If At First

Rinse, Lather, Repeate

Chapter Six: Rinse, Lather, Repeat

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It had been a week since he had revealed the truth to his closest friends, and they wouldn't stop complaining about him having an unfair advantage in class. At the moment Harry was eating his breakfast, and he could not help but smile at the bewildered look on Dumbledore's face. The old man had tried twice this week to read his mind, and even when he was rebuffed he still tried to verbally control the situation. These efforts failed for two reasons: one Harry knew he meant well, but having played this game before, he didn't want to come up with the same results. And two; he just wanted to live HIS life for once and not let someone else do it for him. Now granted there were strings attached, but he was given a chance to do things his way and he would be damned if he let it blow right past him.

The irony of the whole situation was that he still had to face Hufflepuff instead of Slytherin in the first Quidditch match, and he could only pray that the Dementors stayed away. Yet the phrase 'wish in one hand shite in the other' kept coming to mind. If they showed he would have to make a mad dash towards the pitch to insure Dumbledore could save his backside. On the plus side his girlfriend would be in the Gryffindor stands cheering for him.

That was another thing he had to get used to. Sure Ginny was a nice girl, but Daphne was something else entirely. She was direct and to the point, whereas Ginny was subtle yet demanding. Daphne was not adverse to using sex appeal to change the topic away from something, whereas Ginny was more of the girl next door stereotype about such things. The list went on, but Harry just shook his head. Ginny was not Daphne, and to compare the two was like comparing apples to oranges.

"Thinking of one of our favorite Slytherin girls again Harry?" Oliver asked.

The whole week Daphne and Tracey had been going to Gryffindor quidditch practice, and it didn't take long for them to warm up to the entire team. "Yes mate, and to be honest I can't get her out of my mind."

Oliver just laughed. "And that is why I don't have a girlfriend."

"No you don't have one because you are married to quidditch." Alicia said with a smile on her face.

"And you have a problem with that?" Wood asked with a smirk on his face.

"No of course not," Alicia said this smiling at Oliver.

Oliver stood up. "Well I am going to the locker-room to go over my notes on Slytherin's team. Does anyone want to join me?"

"Sure Oliver I'll join you." Alicia said as she stood up to follow him.

The rest of the team watched as Oliver and Alicia walked off together. Alicia was inching closer to Oliver the further they walked away from the group. Fred and George started laughing to themselves as the 'couple' walked out of the Great Hall. The rest of the team wasn't far behind them in laughing at their captain's blatant denial about being in love. As breakfast came to an end, Fred and George walked up to him with a mischievous smile plastered on their faces. Harry knew they generally did not prank people before a game, and he was using the term 'generally' very loosely, so what they were smiling about was a complete mystery to him.

"What did you two do now?" He asked with a smile on his face.

"Why would," Fred said.

"…You think," George said.

"…We have done anything?" They finished as one.

"Well since I am just starting in the field of mischief making I recognize that look on your faces. Besides I have known you two for three years now, so I know those looks." Harry put the 'three years' part in quotations.

"We have done nothing," George said.

"…but we were wondering what happened after we left and who the Marauders are now?"

Harry just started laughing. "Well if you hadn't left the meeting…"

"We are not worthy to bare that name." The twins said together.

Harry began the story in a low whisper. "Okay okay. You guys remember…"

"All in due time, God I sound like Dumbles, but right now I would like to talk about a group known as the Marauders…"

"You know the Marauders!" Fred and George screamed as one.

"Yes, and to be honest you just met Padfoot." The twins looked like they wanted to faint. "Who here has heard that name before?" Aside from the twins Daphne and Tracey were the only ones who raised their hands. "What would you two say if I wanted to restart the group?" Harry asked pointing at the two girls.

"Are you insane?" Daphne and Tracey responded.

"Whoa mate I don't think we need to be present for this." Fred said.

"Yes mate I think you would be our competition." George said grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"Wait what?" Hermione asked, and when the twins said nothing she looked over to Harry. "What are the Marauders?"

"A group of friends who banded together to help one of their friends with a horrible condition, and when together were some of the best pranksters this school has ever seen." Hermione at this point was giving him a death glare. "Here me out for a minute Hermione…" Harry heard the door shut, and figured the twins just left. "The Marauders were my father, Sirius, and Professor Lupin."

"What?" the remaining members of the group asked.

"Well Peter Pettigrew was a member as well, but that was when he was on the side of the Light." Harry said this with near visceral hatred. Daphne walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. "The reason the group was formed in the first place is because Professor Lupin has been a werewolf since he was a small child." Harry had to hold up his hand to stop people from talking. He then went on to explain the reasoning for this, and why the Shrieking Shack is called such, and how the Marauders were formed. He then asked "Anyway I was wondering if anyone wanted to join me in reforming the organization."

"Wait Harry you're telling us that Professor Lupin hides in the shack during the full moon?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, and that is so he doesn't hurt anyone. He really doesn't like the disease Hermione. He is not Fenrir Greyback. He takes wolfsbane to counter the disease, but that is not the important thing."

"How is that not important?" Hermione asked.

"Simple: Who wants to prank the bullies of this school into submission?"

"Not me Harry, my aunt would kill me," was Susan's response.

"Same goes for me. I would be a walking disaster in any kind of prank." Neville answered. "Plus my gran would not let up on the lecture, sorry mate."

"Count me in." Tracey said this with venom in her voice. "I owe Crabbe the prank from hell."

"Tracey!" Daphne screamed at her friend.

"Is there something I should know?" Harry asked.

"I will tell you later." Daphne looked over at Tracey, and then back at Harry. "If she is going to be a Marauder then so am I."

"Harry this is…" Hermione stopped herself, and closed her eyes. "Why are you doing this?"

"There will be a prank war the likes this school hasn't seen in years when the twins 'graduate.' That's just one reason. The second is that in our fifth year there will be a teacher that will torture students to get what she wants." He took a moment to let this sink in. "Finally it is a payback for all those who think they can just push people around. I will not lie to you guys my father and godfather were some of the worst bullies this school has seen, but that's not what we will become."

"I will make sure of that." Hermione said.

"So that is a yes?" Harry asked. She shook her head in acquiescence. "Oh and we will become animagi."

"What!" the twins cut into the recitation of the events of last Saturday.

"You know that's what they said." The twins looked at one another and smiled. "No boys if you become animagi you may not call yourselves the Marauders." The boys just started laughing.

"No no Harry," Fred said.

"…we get it,"

"…you're our competition." Fred finished.

Harry started to walk towards the exit that would take him Hagrid's hut. "Not yet boys, but I will let you know when we start. See you in the locker room."

Harry drew his cloak up, and ran to the half-giant's hut. The rain was coming down harder than he remembered, and all Harry could do was laugh. It did feel good to know that not everything changed when you went back in time. As he ran towards Hagrid's hut he could feel the air got colder. Harry drew his wand, and he started to pray that everyone was all right. About a meter away from the hut Harry could see John waving him down, and Harry's heart sank. Once he was at the hut John just handed him a not saying "Read it later", and then he left. Harry immediately ran into Hagrid's hut.

Insert line

Daphne was sitting in the hut of one of Harry's oldest friends. Listening to Draco one would think that the man would be nothing more than a brainless oaf, and while one could look at him that way what they could not deny was that Hagrid was good with animals. The man was tall and wide yes, but where that would scare most people away his personality made him a very loveable person. To think that he was the first one Harry met from the magical world made Daphne giggle a little bit. If she were in Harry's shoes she would have been terrified of the man, but then again she probably would have gone round the twist long before then with relatives like his.

She looked over to her oldest friend Tracey. She looked genuinely happy for the first time in five years. Sure Tracey put on a brave and cheerful face, but since her mum died she always seemed dead inside to Daphne. She had been there the night her father, the drunken bastard, killed her mum. Daphne witnessed the whole damn thing. The fact that her mum and dad took Tracey in helped the two of them become like sisters. Sure like sisters they had their disagreements, but those were nothing. It was like the relationship Harry had with Hermione, and like Hermione she was the brains while Tracey was the muscle. At the moment said friend/sister was sitting there talking to Hagrid, and had one hand firmly interlaced with Susan Bones' hand. This had been revealed to Daphne about three days ago, but it was still stunning to see Tracey radiating this happy aura. She wanted to laugh at the humour of it all. Here she had been thought of as gay up until last Saturday, and Tracey was seen as miss boy magnet. Okay maybe she wasn't a boy magnet, but given the way boys looked at her she could have been.

The door to Hagrid's hut flew open. Standing there in the door way was a very drenched Harry Potter. Tracey started laughing and all Daphne could do was shake her head in disbelief. He didn't even bother with the drying charm before Harry rushed up to her and wrapped her in his arms and giving her a passionate kiss. While she enjoyed the kiss it was a bit embarrassing.

"Hello 'arry, awful time for the four of you to come see old 'agrid." Hagrid said in a jovial voice.

"Not really Hagrid. I just thought that my new friends would like to meet one of my oldest." Harry smiled at the smiling half-giant.

"Well you could have waited for me to cast the drying charm on you first ya know." Daphne said before she leaned back and tried to pull out her wand. "Harry you're going to have to let me go to do this."

"What if I don't want to?" He whined.

"Harry." Daphne said a sternly as she could, and Harry relented. Once they were both dry she tried to hug him again, but he backed away. "Harry."

"Nope you didn't want me to hug you so…" He said this with a coy smile on his face. Daphne started to pout. "Oh all right." Daphne leaned up and kissed him, and she could hear her best friend laughing in the corner. "What is it Tracey, and it's good to see you Susan."

"About time he noticed we were here." Tracey said lifting her hand.

Harry looked stunned for a bit, but just as Daphne was starting to get worried his words and smile put her mind at ease. "Congratulation you two, when did this start?"

"Since the beginning of summer break actually." Susan answered with a smile. "My mum and dad know and are very supportive of it all. I am just worried how Tracey's guardians will feel about this." Susan's smile seemed to fade.

"Like I told you two my mum and dad will support her no matter what, unless she commits a grand felony or something." Daphne said with a smile, and Tracey just stuck out her tongue.

"She lives with you?" Daphne nodded. "Cool so I will be seeing you both." Harry said with a goofy smile on his face.

"Don't get any funny ideas mister." All three girls said this at the same time.

Hagrid started laughing hysterically. "I think they have you pegged Harry."

The laughter and banter carried on for a few more minutes before Harry had to leave to get ready for the match. He left John's note with Daphne saying he didn't want to lose it. This of course brought some more ribbing from the blonde of the group. Daphne smiled as she watched Harry run like the cat that had the canary.

"Like what you're watching Daph," Susan asked.

"I would if it wasn't raining." Daphne said looking over her shoulder.

Insert line

Ron was walking down Diagon Ally in a heavy weather cloak groaning that not only did he have to do his school work, but now he also had to do chores to boot. He thought Snape was bad, but the man was a saint compared to his mum. As it stood he was buying up the ingredients for one of the hardest potions she had him do this week: Confusing Concoction. Where Snape didn't care what he turned in his mum wanted perfection. In his mind he should be preparing to cheer Harry on at the first quidditch match of the season, but no he is here in Diagon Ally having to answer a bunch of stupid questions about why he isn't in school. With ever telling the glares he received for insulting Harry's 'girlfriend' got worse. The apothecary shoved the ingredients he purchased into his hand demanding he leave the store immediately. They worst one he got was from Mr. Fortescue who told him he had no right in trying to dictate who 'Mr. Potter' was 'friends' with. Of course Ron had that right he was Harry's (former) best mate, and that's what best mates do watch each other's backs!

"Damn it Potter I can't believe you fell for that slag's trick." Ron said as he neared the Leaky Cauldron.

"Angry about Potter are you young Weasley." The silver tongued voice of Lucius Malfoy came ringing into his ears.

Ron spun around and glared at the snake. "You probably put her up to it in the first place." He wanted to go for his wand, but he knew if he did anything in the Ally his mum would not let him even think about going back to school next year.

"No on the contrary Mr. Weasley I wanted her to be with my son Draco, and if you recall you both ran at the couple. Each with your own reason, and if I may say I think you and I have a mutual enemy." The man drew closer to Ron.

"And who would that be?" Ron asked raising an eyebrow.

"Harry Potter." Ron scowled at the name. He didn't understand why, but all he could feel for his former best mate was this deep unyielding rage. Mr. Malfoy slid a piece of parchment into his bag. "I am not asking you to make your mind up now Mr. Weasley, but when you realize who you're truly loyal to you can contact me using this name, and for god's sake don't use your family owl." With that Lucius Malfoy walked away.

Ron took out the piece of parchment, and read the name: L. Mortis. His first instinct was to throw it away, but just thinking back to what the man said about Harry made him seethe just by think the brat's name. "I have never thought of him that way, but it fits." He slid the note in his pocket. "Harry Potter the not-so-pampered-brat."

Insert line

The rain was beating down on him hard, and Harry could only pray that a bolt of lightning didn't do him in. The last thing he need right now was to explain to John how a bolt of lightning had doomed the world to ruin. At the moment he was scanning the skies for the Snitch, and was not having much luck in finding it. He knew where it end up the last time around and no matter how many times he looked in that general direction he could not see the damned thing.

"Diggory seems to have found the Snitch!" The sound of Lee Jordan's voice snapped him out of his recollections. Turning around Harry saw that Cedric was in the dead center of the field head straight up into the clouds. Not wanting Cedric to die at the hands of the dementors he put his Nimbus into overdrive. "Harry is trying to close the distance, but the wind is pushing him backwards. Come on Harry you can do it!"

"I hope your right." Harry whispered.

Just like last time the wind was knocking him around, and it felt as if his Nimbus was stalling out on him. The closer he got to the other seeker the further away the Snitch seemed. When he pulled even with Cedric Harry could feel the temperature drop like a stone, and he wanted to scream at the other boy to give up the chase, but he knew that would sound so wrong. Harry knew the dementors would come after him so he pointed his broom towards the ground and stepped on it. He could hear the things giving chase, and just as he cleared the clouds one of them started sucking his energy away. He could see the center of the pitch, and smiled a little as his vision went blurry. He was expecting to hear his mother's voice, but that was not the sound that graced his consciousness.

"I am telling you he is dead woman!" the ice voice of Draco Malfoy rang out.

"He will return you just wait and see! Harry Potter is not dead!" Daphne screamed. The sound of someone being smacked across the face, and then the sound of something heavy falling to floor reverberated through the blackness. "You will pay for that." The woman said through sobs.

"Sure I will you whore." Draco said before he smacked Daphne across the face once more.

"Lucky the ground was soft."

"I thought he was dead for sure."

Harry wanted to smile it was like déjà vu all over again. The only divergence from the last time around was this weight he felt on his chest. He opened his eyes, and smiled at the group laid out before him. Like last time Hermione's eyes were blood shot. Tracey seemed to be comforting her while Susan was glaring at Fred. Harry glanced down to see what was sitting on his chest and his smile only got bigger when he recognized Daphne's crying form lying in bed with him.

"Did we win?" was his immediate 'question'.

"HARRY!" Daphne screamed as she launched herself at him. She threw her arms around his neck as the tears she was shedding increased. "Don't ever scare me like that again."

"I won't I promise." Harry looked over at the other members of the team. "I take it by the looks of things the game was called?"

"No Harry you guys lost." Susan said a look of sadness on her face. "Cedric tried to get them to schedule a rematch, but Oliver turned it down."

"He still in the showers," Fred said. "We think he is trying to drown himself." At this point Alicia started hitting Fred on the arm.

Harry could hear the group get into the argument of how they could still win the cup, but he was more interested in calming his girlfriend. Her crying had stopped, but she still had a death grip on him. He eventually asked about his broom, and like last time it had flown into the Whomping Willow and was decimated. He smiled lightly saying that was meaningless compared to what could have happened.

"Are you trying to piss off you girlfriend?" Tracey asked with a smile on her face.

"Not really." Harry said with a smile. He was subsequently hit by Daphne. "What did I say?"

"Something you shouldn't have." The sound of Sirius' voice made everyone look to the open doorway. What shocked Harry about this was that Madam Rosmerta was standing next to him smiling at the collective gathering of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. "See Janet I told you he would be okay."

Madam Rosmertta hit Sirius on the arm. "If I remember correctly it was you that was a tad overly concerned about his wellbeing."

"Well milady I would not be a very good godfather if I wasn't." Sirius looked back to Harry with a smile. "Well since you're doing fine Harry, and this place is a bit crowded I think I will leave you for the moment."

Once Sirius and Madam Rosmertta, and the other quidditch players were gone Daphne turned to him, and pulled out the note into Harry's hands. "Read this before I hurt you."


"I thought it was a death note, but I couldn't open it. Now read the damned thing." Daphne huffed.

"So you can use foul language but I can't uh?" Harry asked with a smile on his face. Daphne just continued to glare at him. "Okay, okay." The note was short and simple, but very bone chilling.

Harry you can save Cedric. All our calculations were based on something that did not happen, but Fate just handed us a bombshell. The person you cannot save now is listed below along with the reason why.

Ronald Bilius Weasley

1 March, 1980-2 May, 1998

Final Battle Between you and Voldemort, and he IS an irredeemable Death Eater at this point.

The note fell out of his hands, and landed in Daphne's lap.

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