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Persuasion and Grace

Chapter Three: Persuasion and Grace

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Harry was sitting in the Great Hall for lunch, and was enjoying a little bit of down time. It had been month since the start of term, and just like last time, Draco and his better halves tried to force Buckbeak to bow. Unfortunately for them Harry had informed Hagrid of his lack of 'concentration' during class, and the Prince of fools along with his friends were given a week's worth of detention. The only problem he could see was enduring the classes. While he knew the material and was racking up house points he was exceedingly bored during class. He knew the spells they were being taught, and had no problem casting them, but at this point he was just beating a dead thestral.

The only exception to this was Ancient Runes. The class was difficult, and left him little time to slack off. Where he could do most reports in a couple of hours Ancient Runes at times took twice that much time. The plus side to it was he was 'inching closer' to a conversation with the Ice Queen. At the moment the extent of their 'talks' consisted of short comments back and forth. Most of which consisted of 'nice work' and 'not bad'. It wasn't much, but at least it was something.

Her sister was a laugh riot. She seemed to be a cross between the twins and Sirius Black. And as much as the thought sent shivers up Harry's spine it made him laugh just as much. While she was not a prankster, yet, Tori seemed to want to be one. When she wasn't hanging with her year mates she was with the twins in the common room plotting and scheming. On occasion she would talk to Harry and Hermione about their 'exploits'. Although she did not talk about her sister much she did mention that it was a family matter that caused her reaction to the Dementor. The twins viewed her as a secondary little sister, and they were not the only ones. It seemed everyone in the house liked her saved for one person: Ronald Weasley.

The youngest Weasley boy had alienated himself from the entire house one day because he made Tori run form the common room crying. It may have been a week ago, but just thinking about it made his blood boil.


Harry was sitting in the common room working on his latest History of Magic report when a commotion in the back of the common room made his head shoot up. He saw Tori running for the girls' dorms, and one Weasel grinning like a mad man. He stood up and marched over to the human pig.

"What did you say to her Weasel?" Harry growled.

"What did you call ME?" Ron shouted.

"He told her to go back to her kind." One of Tori's friends said.

"He also called her a snake and a liar!" Colin's brother said.

"Well she IS a snake and liar, and it would not surprise me if she was a Death…"

Harry didn't let Ronald finish the sentence. "Silencio," he could hear gasps coming from the others in the common room. "Now you listen to me Weaselbee, if you ever insult her like that again you will have more to worry about than your brothers. Ron it seems you have forgotten what we were told when we first arrived at this castle, 'our house will be like our family', and Ron I suggest you remember that phrase."

Harry turned around to see Hermione, Ginny, and Tori standing behind him he simply nodded to the three of them. He then told Tori if she had any problems to come to him, and that he would teach her a 'defensive' spell for her to use on Ron if she ever felt threatened by him again. With that he leered back at Ronald and gave him the two fingered salute.

As he walked away Harry heard someone shout 'look out' before he felt something slam into his back. He and his assailant fell to the ground, and that was when he felt the first punch land on his right shoulder. He had truly felt worse, but this was still annoying. Using what little leverage he had Harry shoved one of his elbows back into what felt like Ron's rib cage. Ron was moved backwards enough to allow Harry room to move. Once he was in a better position he started throwing punches at the red-headed fool. Seamus and Neville pulled Ron off of Harry, but not before Harry landed a left-handed punch on Ronald's nose. The resounding crunch told the tale of what happened before the flow of blood began. Percy came down from the boys' dorms, and asked what had happened. Ron whose voice was restored by Percy tried to paint Tori as the instigator, and Harry as her willing participant, but the others in the room shot down his excuse down before he even finished. Percy told Ron to follow him and the two left the common room.

Tori ran up to him. "Harry, are you all right?"

"Yes Tori I am fine, but if he ever gets in your face again you come and find me or the twins, or at the very least a professor okay?"

"Sure, but I thought he was your friend?" Tori asked with bewilderment in her eyes.

"'Was' is the key word Tori." He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Let me give you instructions to a spell." Harry went back to where he had been working on his report for Binns, and took out a new piece of parchment. He began to write down the instructions for Levicorpus and then handed them to Tori. "Here is the spell I wanted to teach you Tori. It is very simple just an upward flick of your wand should do it, but I have written down how to say it and what it does. You and the twins will find this... fun."

He watched as the young blonde read the note, and a devilish grin grew across her face. She ran to the twins and showed them, both Fred and George grinned excessively.

Harry was brought out of his reviver by the sounds of the post arriving. He noticed a small owl flying at near break neck speed, and knew instantly who the little creature was. Pigwidgeon darted down to him, and there was no doubt who sent the letter the little owl carried. Taking the letter from him Harry pointed the owl to Fred owning to the fact that Ron wanted nothing to do with Harry replacing 'Scabbers'. Once the owl reached Fred Harry could hear the debate of names for the creature. He could see Ginny mention the name the animal would bear for all eternity, and with a simple 'chirp' it was decided. Harry turned his attention to the letter that his godfather had sent.

Dear Harry,

You still haven't answered my question. How did you know how to do that with your Patronus? Aside from that I have sent a letter giving you permission to go to Hogsmeade. Just show the old biddy, I mean Professor McGonagall the second letter, and you should be good to go. Do you have any friends that would be comfortable meeting with a 'reformed' reprobate? Let me know how many people wish to take the Marauder's oath, recite and tap please.

Your godfather,


Harry started laughing. Seamus looked at him funny. "What so hilarious Harry?"

"My godfather just called Professor McGonagall an 'old biddy'." Harry could not stop the peals of laughter. When he looked at Seamus again his dorm mate looked frightened. Looking behind him Harry could see said professor standing behind him. "Hello Professor McGonagall." Harry took an audible swallow.

"Do you find that definition accurate Mr. Potter?" The look she was giving him both dared him to do it, and carried the phrase 'do it and die'.

"No ma'am, but he also said to give you this." Harry held out his permission form for Hogsmeade.

"I would like to see both letters Mr. Potter." The professor held out her hand.

"Yes ma'am."

As McGonagall read the note Harry could swear she was smiling. "Mr. Potter please tell me you are not thinking about to restarting your father's little group?"

"I am not planning to restart his group." McGonagall shook her head before handing him back him back the first letter. She read the second letter.

"This will do until you get him to sign the actual form Mr. Potter." She glared at him for a bit. "I am telling you right now if you start acting like…"

"You have nothing to worry about professor. I am not Sirius Black, and I swear to you I am much more respectful to women." At the mere mention of Sirius' name Harry could hear everyone at the table inhale sharply.

"I hope so Potter." Harry spun around and saw Daphne and Tracey staring at him. Well Daphne was staring. Tracey was smiling a rather devilish smile. "My sister looks up to you, you know."

He looked over to Tori. She was being very mature for her age by giving her sister the two fingered salute. "You know sis I could tell him…"

"Don't even say another word Tori!" Though there was no ice in her voice Harry could tell she was serious. Looking over to Tori he saw neither fear nor concern. In fact the first year was smiling.

"Why don't you sit with us?" Harry gestured to the two open chairs in front of him and Neville.

"What are you trying to do Potty?" The sneer on Malfoy's face was classic. He reached up to put his arm around Daphne's shoulders. "Daphne and I were just… ugh!" Harry nearly fell over laughing as Daphne's elbow collided with Malfoy's gut.

"Do not touch me Malfoy, I have told you this a thousand times." She looked over at Harry. "And as for you why would I want to sit with you?"

"Better company, and let's face it cleaner company as well. I doubt the ferret there," he gestured to Malfoy. "…has bathed in weeks." Harry immediately bit his tongue. No one knew what had happened during his last time through the upcoming year. Still everyone laughed, albeit if things played out next year the same they would laugh even harder.

"How dare you wait till I tell my…"

"…Your father?" Everyone in hearing range of Draco, including the two Slytherin girls responded. With that the two trolls and ferret left.

After a short conversation Tracey and Daphne decided to join Harry and his friends for lunch. Conversation was kept light but interesting. Daphne mainly stuck to academics, but Tracey seemed dead set on finding out more about Harry. Occasionally Harry would throw a glance down at Fred and George who were laughing maniacally. While this was not bad it did not bode well for whoever was the target of the day. When Harry, Hermione, Daphne, and Tracey stood to go to Ancient Runes Tracey decided to broach the topic of Sirius Black.

"So Harry you're Sirius Black's godson?" She asked this in a somewhat low voice.

"Yes Tracey I am, he and my father where brothers in all but blood."

Daphne's head snapped in his direction. "How can you say that Harry, he betrayed your father?"

Holding up his hand Harry explained. "Actually no he didn't. What the Daily Prophet stated is correct. Peter Pettigrew was the secret keeper for my parents, and he was the spy for Voldemort." Everyone else shivered at the name. "Any way, my father had told Dumbledore he was going to use Black, but switched to Pettigrew at the last minute. This idea was Sirius' mainly because he knew he would be the obvious choice, being my father's best mate."

"Okay Potter, but how do you know Black is not dark?" Daphne asked.

"Think about it for a second. His mother, who without a doubt was dark, expels him from the family, he moves in with my dad and his parents who are light, and they live peacefully with one another for years." He waited for the information to sink in. "Then he fights against the Death Eaters and Voldemort…"

"Please Harry stop saying that!" Daphne did not scream this, but there was a definite panic in her voice. One glance at the other two told him they were on edge as well.

"Okay. He fought against You-know-who and his flunkies. So what benefit would he have to betray his friends? His brother would not just arbitrarily accept him back, and they would think it was just a set up." Harry looked at Daphne. "Take yourself for instance."

"Why does it have to be me, can it not be Tracey?" She was now glaring at Harry. Tracey was laughing.

"Okay Tracey since you are in Slytherin some will think you a future dark witch. I am going to take the stance that that is incorrect, but others will not. Does your being in Slytherin mean you are like Draco Malfoy?"

"No it does not, but all this circular talking is getting to me Potter." Tracey said as she opened the door.

"Did Black do it or not Potter?" Daphne asked again.

"Why don't you ask him? I plan to meet him between here and Hogsmeade on our first trip." And with that they all sat at the same table for once. Harry could feel the eyes of the other students gazing in their direction. "Look everyone I know Sirius Black was wrongly convicted, but please stop gawking every time someone mentions him or the human rat."

"Harry I think they are staring because two Slytherins and two Gryffindors are sitting at the same table." Tracey said with a grin.

"Oh." Harry looked back at the class. "Forget what I just said." There were a few laughs, and even Professor Babbling was laughing somewhat.

Later on that week they were informed that the first Hogsmeade week end would be on the thirty first just like Harry remembered, and unsettlingly that the Dementors would be back at Hogwarts. At the uproar of students Professor Dumbledore informed them that it was not Sirius Black that was a threat to them, but an escaped Wormtail. Harry gritted his teeth, and kicked himself for thinking they were done with the Dementors for at least two years. He looked over to the Slytherin table, and saw Daphne's face pale. Glancing down the table he could tell Tori looked worried as well. It was then that Harry thought of teaching Daphne the Patronus Charm. If anything it would protect her from the vile creatures.

As dinner began Harry saw Tori run over to her sister and started talking to her. Ron looked like he was about to say something, but a look from Alicia Spinnet silenced him. He watched them and Tracey get up and walk outside the Great Hall. He decided to follow them.

"Where are you going Harry?" Hermione asked.

"I just want to check out something Hermione. Don't worry about it."

He ran out the doors of the great hall. He could hear Ron yelling something, but it sounded more like howls of pain rather than insults. Once Harry was in the hallway he looked for the three girls. Seeing them a little was off to the right he decided to walk towards them. When she heard footsteps heading her way Daphne looked up. "What do you want Potter?"

"You don't have to call me that Daphne." She pointed behind him. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Draco and his two thugs. "What do you and your boyfriends want Draco?"

"What are you talking about Potter?" Draco retorted.

"What do you and trolls want?" Harry's voice dropped in tone, and he saw Crabbe and Goyle take a step back. "Why don't you go finish your meal Malfoy? All I want to do is talk to Daphne, her sister, and Tracey about something."

"Whatever you want to say to her you can say…" Once again Draco was cut off by Daphne.

"I am not one of your house-elves Malfoy, and the same goes for you Potter." The chill in her voice exceeded his.

"I have no intention of treating you like some kind of servant Daphne. I was going to offer to teach you the Patronus charm." Harry looked back to Draco whose mouth was hanging open. "Are you trying to catch flies Draco?"

"How dare you Potter!" Draco screamed.

Draco went for his wand, but he was a fraction of a second slower than Harry. Three quick Expelliarmus and one Protego took care of the three individuals. Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle looked at their hands then at Harry, and back again. The expressions they wore were mainly of fright. Even though he wanted to smile Harry kept a straight face. He gestured to the wands he sent flying down the hallway.

"Pick up your wands gentlemen and leave." As the three fools left Harry turned to look at three girls who had their mouths hanging open. "Are you all right ladies?"

"How did you do that?" Tori asked.

"Lots and lots of practice, and Daphne I was not kidding I am willing to teach you the Patronus charm." He looked to Tori. "Is something wrong?"

"Behind you," the little blonde pointed in said direction.

Looking over his shoulder Harry could see Professors Snape and McGonagall looking at him, and the headmaster was not far behind them. Draco and the trolls were not far behind. He looked once more to Professor McGonagall she looked both annoyed and proud. Snape on the other hand just looked annoyed. Once the headmaster reached them the questions began. What happened, who started the fight, and what exactly happened? After Daphne and Tori backed up Harry's statements and Harry even offered his wand to be tested. Professor Snape was the one who cast Prior Incantatem revealing the previously stated spell.

"He could have faked it!" Draco screamed.

"That is doubtful Mr. Malfoy. Now if I may see your wand." Professor Snape stated. Snape repeated the process and revealed the bone breaking hex. "It seems for once Mr. Potter you are correct. Mr. Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle I will expect to see you for detention tomorrow evening after dinner."

As they walked back towards the Great Hall Daphne asked "Do you mind if me and Tracey join you and Hermione for dinner?"

Harry looked behind him and saw Tori grinning like the Cheshire cat. "I wouldn't mind that at all." Harry held open the door for the two Greengrass sisters.

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