If At First


Chapter Five: Rebuilding

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Harry lay there in bed thinking of the day ahead. It was Halloween and they would be going to Hogsmeade today. It was more than talking about his deaths that he needed to cover. He wanted to reform the Marauders, and he needed to know who would join him in this cause. He didn't know Susan well enough to extend her the offer, and he was still unsure if Hermione would accept his offer. Neville was a definite yes. Daphne and Tracey were defiantly on the list for two reasons. Number one they despised Draco and his goons, and two they would give the Marauders an open doorway to Slytherin dorms.

As if just thinking the name 'Marauders' had some kind of sanctified meaning the mirror he held in his hand started to get warmer. Lifting the item so he could look at it Harry saw the face of his godfather for the first time in two years. This nearly brought him to tears. Sure that was another place and time, but it still felt like yesterday that he watched Sirius die in Department of Mysteries.

"Hey, how are you doing Harry?" Sirius asked.

"I am fine and you?" Harry smiled at the nervous look on the man's face.

"Harry, are you sure you want me to bring this truth serum for you?"

"Trust me I think you wouldn't believe me otherwise. About the other conversation we had…" Harry could help but smile at the look that crossed the Marauders face.

"That is not only a very difficult thing to do Harry, but it will be expensive as well, but if you can find the people…" He did not let his godfather finish.

"I am certain I can find the people, but one of them is more like my mother." Harry could see the twinkle in the older man's eyes.

"Really, how much like your mother is she?"

Harry knew where this line of questioning was going. "No Sirius I have no romantic interest in my best mate. She just likes to obey the rules."

"Uh huh I believe you Harry." The barking laugh the man gave was classic Sirius Black.

Harry sighed. "Look Sirius if I am interested in anyone it most certainly would not be someone I view as a sister. Besides that's not what I want to talk about Animagus."

At this the old Marauder smiled. "What do you want to know, and are you going to tell anyone?"

"Everything and I don't plan on telling anyone who is not going to join the brotherhood."

"How do you know about that?" Sirius held up his hands, and started shaking his head. "Never mind I don't want to know if you tell me I might let it slip to Moony. I mean Professor Lupin. God I can't see that old dog as a teacher." He arched an eyebrow. "Wait a minute yes I can."

"As much as I would like to keep chatting Sirius I do have to get dressed."

Sirius got this wicked grin on his face. "Trying to impress Hermione huh?"

"Oh god, I will see you later Sirius."

Harry set the mirror down and gathered some clothes for the day. After taking care of his morning affairs and taking a quick shower he head down stairs. As he arrived at the Entrance Hall he saw Tracey talking with Susan Bones. Ever since he received the updated list Harry had been wondering how he would get Susan to accompany them to Hogsmeade, and it appeared Fate was giving him a hand… maybe.

"Hey Tracey," as Harry approached he noticed Susan starting to walk towards the Great Hall. "Hi Susan, how are you doing today?"

The ginger haired Hufflepuff stopped dead in her tracks. "Fine Harry, how are you?"

"I am doing well. I didn't interrupt anything I hope?" He asked tentatively.

"No you didn't, and don't worry about it Harry." Tracey said rather quickly.

"Well if you two are friends she is more than welcome to come with us to Hogsmeade."

"No that is quite all right Harry I planned on going with some friends, but thank you for asking." Susan said as she walked off to join the other Huffs at their table.

"What was that about Harry?" Tracey asked as they sat down at the Gryffindor table.

"Nothing there is just some news that I thought she would like to be made aware of." He noticed that Tracey's face went pale. "Is something wrong Tracey?"

"No Harry everything is just fine." He could tell she was lying but let it slide knowing how much he liked his own privacy.

Harry took some eggs and bacon, and picked up conversation with Daphne seeing as Hermione was deep in conversation with Neville about the Herbology assignment. Occasionally he would glance over at Remus to see if he was looking okay, and just like last time he looked a little worried about tonight. As the group finished their breakfast Harry's friends asked where they would be meeting Sirius, and when he said near the Shrieking Shack he had to laugh at the paled expressions range from abject terror to curiosity. As they left Harry had this feeling they were being followed. He noticed Tracey take off in another direction saying she would meet them at the Shack. The group watched her run up to Susan, and the two started talking. The group continued to walk towards Hogsmeade and met up with the twins at the base of the hill leading to the Shack.

As they approached the 'haunted' ramshackle house Harry could see a pacing Sirius Black. Harry called out to him. The raven haired prankster walked up to the group with a huge smile on his face. Sirius walked up to the group shaking Harry's hand once he got close to the teens. After a short introduction Sirius brought out a small vial that contained Veritaserum and said he would take some before anyone asked him questions. At that moment the last member of the group of friends joined the group with two extra members. One was Susan, and the other was Ron, but the last one of these was staying behind the other two. Harry shook his head at the red-heads attempt at spying.

"You must be a Weasley." Sirius said with a smile on his face. He expounded upon his statement when Susan shook her head. "The young man behind you two."

Tracey turned around. "You were not invited to this little get together Weasel."

"Oh you quick to talk now that you have support from the traitors and your fellow Slytherin." Ron tried to look intimidating, but was failing.

"Go away Ron we are busy." Harry tried to sound as aggressive as possible, but a small shimmer of light behind his old friend made it hard.

"Oh sure Potter you talk big when there are people to back you up, but you could not stand toe to toe with me." Harry looked over at the others. They all had looks of stunned amazement on their faces, and one look back told him why. Standing behind Ron was Freyja with this wicked grin on her face. Ron had this smirk on his face at the moment, and Harry wanted to bet how long it would stay there. "It looks like your friends, and even Sirius Black, are scared of me Potter."

At that moment there was a resounding boom from the Shrieking Shack. Harry even jumped at the sound. Turning around the-boy-who-lived could see a giant stallion charging at them. Ducking down to avoid getting trampled the raven haired boy looked back to Ron and one of his 'life managers' was smiling wickedly at the screaming Weasley child as he ran off down the hill. Freyja was laughing maniacally as the self-righteous boy ran in abject terror away from the assembled group. As the goddess faded away Harry waved to her, she just flipped him off, yet there was a large smile on her face.

"Harry, who the hell was that woman," Sirius asked with more than a little fear in his voice.

"That was a goddess who oversees a portion of my life my dogfather." He looked back over to the two girls near the base of the hill; the green eyed boy wave for them to join the others. "It's safe girls she just seriously doesn't like Ron." When Tracey and Susan joined them Harry turned to the older member of the group. "Okay old man we can start now."

"That didn't answer the question Harry." Hermione was looking at him with both arms crossed.

Letting out a sight he elaborated. "That was Freyja the Nordic goddess of love and battle. Yes I personally met her, Hecate, and Isis." He gestured to the pin he was given. "If you want to know more I suggest you, Sirius, give me the Veritaserum."

"How did you manage that?" Susan asked.

"Before I answer I will need the truth serum otherwise I don't think you guys would believe me." He held out his hand, and waited for the potion.

"I thought we were going to use it on him." Daphne pointed to Sirius.

"Nope, after I am done he won't need it." He took the offered vial, and before taking the potion he cast a privacy charm. He then waited for the question to start.

"Harry did you really die?" After Hermione asked this question he could hear the sharp intakes of air from the others.

"Yes, eight times to be exact. The last of which was in 1997." He felt the compulsion to answer truthfully and his voice sounded mechanical, and completely devoid of emotion.

Daphne started to cry and moved to run away, but her oldest friend stopped her. It was Tracey who asked the next question. "How do we know you're really Harry?"

"I am Harry James Potter, but I was sent back in time mind and soul from December of 1997 to September first of 1993 to prevent my death and the deaths of thousands of innocent people." He looked over at Daphne, and even though he tried with all his might he could not stop the words that left his mouth next. "And to prevent the suffering of the woman who is my soulmate."

"What are you saying Potter?" the Ice Queen was back, but even that could not shake the potion.

"I was told that you were my soulmate, and at the time I didn't believe it because Ginny had me under a love potion." Hermione breathed in sharply. Daphne looked ready to kill someone, and Harry hoped it wasn't him. "Fred, George there is something I want to ask you."

"What's that mate?" Fred asked.

"Make sure she stops her fascination with me will you." He was cut off of his next sentence by the girl who seemed to take up more of his thoughts as of lately.

"How do we know you are not just an Occlumens resisting the potion?" Daphne shouted.

"Snape tried to teach me, but I failed to learn the skill."

At that moment Daphne stepped forward and pulled out her wand "Legilimens!"

Harry for the first time in years felt the pull of his mind as his vision collapsed in ward to the recesses of his memory. He once again found himself in John's office, and said reaper was sitting behind his desk looking at a smaller file then the one he remembered seeing nearly two months ago. The middle aged man looked amused and Harry hoped it was not because he had died. John looked up and made a gesture beside him, and looking to his left the raven haired teen saw another chair. He looked to his Grim Reaper with a raised eyebrow.

"You are not alone." Looking behind him Harry saw Daphne standing there gobsmacked. "Take a seat Ms. Greengrass. By the way my name is John Jackson I am Harry's Grim Reaper. Yes this is a memory."

"Then how can you enter act with me? I am the only one who should be aware of my presence here aside from Harry." Daphne shouted.

"I am death my dear. No mortal can hide from me." John then took on the classic image of death. "Now take a seat, and I will assume a more acceptable appearance." He waited for Daphne to take the offered chair. "Now what seems to be the problem?"

"Did Harry really die eight times, and is the Harry in my world THE Harry Potter?" Daphne was glaring at death.

"Yes. Do you not remember that dream you had before the first day of school?" John asked with a smile.

"How do you know about that dream?" The shock in Daphne's voice was frightening.

"I am death and that was the dying memory of a version of you that is never to be. A vision that the Fates thought would be beneficial to you." John seemed sympathetic to her plight at that moment. "Now I hate to cut this short, but you can't be here, and take this." John slid a pin over to Daphne, and once she grabbed it the memory was over.

Harry's vision cleared, and he could see everyone still staring at the two of them, and before anyone could say anything Harry asked. "Do you believe me now?" He looked at Daphne as closely as possible without being rude and caught a glimpse of her new pin shining on the left side of her robes. She just nodded. "Does anyone have any more questions?"

"The serum is gone Harry." The assembled group spun around. John was standing behind the assembled group with this wicked smile on his face. One look at the others told Harry they could only see the 'classic' Grim Reaper, and not John. "So who wants a ride across a river?" Everyone stepped back. "Good choice."

"So you're death?" Fred asked.

"Yes, but unfortunately I must go." Harry could hear a collective sigh of relief as John started to fade. "Remember Harry this is it." Harry just nodded.

Once John faded away, and after answering a few more questions, the group started to disperse. As Harry started to walk down the hill he felt someone grab his wrist. Looking over his shoulder he saw Daphne looking at him with watery eyes, and he knew that she had more questions for him. He looked back at Hermione and Neville and told them to go on, and that he would meet up with them at the Three Broomsticks. With a simple nod the two Gryffindors left. The two of them stood there in silence for a few minutes before Daphne broke down and started crying. Harry's immediate reaction was to try and comfort the raven haired girl with words, but that only caused her to start hitting him repeatedly in the chest. Eventually she threw her arms around his waist and rested her head against his chest.

"How could you not know me Harry I have to beat most boys off with a stick, and even then a few don't listen." Daphne finally asked.

"Two words: Ronald Weasley." Daphne growled at the name. "At the time I thought like him, but he was running interference with anyone trying to be my friend really. Remember the troll incident in first year?"

"How could I forget? Draco kept whining about it all the way to the dungeons." Harry bit back a laugh. "Why do you ask?"

"Ron was/is an insensitive bastard. After charms class he made Hermione cry and she spent the rest of the afternoon crying in the girl's lavatory. If I hadn't said anything he would have left with the others and let her die." Harry saw a scowl cross Daphne's face. "I was told he kept you away from even seeing me."

"He did, remember when Lockhart tried to fix your arm?" Harry nodded. "Well I went to see you after Madam Pomfrey let you have visitors, but the ponce said you wouldn't want to be friends with an inbred Death Eater. I spent the rest of the weekend crying." Daphne smiled. "Tracey wanted to hex him."

"I know a goddess who would like to do more than that." A crack of thunder got their attention. "Maybe I shouldn't have said that." Harry looked into the blue-green eyes of the Slytherin Ice Queen.

"Maybe," Daphne leaned in close to him. "So what do we do now Harry?"

"I don't know. I was thinking maybe we could go on a date. I mean that is if you want to." Even though the words came out fine Harry could feel his heart racing as Daphne leaned in closer.

"I would love to."

The raven haired boy felt a soft pair of lips press into his. Unlike his first kiss with Ginny this just felt right. He could feel this energy flow between them, and he had no desire to let it end. Just as he was getting used to this feeling Harry felt a surge of energy flow between the two of them. What broke their kiss, aside from the need to breath, was the sound of someone screaming in agony. As the two parted Harry looked in the direction of the sound to find Ron and Draco laying on the ground about three meters away. Beyond those two were Hermione, Tracey, Neville, Susan, Percy, and Penelope Clearwater. Draco was screaming about his arm, and once Percy was near him Ron started saying something about Daphne cursing Harry. "They are soul-bound" was Percy's response.

"How do you know she didn't curse him Percy?" Ron bellowed.

"For one Ron a curse, hex, or jinx cannot mimic a soul-bond. Two the reaction of you and Mr. Malfoy trying to touch them proves it is a soul-bond. If you need a third reason the intensity of the aura alone says they are soulmates." Percy then looked over at Draco. "And what is your reason for charging them Mr. Malfoy?"

"That is none of your business Weasley!" Draco spat in aggravation.

"Well the two of you will accompany me to the Headmasters office, and then Draco I will escort you to Madam Pomfrey after we are done there." He then looked over at Penelope. "I am sorry to cut our date short Penny…"

"It is okay Percy. I think I will accompany you; a second witness to this event will be impossible for Mr. Malfoy to disprove." Penelope glared at Draco. "Besides he deserves detention at the least for this."

"How dare you filthy mudblood!" Those words left Draco's mouth before his 'cunning political' mind could stop them.

"That will cost you twenty points Mr. Malfoy." Percy voice for the first time in all the years Harry knew him carried this sense of anger and rage.

"Don't let him get to you Percy." Penny placed a hand on the elder Weasley's shoulder. "Harry once you're done in Hogsmeade I am sure the Headmaster will wish to see you and Daphne." Harry and Daphne nodded their acquiescence, and watched as the two seventh years escorted Ron, Draco, and the two trolls back to the castle.

Harry looked back at his friends and saw that his best mate was smiling along with Tracey. As the four other third years approached them Harry felt warmth crawl across his cheeks. He felt Daphne interlace her fingers with his. Neville seemed stunned, but it didn't take him long to break into a smile of his own. Harry looked over at Daphne and saw a blush gracing the Ice Queen's face, and he had to admit she looked cute like that.

"So what should we call you two; how about the Crimson Duo?" Tracey's comment made Harry break out in laughter. This however made everyone else laugh as Daphne started to hit him on the shoulder.

"I give, I give. As much fun as this is guys we need to beat Ron to Gryffindor tower, and the twins would be helpful to that end." Harry then looked over at Hermione. "And we will need your little device to do this."

"How did you…" Hermione began.

"Last time through third year you and I had to use it to save Sirius and Buckbeak's lives. Ron had broken leg and couldn't help… thank God." Everyone raised an eyebrow at him. "Long story, let's go I know a way we can cut our travel time in half."

"How are we going to do that?" Susan asked.

"Easy the Shrieking Shack hides a passage that leads to Hogwarts from underneath the Whomping Willow."

"But the Shrieking Shack is haunted Harry." Neville's face paled at the mere mention of the place.

"No it's not, that is also something I learned last time though. Now shall we get the twins before Ron and Draco ruin all our lives?"

Ron was fuming as he listened to the Headmaster give both him and Draco a week's worth of detention with Filch, and banned him from going to Hogsmeade for attacking a fellow student. If Dumbledore only understood that Harry was under the some kind of curse he would understand why he had attacked the harlot. At the moment he was standing in front of sir Sneers-a-lot Snape, and listening to two Death Eaters argue over what right Draco had to touch the Ice Queen. As if all that wasn't bad enough he had to listen to Draco whine about the pain in his arm even though Madam Pomfrey already set it. Hopefully he would have to sit out the Quidditch mach next week, and the spell that the bitch had Harry under would be gone so Gryffindor could stomp Slytherin into dust.

He heard the Floo light up again, and when he turned to see who it was he felt the blood drain from his face. His mum looked ready to explode, and his dad looked ready to sell tickets to the event. They walked over to the group and started talking to Percy and that Ravenclaw girl. 'Honestly can't any date people from their own House?' he thought. His mum seemed to have the same reaction that he did when Percy told her the news of the spell placed upon Harry. She would know how to fix the spell cast on him.


"Mum it was that Slytherin whore she has bewitched Harry!"

"That 'Slytherin whore' is my daughter young man!" The man that had been talking to Malfoy senior retorted.

"You probably taught her the spell Death Eat…" he was cut off by his father.

"RON!" the younger Weasley male flinched he had never been yelled at by his father before. "The Greengrass family never supported You-Know-who, and how dare you involve yourself in Harry's love life." His father looked over at the man with salt 'n peppered hair. "I am sorry Kyle my son is a bit fanatical about the houses."

"So it seems." The man looked over at his father. "Don't worry Arthur I don't hold you responsible. It's not like he, or you, are trying to force my daughter into a marriage." The man smile broadened. "Lily would be proud of Harry, and I think Alice will be ecstatic that our daughter and Harry are dating."

"That's right the two of them were best friends weren't they Kyle?" The other man shook his head in agreement.

Ron just stood there gobsmacked. His father was defending the inbred swine's daughter, and for some unholy reason Lily Potter knew the man's retched wife. "Why would Harry's mum care about a Slytherin?"

"Mr. Weasley my wife was a Ravenclaw, and I fail to see where that is any of your business." The man looked over at Lucius. Ron smiled certainly the man would show his true loyalties now. "And Lucius if your son so much as looks at my daughters again I will seek reparations within the courts."

"You dare to talk to my father like that Greengrass!" Draco spat out.

"Mr. Malfoy your son would be wise to remember that while he may be a member of the Ancient House of Malfoy he, nor you, belong to an Ancient and Noble family." The venom in the man's voice was hard for Ron to ignore.

"Of course Lord Greengrass," Malfoy said bowing slightly to the other man. "…and I am sure my son will cease his attempts to court your daughter."

"That would be 'daughters' Lucius."

Everyone spun around to look at the entrance of the headmaster's office. Standing in there were Harry, the Ice Queen, and Sirius Black. Harry and the bitch were now holding hands. Ron could hear the blood pounding in his ears. He looked over at the headmaster and saw Professor Dumbledore smiling. How could he smile at this the man was a Gryffindor! Before he could say anything Professor Dumbledore was congratulating Harry and his 'girlfriend' on their new relationship and giving them point for showing school 'unity'. He was so angry that Harry would turn his back on him that he stopped listening to his mother and father. This however did not go unnoticed.

His mother grabbed his arm. "Are you listening to us Ronald Weasley?"

"Sorry mum I am just worried about Harry." He wanted to say more, but his father cut him off.

"In this instance Ronald that would be Lord Potter," the younger Weasley's jaw fell open. "Harry's father was a Lord and member of the Wizengamot and the head of an Ancient and Noble family. Seeing as you have insulted both him and his girlfriend I am surprised they have not asked for your expulsion."

"None of this Lord Potter stuff Mr. Weasley your family has always been good to me. I also think that asking for Ron's expulsion is a bit much." Harry said with a smile. Maybe he was not cursed but corrupted. Ron shook his head at this thought. No, Harry could not fall to the side of the dark, but he was a glory hog.

"You might not ask for it Harry, but I will." The Weasley matriarch voice was deep and dark.

"But mum I am…"

His mum was not in the mood to listen to him apparently.

"No 'buts' Ronald Weasley you have disgraced this family." she turned to the headmaster. "How are his grades Professor Dumbledore?"

"Not good I'm afraid, but Molly pulling him out is a bit drastic." Ron smiled at Professor Dumbledore coming to his defense.

"I don't know about that Headmaster. Ron has been trying to control who I associate with for a while now." Harry said flatly.

"I HAVE NOT! I am just looking after you mate there is no way she really loves you!" Ron was getting annoyed with the level of control this whore had over Harry. Maybe she was using one of the Unforgivable Curses on him. He could think of the name, but he knew it controlled the mind of the victim. If no one would say anything he would. His friend's safety was paramount. "Harry I am your best mate, and if no one else will say this I will! She may have used one of the Unforgivable Curses on you…"

The youngest Weasley male didn't get a chance to finish his sentence as he felt a hand collide with the left side of his face. He looked back at his parents to see his mother's face matched the color of her hair. Ron knew he had to do something, but he couldn't think of what to say. If only Hermione were here she could help him tell the others the reason for his fear. Why else would she still be hanging out with the foolish git?

Ron was pulled out of his thoughts when his mum grabbed his arm and started dragging him out of the headmaster's office. He tried to defend his accusation, but she would not listen. He looked behind him hoping that his father would be there to support him but all he could see was an empty hallway.

Ginny was studying with Tori when she heard a commotion start at the entrance to the tower. Looking over she saw her mum dragging Ron into the common room. Her mum looked livid, and Ginny was certain that Ron had done something to Daphne or Harry. Over the last two weeks she had heard him constantly claim that Daphne had placed some kind of curse on Harry to make him turn his back on their friendship. He even criticized Hermione for choosing to hang out with Neville instead of him. The fool even went so far as to say Daphne was the reason he was failing potions.

Her mum marched him right up to the boys' dorm entrance telling him to go get his things. Her mum stood there until her brother went up stairs. Her mother then walked over to Ginny, and the look on her face was not angry but sad. Ginny had a good guess as to what, but didn't want to say anything unless she was way off. Thankfully Tori spoke first.

"Hello Mrs. Weasley. Did Ron do something to Daphne or Harry?" Tori seemed to be taking after the twins in her bluntness.

"Both of them actually, and Ginny I need to talk to you for a moment please."

Her mother sounded dreadfully sad, and Ginny wondered what Ron had done. She knew Harry was noble, but she didn't know if he knew, and if he did then maybe he asked for some kind of reprisal. Once they got to a secluded portion of the room she turned to her mother and asked "What did he do?"

"Ronald attacked Harry and Daphne as their soul-binding was occurring." At that moment Ginny's heart sank. She had read enough about soulmates to know that the bound was unbreakable, and she had hoped that she and Harry would be soulmates. But now she knew that that was a fleeting pipe dream.

They talked for a while longer, and that was mostly her mum telling her not to do what she had done with her father. After repeatedly telling her she wouldn't her mum let her get back to what she was doing. Apparently she looked pretty bad as she could see everyone in the common room looking sympathetic towards her. When she got back to Tori the other girl asked what was wrong, and it was at that point she broke down. All her hopes and dreams were shattered, and there was nothing she could do to save them. Ginny told Tori everything from her hopes that she would one day marry Harry and have a family; and about the recent events with her sister.

Harry watched Molly drag Ron out of the headmaster's office. He had to fight with every fiber of his being not to crack a smile at the scene in front of him. Sure Ron had been a good friend, but his idea that every Slytherin was bound and determined to become a dark witch or wizard was asinine at best. As he turned back to his girlfriend she looked happy and at the same time frightened. Harry followed Daphne's gaze to a man who could only be her father. That is if the scowl on Lucius face was any indication to the man's identity.

"Hello Daphne. I have heard some interesting things about you today. I was wondering if they might be true." The man smiled at Daphne before giving her a quick hug.

"And what were you told father?" Daphne asked with a smile on her face.

"That you and Lord Potter are soul-bound Daphne, and if this is true I must welcome the new member of our family." The man looked over at Harry. "Is this true young man?"

Harry looked over at Daphne who just gave him the slightest of nods. "Yes it is sir and please it is just Harry Mr. Greengrass." Harry held out his hand.

"Well then we have something to look forward to in the near future Harry, and you may call me Kyle." The man's brown eyes had this glow in them that screamed humor. Harry wondered if he is where Tori got it from. "Well I am afraid I have to go, and Sirius if you are Harry's guardian I think you will be needed for the paper work as well."

"I have always hated bureaucracy Kyle." Sirius said this with a wicked smile on his face.

"Well you better get used to it. You will be a member of the Wizengamot in a few days." Richard started laughing.

"Don't remind me…"

"I wouldn't dream of it." Richard threw some Floo Powder into the fireplace, and before stepping into it he turned to Lucius. "Lucius you may wish to remind your son that trying to destroy a soul bound is a fatal mistake." And with that he tossed the powder into the fire "Ministry of Magic!"

"What did he mean by that father?" Draco asked trying to sound suave, but his face belied his feelings of dread.

"Since they are soul-bound Draco if you or anyone tries to break them apart the magic behind the bond will kill you." Lucius turned his gaze to Harry. "You seem to carry a lot of luck with you Potter, but one day that luck will run out."

"In your dreams maybe, but in reality the answer is no." Harry just smiled at the man as he took Daphne's hand, and walked out of the office.

Harry and Daphne walked like this throughout the corridors leading up to seventh floor, and once they were there the two met up with their friends in front of the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy. He let go of Daphne's hand and paced in front of the wall thinking of a room in which he could chat with his friends in private, and not be disturbed. On the third pass the doors appeared, and Harry opened the doors for the others. Once he looked inside the room looked like a combination of the Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff common rooms. The others looked back at him with shocked looks on their faces.

"I found this room thanks to Dobby in fifth year." Everyone just stared at him for answers. "All in due time, God I sound like Dumbles, but right now I would like to talk about a group known as the Maruaders…"

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