicked smile on her face. “Well I’m not saying that we’d tell her anything, but I will say this: we won’t make her feel uncomfortable.”

Harry picked up his pace moving towards the doors. “So, this is a confirmation on where your relationship is sitting right now?” Harry couldn’t help but smile at this point.

It was then that it clicked in both their heads what Harry was truly trying to do. Yes, he was trying to make light of the situation, but he was also wanting them to follow him. Susan ‘growled’ at him. “Why you.”

As she stood up Harry said to Lucky: “We need to run!” He then started running towards the Great Hall doors. They would have to find Hermione, and he was hoping she didn’t take her mum too far away.

The hallway outside of the Great Hall

8:25 AM

Hermione noticed Ron was heading towards Gryffindor common room. It seems that no matter the amount of training he received from Lucy-boy he would always be somewhat lazy. Hermione was talking to her mum about some of the awesome things she’d learned in this school, and that if her mum needed any help she’d be more than willing to help her. They were laughing at this as the drew close to Ronald. As Hermione inched her way close to Ron she thought she could hear him saying something. As they drew closer to him she gestured for them to be quiet.

“I can’t believe Potter has done that to my brother. Although it does give me something good to look at that’s for sure.” Ron said with somewhat lustful voice. “Though I don’t think she’s going to fall in love with a boy. I don’t think her sexual preference has changed, but there might be a chance for it.” Hermione could hear him chuckle about something. It didn’t take them long to figure out though. “Honestly I don’t know what I saw in that mud... no half-blood. She was too bossy, and her knockers compared to Draco’s are tiny.”

Hermione was hoping to have a reason to slap the bastard, but she didn’t think he’d actually be this stupid. She picked up her pace a little to catch up to him, and as she slipped the needle to rest against her index finger. She was actually glad that Sirius taught the girls of the group how to create an illusion to hide things like this with a snap of their fingers. He said that they would have to get really good with the Invisibility Charm like this before they could make themselves invisible though. Once she was near Ronald she cut infront of him and slapped him across the face. She dug her index finger into his flesh depositing the potion into his bloodstream. “RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY HOW DARE YOU THINK OF ANY WOMAN THAT WAY!” Hermione screamed this as loudly as she could.

“HOW DARE YOU! YOU FUCKING CUNT!” Ron screamed as he drew his wand.

“Expelliarmus!” Nici screamed. The red beam of light impacted Ronald before he could utter a word. He turned around and glared at the women behind him. His gaze hardened when he saw Nici. “Don’t even open your mouth young man. I heard what you said, and I think that you should be ashamed of yourself. That is unless you’re like my ex-husband then you’re probably elated at your own stupidity.” The ice in Nici’s voice was almost disturbing.

Ron looked between the two adults and Hermione could hear this low growl. “Traitors like you should know their place.”

Hermione was actually happy he was doing this. His determination to so how right he was given the potion time to activate. Although she knew she might need to slow him down just a little more to make sure he didn’t get to a safe place before the potion activated. Nether Mum Nici or Mum Amanda could react fast enough to stop Hermione from stepping front of Ronald, and slapping the boy across the face again. “Don’t you EVER insult my Mum Nici like that EVER again.”

Ron went to say something but his face went pale. He raced around for his backside. Once his hand touched it his face went pure white. He then looked around for his wand. Once he found it ran over and picked it up. Instead of turning around he kept running, and the smell that filled the air informed them as to why. The putrid smell of a bowel movement filled the air. Hermione was confused at what was going on. Was Harry stupid enough to give her the wrong potion? She reached into her pocket and pulled out the phial. It was a bright violet instead of a purplish-grey. “Well, damn,” Hermione said with a coy smile on her face.

“What’s wrong Hermione?” Mum Amanda asked sounding more than a little worried.

Hermione shook her head. “Nothing serious Mum Amanda, but had I know Daphne had switched the potions out I would have put more of this on the needle.”

“Is that what I think it is Hermione?” Nici asked.

Hermione nodded her head in agreement. “Yes, and the reason I am saying I wished I’d of known this beforehand is so we didn’t have to put up with him for that long. Had I known which potion I was using I would have doubled the dose, and he would have gone running for the loo before he drew his wand.”

“Was this your idea Hermione?” Mum Amanda asked with a worried look on her face.

“No, it wasn’t my intention to do this to him. I was wanting to use a flatulence potion on him.” Hermione said with a sheepish smile.

“Oh, that’s brilliant.” Mum Nici said with a wicked smile. “Did Sirius teach you guys how to do this?”

Mum Amanda looked between Mum Nici and her. “Ok, you’re going to have to explain this to me ’cause I’m lost.”

Nici chuckled as she thought on how to answer this. “The potion Hermione is holding is a diuretic potion. It is generally used on someone to clear out the bowels of any blockage.”

“Oh my.” Mum Amanda looked over at Hermione with eyebrows that were about to merge with her hairline. “Hermione Jean Granger, this is excessive don’t you think?”

Hermione blushed a little as she held up the potion. “A year ago I would say yes to that Mum Amanda, but now not so much. He has belittled me and others for years now. He actually prevented Daphne from meeting Harry in our second year. The two of them are like you and Mum Nici: Soulmates. So Ron in his INFINITE wisdom thought that all Slytherins were evil and intended to keep Daphne away from Harry. The way Daphne tells it she was reduced to tears for days. Then there’s what we just heard. This boy’s arrogant and superiority ideology makes him more than deserving of this.”

Her Mum Amanda shook her head. “Hermione that may be so, but did you think of the consequences of doing this?”

Hermione nodded her head. “We did, and this is the lowest dosage possible of the potion. It shouldn’t last more than a couple of hours at worst. So, he won’t be harmed too badly by it.”

Mum Amanda looked at Nici, and the other woman just nodded her head. “The funny thing about the medical potion is it will rehydrate you as well, so it’s not going to put the boy’s life in danger. Though I can imagine his discomfort right now.”

“I take it you’ve had an encounter with this potion?” Mum Amanda asked Mum Nici.

“Only briefly thank God,” Nici said with a slight cringe. “I had tried to cook on my own once before I met you and let’s just say the food didn’t sit well with me. Instead of passing right through me it sat in me a lot longer than I liked, so I went to St Mungo’s to ‘fix’ the problem.”

“That bad at cooking eh?” Hermione asked. When she nodded her head Hermione chuckled a little. “Well, you and I have one thing in common then. We can both take lessons from Harry about the matter if we want to improve it.”

Mum Nici and Amanda both stood there blinking at her. It was Mum Amanda that spoke first though. “Harry can cook?”

“Yes I can, and from what I know of it I can do it MUCH better than your daughter.” The sound of Harry’s voice made Hermione jump. She cast a glance behind her Mums to find her friends walking towards them. “Sorry about that Scales, but I couldn’t resist, and if you’re wondering this one,” he pointed at Lucky, “...is the one who swapped out the potions. So where is the boy blunder?”

Hermione pointed down the hallway towards the lavatories. “He ran off that way in a rather humorous manner. I am not complaining about this.” She turned and looked at Daphne with a pleading look on her face. “I would like to ask you: Why?”

Daphne chuckled while wrapping an arm around Harry’s left arm. “Cause I wanted to see if I could pick his pocket. I’ve been taking lessons from Sirius and the twins, so it seems I have succeeded. Now we need to get to a classroom and call Padfoot to discuss ‘business’.”

“And what might that business be?” Mum Nici asked.

Hermione smiled over at the woman. “Well, you know about his little club from when he was a student?” When Nici nodded Hermione gestured towards her friends. “We have restarted that organisation. Last night during an... outing we discovered that Sally-Anne here has the skills and talents to belong within or club. All we need is to inform Sirius of what is going on, and discuss nicknames.”

“He has to okay the nickname?” Mum Amanda asked.

“Nope,” Harry said with a smile growing across his face. “We are just doing this to warn him that we have another ally in case he wants to start a prank war.”

“Okay...” Mum Amanda said with a worried look on her face.

“Don’t worry Mum, Sirius isn’t that bad about it. We’ve gotten him on more pranks than he has gotten us of that you can be sure.” Hermione said with a smile. “I know this sounds wrong Mum, but you’ve always said I shouldn’t be so rigid when it came to the rules.”

Mum Amanda squinted her eyes at this point. “Your right I did, but please tell me it isn’t a life-threatening thing you do.”

“It isn’t,” the group said as one.

“We should take them into this meeting ’cause I think your Mums might need this skill as well,” Harry said with this worried look on his face.

Hermione thought about this for a moment. It would be helpful that’s for sure. It made sense being an Animagus would give them both an advantage in evasion when it came to the Malfoy and his fellow Death Eaters. So long as their forms weren’t something like a grizzly bear then they could hide relatively easy. Then again knowing her Mum’s luck her animagus form would be that of a dire polar bear. “I agree, but it should still be their choice whether to learn this skill or not.”

“What has he taught you?” Mum Nici asked.

“A very useful skill in our case,” Harry said with a smile. “We’ll explain more follow us.”

Harry then started walking down the hallway once more. Hermione realised they were walking towards the Dungeon portion of the castle. Mum Amanda seemed to realise this as well. “Harry where exactly are you leading us?”

“An unused classroom near the Potions classroom. It’s not far from here.” Harry said as he turned towards the stairway leading to the dungeons. It didn’t take them long to get there, but Harry was a bit cautious about where they were going considering Snape had left the Great Hall before them. The last thing they needed was for that slimy bastard to sneak upon them. She was starting to see him for what he was. Yes, they had done all the planning for the pranks last night, but the Slytherin students openly admitted to pranking Malfoy last night. They didn’t admit to pranking the others, but Snape wouldn’t have believed them had they given him a bloody memory phial of it. The sound of Harry’s voice pulled Hermione out of these thoughts. “Here we are.”

Looking around Hermione noticed they were a few doors away from the Potions classroom. She looked back over at Harry who had a smile on his face. “What are you thinking about.”

“I’m thinking of causing a few problems for Dumbledore.” Harry chuckled at whatever he was thinking. “Before I tell any of you what I am thinking we need to get this done with Sirius.” Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out his mirror. As he looked at he said “Sirius.” with this wicked smile on his face. It took a few moments for the screen to light up. “Hey, Padfoot how goes it?”

“I was having a wonderful morning until you called. Ouch.” Sirius said rather gruffly. “Sorry Jan.”

“What have I told you about calling me that?” Rosemerta said rather forcefully.

“Do it more often?” Sirius said with a slight chuckle to his voice.

“Don’t push your luck Barky,” Janet said in a sour tone.

“Oh look, Sirius, you’ve gone from puppy to Barky,” Tracey said with a smile.

“Not helping Spots,” Sirius said rather pleadingly.

“I know,” Tracey said with a smile.

“Okay, all jokes aside I think we should tell you what’s going on while we’ve got the time,” Harry said with a little chuckle to his voice. “I have good news Sirius, and I’ve got bad news. Which do you want first?”

It took a few moments for Sirius to say anything. Hermione didn’t need to see the man to know he was putting on the most ‘thoughtful’ expression he could at the moment. “Give me the bad new cause knowing you lot it probably isn’t that bad.”

“Okay then,” Harry gestured for Sally-Anne to come stand beside him. When she was standing next to him Harry continued. “Padfoot I would like you to meet the latest addition to the Marauders.” Hermione could hear the barking laugh of Sirius. “Just so you know the ladies of the group now call this a Sisterhood because the ladies now outnumber us we, lowly men.”

“As they should,” Janet said sternly.

“Anyway, last night we found out our friend here has our talent. Sally-Anne if you don’t mind.” Harry said while backing up, and lowering down towards the ground. Thankfully before Mum Amanda could say anything Sally-Anne turned into her Animagus form. Mum Amanda looked thoroughly stunned. “So, what do you think?”

“I’m thoroughly impressed Harry, but at this point, it is your call as a group of friends what to call her. So, with that said, and before I go. If that is the bad news what is the ‘good news’?”

Harry had this wicked smile on his face. “We pulled off our prank last night, and we now have the aid of a vast majority of older members of Slytherin house to do it. The prank we wanted to pull on Draco backfired on us though. The Slytherins helping us gave her the Calming Drought within ten seconds of giving him a Befuddlement Draught. That was done AFTER he was given a sex change potion.” Mum Nici gave a sharp gasp of air. At this moment Hermione felt bad for the woman. Draco was still her son. Harry looked over at her and frowned.

“Oh, no.” Mum Nici said in almost a whisper.

Mum Amanda looked between everyone. “I take it that is a bad thing.”

“Yes,” Mum Nici said with a worried smile. “Those two potion taken in quick succession make whatever potion preceding them permanently. It is used in magical adoptions to make the child literally part of the family. In infants, it can change their appearance, but even if it doesn’t it does change who the child’s parents are. It is also used in a sex-change ‘operation’ as it were like what happened to Draco. Though this is usually done with the aid of a Mediwitch or wizard. Done this way it cannot be undone. It would take more potions and working with a Mediwitch or wizards to do that.” Nici looked over at the group Marauders. “I take it the potion prank done to Draco was not meant to be permanent.”

“No,” Harry said quickly. “We just wanted to make him uncomfortable for a day or two. When we found other members of Slytherin pranking him the lot of us chose to work together. At some point, the two Slytherin’s dosing Draco with potions accidentally gave him the sex-change potion, and then the other two, one right after the other. Granted all the other potions were given to him over ten minutes prior so they are not permanently going to affect him.”

“That’s a pity. It would be nice to see her doing the female half of the Nutcracker ballet.” Sirius said with a smile.

“I’d rather it be that then the flatulence potions,” Daphne said with a disturbed look on her face. “I don’t know what you were thinking when you gave her that potion.”

“A good laugh I’m sure,” Sirius said with a smile. “As for the name I’m leaving that up to you five. I got to go. I promised my girlfriend a day on the town. So, with that, I bid you adieu.”

Harry then put the mirror away. “So, ladies what are you thinking about the name?”

“I think Emerald or Jade would do nicely,” Tracey said with a smile.

“I like Jade more than Emerald. If it were your eyes Harry I’d say, Emerald.” Daphne said with a smile.

“If it were Harry’s eyes I think you’d say ‘drool-worth’,” Hermione said with a smile.

“Oi!” Daphne said abruptly. “I am not those two,” Daphne said pointing at Tracey and Susan.

“I disagree, but I think I like Jade as well,” Susan said looking over at Tracey. “What do you think?”

“Jade for sure. Emerald is too cliche for my taste.” Sally-Anne said.

“Jade it is then,” Harry said with a smile.

“Why do you guys have nicknames like Jade and Scales anyway?” Mum Amanda said with a curious look on her face.

Harry looked around at everyone. They all nodded at him. He looked back at Mum Amanda and smiled. “This why I brought all of us here, so ladies shall we, and then I’ll tell you what I have planed.” The group as one changed into their animagus forms. Harry looked over at Daphne and she hissed at him. She then playfully swatted at him. Everyone else was looking at Mum Amanda and Mum Nici. Mum Amanda looked rather shocked at Hermione. She walked over to Hermione and picked her up slowly. Hermione wrapped herself around her Mum Amanda’s arm. She stroked Hermione from her head to a couple of inches down her spine. Mum Nici reached out and did the same while smiling at her. “Wicked cool Hermione. Hopefully, I am saying that right.” Dr Granger said with a smile.

Mum Nici looked over her with a perplexed look on her face. “Wicked cool?”

“It is a term used by some of the muggle kids Hermione’s age. It is showing up in some of the muggle movies from the United States.” Mum Amanda said with a smile. “I like this Hermione.”

Harry returned to his normal form. “Well, that is why we are wanting you to learn how to do this. If you can take a form like this that can easily be snuck out of the country the dark wizards that might want to hurt you...”

“Won’t be able to do it so easily.” Mum Amanda said as she set Hermione back down on the ground. “Well, I think we will do that only if we have to Harry.” Harry nodded his head. Hermione took her normal form and hugged both her mums. Mum Amanda looked over at Harry. “Now what were you thinking about in addition to all of this Harry?”

Harry looked at his watch. “Well, I was thinking if Madam Black...”

“Please, Harry it is Narcissa or Cissa. None of this Madam Black, we are family.” Mum Nici said with a smile.

Harry smiled and nodded. “I was thinking Cissa could make you two go invisible, and then you guys get to see our Potions Class in action.”

Mum Nici raised an eyebrow at this point. “Why would we want to do that?”

Harry’s smile grew. “Snape is a horrible teacher, and as long as it is just students complaining, and it is minor things he won’t be fired. BUT I think if parents were to actually see how bad his classes were things will change. I can’t say for the good or the bad. I just know they will change.”

Mum Amanda looked over at Mum Nici. “You can do this?”

Mum Nici nodded her head. “I can, but it won’t last that long. It should last long enough to do what Harry is wanting to do. If we just materialize in the middle of his class and it is that bad I can send Harry to get the Headmaster. If Dumbledore does nothing if he is bad enough turning him into the Board of Governors should get him sacked.” The amount of venom Mum Nici was saying this with meant there was some history there, but now was not the time to ask about that.

Mum Amanda looked over at Nici. “Why do we have to do this?”

Mum Nici looked at her and smiled. “Well given what we are, and our political power this won’t be thrown under the rug. Add to that the fact that we are Soulmates, and it is unlikely that Dumbledore will let the man stay. The Board of Governors certainly won’t let the man stay if it gets to them for more sensible reasons.”

Mum Amanda raised an eyebrow. “By more sensible you mean that he’s a bad professor?”

Mum Nici smiled and nodded. “Of course.”

Mum Amanda looked off in thought for a few minutes. “Will this affect when we start my first lessons?”

Mum Nici shook her head. “No, and if anything if he really is bad at his job you’ll learn how things shouldn’t be learned.”

Harry was looking at his watch again. “We have six minutes till class starts though.”

Mum Nici withdrew her wand. She then tapped it to Mum Amanda as she said. “Inuisi.” Mum Amanda went invisible within seconds. “I think we need to be in the middle of the group as they leave.” She then tapped her chest with her wand. “Inuisi.” Again within seconds, she vanished.

With that, the group started walking out of the room. Hermione was bring up the ‘middle’ of the group with about ten feet between herself and Tracey. Sally-Ann was talking with Tracey about what potions they might be learning today and saying they might need to worry about Snape or Malfoy messing with them. This became a real possibility the moment that Hermione saw Draco. The girl looked livid about something and given the fact that Pansy and Millicent were giggling a few feet away. Malfoy was probably furious about being the receiving end of a few jokes. As Harry drew near her Hermione could hear the girl growl.

“What’s wrong Draco you look a little... different,” Harry said with a little chuckle to his voice.

Malfoy growled at this point. “That’s one way of putting it, Potter. If you can’t tell someone in my own house turned me into a girl after YOUR prank last night. I still don’t know what you did to me, but once I find out I’ll figure out a way of making you pay for it.” The sound of Malfoy’s voice made Hermione more than a little uncomfortable. The voice sounded beautiful, and it definitely didn’t belong to Malfoy.

“Oh Draco, you wound me so,” Harry said while bringing his hands to his chest as if he was stabbing himself. “I would never do to you what I saw last night. I know it’s a ballet dance, but I cannot tell you which one.”

“A what?” Draco said in a shocked voice.

Sally-Ann chuckled at this point. “It is a type of performance dance. They can have a story behind them. The one you were doing I think was the Nutcracker.”

“How do you know that?” Draco snapped.

Sally-Ann shrugged as if it was nothing. “My Mums took me to a showing once. It was quite nice.” There was a wicked smile on her face now. “Is your name still Draco, or do we have to start calling you Dracini?”

Hermione couldn’t stop herself from laughing. She wasn’t the only one. Almost everyone else was laughing. The few people that weren’t were Crabbe, Goyle, and Vaisey. Hermione didn’t know if they weren’t laughing because they felt bad, or because they were wanting to show ‘solidarity’.

“I am not so stupid Perks,” Draco growled as she glared at Sally-Ann. She smirked and looked over at Daphne. “My name is now Delphyne.”

“Oh, that’s cute,” Daphne said with a smile. “Do you know who you’re named after?”

Delphyne looked confused. “What are you talking about?”

Daphne chuckled at this point. “It is the name of a monstrous serpent killed by Apollo at Delphi. Granted that is one name given to it, but the male version comes from later periods. So, while you are named after a dragon it is not the kind your thinking of.”

The sound of heavy footsteps brought all talk to an end. Hermione looked behind her, and the approach of Severus Snape looked a little more menacing than normal. His favourite student had just been turned into a girl, and most of his house were incurably changed into walking jokes for twenty-four hours. The look on the man’s face was one of determination, and there was a part of Hermione that didn’t want to be seen by him right now. Though for her that was an impossibility given that she was Harry’s best mate she would always be a target. In fact, now that Ronald was back at Hogwarts she’d probably be an even bigger target. Given what Harry had told them she wouldn’t put it past Dumbledore to have Snape target her hoping to make Ron return to the ‘Light’. ‘That’s stupid though. Given what Harry’s Reaper told us the bastard is doomed. I kind of don’t want to know what he will do to cause this.’

Hermione was pulled out of her thoughts as Snape threw open the classroom door. “Everyone inside, and stop focusing on Delphyne.” The sound of his voice as he said this was one of disgust. It could be that this couldn’t be undone. Doing that potion to yourself twice had a nearly one-hundred per cent chance of making you sterile. So, if Delphyne wanted kids she’d have to do it the way Sally-Ann’s Mums had done it.

“Coming Hermione?” Harry asked with a smile as they walked towards the door.

Hermione shook her head of these thoughts. “Of course.”

Hermione followed her friend into the classroom. She looked around for where Neville had sat down. She knew that he would need some help. He was seated at a table not far from the entrance. Hermione walked over to the table and put her cauldron on the table. She was followed her by Harry and Daphne. Sally-Ann and Tracey sat with Dean and Seamus. Once she had out all her thing Hermione took a look at the chalkboard. Dragonfly Thoraxes, Flying Seahorses, Doxy Eggs, and Fairy Wings were written on the board. ‘If I had to guess I’d say this is for a Girding Potion.’ Hermione thought as she looked over at Neville. He was sweating a little. ‘Snape is going to make him try his own potion.’ Hermione thought as she glanced over at Snape. The man was staring daggers at Harry. ‘Or he’s going to make Talons take his potion. Either way, I should help him.’

“All right you should all recognise this potion. I want to see if you retained anything from last year. I want you to create a Girding Potion. BEGIN!” Snape said this before he started marching around the classroom. Hermione reminded Neville to add his fairy wings first. Once this was done she told him to heat it up, but Snape was beside them before she could say anything else. “What is going on here Granger?”

Hermione looked at him like she’d done nothing wrong. “Nothing sir, I’m just answering some questions Neville asked me.” Neville nodded his head with a little bit tremor to his lips.

“Five points from Gryffindor for back talking Granger,” Snape said with a sneer. “Perhaps if Mr Longbottom had actual talent with magic he could do this simple task. I am just amazed that the boy hasn’t quit yet given how difficult it is for him to cast a spell.”

Hermione could help but egging this on a bit. “Sir, he’s doing fine.”

“So says the know-it-all,” Snape said coldly before he walked away. Hermione looked over at Harry and shook her head. She looked over at Neville’s potion. It was turquoise. She told him to add one measure of Doxy eggs. She looked at her own. It was a dark shade of turquoise than it needed to be. Hermione stirred it counterclockwise until it turned the right shade of turquoise. Once there she took the next step. As they toasted dragonfly thoraxes Snape was making his return trip. He picked up one of Neville’s thoraxes. “Well, well Mr Longbottom it seems Ms Granger is wrong about you. The way it seems you’ve nearly BURNED all of your thoraxes. Is this the level of capability that Ms Granger was protecting?”

The sound of Mum Nici’s voice ripped through the room. “No, you idiot she’s telling you the truth.” The anger in her voice made a chill run down her spine. This was definitely a sign of why anger Mum Nici might be a bad idea. As the spells failed on both of them Snape took a step back. “I have never seen a professor so bad at their profession, and I’ve had Binns as a professor.”

“Mrs Malfoy I can...” Snape said, but he soon regretted saying that.

“I AM NOT MRS MALFOY YOU FOOL!” Mum Nici screamed back at him. “I am divorced from Lucius Malfoy by MAGIC, so what you are implying is a lie. If you want to stay in this country I would advise you in learning this.” Nici said as she took a couple of steps closer to him.

Snape growled at this point. “Ms Black I don’t think you understand how... stupid Mr Longbottom is.”

Mum Nici growled at him. “No Snape I don’t think you understand what you have done.” She looked over at Mum Amanda. “Ada love could you stay here and keep an eye on him while I go get the Headmaster?”

Mum Amanda smiled at her. “Of course love.” Nici nodded and patted her on the shoulder. Once Nici left the room Mum Amanda looked at Snape. In a cold voice, she said: “I will be watching you sir, and if you continue you this I will stun you.”

Snape growled at this point. “You don’t know how.”

Hermione’s Mum drew her wand. “Want to bet?”

Snape looked at the wand in her hand, and the number of wands that had been drawn by the students. Hermione was surprised that most of the class had done the same thing. She was expecting Harry to do it, but that everyone had a wand drawn made Hermione smile. A glance at Malfoy showed that Nott had a wand at her throat, and Parkinson had her’s at Ron’s throat. Snape growled before he started walking around the room again. Hermione’s Mum leaned against the wall next to the door. She kept an eye on Snape the entire time. Anytime he said something remotely unkind she would clear her throat. This would cause him to growl. This continued until they had added their three flying seahorses to the potion. At this point, Nici was entering the room with Dumbledore and three other people. Hermione didn’t know who they were, but given the way, they were dressed she’d say they were members of the Board of Governors. Mum Nici looked at Mum Amanda. “What’s wrong Ada?”

“Nothing he has behaved for the most part since he was being watched.” Mum Amanda said as she looked over at Nici. “The thing is he did try to insult Mr Potter about being like his father somehow. I don’t know how that’s possible since he wasn’t raised by his father according to Hermione.” She then looked over at Snape. “He also targeted Mr Longbottom again. I kept him form insulting the young man though.”

Dumbledore spoke at this point. “Ma’am please tell me how he insulted Mr Longbottom.”

Mum Amanda looked at him like he just insulted her intelligence. “Professor Dumbledore, Mr Longbottom seemed nervous about the task he was given. Professor Snape, once he got near him and Hermione started insulting them both. He insulted them both, and he removed points from Hermione’s house for her being a ‘know-it-all’. The straw that broke our backs was a few steps ago in making this potion. Mr Longbottom had burned a few of his thoraxes, and Snape started insulting him for it. Unless I am mistaken Professor McGonagall promised us things like this were not acceptable. It seems this man has FORGOTTEN this little bit of information.”

“Severus and I have talked about this, and he said that he would be doing better,” Dumbledore said in his grandfatherly voice. Hermione looked at Mum Amanda. She didn’t look impressed about what Dumbledore said. “Dr Granger, I can understand your distrust of Severus after seeing this, but I can assure you he is a good man. He would keep his students safe of that I am certain.”

“If by ‘safe’ you mean scared, confused, and misguided then you are correct.” Mum Amanda said with a stern look. “There is a course in muggle school that is like this. It is called chemistry, and if a professor of chemistry did what Snape was doing he’d be fired for professional misconduct if not endangering his students. You’d have to be very skilled or far along in the course for the professor to just write what he wants you to do on the blackboard. While this may be a potion they have done before I doubt he acts differently for younger students.”

Even though this argument was going on the students were trying to finish their work. Hermione looked at Neville’s potion. It was almost green. Hermione leaned over to him and whispered. “Just heat it till it is green.” Neville nodded and kept an eye on his potion as he killed the flame to let the heat of the cauldron bring it to the green colour. Hermione looked at her own potion to make sure she didn’t have to do anything to correct it. It was a couple of minutes away from being done. She lowered the temperature a little so that she didn’t heat it too much. In a minute or two she’d be able to kill the flame. A look around the room showed that almost everyone was at this point by the looks on their faces. Harry and Daphne’s potions looked good. Hermione focused once again on what Governors, her Mums, and Dumbledore.

One of the men standing by Dumbledore asked: “Ma’am may we see your memory of what happened here?”

Mum Amanda looked over at Nici. Mum Nici nodded before saying “You can make a copy of a memory, and they can view it in a device.”

One of the other men spoke at this point. “Yes, and one of those devices is here at Hogwarts.” The man looked over at Dumbledore and scowled. “Don’t even suggest that it is personal property, Albus, because it isn’t. That Pensieve was left by the founders to be used by the school to settle disputes like this. It is not your personal pensieve.”

A woman standing to the left of the man who just spoke added to this. “Dumbledore the only thing keeping you in your job right now is two votes, so if you try and mess this up you will lose it. Unchallenged.”

The headmaster looked at the woman staring into her violet eyes. He didn’t star at her for long before he sighed and nodded. “Yes, Governor Tabbers.” Dumbledore looked at Harry with a worried look on his face. He walked up to their table and looked at Harry’s potion. He grabbed a ladle and poured it out. It was the green colour it was supposed to be. It wasn’t bright green, a sage green, or dark green. It was just green. Hermione cast a sideways look at Snape. The look on the man’s face was one of disgust. It was like Snape wanted Harry to fail. Dumbledore walked over and did the same to Neville’s potion. The same result caused Snape to look even more displeased. Unfortunately for him, it seems that the Governors were looking at him while this was going on. The sound of Dumbledore stepping away from the table grabbed her attention. “Governors, would you mind if we stayed a little while longer so they can turn in their potions?” The Governors shook their heads. Dumbledore turned back to the class. “I want everyone to bottle their potions with a piece of parchment with your name attached to it.” He summoned a few potions racks to him. “After that put your potion on one of these racks. Once done clean up, and class will be dismissed.”

With that everyone started putting their potions into a phial and attaching parchment to it. For the first time ever neither Malfoy or her cronies tried to mess with Harry’s potion. Once all potions were placed turned in everyone went back to their stations and started cleaning their areas. Once all their things were cleaned they started walking out of the classroom. Her Mums, Dumbledore, Snape, and the Governors brought up the rear of this group. There was enough distance between the two groups that the students were talking in whispers about what had happened in the class.

“Can you believe it?” Parvati said to Lavender. “Do you think he will get fired?”

Lavender shrugged with a smirk on her face. “I don’t know, I hope it happens, but Dumbledore has been able to keep him here for years. You know McGonagall doesn’t like what he does, but for some reason, she can’t fire him.”

Dean nodded his head. “Yeah, I’ve heard there has been more than one parent that has complained about what he does. For whatever reason Dumbledore keeps him around. Until last night I would have believed his reason was reasonable, but after reading that article...”

Even though he didn’t say it what Dean was implying showed the cracks in Dumbledore’s reputation. One Special Edition of the Daily Prophet caused this man’s reputation to take some major damage. Hermione couldn’t tell how bad, but that Gryffindors were talking bad about him must have hurt the old man. Given what Harry had said to them in private this was a good thing. That he would have Harry spending the upcoming summer sitting at Privet Drive with no contact with his friends. That had to be irritating to Harry. This was something she needed to talk to Harry about. The first question she needed to ask was: Does Dumbledore need to fall for them to lighten the blow the magical world will face.

12:10 PM

Hospital Wing, Hogwarts

Ronald was grumbling as he left the Hospital Wing. Someone had slipped him a diuretic potion. The fact that it didn’t activate until he was in front of Granger pissed him off. He no longer wanted to be with the bint, but she would never let this go. The cunt thought she was so perfect, and she had no problem letting them know about it. His grades were WAY better now than they ever were when Granger was helping him. Narcissa, before she turned into a blood-traitor, had taught him so much. The tutors that Lucius had hired aid in this as well, but Narcissa made sure that what he was taught stuck. So, he would forever be thankful for that, but she was condemned to death when the Dark Lord returned.

“That will be the day,” Ron said with a smile. “I can see it now. The Dark Lord returning to physical life, and then killing Potter. That will be the day.” Ron said this with a smile. He was thankful there were no portraits or idiots around to here him. “I know Potter thinks he’s strong enough to fight the Dark Lord, but the truth is he only has a FRACTION of the Dark Lords power. It’s just sad that I don’t think I will be there to see the fight.” As he made the last turn towards the Great Hall Ron thought about what he was going to be doing later on today. He and Delphyne were supposed to be going over how they were going to make Potter pay for having Ron kicked out of school last year. This was going to be a great afternoon regardless of what Potter did to his brother, or as it was now, sister-in-arms. Potter and his bitches would pay dearly for what they did last night, and if the Slytherin’s were truly responsible for what happened then Ron would help Delphyne make them all pay for it. Ron chuckled as he opened the door to the Great Hall. “Fred and George won’t be able to do things this good. Delphyne will let me into the Common Room, and from there the fun will begin. I guess I should also do the same for him.” Ron whispered as he took his seat, and started getting his lunch.

12:05 PM


Harry was walking back from Care of Magical Creatures, and there was a part of him that couldn’t stop smiling. He knew what Malfoy was going through was probably not the most pleasant thing to go through, but the thought of her facing a level of discomfort brought a smile to his face. Granted he would NEVER admit this out loud to the girls because that would probably get HIM similarly turned into a girl. The thought sent a chill down his spine.

Daphne’s voice pulled him out of these thoughts. “What’s wrong Harry?”

Harry shook his head clear of those thoughts. “Nothing, I was just thinking of what you girls MIGHT do to me if I screwed up bad enough,” Harry said with a smile. “Let’s just say it is an unpleasant thought.”

Daphne’s arm wrapped around his waist. “But of course love,” Daphne said with a smile. “Though for us to do THAT to you the mistake would have to be extreme,” Daphne said this while she looked at him with a smile.

Harry leaned over and lightly kissed her on the lips. “For that, I will forever be thankful.”

“Thankful for what?” Sally-Ann asked as she rejoined the group. She wasn’t in Care of Magical Creature but had used that time to get some research done. What kind she wouldn’t say, but she did hint that it was Marauder related.

“That if we turned him into a girl permanently that it would be for a damn good reason,” Tracey said with a smile.

Sally-Ann smiled at him and patted him on the shoulder. “Of course, but just so you know Harry if it is going to be done you will be awake for it.” The smile and glint in Sally-Ann’s eyes were more than a little creepy.

“Oh dear,” Harry said in almost a whisper. “I better stay on my absolute best behaviour then.”

“Not necessarily,” Hermione said with a smile. “Just make sure whatever you do does have a damn good reason for being done.” Once she said this snapped her fingers. “Oh, and make sure that if it is something insanely stupid that it doesn’t come back to bite the US in the arse.”

“Always,” Harry said with a smile. As the entered the Great Hall Harry noticed that Ronald wasn’t stuck in a loo anymore. “Well, it looks like Ron is no longer stuck to a toilet.”

“Damn, and here I thought we’d be free of him for another hour,” Tracey said with a smile.

“We can always dose him again,” Hermione said flatly.

Harry shook his head. “No need for that... today. Let’s let him think it was someone else. We know he is going to screw up again.” Harry cast a glance at Delphyne, and a thought came across his mind. “Given what I think he might try to do I think it a good idea for me to let you hold on to something Hermione.”

“Your cloak?” Hermione asked with a worried look on her face.

“And my broom. I really don’t want him getting a hold of either.” Harry said flatly.

“The broom could easily be traced, and given that there is only ONE of them in the school I doubt he’d actually take it, Harry,” Hermione said almost comically. “But I could see him trying to break it.”

Harry nodded with a coy smile. “Hence why I want to hide it.”

“Duly noted,” Hermione said as she took a seat. “Now let’s focus on food.”

1:30 PM


Dumbledore’s Office

Albus was sitting there rubbing the bridge of his nose. He’d never had a bad morning as he did today. It started with the Daily Prophet, then it ‘improved’ with the sorting of Dr Granger, but it finally got the worst it could be with the first Potion class of the year. Snape was doing what he had to do for Mr Longbottom. It was said that the boy wasn’t gaining any courage, but given the memory, he’d seen Albus could understand way. While Snape was supposed to encourage Mr Longbottom to get a little more courageous what he did was uncalled for. Testing his potion was one thing, but then humiliating him in class was uncalled for. Normally all Severus would have received would have been a warning, but given that Lady Black, Dr Granger, and members of the School Board had seen it Albus couldn’t ignore it.

The sound of feet hitting the floor pulled Dumbledore out of his thoughts. He looked up to see Severus pacing back and forth. The look on his face was one pure rage, and Albus could understand why. The man had just lost his job because of his actions, and this wasn’t the first time it had happened. Governor Tabbers had demanded to see all the complaints made against Dumbledore from the last decade. What he’d done to Mr Longbottom was a constant complaint alongside the complaint of unfair grading. A look at why he’d taken points away from people just from last year had also hurt him. That he had taken points away from Ms Granger for being a know-it-all was more than a little damning. Normally a student was rewarded for knowing things. That he also gave points to Malfoy for ‘Correct Actions’ after she had insulted Ms Granger last year.

“Severus the Governors were only taking that actions because of what you had done. I’d told you that if you went too far with this it might hurt us both. Now I have to find a new Potions Professor, and find another way to keep you on staff here.” Albus said calmly.

Severus turned to look at him with this anger in his eyes. “I know this was Potter’s doing!”

Albus nodded his head. “That wouldn’t surprise me Severus, but we cannot prove it. Ms Granger could have complained to her mother while she was here today, or Lady Davis-Granger could have seen the way you looked at Mr Potter and asked a question. I’ve never known Harry to lie about such things.” Albus pointed at Severus. “You know why you were here, but I think that we’ve both forgotten that in the long run doing things the way you had been doing was wrong. So, for now, finish off today, and I will see I can find a way to keep you on staff.”

Severus nodded, but there was still this anger in his eyes. “Of course Albus.”

12:15 PM

Great Hall

Beauxbaton Academy of Magic

Fleur was sitting there in between her two friends while eating lunch. She had been so displeased with the way the two girls had been acting around her since they had found out who she really found attractive. Even though they had said they didn’t care who she loved Fleur didn’t find their reaction to them learning that she liked women to agreeable. They seemed to be walking a little bit further away from her now. Though her other friends were completely okay with this these to didn’t seem to like the idea. In a small bit of humour, her three other friends had forced these two to sit next to her. Fleur looked at those three and smiled.

So are you ready to go to Hogwarts?” Eléonore asked with a smile her face.

Yes, the Triwizard Tournament is exciting,” Fleur said with a smile. These girls would never truly accept her as their friend, but this was better than nothing.

Who do you think the champion is going to be?” Darcey asked with a smile on her face.

I don’t know it could be anyone,” Fae said with a smile. “I just hope one of us is the champion.”

All of this conversation came to an end when there was a burst of flames. The group of young women screamed at this time. While this scared them what came of it was something beyond their expectations. While some girls pranked her for being part veela none of them had ever sent her a flaming bird. If she was right this was a phoenix. She’d never taken Magical Creatures, but there was just something about this creature that told her this was no joke. Before anyone could say or do anything the phoenix took flight and landed on her shoulder. This gentle warmth flowed through her at this moment.

Is that a phoenix?” Darcey asked. Fleur nodded her head. If it is, I think it bonded with you,” Darcey said with a shocked look on her face.

Fleur nodded with a shocked look on her face. The warmth that she felt going through her was amazing. She then looked at the phoenix. “Who are you?” Fleur asked the bird more than a little nervous.

The phoenix started singing and everyone calmed down. “I go by Fawkes, and yes I once was bonded to Dumbledore.”

Oh dear,” Fleur said as she brought a hand to her mouth. “Why would you leave him?”

Fawkes shook its head. “Because he is losing sight of what is important. He has good intentions, but he has lost sight of what is important. I am also worried about his mental state.”

Fleur could argue with this really. She knew Dumbledore was old, and the man probably did intend well, but some of the things he’d done seemed to cause more harm than good. First, they learned about Sirius Black’s innocence last year, and yesterday evening everyone who had a subscription to the Daily Prophet had received a special edition late last night. It seems that the Headmaster of Hogwarts had covered up one of the most amazing things in the world. This couldn’t have sat well with Fawkes. All being answered though still left one question in Fleur’s mind. “Why me?” Her friends looked at her a little questioningly. It was then that she realized that they could only hear her talking. “I have been talking to Fawkes,” she gestured to her bonded ally, “...but I didn’t realize he...”

She,” Fawkes ‘said’ with a hint of a laugh.

Fleur nodded with a smile on her face. “I didn’t realize that SHE was mentally communicating with me.”

It is a GIRL?” Fae said more than a little stunned.

“Yes,” Fleur said with a slight smile to her face as Madam Maxime was making her way over to them. “Yes, Madam Maxime?”

Is that a phoenix?” The Headmistress asked more than a little shocked.

Fleur nodded with a slight smile to her face. “Yes, and I don’t know what happened but she left her previous bonded ally. I also don’t know why she bonded with me.”

Fawkes answered her with what sounded like a laugh to her ‘voice’. “Fate already has a lot of thing going on regarding a young man I want to help, and I couldn’t bond with one of the closest friends of the person I wanted to help. He already has bonded animals, and he already has bonded owl. So, I looked for someone who COULD be close to him, and I was drawn to you more so than anyone else.”

So, I was the best choice of how many?” Fleur asked almost offended by that statement.

“Two,” Fawkes said flatly. Fleur’s jaw fell open at this point. “Where are you expecting a bigger number?” Fawkes asked with this slight chortle.

Fleur blushed a little at this point. “Yes, and for that I am sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry for,” Fawkes said with a slight nibble at Fleur’s ear. “Just keep your eyes open for the person I am wanting to help.”

Will they be that easy to see?” Fleur asked a little shocked.

It was at this point that Fleur noticed that Madam Maxime looked just as shocked at what was going on as her friends. When Fawkes nodded her head at Fleur’s question the woman almost fell backwards. “You should notice him right away, and I think I just gave him away.”

By stating his gender?” Fleur asked more than a little curious.

Again Fawkes nodded. “Yes.”

Fleur thought about it for a moment, but there was only one name that came to her mind regarding Dumbledore’s mistakes. “Harry Potter?” Fawkes gave a slight nod. “Why are you wanting to help him, and furthermore why would you need MY help to do this?”

Fawkes chortled once more. “Because what you can do is needed, and of the two people I could have bonded with you would benefit more than the other person.”

Will you tell me who that was?” Fleur asked a little hopeful.

No, because that would take the mystery away.” Fawkes ‘said’ with another chortle.

Fleur raised an eyebrow. “Why do I think you are a prankster?”

I have no idea.” the image of Fawkes full-on laughing would not leave her mind.

“Oh, Gabrielle will like you,” Fleur said as she stroked Fawkes on her beak.

Fawkes tilted her head to the left. “Who is that?”

2:30 PM

Granger Residence

Narcissa was sitting there at the table looking at her wife levitating another piece of pizza to her plate. Just watching this caused her to smile. All those years ago she was afraid of what Ada would do when she found out that she was a witch. Now that fear was completely gone. Granted it was completely destroyed a year ago, and all that had happened yesterday was just icing on the cake. The idea of Lucius sitting in Azkaban right now brought a smile to her face. She knew he would be out of there on some form of bail, but the idea of him getting away with this as he had before still floated in her mind.

“What’s wrong Nici?” Ada asked after she swallowed a bite of pizza.

Narcissa sighed and thought of how to say this. She picked up a piece of pizza. “I was thinking about how Lucius has gotten out of serious jail time before.” Narcissa took a bite of the pizza to think how to say this in a way for Ada to understand it. Once she swallowed the pizza Narcissa continued. “The bastard has gotten away with worse crimes before, and one of the fears I have is that he will get away with this the same way.”

Ada reached over and gripped Narcissa’s hand tightly. “Hey my love look at me.” Narcissa didn’t know when she started looking at the table, but she was at this moment. When she looked at Ada the woman was smiling. “Nici, I don’t care how he got away with crimes before. If he attempts to get away with what he’s done to you he will find it very difficult.” Hearing this caused Narcissa to smile. “I am certain that with all the mediwitchs provide I doubt he will just get away with it.”

Narcissa could feel herself blushing. “You have a point, but at best he will be spending five years in Azkaban.”

Ada squinted her eyes at this. “You said that magical prison sentences were different than in the muggle world.” Narcissa nodded her head blushing a little as she took another bite of pizza. “Why is that?”

Narcissa swallowed the bite and hoped this didn’t scare Ada too badly. “Because the guards of the prison are the worst kind of magical creatures you could run across. I don’t know where they come from, and until the island where the prison is located was found no one had seen these... things. I have taken the time to look at what little documentation there is about the discovery of the island that is Azkaban.”

“That’s the name of prison?” Ada asked.

Narcissa nodded as she took a drink of the fizzy drink. “Yes, and it is one of the worst discoveries in my opinion. When there was a chance of Lucius of going there in 1981 I researched the topic. I managed to come across some of the journals of one of the Aurors who investigated the island. It detailed more about the Dementors then I think the Ministry wants people to know.”

“I think every government has something along those lines,” Ada said before taking a bite out of the pizza.

Narcissa nodded at that. “Yes, but I doubt many of them hire creatures that were created by a psychopath as prison guards.” Ada stopped in mid-motion with her mouth held wide open. If the topic wasn’t so dire Narcissa would have broken out in laughter at this moment. She couldn’t help but smile as she continued. “An Auror named Thomas Eprisdas took the time to write down what they had found on the island when the concealment enchantment gave way. On the island was a new magical species that existed nowhere else in the world. They look human, but they are very emaciated in appearance. They are clothed in these dark black robes, and they make the environment around them as cold as the Antarctic. They also make you relive your worst memory if the get close to you. Aside from both those things just being near them makes you feel really sad. As for where this species came from I hate to say that it is man-made.”

“WHAT?!” Ada said sounding more than a little shocked.

Narcissa nodded her head in a little bit of shame. “Ekrizdis was the wizard who lived on the island that Azkaban stands on now before it was a prison. When he died in1503 a year after Ekrizdis died the magic keeping it concealed faded. The Magical government was looking to build a prison when this place was found. In the fortress itself, the Aurors found the Dementors, the creatures that are the guards, and Ekrizdis decomposing body. Eprisdas wrote about what they found in addition to the Dementors. Ekrizdis kept detailed notes on his work, and it is quite disgusting what he did to the sailors he brought to the island. When the men and women got on the island he would torture them for fun. Once they were mentally broken he would start trying to extract their souls.” Ada looked more than a little disgusted at this point. “Doing this he accidentally created the first Dementor. It took him fourteen years to figure out how it was done. By this time he’d figured out how to ‘feed’ them, and he relished in feeding them the souls of people he declared improper Dementor material. Before you ask they feed on souls.”

“Oh my God,” Ada said behind her hand.

Narcissa nodded as she took another sip of her drink. “I would love to get that book again and do some more research on the matter because it would surprise me that there wasn’t a way to truly defeat these monsters in that mad man’s notes.”

“Because if he created them then he’d have a way to control or defeat them,” Ada said with a smile. Narcissa smiled and nodded. “See I told you yesterday that all the dark things you learned would come in handy. You can use it for good things after all.”

Narcissa could feel her cheeks warm up at this point. “Stop it, you are just saying that to get a little lucky later on tonight.”

Ada smiled and swatted her hand. “No, I’m not.”

Narcissa smiled at her and took hold of her hand. “Well, it’s either that or you’re trying to avoid your first Potions lesson.”

“It’s not that either my love,” Ada said with a smile, and leaned in a little closer to her.

“Then why is it?” Narcissa asked as she inched closer to Ada.

“Because you are a lovely person, and I want you to feel the love I have for you. There is also the fact that you might be able to figure out how to kill these damn things.” Ada said before she kissed Narcissa passionately.

Both women jumped when Richard’s voice rent the air. “Well, I can take this off my bucket list.” When Narcissa looked at the man there was this mischievous smile on his face. “Hi Nici, how are things going with the lessons?”

“I am done with my first transfigurations and charms lessons. I still have potions to do though.” Ada said softly as she glared at Richard. “Now what just taken off your bucket list?”

Richard’s smile got wider. “Seeing two women lovingly kiss one another in person,” Richard said this as he got closer to them. “The first thing that got taken off the list was seeing the two of you cuddle on the couch.”

Narcissa squinted at him. “Not helping your case Richard.”

Richard nodded his head. “I know, but I can’t stop everything that I do.”

“I think you just don’t want to,” Ada said with a smile.

“Yep,” Richard said as he kissed his wife. Once this was done he looked over at Narcissa and lightly kissed her on the lips. Before she could say anything though Richard lightly swatted her on her backside before running out of the room.

Ada looked at her a little shocked, and Narcissa knew that she had a similar look on her face. Without missing a beat Ada said: “He needs to pay for that.”

“How?” Narcissa said with a smile.

“We’ll figure it out, and that if you are offended by it,” Ada asked looking a little worried.

Narcissa smiled at her. “I am not, but that doesn’t mean I love him as I love you. I won’t mind sharing you though.”

Ada nodded and smiled a little broader. “So, shall we chase him?”

Narcissa smiled at her and held out her hand. “Together then?”

Ada smiled nodded and took her hand. “Together.”

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