Shadows of the Past

By Coastalfirebird

Mystery / Romance

Demigoddesses and Dursleys

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or affiliated characters, places, and things. They all belong to J.K. Rowling and affiliated companies. This particular plot is mine however. And to make it seem more cohesive to the original stories I am using some of the lines from them, but they are not my material. They came for the excellent mind of their owner.

A/N: I want to remind everyone that I have moved the time line of the series ahead one decade so Hermione was born in 1989 instead of 1979 so the year is 2004. Italics represent letters and/or mental communications with the gods or dreams, and/or words spoken in Atlantian. Keep the reviews coming please! Cheers! I am also editing previous chapters.

Chapter Twelve: Demigoddesses and Dursleys

Hermione- Dad got the tickets to the World Cup! We will be picking you up this Saturday! Mum and Dad have written to your parents telling them about the World Cup, and asking for their permission, but after having talked with them last year I cannot see them saying no to you going. So we'll be there to pick at 5 o'clock tomorrow. Let us know what they say as soon as possible Hermione. Oh and we have enough tickets for Pans to come too, so don't worry about it.

P.S. Please forgive Pigwidgeon for his rambunctiousness.


Hermione placed the letter back on her desk. She looked over at her trunk seeing that all her clothes were nicely sorted and placed with made her think of the shopping trip she and her mum had done to bring Pansy's clothes into the modern age. It had surprised Hermione when she saw that Pansy's clothes were straight of the eighteen hundreds. Hermione and her mum had spent a wonderful afternoon buying clothes for themselves and Pansy. Pansy seemed to spend an exorbitant amount of time one formal wear and swimwear, in particular bikinis. The latter of these two things left Hermione a little… distracted. Her mother seemed to enjoy seeing Hermione fidget during this whole ordeal, and Pansy seemed to enjoy seeing her girlfriend turn six shades of red.

A knock on the door brought Hermione out of her memories. "Come in."

"Mi, do you have your stuff together?" Pansy asked as she poked her head through the door way.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Of course I do."

Pansy sauntered over to her and wrapped her arms around her neck. "Well then I guess that gives us time to cuddle then doesn't it?"

"I suppose it does." Hermione leaned forward, "I require a kiss first though."

"Oh is that so?" Pansy quizzed before her lips met hers.

Hermione felt Pansy's tongue brush across her lips begging for entrance. Hermione kept telling herself 'Mum and dad are home, Mum and dad are home' as she felt a strong urge to snog Pansy silly. It wasn't long however before she found herself lying flat on her back lips pressed firmly against Pansy's. This wasn't the first time Pansy had snuck up on her and in response Hermione had started an unabashed snog fest. Hermione didn't mind them, but she did not want her mum or dad to walk in the front door to find their 'innocent' little girl in an intimate situation with her girlfriend.

As if those thoughts were a self-fulfilling prophecy a cough from the door way caught their attention. They break apart long before the need for air kicked in. Her mum was standing there with a smile on her face while her father looked a little green.

"And we're letting you two wonder off to a sporting event with people we barely know, and you will be spending the rest of the summer there." Her mum had a Cheshire cat grin on her face at the moment. "I am being to wonder if I should be expecting a grandchild any day now."

"Mrs. G that is a bit impossible." Pansy said shifting around.

"True enough, but it seems anything is possible with magic." Her mum looked between both girls. "In addition her father and I could work on giving her a little brother or sister." Hermione's mum wrapped her arms around her father.

"Mum I don't need to know that!" A shiver ran down her spine at the mere thought of her parents doing the 'horizontal dance'.

"Don't you want a little brother or sister?" her father asked.

"I wouldn't mind one, but it is the act that precedes it that I don't want to think about." Pansy was at the moment laughing hysterically. "That's not helping Pans!"

"What can I say other than: have fun with it all Mr. and Mrs. G." Pansy said as she ducked into the hallway.

"Pansy!" whined Hermione.

Insert line

Hecate was pacing through her manor. It had been a couple weeks since she had heard from Leto, and she was worried about her. The last that she had heard was that Leto was going to spy on Magnus and Myra (a woman who had his ear). It was supposed to be a simple observe and report mission, but that must have gone sideways from the word go. It was weird that she hadn't sent her usual missives the past couple of weeks. Even if she couldn't tell her what she was doing Leto let Hecate know she was fine at least. She was starting to worry that she had lost her love to the madness that Magnus was stirring up within the army.

The popping sound of someone apparating into her den snapped her out of thoughts. She ran to the usual apparating point of her love, and what she found there made her heart fall into her stomach. Leto was stumbling over to the sofa short her clothing and bleeding from different parts of her body. Hecate ran over to Leto and did a few health checking charms. She needed blood-replenishing potion in addition to other healing potions. Hecate activated the wards that her father put in place when she first bought the place. Once the wards were up she ran to her medical cupboard to retrieve the six potions needed to save Leto's life. The first potion she gave her was the blood-replenishing potion, flowed by a calming draught, and then last was a bone knitting draught.

Once that was done Hecate did some more extensive examination charms. She found that she had suffered several curses she didn't know how to fix. Others like a blindness charm were easily countered. She would have to get a healer hear as soon as possible, and given the people Magnus knew she didn't want to risk just taking her to the temple. She told Leto she would be right back, and she went to send a crystal message to Andrea and Damian the only healers that would keep Leto's condition out of Magnus' ear for as long as humanly possible.

Hecate went back to Leto and found her crying on the couch. She walked up to Leto and tapped her on her shoulder. The woman jumped just a little, but once she realized it was Leto launched herself at Hecate.

"When was the first time we made love?" Leto asked between sobs.

This question threw her for a loop, but Hecate answered honestly. "It was three weeks after we started seeing each other. Why do you ask?"

"They tricked me. I thought they were you. I don't know how they did it, but they looked like you, and I mean exactly like you. While they did this they used a curse I've never encountered before. It felt as though they were sending a thousand knives through my body."

The sobs were getting worse as each word left Leto's mouth. Hecate couldn't ask any more about what happened as Andrea and Damian arrived at that moment. They ushered her off to the side and started casting spells she only knew by name. After one spell both healers looked at one another. Andrea knelt down and started talking to Leto while Damian walked over to Hecate and started talking in a whisper.

"Did she tell you what happened to her?" Damian's green eyes carried a look of worry and sadness within them.

"Not much, they somehow managed to look like me in some way, and tortured her with spells. Why? What did you find out?"

"She's pregnant." Damian said with a tone of sorrow.

If Damian was going to say anything else it was lost as Hecate ran to Leto's side. She wrapped her arms around Leto, and began weeping alongside her love.

Insert line

Harry Potter awoke with cold sweat running down his face. He was used to seeing Voldemort in his dreams, but not women in varying states of distress. One of them looked like Daphne, and the other two without question were Hermione and Pansy's past lives given the names and the way they looked. Harry was wondering why it was him dreaming of this event instead of those two. Was he like Hermione and Pansy? Nah, that was not possible.

Harry reached over and retrieved his glasses. He looked around his room to see if Pansy had 'shadow stepped' in and was playing some kind of prank on him or something. He couldn't see the raven haired girl anywhere. He got up and made his way to the window. Looking out onto Privet driver revealed nothing more than a normal suburban street at about five thirty in the morning. He turned his gaze once more to the letter on his desk. He grabbed the letter and read it once more.


That dream is quite disturbing. Keep me informed of anymore like it ok? On a lighter note: have you heard any more from Daphne lately? Maybe she might want to come over and snuggle with you a little… in bed. In all seriousness how is everything going over at the Dursleys if they are mistreating you let me know immediately and I will come and get you right away. Circe says hello. We will see you at the Quidditch World Cup Harry.


A clicking from Hedwig's cage turned Harry's attention to his owl. He walked over and petted his owl. He didn't want to cause a scene later on when the Weasleys came to pick him up so he took Hedwig over to his wind. "Do you think you can get over to the Weasleys girl?" He asked, and the look he received was one of annoyance. "Stupid question I know. I'll be there later on okay?" Hedwig nipped at his finger a little harder than normal, but the affection was still there.

Harry could hear the Dursleys stirring, and figured he might as well get ready for the day. He still had one more spectacular breakfast to go through before he was off to the Burrow and then to the Quidditch World Cup.

Insert line

Hermione's eyes shot open. The dream she just had brought memories to mind that she and Pansy had only glazed over in the preceding months. They remembered that Magnus' followers were right bastards, but they didn't even want to touch what had happened to Leto (Pansy) that fateful winter.

Magnus and their older brother Hektor were off invading some small long forgotten city when Leto was asked to investigate a small standing segment of the Atlantean military. She was supposed to be gone for only two days, but that that turned into two weeks of hell for Leto. When Leto finally showed up she was bloody and beaten. The dream only brought into focus for Hermione that not all was buttercups and rainbows in the world. You didn't need to be a dark lord of magic to instill fear into the masses, and you didn't even need magic to cause someone pain and suffering.

"Mind if I stay with you for a while Mi?" Pansy's voice sounded shaky.

"Not at all," Hermione moved over and let Pansy slide into bed next to her.

It took a while before either of them drifted off to sleep again.

Insert line

Daphne Greengrass woke up screaming in rage. The dreams contents would anger anyone with a conscience. Her mum and dad came running into her room wands drawn ready for anything. When she told them it was just a bad dream they asked if she wanted to talk about it, but she said it was nothing they need to worry about and that it was just a silly dream, but deep down she was bothered by it. Never in her fourteen years of living had she had a dream like this.

She never would have guessed that she would be dreaming of someone else's life. It was weird to say the least. Watching another person's day-to-day routine was beyond weird. She had heard form Pansy that her soul bond with Hermione had brought up such memories, but she was told very little of what those memories were. Truth be told, she was originally jealous of Pansy for having both a past life, and a soulmate that stretched back in time. Now however all she could feel was pity.

Daphne got out of bed and made her way to her full-length mirror. She looked at her figure and mental compared it to the woman she had seen in her dream. The dream was a bit fuzzy but from what she remembered the woman made her seem about average in appearance. Sure some of the boys thought otherwise but then again men and boys had only one thing on their minds ninety percent of the time, and the other ten percent was how to upstage the next guy.

A popping sound made her aware of one of the family house-elves. "Mistress Daphne is needed in the den." Karl said in half bow.

"What for Karl?" she asked as the elf bounced on the balls of his feet.

"Master Richard wouldn't tell me mistress only that you are requested to speak with him."

"Okay thank you Karl." With that the elf bowed and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Once Daphne was dressed she made her way down to the den and found her father and mother sitting down "You wanted to speak with me dad?"

"Yes Daphne, why don't you sit down?" He gestured to the chair across from the settee. Once she was seated he continued. "I was wondering how well you know a Mr. Potter?" her father asked.

'Oh God I'm in for the Talk,' was her only thought at that moment.

Insert line

Hermione was trying to help Mr. Weasley get everyone ready to go to the Dursleys. At the moment Pansy was saying she could just 'pop' over to his place and get him and his things. Hermione just reminded her that the Dursleys were extremely irrational about magic. To which Pansy said they should just get used to it already. Fred and George were snickering in the background at this conversation. When Mr. Weasley thought they were ready they were already thirty minutes late, and if Harry was to be believed, and Hermione did believe him, his uncle would not be pleased with this at all. The first one through the Floo was Mr. Weasley followed by Fred and George, and then Hermione followed the twins through the Floo. When she stopped spinning around she was stuck between George and a cold brick wall.

"What's going on? Are we in the right place?" Hermione asked.

"Oh no Hermione," Fred said, the sarcasm was rich in his voice. "No, this is exactly where we wanted to end up."

"Maybe Harry can hear us because if we don't get out of here Pansy…" as if her words were a self-fulfilling prophecy Pansy flooed into the crammed fireplace. "Me and my big mouth," Hermione said her face pressed into the brick wall.

"Well this is bad… Yes well it's the only way. Move aside everyone." Mr. Weasley drew his wand.

"Wait a moment!" Harry's uncle bellowed. "What exactly are you going to-"


With that Hermione and the other people held within the fireplace fell out. Fred and George landed on either side of her while Pansy landed on top of her. Mr. Weasley was still within the fireplace. When she untangled herself from her love she found herself look at Mr. Dursley. In this place her mind was filled with thirteen years of abuse. She was forced to endure the trauma Harry endured from the moment he was left in this house. His uncle would beat him senseless with a belt for no reason at all it seemed. His other relatives were no better. Hermione could feel the air around her ripple with her rage.

She could hear Mr. Weasley trying to calm Mr. Dursley's nerves.

"Now you needn't worry Mr. Dursley we will be gone from here shortly. It won't take me long to fix all this up." Mr. Weasley looked over at her and his eyes went wide. "Hermione dear what is wrong?"

"It's not 'what' Mr. Weasley it would be 'who'." Hermione turned her gaze to the obese man backed nearly to the wall and the woman cowering behind him. "If either of you think you are getting away with what you've done to Harry you are sorely mistaken. I don't care how far I have to go, or what I have to do, but you shall face the courts for what you have done to Harry."

Vernon Dursley's face went puce. "Now see here young lady we have given that boy a roof over his head, food, and clothing. We do not need some sassy little girl telling us how to raze a boy!" Vernon stomped a foot on the ground. "Just wait tell I find out how to contact your parents and give those freaks a piece of my mind."

"My parents are Daniel and Emma Granger. They are dentists in London, so do make sure you brush your teeth before you speak to them." Hermione stepped away from Vernon at this moment.

Pansy and Harry took the opportunity to pull her away from the Dursleys. Mr. Weasley tried to placate the situation.

"The first thing you freaks do is break my house, and now this little tart starts to insult us!" Vernon screamed.

Hermione struggled against Pansy and Harry's grip. "That's real funny you over weight slob! You're real quick to blame Harry for things, but you refuse to admit your own son's faults."

"How dare you! I'll have you know-"

"SILENCE!" Hermione screamed. A flash of scarlet filled the room. The man's mouth stopped moving when he realized words no longer left them. "That' better."

"Hermione darling what are you doing?" asked Mr. Weasley.

"Evening the scales as it were Mr. Weasley." She pointed to Vernon. "That man has done things that most people would classify as abuse." A sharp intake of air came from Mr. Weasley.

"That's a lie young lady!" Mrs. Dursley screamed. "We have done nothing but try and raise this boy right!"

"Did your parents lock you in a cupboard?" Hermione snapped back. When Petunia didn't say anything she turned to Vernon. "How about your parents Mr. Dursley, did your father throw you in a closet for making just one mistake for weeks on end. Did you mother constantly call you 'boy', 'girl', or 'freak'? Ma'am I know some pretty evil people, and the only thing that makes them worse than you is that they've actually killed people." Hermione voice was threatening to rise in volume once more.

"Wait till we tell your parents the way you are treating normal people. I'm sure your parents will be real pleased with your actions."

"I can tell you that my father would be pleased that I stood up for my friend, and I dare not say what my mother might say or even think about this… poor parenting." Hermione looked over to Harry's cousin. "It's just a shame that your parents think they are raising you right"

When she heard the sound of Harry's trunk come down the stairs Hermione yield to Pansy's tugging on her sleeve. The twins were dragging Harry's trunk down the stairs. She just started tuning out Mrs. Dursley's ranting. If this is what Harry had to put up with daily Hermione was surprised Harry hadn't runaway.

"Uh right," said Mr. Weasley. "Better get cracking then."

Mr. Weasley turned to the 'fireplace' and cast the fire-making spell. Once that was done he asked Fred to go first. On his way over to the fire place Fred accidentally dropped some candies, and Hermione could see a smile etched across his face. She set it all thoughts of why aside as she knew the boy deserved some form of punishment in return for the way he treated Harry. Once Fred was off with Harry's trunk it was Fred's turn. Then Mr. Weasley turned to her.

"All right Hermione it's your turn." Mr. Weasley said with a bit of trepidation.

"Actually Mr. Weasley I think Pansy should go first." Hermione looked over to Pansy. "I will be fine, and I don't think I should lie to this man." Mr. Weasley started shifting around. "What's wrong Mr. Weasley?"

"My Lady I don't think it is such a good idea for you to remain here." Mr. Weasley said sounding more than a little bit nervous.

"I won't hurt him physically Mr. Weasley." She looked over at Mr. Dursley. "No matter how much he deserves it."

"Mi…" Pansy looked over at Hermione. "Look, just don't do anything stupid." Pansy leaned in and kissed Hermione lightly on the lips. Hermione heard Mrs. Dursley make a sound of disgust. Pansy broke away. "Do you want to rile her temper?" Pansy asked in whisper.

"I would love that." Hermione said as she leaned in and kissed Pansy passionately.

"Girls that's enough I think my aunt is going to kill you." Harry said with a smile on his face.

Pansy broke the kiss, and walked to the fire place and said "The Burrow." Once she disappeared in flash of flames Hermione turned to Mrs. Dursley and glared at her. They stared at one another for a long moment. This was ended by Vernon stepping between the two of them, and trying to look imposing and threatening.

"Please Dursley you are no threat to me, and that's not because I'm a witch." The man tried to speak, but the divine spell still rendered him mute. "Speak."

The house was filled with Vernon's voice. "How dare you think you can just command me to be silent?!" Vernon stood there and blinked for a moment. Then he started to smile. "I think your parents will be getting letters about the use of your magic soon, and hopefully you will be sent to prison for it."

Hermione just smiled. "Actually Dursley that wasn't magic the Magical government can detect." The purple color in Vernon's face started to fade away in blotchy patches. "Dursley I want you to do something."

"I will not treat that boy like my son!" Vernon screamed.

"That isn't what I want you to do." She looked at him and let all her rage slip into her eyes. By the look on Petunia's face confirmed her eyes shifted to silvery-brown. "I want you to try and hit me."

"Hermione!" screamed Mr. Weasley. "That is unladylike."

"I am not acting as Lady Granger. I am doing this as a daughter of Hecate."

Petunia scoffed. "So you lied earlier. Your mother is this… whore Hecate not Mrs. Granger. I bet she's SO proud of you."

"First of all my mother is not a whore." Hermione looked over to Mr. Dursley. "Well what are you waiting for? You hit Harry when he was much younger. Is it because I'm a woman, or is it because you'd rather do other things to me you pervert?" Hermione just stood there as Vernon Dursley strutted up to her with a raised hand. As his hand came down Hermione ducked behind the man. She started laughing as he stumbled forward. When the man turned around she just smiled. "Honestly I can understand you don't recognize my mother's name, but perhaps you've heard of my sister Circe?"

"YOU'RE JOKING?" screamed Mrs. Dursley.

"Honestly given what I've said and done is that hard to believe what I just said?" Hermione said this trying her best not to smile. As she was about to tell them the truth Hermione felt a fist collide with her face. She stumbled to the left for a little bit, but she was able to regain her footing. Looking up she saw Dudley smiling, and Harry running towards him. "NO!"

"He hit you!" Harry said firmly. "That is unacceptable."

"Harry just let me handle this." Hermione said sternly. "Regardless of what you do to me Dursleys you will pay for what you've done to Harry." With that said Dudley tried to hit her once more. After dodging his fist she went ethereal to avoid getting hit by Vernon. It is at that point that Petunia screamed at the top of her lungs. It was at this point that a scared looks took hold on their faces. Hermione took one step near the obese fool and he fell to his massive backside in his attempt to get away from her. The arrival of Rexa made Hermione sigh.

"It looks like my fun has to end, but if you couldn't figure it out I am a demigoddess. My birthmother is Hecate goddess of magic, witchcraft, and child protection. She is the goddess of much more, but those are the ones that matter here," she pointed to the group. "I will know if you ever mistreat him again, so I'm warning you here and know. I view him as my little brother. So just keep that in mind." With that she walked over to Rexa and took the note off her collar.


You need to finish whatever it is you're doing Mrs. Weasley is about to blow a gasket (I hope I'm saying and spelling that right).


With that read Hermione put her hand on the ground and just made the ground glow green. She turned to look at the Dursley's, and was surprised to see the Headmaster standing behind them. "I think that was unnecessary Ms. Granger, but given what they tried to do I can understand."

"If my magic set off some kind of alarm you had your priorities wrong." Hermione was just glaring at Dumbledore at that moment. "How long have you known about the way they were treating Harry?"

"Hermione it is for his safety that he remain-"

"Don't tell me that Headmaster!" the gust of wind sent his robes billowing behind him.

The older wizard just sighed. "There are wards of blood that protect him and his relatives so long as he lives in this house during the summer."

"After what I saw the moment my foot touched this floor I'd say they don't deserve to be protected. If Voldemort wants to attack them let him." Hermione walked over to Rexa. "Head back to Pansy girl, and I will be there soon."

"Ms. Granger will you give me those memories after the World Cup?"

"Yes Headmaster." She stepped into fire, "The Burrow."

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