Shadows of the Past


At 13 Hermione's dreams become troublesome. That is only the beginning of the new changes in her life. Fate has a funny way of changing things, and with hints of divinity life can get complicated.

Mystery / Romance
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From Dawn to Darkness

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AU warning: I am changing the romantic paring for Hermione and moving the time frame up a decade. Meaning first year happened in 2001. If you do not like this then please don't read.

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From Dawn to Darkness

Chapter One: Shadows of the Past

Hecate sat on the darkened beach thinking back on the few months of tragedy and all she could do was shake her head. War had torn her people into two camps: those who wanted peace, and those who desired conquest. This did not sit well with the mage. Her namesake and patron the goddess of magic had foretold these things would happen, and yet no one would listen to her. They just asked her to pick sides, so she chose peace.

Her best friend and lover Leto had agreed this was the best choice for the nation. The brunette laughed at this. Not only were people listening to them for once they actually seemed to care what the couple had to say for once. They usually listened to Magnus (Leto's brother and one of her oldest friends), but he was pushing for their people to go to war something they had not done in generations.

A flash of green from her wrist meant Leto was trying to be sneaky. Deciding to indulge her girlfriend Hecate leaned back and closed her eyes. Instead of feeling the usual embrace from the raven haired woman she felt her hair tumble down her back.

"My dear you are quite the thief. You know that will get you into trouble one of these days."

"So I'm told, but I have yet to be caught." The best spy in the nation kissed her gently on the lips.

"You know my sweet just like the goddess of thieves and secrets, whose name you bare, you a quite elusive."

"Well Hecate you have cast a spell on me my dear." The raven haired woman leaned her forehead against the other woman's. They held each other close even as Hecate felt a callus gaze falling down on them. As she whispered affirmations of her love to Leto the brunette heard the snapping of a branch off to her left. "It is probably my brother."

"Is it that obvious sister?" The dark haired man did not even try to hide the rage in his voice. He held a bronze dagger in his left hand.

"Why are you so angry Magnus?" Hecate turned to look the man in the eye. What she saw made a breath catch in her throat "Magnus you have been using dark magic!" She stepped in between her love and the Magnus. The green energy surrounding him gave both women cause to fear for their lives.

"And that surprises you Hecate? Given your namesake is my mother that should come as no surprise to you." He gave a motion with his hand and sent a wave of energy in their direction. As it towards the two women he laughed. Hecate and his sister shielded themselves from the ill effects of one of the darkest spells ever made. "Very clever girls, but that will not help you." His laugh sounded like bronze on a grinding wheel.

"What do you mean bro…Ahhh?" Leto's words ended as searing pain tore through her body.

"Leto," Hecate went to defend her love from a woman holding an unknown spell on her, but her legs would not budge. "What are you doing to her?"

"Inflecting upon her the same amount of pain that you have caused to my love," the woman's sadistic tone made the dark eyed woman fume with rage. As she went to cast a spell Hecate felt searing pain rip through her left side. "Are you going to finish her off Magnus my love?"

"No Maya. I want to see her face as she watches my sister die." Her former friend walked over to his sister grabbed her by the hair and tilted her head back. "I love you sister dear." He said this as the bronze dagger cut into Leto's throat.

"NO PANSY!" Hermione sat up in bed screaming at the top of her lungs the last name anyone would ever expect her to care about. As she ran a shaky hand through the tangled mass that was her hair the bed room door swung wide open.

"Are you alright darling?" Her father asked as he came through the door.

"I am fine dad. It was just another nightmare." The brunette ran another shaky hand through her hair.

"Who is Pansy?" her father asked with a smile growing across his face. Hermione rolled her eyes a little as she thought of the name she yelled out not more than a minute ago.

"Someone I know from school father." The younger Granger tried to keep the smile from crossing her face, but she was failing horribly. "And she is an insufferable nuisance!" She tried to say this as sternly as possible.

"Who are you trying to convince Hermione, me or yourself?" Her father and mother had known that she was gay for weeks now and for all the fear she felt about telling them she felt the same amount of joy when they told her it did not matter so long as she was happy and safe.

"I just don't know how she will react to it, and she is in Slytherin house which means that she has a 'reputation' to up hold." The brunette made the air quotation remarks around reputation because she had seen how the raven haired girl would look at her when her housemates were not around.

"Do you know how long it took me to ask your mother out on our first date?" Hermione shook her head. "Six months, and let me tell you I was more nervous than a cat in the wolf's den." He placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "Feel better Hermione?"

"Yes good night dad."

"Good night Hermione." With that her father walked out, and shut the door.

The rest of the night Hermione's sleep was uneventful, and she liked it that way. When she had dreams like that she wrote it off to her magic acting up on her. As the morning light streamed in through her window she took a few minutes to lay there and ponder what she would do today. She still had a few books she could read, and there was her History of Magic assignment that she could 'double cheek' again. Deciding against both of those she got up and got ready for the day.

As she made her way downstairs she heard her parents talking to someone she did not recognize. The woman had dark black hair and silvery eyes. The woman seemed to have magic pouring off of her. At least that's what she guessed it was, because what else could make the air around her spark with energy? Upon seeing her, the woman stood up and walked in her direction stopping just before she reached entryway into the room. Once her father noticed her he looked extremely pale like something really bad had just happened.

"Hermione come sit down there is something I need to tell you." Her father's voice was shaky and full of worry.

"Sure father what is wrong?" As she walked past the woman the brunette felt this level of magical power that made the headmaster seem like a mere boy. Hermione took a seat across from her father. She kept glancing over to the woman standing between the sofa and the wall.

"Hermione this is not going to be easy for you to hear. All I ask is that you listen to what I have to say before you make you judgment." He waited for her to nod in agreement. "Hermione there is something we have been keeping from you your whole life. You are the child of… a goddess."

"WHAT?" Hermione could not contain her confusion at this point. She looked between the silent woman and her father. "So then who is my mother?"

"She is," her father pointed to the woman behind him. "…and before you say anything I am certain of this. Before I asked your mum to marry me I had a moment of 'weakness', and slept with your mother. Nine months later she showed up with you in her arms, and informed us who she was, and that it was forbidden for her to raise you."

Her mum interjected at this point. "And we took you in. Raising you as if you were ours, and I have always viewed as my daughter."

"What are you talking about mum?"

"What we are saying Hermione is that you are a demigod, and your mother is the goddess…" Before her father could finish she got up and started towards her room. "Hermione wait!"

She didn't wait. Hermione practically ran to her room, and shut the door behind her. Pacing around the room for what felt like an eternity she finally collapsed on to the bed. The brunette let her mind wonder over more reasonable things. She focused on her assignment for Professor Binns, or she could wait for another letter from Harry. Just thinking about him caused changes in what she was thinking about. She wondered how he would take the news that she was homosexual, and that she had a crush on the most unlikely person at school. It also brought up the thought of why he was able to send more letters to her. It seemed that his aunt and uncle had either changed or were scared to death of something. Option two seemed more likely.

A rapping on her window caused her to jump a little. It was Hedgewig with another letter from Harry. Opening the window to let the owl in she let out a long sigh. She started to read the letter that Harry sent her, and as she read it a smile started to creep across her face. He seemed to have been away from the Dursley's the past week, and he had been wondering how her summer was going now that she had returned from France. She pulled out her quill and ink and a piece of parchment. She thought long and hard before she began to write.


France was great! I spent a lot of time covering my homework for Binns class, but seemed to hit a bit of a snag on some of the ancient witches and wizards of European folklore. I mean I honestly don't know how they can ignore the muggle accounts of the individuals. Binns seems stuck in the past! Yes Harry I realize he is a ghost, but come on a witch like Circe does not enter muggle literature on accident! They are far more fascinating than a goblin rebellion in 1612! There are also other things weighing on my mind. I would love to talk about it, but right now I don't even know if it's real. I may tell you when I see you on the train.

P.S. I know this is short, but again I have a lot on my mind.

Yours truly,


Giving the letter to Hedwig Hermione watched the owl fly out the window with her letter. As she closed the window the brunette could see a reflection of her eyes, and she did a double take. Her eyes appeared to be silver. Running over to the mirror in her room Hermione double checked this oddity, and sure enough her eyes were now the color of the moon. Closing her eyes tightly the teen almost begged them to be normal when she opened them again, but to her displeasure there were silver lines stretching from the pupil had to the outer edge iris. Sighing heavily she walked over to her bed and fell onto it closing her eyes allowing sleep to take her elsewhere.

It had been nearly a week since Hermione's dad delivered earth shattering news, and Harry was keeping in daily contact with her. He wanted to know more, but she felt reluctant to let him know too much. After sending off her most recent reply she decided to put an end to these nagging questions. Hermione took a deep breath prepare for news she didn't want to hear.

Once on the main floor Hermione saw her father on the sofa watching the telly.

Hermione kept her voice low "Dad can we talk?"

"Sure darling. What is this about?"

"What you and mum were going to tell me last week. I am sorry I stormed out on you like that. It's just…"

Her father cut her off, "Don't worry about it Hermione. It is a hard thing to bring up, but we really have no choice in the matter."

"What do you mean?" The younger Granger tried to keep the stress out of her voice, but it was starting to become difficult.

"Hermione I wasn't joking. Your birth mother is a goddess, and more to the point the goddess of magic itself." She wanted to interrupt, but by the look on his face there was more to her gift than that. "That isn't to say that your ability to use magic comes from her being your mother. You would have been able to use magic regardless, so she says."

"So that's it, I am not going to turn out like Hercules am I?" Hermione could not help, but have this worried look on her face.

"No you are not, or at least I hope not. I don't know what abilities you may have, but I do know this: that you are a special person and no matter what your mum and I will always love you."

"Dinner's ready!" Her mum cried from the kitchen.

"Come on let's not keep your mum waiting." Her father stood and made his way towards the dining table. "Oh and don't forget we are going to Diagon Ally tomorrow to meet your friend Ronald."

Rolling her eyes at the thought Hermione made her way to the table. "I would much rather get my teeth pulled without anesthetic."

"I can help you with that."

"No thank you."

Dinner went by better than it had since Hermione found out the truth about her lineage, but the same could not be said about her dreams; while not as terrifying as the ones that preceded them the dreams did not leave her well rested.

Hecate ran down the stone street to the last house on the left. Even in the dead of night this blue building was easily picked out compared to the faux silver of the buildings around it. Looking around to insure she had not been followed she made the hand gestures that she had learned over the years to cause the earth to rise to roof of the structure. As the ground moved slightly Hecate hoped it wouldn't wake anyone. The only thing that moved was a clay vase of the building next door. Say what you want about the colors of some of these buildings Atlantian builders built them to last.

Once on the roof she looked around for the green eyed woman who had sent her the missive. The brown eyed woman almost screamed when hand was placed on her shoulder. "Don't say anything sweet heart. Let's move. I think I have over stayed my welcome." Leto's somber voice at times like this scared the other woman.

As the two retreated down the earthen stairs Leto silently destroyed the stairs since they were no longer needed. Once on the ground the green eyed woman to Hecate's hand and made a fast track towards the palace. Once they reached their destination Hecate could hold out no longer.

"Why did you not ask me to come with you to start with Leto?"

"Because I knew you would try and speed things along, and drop my pretense all too soon." The raven haired spy was saluting the guards outside the queen's chamber. "Besides I like to keep my mystique as long as possible."

The coyness of her statement was a bit annoying, but that is part of why she loved the royal shadow master. "Seriously my love I think a little heads up would have been better than a midnight calling."

All conversation stopped as the other woman hand a scroll to the queen. After some conversation about its contents the duo bid their farewells to the queen. It did not take Leto long when they left the palace to respond to Hecate's last comment to her.

"Honestly Hecate I thought you liked my midnight callings?"

"Those calls are different." The brunette started to blush a deep shade of red. Once Leto entered her residence Hecate closed the shutter to the outside world. "I am wondering if that is not the real reason you sent for me my dear."

"Well I could have made it to the palace on my own, but how would that be fun?" Leto said this as she ran a hand up the other woman's stomach and under her garment to feel what lay beneath the fabric.

As Hecate turned around her outer garment fell to the floor, and then her mouth met Leto's in a passionate kiss.

A knocking sound on her bedroom door woke Hermione from the throes of a very emotional dream. "Wake up Hermione we have to be there by nine-thirty." Her mother's voice took her mind off of the dream, briefly.

She gathered up her clothes, and set aside the ones she wanted to wear for the day. She packed the rest in her trunk. She took a cold shower and made ready for the day. After a quick meal they left on the hour and thirty minute car ride to London. Upon arrival to the Leaky Cauldron a young woman with jet black hair and silver eyes walked up to them saying that someone wished to speak with them.

As they made their way up the stairs the youngest Granger could hear two female voices in a heated discussion about someone's husband. As she entered the room the conversation the two women were having stopped, and both women turned to look at Hermione as she walked into the room. The woman from last week was one of the women in the room. Hermione took notice of her appearance this time. She had long night black hair to the middle of her back, moon silver eyes, and pale skin. The other woman had long lustrous chestnut hair, and these deep green eyes. Her skin was a nice tan color that contrasted nicely with the gossamer silk green dress.

All three women had a conversation about someone, and then the woman who led them here bowed to the other two and left the room. Hermione turned and looked at her parents, and saw that they were both sitting in chairs by the door. She could only see two more chairs just to the left side of the door, and before she could sit in one of them three other people walked into the room. The two adults she did not know, but the girl she could not forget, Pansy Parkinson.

While the other girl started a 'conversation' with her usual string of insults about Hermione's 'popularity', and thus the usual trade of words between the two began. Even though she was busy trying to show the Slytherin she had a back bone Hermione could not shake this feeling that this was not right, and that the two unknown women in the room were beyond displeased with this show of personalities. As Pansy face began to show the joy of arguing with Hermione a cough from the back of the room took the raven haired girl's attention off of the brunette. Turning back to the forgotten women in the room Hermione saw the raven haired woman with both arms crossed in disgust. The other woman had her head hung low, and was shaking it in disappointment.

"Are you two quite done?" The raven woman's silky voice seemed more annoyed than angry.

"And who are you to be telling ME what to do?" Pansy was fuming at the woman's words, almost as if she was unaware why she was here.

"She is you godmother my dear." The brown haired woman sounded so cheerful it was scary. "I do not believe we have met." The woman extended a hand to Hermione. "Hi there Ms. Granger, I'm Persephone."

Hermione stood there in shock as she shook the goddess' hand. She knew enough about Greek mythos to know this goddess was Hades wife, and that was about it. "I remember you from earlier in the week. I am sorry about the way I acted."

"It is fine… I would have expected no less from you Hermione." The woman waved her hand causing a table with food and drink to appear in front of them. "Take a seat."

Both girls looked at one another before they took the seats provided for them. The table contained bowls of apples, grapes, olives, and plums. The liquid in the cups was glowing slightly, and this caused Hermione's mum to sit forward in her chair. The look of worry gracing her face caused Hermione to pause just so before she took the glass in her hand. As she brought the drink to her lips Hermione felt well rested, and like she could sit through a five hour class with Professor Snape. The flavor reminded her of a muggle soft drink she had over the summer.

"What is this?" the raven haired girl's words shocked her. They carried a softness she had never heard.

"Nectar of the gods, and before we continue I think we need a formal introduction." Hermione's mother extended her hand to Pansy. "Hello Ms. Parkinson I am Hecate."

The stunned look on Pansy's face was priceless.

As she shook the goddess' hand the Slytherin Queen couldn't help but ask "Is she like me?"

"Yes, and before we get too carried away remember you both have other people you have to meet today." The goddess of magic and phases of the moon reached under the table retrieving a book, which she placed in front of Hermione. "Now these books contain information on your abilities that will become active on your fourteenth birthday."

"What?" Hermione's mind was abuzz with a thousand questions, but with the raising of a delicate finger Persephone silenced her questioning mind.

"It's like this: the divine half of your blood very rarely shows itself." The goddess of innocence created a hummingbird on the end of her finger. "Unlike your magic gene it will start showing itself now instead of when you were little kids."

To Hermione this made some sense as the only demigod she knew of to show what they were before their teenage years was Hercules. She took the book laid out before her and began to read it. Its contents seemed odd to her, its tone was a mixture of darkness and light. Information on how magic would bend to her will. This information seemed odd to her, after all what she was learning at Hogwarts was same thing. Wasn't it?

Before she could ask the question her mother spoke again. "We must go, and girls try to get along. You are not that different."

This statement caused Hermione to lift an eyebrow, but before she could ask anything both goddesses faded away. Hecate faded into silver light and Persephone into green light. With that both girls looked at one another. Hermione could not help but get lost in those deep soulful green eyes the Slytherin had, and only snapped out of it when the other girl placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I will see you on the Express Hermione, and I think we need to talk about these." Pansy motioned to the book in her hand. All the Gryffindor could do was nod in agreement. "I will see you later then."

The brunette sat there in silence until she felt another hand on her shoulder. "Are you all right Hermione?" Her mum's voice brought her back to reality.

"She touched me…" That was the only thing that she could say as her parents led her out of the room.

As they entered the common room of the pub Hermione's eyes fell on a group of red-heads coming towards the bar. She started to wave her arm in the air to get Mrs. Weasley's attention, but only managed to get the attention of the twins. "How are you doing Hermione? Fine I hope," George said pushing past Ginny and running up to Hermione and vigorously shaking her hand.

"…you didn't get lost in France; Percy got lost in a pyramid!" Fred continued causing Hermione to giggle at how the two usually seemed continued each other's sentences.

"I didn't get lost you tried to lock me inside it!" Percy growled at the twins as the rest of the Weasley clan came up to Hermione. "Hello Hermione how have you been?"

"Fine Percy and how was Egypt? And congratulation on making head boy." Hermione tried to keep from laughing as she watched Mrs. Weasley reprimand Fred and George.

"It was great and thanks. I think you would make an excellent head girl one day Hermione."

"Hermione have you got all your books?" Mrs. Weasley asked as she walked up to the third year Gryffindor, and embracing her in a light hug.

"Not yet I was thinking of getting my books with Ron and Harry." She looked over at her fellow third year. "Where's Harry Ron?"

"We just got her Hermione. I thought he would be with you." The younger Weasley boy was pointing a finger at her.

"No Ronald he is not. He is probably out buying his books or at Gringott's."

After getting their money the group split into three groups, and Hermione was given an extra ten galleons as an early birthday present. As they purchased their books Ron could not believe how many books she was buying. He kept asking her if she was out of her mind, but she just kept telling him she was taking a lot more classes than other students, and he kept asking about the book her mother had given her and Pansy.

"Look Ronald I don't need to tell you what is in this book, and besides you wouldn't understand it any way." Running a hand over the book the brunette looked the red head in the eye. 'What should I tell him?' she questioned herself.

'The truth or you could lie to him either way it won't matter.' The voice came from within her head and it was not her own.

Looking around her Hermione could not see anything or anyone particular paying her any attention. "Looking for Harry again Hermione? Maybe I should tell Ginny that would get her blood boiling." Ron broke out into a loud chorus of laughter.

"Honestly Ron I am not interested in Harry, I-like-girls-not-boys." Hermione said the last sentence so fast that even she was confused. Not about what she said, buy why she even bothered saying it.

"What was that last part?"

"Nothing, don't worry about it." The brightest witch of her age decided to wait on that piece of information until the more famous member of the trio joined them. Not to mention it need to be a little more private location. Hermione noticed Ron drooling and decided to follow his gaze for once just out of curiosity. "Honestly Ron do you think with your sweet tooth?"

"Yes, come on Mione lets go get some ice-cream." The red head said this as he took off in a dead run for Florean Fortescue's.

Ron ordered a dragon fire ice cream, and airing on the side of caution Hermione ordered a vanilla and strawberry ice cream combo.

"Seriously Mione what is so important in that book that you can't set it down for two minutes?" the red head had a look of concerned on his face.

"I have told you Ronald do not call me that, and to be honest yes I can I just don't want to. Now keep an eye out for Harry." The ice in her voice was not only detectable but formed around her fellow Gryffindor's spoon.

"Dang Hermione get control yourself." He said this as he removed the ice with his new wand. Hermione just shook her head as he gently put the instrument back in its case.

"Harry! HARRY!" Ron's voice scared her a little bit. Looking up she saw Harry, and she stood up waving her arm to get his attention.

As the boy-who-lived walked over to their table the brunette put her 'demi-book', as she had decided to call it, in her bag. As they caught up with what they had been doing over the summer Hermione noticed Harry couldn't wipe the smile off his face. The red head in the group made a snarled expression about it, but said nothing. Then the conversation turned to Harry's aunt. The raven haired boy was glad he didn't get arrested, and Ron as usual made it seem that Harry avoided punishment because he was famous. This did not sit well with Hermione, but before she could say anything Ron moved on to other things.

On their way to the Magical Menagerie Harry decided to comment on her looks. "So Hermione when did you get the tan?"

"Oh I did not set out to get one it just kind of happened because I spent a lot of time outside this summer." Her words were casual as they could be, but the freckle faced boy thought otherwise.

"Trying to impress the famous Harry Potter a little were you Hermione?" His laugh was the kind of laugh that one would cast a silence spell to stop.

"Honestly Ron have you ever known Hermione to try and impress me with looks? Besides I don't think she is interested in me." The witch was thanking all the gods she could think of for Harry's sanity in this situation.

"Oh no Harry, you didn't see her looking franticly for you earlier today." This sheepish grin came across the sixth Weasley child's face.

"I am not even going to dignify this conversation with any further remarks Ronald." Hermione just stormed off a little ahead of the two boys leaving Harry to correct Ron's error in judgment.

After spending some time looking at animals in the store Hermione found this ginger colored cat. The way it looked at her caused the young teen to smile. After some inquiry into the creature she found it was the longest inhabitant of the store, and decided to purchase the 'little' guy. She decided to name him Crookshanks. Once he was out of the cage he made a mad dash for the counter, and Hermione had to stifle a laugh when her new familiar bounced off Ron's head. The tabby chased Scabbers out of the store causing the brunette to follow the pair out of the store. Once she found Crookshanks she returned to the store. After talking with the lady behind the counter, she retrieved her friend's rat serum and paying for Crookshanks she left. Hermione saw her two best friends, and clung tightly to ginger colored cat as she felt him try and leap out of her arms again. Hermione just couldn't help but smile because she now had a companion that would not question her judgments.

"You bought that monster?" Ron said with his mouth hanging wide open. As the muggle credit card commercial said: priceless.

"He's gorgeous, isn't he?" she said this with as much adoration she could muster. Which was considerable, compared to Ron's shocked expression. After a few more words were traded about the cat and rat they made their way back to the Leaky Cauldron. They had a small conversation with Mr. Weasley before Ginny came downstairs. Hermione giggled a little bit at how red the youngest Weasley's face had become when she saw Harry. It was no mystery to her that Ginny was in love with Harry, and not because he was famous, but out of true love and adoration. All though Hermione though someone would have to threaten Harry's life for the girl to admit it.

As she ate dinner Hermione's mind drifted to the encounter with two goddesses, and of them was her birth mother to boot. As she thought of this her mind drifted irrevocably to the other girl that was with her during the meeting. As the Gryffindor thought of Pansy her cheeks became flush, and she started looking down at her plate of stake.

"Thinking of someone you met in France Hermione?" George said with the same tongue in cheek commentary the twins were known for.

"No, just an embarrassing moment earlier in the day is all." 'Bluff, buy it pleas.' Apparently the other twin could read minds.

"Oh come on Hermione you don't expect us to buy that stick?" Fred commented with the biggest smile he could muster.

She was saved by Mrs. Weasley. "Boys stop this nonsense immediately if Hermione wishes to tell us she will. Now stop it." It amazed Hermione how Mrs. Weasley could carry that motherly tone with her as much as she did, and the weight in her words let you know she meant business.

"Yes mum!" the boys said as one. Hermione just shook her head as the twins saluted their mother.

The rest of dinner went without incident, if you disregarded Ron's commentary on how it would be cool to catch Serious Black, and be as famous as Harry for it. Was she the only one that could tell Harry didn't like being famous? She now knew what that must have been like for him the past two years. She did not want to be a demigod, but she had no choice in the matter. As the group retired to their rooms Hermione took out the book Hecate had given her and started reading it in earnest. The spells within it did not require a wand. She was uncertain whether they were light or dark. Did her mother care about such things, or was that just a human thing? When she looked out the window she saw that night had fallen on the world around her. She could feel the power just beneath the surface of her consciousness, and it scared her a little. Okay maybe a lot, but still she had to deal with it or it would drive her mad.

She jumped a little as she heard the door to hers and Ginny's room close. "Oh sorry Hermione didn't mean to scare you."

"It's all right Ginny I was scaring myself really." Ginny was one of the few people that Hermione knew she could be up front and honest with no matter what, and she would be accepted for it.

"You haven't told your parents yet have you?" She had told Ginny prior to the start of summer that she was gay, and was happily surprised that the girl didn't care.

"No I have told them and they were okay with it. They just didn't want me to get hurt because of it. My dad even said he would have said that if I like boys." Hermione smiled as she remembered the conversation.

"Well that's good. At least they were reasonable about it, but if that is not what is bothering you what is?" Ginny's inquisitive nature was showing just a little.

"My dreams as of late have been unpleasant."

"What do you mean Mi?" the older girl started to describe her dreams over the past few days and watched as the scarlet haired girl's mouth fell open. "Oh my god Hermione how can you go to sleep with dreams like that?"

"Easy I close my eyes." Hermione just smiled at the comment, and failed to dodge the pillow thrown in her direction.

The girls continued to talk about what they had done over the summer, and Hermione found out a lot more about Egypt from Ginny than she did from her brothers. If she had to be honest with herself Hermione would love to have gone there with the Weasley's, but her mum and dad wanted to go to France which was 'good enough' to her.

"Oh come on Hermione France is rich in wizarding history." Ginny complained.

"Yes, but not as much as Egypt. I mean the country has existed longer than any country in existence at present, including China." She hated the fact that more oft than not she carried this 'I know more than you' tone of voice, but she did know a lot. "Besides I was feeling uneasy during the whole trip like someone was watching me."

"What do you mean Hermione?"

"Well it was like there was an executioner following me around with a guillotine." As she said this a shiver of fear ran up and down her spine.

"So has anyone caught your eye?" Hermione did not argue Ginny's want to change the topic; she just wished it was something else.

"Well there is someone, but she is most assuredly straight." The brunette sounded more dejected than she felt. Thinking back to how gently Pansy had placed a hand on her shoulder earlier that day caused her to blush.

Ginny cracked a smile. "Oh REALLY, you know I think Ron has feelings for you?"

"Ginevra Weasley I do not want to have a heart attack at this time in my life!" Hermione could not help but cringe at the thought of Ron having romantic feelings for her. Ginny threw up her hands in defeat.

Both girls decided to call it a night. Hermione's sleep was once again fitful. It was not the scenes of death that had been plaguing her nights for the past week. This one made her blood boil not run cold.

Hermione stood in an elegant hallway that seemed to stretch on forever and the only thing, aside from the beautiful paintings that adorned the walls, was a single door down the right hand side. Approaching the door the witch could hear soft crying. As she opened the door the Gryffindor saw a young woman with shoulder length black hair crying into a large pillow clutched tightly to her chest. Walking closer she could see bruises on her forearms and blood stains on the full length mirror next to the bed. The brunette noticed that she was fully cognizant of the dream. Nor did this dream skip around like most; instead it moved as if she were awake, or as though Hermione was watching a movie.

The sounds of heavy footsteps made the girl's head snap up, and upon seeing her face the young 'know-it-all' rushed to comfort the girl, but only passed right through the bed and its occupant. Hermione turned as she heard the door come crashing open. A tall stocky man pounded into the room with a look of rage such that it might cause death itself to pause in a moment of consideration. Looking over at the person in the bed the daughter of Hecate saw for the first time Pansy Parkinson quiver with fear.

"Well you little slut will you tell me how to open the book now!" The man's voice bounced off the bare walls making his deep voice that much more intimidating, and all Hermione could do was watch as Pansy slid off the bed to get away from the agitated wizard. "What now you think you can defy ME!" With a wave of his wand the bed was hurled against the opposing wall.

"No sir." This was not the Pansy she knew from Hogwarts, nor was it the slight glimpse of the real Pansy she saw when she left the Leaky Cauldron. This was a scared little girl, and not the queen of Slytherin.

Hermione placed herself between the approaching wizard and her fellow demigod. She had no idea if this was a power she got from her mother nor did she really care. All she wanted was to stop this man, but even with arms wide spread he walked right through her.

"Good because I do not like it when my kids disobey me, and I damn sure am not going to take it from a filth-blood like you." He growled.

"Please Uncle Jeffery I don't know why the book won't open for you, honest." Parkinson's voice was shaky and tears were streaming down her face as her back made contact with the wall.

"Quit lying!" Pansy's uncle raised a hand and brought it crashing down hard across her face.

The voice that spilled from Hermione's mouth was full of rage. Poor Ginny jumped a good meter out of bed at the sound of the other girl's voice. A few minutes later Mr. and Mrs. Weasley came in the room wands drawn. Mr. Weasley did a sweep of the room. Hermione assumed he was looking for Sirius Black. Mrs. Weasley came over to both girls' bed and checked on them, and when she found out what happened she looked over at Hermione.

"Are you all right dear, it wasn't Sirius Black trying to control your mind?" Mrs. Weasley's comment would have seemed out of place to anyone who did not know that her daughter had been controlled by Voldemort the previous year.

"No ma'am. It was just a horrid dream, and I couldn't help but feel… anger at what I saw. What is it Mrs. Weasley?" Hermione had her head cocked to the side and gave the older woman a quizzical look.

"Your eyes are silver my dear." She watched as the matron of the Weasley clan went over to her daughter's bedside table and got out a mirror. "Take a look Hermione."

Hermione took the mirror form Mrs. Weasley, and sure enough her eyes were the color of the moon. Well not entirely there were lines of brown leading to here pupil. "Weird. Mrs. Weasley I can't explain this, but I will do some research to find out how it…"

"Oh don't worry about it dear I just found it odd." Mrs. Weasley said in a soft tone, and gently rubbed the top of Hermione's head. "Besides they have returned to normal now." Looking back in the mirror the brunette saw that her eyes were back to their normal brown saved for the streaks of silver leading to her pupils.

Mr. Weasley was through with his search, and came over to see if the girls were all right. When both parents' fears were abated they left the. Mrs. Weasley told the girls to go back to bed and rest seeing as it was still the dead of night.

"Were you dreaming about her?" Ginny asked in a mousey voice.

"Yes, and I couldn't protect her." Hermione let out a long and mournful sigh. "Good night Ginny."

The following morning Hermione and Ginny were the first to bring their things down after breakfast, and that was mainly because Fred and George were messing with Percy. Poor Ron was catching the blame for it though. The cars that the Ministry had sent over looked pretty raged, but the drivers were top notch, polite too. As they arrived at King's Cross station Hermione looked over at Mr. Weasley, he was staying close to Harry and looking around presumably for Serious Black. Though why the escaped murderer would come after them was a mystery to her.

As they lined up to get on to Platform nine and three quarters Hermione cringed as she had no other choice than to pair up with Ron. Harry and Mr. Weasley went first, then Percy and Ginny, and then the twins. "All right you two it's your turn." chimed Mrs. Weasley.

Hermione wanted to take the approach at a stroll, but she had no choice but to run as Ronald took it a full speed. Probably not wanting a repeat of what happened last year where he and Harry missed the train due to Dobby. As they made it to the other side of the barrier Hermione saw Percy chatting with girl with long curly hair. Hermione presumed this was Penelope.

As they got their things on to the Express Hermione looked around, and caught a glimpse of a woman who looked a lot like Hecate, but before she could get a better look at her the woman boarded the train. Her eyes fell on Pansy next, and she waved an arm to try and get her attention. It seemed to have worked because she looked around to make sure she wasn't being watched and waved back. Then Draco came up beside the daughter of Persephone thus ending any chance of them talking at this moment in time. Turning back to her belongings she saw a familiar freckled face glaring back at her.

"What the bloody hell was that for?" Ron demanded.

"I just wanted to say hello is all." Hermione said as she took Crookshanks cage of her trolley. "And besides since when do I need your permission to wave at someone Ronald?" The know-it-all tone of voice was once again laced with ice at how the other Gryffindor thought he could determine who was worthy enough to be her friend.

"She is a bloody Slytherin Hermione! I would stay away from her unless you like being talked down to. She would also stab you in the back the second she got the chance to." And before she could respond Ron had run off to say good bye to his mum and dad. Hermione went over to say her farewells also, and watched as Mrs. Weasley hugged and kissed all her kids then the brunette. She giggled a little as Harry's face darkened a little as Mrs. Weasley gave him the hug and kiss good bye.

As they boarded the train Hermione noticed the boy-who-lived was not with them. Apparently Ron had noticed this as well because he was standing at the door, and when he stepped aside the raven haired boy bounded into the compartment. Ron said something to Ginny that made her walk away in a huff. "What did you say to her?"

"Nothing Harry wants to talk to us in private," Ron said.

"So that means just the two of us Ronald?"

"Don't worry about it Hermione." Hermione didn't need incredible deduction ability to tell Harry was troubled by something. Ron however needed all the help one could get to tell how another was feeling. As they walked through the sections looking for an empty compartment Harry could only find one with a single sleeping occupant. "Come on this will have to do."

Hermione did a cursory look at the man and his belongings, and noted the name 'Professor R.J. Lupin' on his overhead luggage. Ron obviously didn't care to look at it. After small discussion about their sleeping companion Harry told them what Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were arguing about last night, and as he told them the details Hermione had to cover her mouth as it fell wide open. Ron and her went on and on about how their friend's life would be in danger and all he could do was seem calm about someone wanting to kill him.

"Harry you need to stay of trouble this year then." Hermione said this with as much sternness as possible.

"It usually finds me."

As Ron came to Harry's defense the young demi-god rolled her eyes. Then the conversation turned to Hogsmeade, and even though Hermione was heartbroken about Harry not being able to go with them, she secretly felt relieved about it. It meant that Harry would be safe inside Hogwarts castle with Professor Dumbledore and the other professors to protect him from the escaped mad man.

Hermione started to mess with the straps on Crookshanks basket while she said this.

"Don't let that bloody beast out Hermione!" Ron said this as he kicked at the basket trying to put his damn rat back in his pocket.

"Ronald STOP IT!" hissed Hermione. Professor Lupin stirred and they all froze. He simply turned his head the other way with his mouth slightly open. "Honestly Ronald you can be so… childish at times."

"Childish!" Ron sat forward a little but Harry put a hand on his chest.

"Don't mate it isn't right." Harry said this with the calmness that only he could have. Hermione just nodded at him. "Hermione what is happening to your eyes?" The raven haired boy's voice was somewhat shocked in its tone.

Hermione looked at her reflection in the window. Her eye color was going from brown to silver once again. "Nothing Harry this just happens when I lose my cool and it has only started happening over the past two weeks. There was something I want to talk to you guys about anyway."

"Let me guess it is about your eyes." The red head said this in an agitated tone.

"No Ronald it isn't." Hermione said petting her familiar softly trying to calm her nerves.

"Then what is it Hermione?" Harry sounded more concerned about her than she and Ron did about him.

"Well Harry this isn't easy for me to say so I will just come out and say it. I am gay." The brunette said this looking down at the ground. "I hope we can still be friends."

Thankfully Harry answered before Ron. "Of course we're still friends Hermione why wouldn't we be. I had a bloke I went to school with back in the Muggle world who had two dads so I find no problem with it."

"Oh come off it Harry you don't have a problem with this!" Ron hissed in a low tone not wanting to wake up the professor.

"No I don't Ronald and neither should you." The boy-who-lived's voice was tense at their friend's comment.

"This is wrong Harry and you know it." Ron said standing up. "I will be back when you both come to your senses." As Ron stormed out of the compartment Hermione could feel the tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Hermione…" Harry was quick to get to her side. "It is okay he probably didn't mean it, and even if he did that does not change the fact that we're friends. That insensitive bastard," Harry started to rub her back.

"It's okay Harry I should have known this was a bad idea…" she said crying on her only remaining best friends shoulder.

"No it wasn't Hermione. He is just in shock, I hope, and needs time to adjust to this. You know I think he loved you." She looked up at him with eyes that shone with the silver of the moon and remains of tears.

"Don't make me kill you Harry James Potter." She said this with a small smile on her face.

"There that's better. Don't ever let him get you down okay?" The green eyed boy had his trade mark smile on his face now.

"Okay." Just then the door opened and there stood the girl from her dream. "Oh by the gods Pansy, are you okay?" She set Crookshanks down and moved up to the Slytherin.

"I came here to see how you were? Why are you asking me that same question?" Pansy said giving Hermione a hug.

"I had a horrible dream about you getting hurt, and it felt so real I just had to make sure you were okay." Hermione noticed the look of shock on Harry's face.

"I am… fine Hermione." The other witch didn't buy that line for a second, but decided not to press the issue in front of Harry. "Besides I couldn't let our mother's down, I already do that with my father's side of the family." The brunette looked over at Harry who was just sitting there slack jawed at the conversation. "Does he know?"

"Not about that, but that is something to discuss somewhere other than the train." Hermione motioned behind Pansy in the entrance stood Neville and Ginny.

"Oh well I guess I will take my leave then…" but before she could leave Hermione grabbed her wrist.

"No wait. You don't have to leave they won't be like Ronald, and I think we still need to talk about those books. They won't tell anyone about the books." The Gryffindor smiled at the Slytherin.

"Well…" they watched Pansy look out into the hallway. "Okay." She took the seat that Ron had occupied not that long ago.

"Am I dreaming or are Pansy and Hermione being nice to each other?" Neville said in his soft spoken tone of voice. The boy gave Harry a run for having the most unruly hair. He tripped a little bit as he walked into the compartment.

"No that just happened, but what has me pissed off is how Ronald treated you Hermione. Are you okay?" The ginger haired girl said as she closing the door.

"I am now thank you for asking Ginny." Hermione's blood froze as Draco and his two cronies stood at the door. She looked over at Pansy, but the other girl had a look of peace on her face. Looking back Hermione saw none other than Hecate standing beside the boys.

"They're in trouble." Pansy commented.

"What do you mean?" Ginny asked.

"That is our new magical art teacher." Pansy said calmly.

The door opened and Hermione's mother levitated books onto the over head rack above Pansy. "You left these Ms. Parkinson."

"Thank you Professor Spruce." Pansy smiled at the goddess.

"Hello my daughter." Hecate never broke eye contact with Hermione. All eyes, saved for the slumbering passenger, fell on Hermione.

"Hello again mother." Hermione said courteously. "I guess I will be seeing you around school then."

"Most certainly, goodbye my dear," Professor 'Spruce' closed the door and walked down the row to insure Draco and company stayed away; seeing as they could hear him complaining all the way down the hall.

Ginny was the first to ask the obvious. "I thought you were a muggle-born?"

"So had I until she showed up this summer and the truth was revealed to me. My father admitted to having an affair with her before he married my mum. There's more to it, but it can wait tell after start of term."

Before any of her friends could say something the plump witch with the food cart came up. Harry did them all a favor and ordered some Cauldron Cakes. The old witch pushing the cart told Hermione that she would be up front with the conductor if the professor woke up and wanted something. Midafternoon came and went as they sat and talked in low whispers so as to not wake the sleeping professor. That was something Hermione began to worry about. He had been asleep since the original three had entered the compartment this morning. Harry however said not to worry about saying that maybe the man had been up late last night worrying about the jinxed job. Then a familiar trio showed up outside the door once again. Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, and Gregory Goyle were now glaring at Pansy.

"So do you mind telling us why you are in with these… inferior people Pansy?" Draco said this with so much venom Hermione wanted a bezoar.

"Yeah Parks, why are you with her?" Goyle pointed at Hermione.

"She's a better company than you." The typical ice reserved for Hermione was now directed towards her old gang.

"Oh is that so Pansy?" There was more than a hint of discontent in Draco's voice.

The brunette could not take this attitude thrown towards Pansy. A dream is one thing, but this was happening in front of her, and she could do something about it. Standing up Hermione felt this surge of energy flow through her body. Unfortunately she could not see what the others saw, but she did note that Draco's mouth hung open. "Why don't you leave Draco? Before you do or say something you will regret."

"Looks like Granger has a backbone," Crabbe's exceedingly loud voice along with his laughter causing Professor Lupin to stir a little.

"Who is that?" asked the leader of the slimy trio.

"The new DADA professor Draco," Harry said as he and Neville stood up. "…now what were you saying?" Harry asked stepping in front of Hermione.

Draco grumbled a little bit then closed the door and walked back down the corridor. Hermione sighed as she sat back down. "Okay what was everyone staring at?"

"You, there was this…ghostly glow surrounding you Mi." Ginny said with this sound of concern in her voice. "There is no way that woman is your mother."

"I… no she's not, but she did introduce me to my mother." Hermione let her head fall low as she admitted 'the truth'.

"Why would you lie to us Hermione?" Neville asked in a little bit of a hurt tone of voice.

The brunette took a deep breath. "My mother is Hecate."

"That name sounds familiar?" Harry said leaning forward.

"Harry she is a goddess, and I didn't want to say anything because I feared you think I was crazy." Hermione watched as the boy-who-lived mouth fell open. Deciding if she had to be honest about herself she would at least keep Pansy's lineage a secret.

"Well I guess that explains the glow, but…" Harry was cut off as the train came to a sudden stop. "What is going on?"

It took several minutes before they knew what was going on, but as the temperature dropped Hermione noticed that everyone looked terrified, but she felt nothing. As much as she wanted help her friends she didn't know how to. Eventually a cloaked creature entered the room causing her friends to back away from the door. She had to hold Crookshanks to keep him from clawing at the intruder. She was baffled at how everyone else seemed so frightened, but she was untouched. Then she felt fear as she watched the clocked creature approach Harry and watched as he slid from where he was seated to the floor in a heap. Professor Lupin then stood up and cast a spell causing the creature to leave. A few minutes later Harry woke back up and Professor Lupin gave everyone a piece of chocolate saying it would help them out. It took them all a while but eventually they ate the chocolate. Poor Ginny was a wreck, and it took a little more chocolate to make her feel better. After getting to know the brunette's friends Pansy wanted to introduce her to the only real friend she had in Slytherin. She sent a message through an unknown spell down the train. As the train pulled into the station at Hogsmeade Harry and co. exited the train. They saw Hagrid, but did not have the opportunity to go and talk to him due to the large crowd.

As they approached the carriages Hermione saw Blaise yelling at Draco and his two stupid companions. The dark skinned young man looked absolutely livid. He had one fist clenched and the other pointing off in the opposite direction of the approaching crowd. Hermione felt a hand on her shoulder, turning around she gazed into pale green eyes. "What is it Pansy?"

"The person I want you to meet is Blaise." Her voice sounded shaky and soft. Hermione a few her bad encounters with Blaise, but they were all due to his blood purity ideals. "I know how he has…"

"So long as he is willing to look past the events that preceded today I will be open to being his friend."

Pansy just nodded. While they walked over to the other Slytherin the brunette could not help but worry about what Blaise would say about what he no doubt heard about Hermione. She watched as the two hugged and kissed one another on both cheeks. For a second Hermione felt heartbroken, but she observed that there were no displays of affection between the two. As for Draco he was glaring at Pansy. The moment he saw Harry and the others he went over and assumedly taunted Neville or Harry. Hermione's attention returned to Zabini and Pansy.

"So she is a half-blood Pans?" Zabini's words were cold and callous, but his eyes held an uneasy look to them. As if he was wrestling with insulting Hermione right then and there. Pansy placed a hand on Zabini's shoulder. "Sorry Granger."

"It's okay Zabini I do not expect you to change overnight." Hermione extended her hand.

It took him a bit, but eventually he took her hand. "That is agreeable."

"Well are we going to get in or are we going to walk to school." Both girls jumped at the sound of Professor Spruce's voice.

"Who are you?" the dark skinned wizards voice was once again agitated.

"My name is unimportant till we get in the carriage and get moving. And Blaise before you say anything you don't get any more 'pure-blooded' than me."

Entering the carriage next to Blaise the young witch noticed the professor look back as she climbed in. Hermione watched as Pansy coaxed Zabini into the carriage with the other two. Blaise glared at Hecate for the longest time during the ride. He did this so long in fact that he was entranced by her mother. Looking out the window Hermione noticed the other carriages were not moving nor were their occupants. It seemed as though time itself was standing still. Looking back over at the goddess she was staring at one Hecate's peripheral heads. Looking back to the wizard she saw that his mouth was hanging open and his eyes were wide.

"Mother what is going on?"

"I just wanted a chance to inform Mr. Zabini of a few things. The least of which is the truth about the two of you." The silken voice of the goddess seemed to bring their male companion back from his state of awe.

Blaise asked in almost a whisper "Who are you?"

"I am Hecate the goddess of magic, witchcraft, childbirth, and child protection among other things, and as you have heard I am Hermione's mother." Both girls watched as their fellow student lowered his head before the raven haired goddess. "Thank you Mr. Zabini, but that is not why I wanted to talk to you."

"What is it that I can do for you?" they young man's voice was far more humble now.

"Hermione will have her friends watching her back, but Pansy needs someone to do the same for her in the Slytherin commons. She like Hermione is a demigoddess. This information will go no further. I do not want Malfoy and his ilk to learn of this information."

"They are that important?" He gestured to Hermione and Pansy.

"They are to me and many others. Before you ask young man it is her study habit that make Hermione as good as she is." Her mother seemed to want to clear the air of that unasked question. "Will you do this for me Mr. Zabini?"

"I will do as you ask."

The brunette's mother just nodded and the carriage started moving again. It took a while but the teens started to talk to each other once more. When they finally went to get the other occupant involved in the conversation they noticed she was gone. All three of them looked at one another for a few minutes, and then Hermione asked "How did you know she was telling the truth?"

"Until now I didn't, and besides your eyes say more than anyone's words could say about your heritage." Hermione just nodded in agreement. "You not going to ask what I mean?"

"I saw them last night. They are the color of the moon correct?" Blaise nodded in agreement. Hermione saw a bruise on Pansy's cheek, but decided to leave not to say anything while Blaise was present.

Once they arrived at the castle Professor McGonagall asked to see her and Harry. Harry was given a once over by Madam Pomfrey. After speaking with Professor McGonagall about her classes Hermione's spirits were lifted once more. She was given a Time Turner which was safely hidden in her robes. She looked down the Gryffindor table and saw that Neville and Ginny were holding chairs for them. Hermione couldn't help but smile because Neville was holding one seat next to him, and the other was by the red head. As for Ron he was at the end of the table and it looked like none of their friends wanted to talk to him. Infarct the only one that was talking to him was a young girl with dark brown hair, and emerald green eyes. She glanced nonchalantly at the Slytherin table. It seemed that Draco wanted nothing to do with either Blaise or Pansy, and it was probably because they road with a Gryffindor not a Slytherin.

Hermione decided to sit by Neville forcing Harry to sit by Gin. Which made both of them blush. It also caused Ginny to give her a death glare. After listening to Professor Dumbledore Hermione asked the only unanswered question in her mind at the moment "Who is Ron talking to?"

"Believe it or not her name is Morgan le Fey. She just moved here from the United States." Neville said after drinking some pumpkin juice. "She looks a lot like a younger version of the Chocolate Frog Card, but she says her father named her Morgan to annoy her."

"How horrible," was Ginny's response.

Harry looked down the table at their friend and his new companion. "She looks similar Neville, but I don't think she is related THE Morgan le Fey."

"I think her parents changed their name on purpose." Ginny speculated. The other three nodded in agreement and decided to move on to other topics, but every now and then Hermione would look over at Slytherin table.

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