Shadows of the Past

By Coastalfirebird

Mystery / Romance

Before and After

Chapter Six: Before and After

A/N: Love the reviews keep 'em coming. The editing took a long time I admit but haste makes waste. Again I will be using lines from the book so to J.K. Rowling I say thank you for one of the greatest works of the generation. Again I own nothing but the plot idea for this fan fiction.

A/N: The chapter has been edited for misspellings and gramatical error.

The boat traveled across the storm tossed sea as though nothing was wrong. The winds tore at the sails, but the fabric did not give. All the adults on board the vessel wept at the loss of their home, but a few wept for the loss of their heroes. A little boy sat next to his mother, and watched as the adults cried for a woman who he did not know, but he did know he owed her his life. He got out of his mother's embrace, and knelt on floor of the ship and began to pray.

"Lord Zeus let them rest in peace and may Hades have vengeance on the souls that caused such sorrow. Allow us to find penance in a new home. Praise the gods."

A crack of thunder sounded the gods understanding of the boy's prayer. A change in the direction of the wind shocked everyone. As the days went by the wind pushed the boats ever onwards never letting up in their westward movement. After what felt like months of travel they came to rest on an island with no mountain, but plenty of forests. It was here that the adults turned to the boy as if he would now lead them, but he simply said: "Here we should rebuild what was lost."

Hermione was woken up by someone shaking her rather hard. It was Pravati, and the look on her face spoke volumes. She was scared, about what Hermione did not know, but she assumed it was her. "What is it Pravati?"

"You were talking in you sleep, and we all thought someone had cast a hex on you cause you were speaking in a language none of us understood. Then Crookshanks ran off like it had been spooked by something." The fear in her voice was palpable, and almost scary in its own right.

"I am fine Pravati, and I think I will talk to someone about these dreams." Hermione wondered if this dream like the others pertained to the past, or were the miscellaneous ramblings of a sleeping brain. 'I need to talk to Pans.' Was her last thoughts before going back to sleep.

The following morning found Hermione out in the main courtyard sitting out in the snow with Pansy. They were both watching Rexa running around in the snow jumping from snow pile to snow pile. The brunette just sat their leaning into the raven haired beauty for a while thinking on how to address the situation she had seen in her dream last night. It was Pansy who brought up dreams saving the Gryffindor the trouble of doing so.

"Mi did you dream of… legends last night?" The Slytherin queen asked pensively.

"If by legends you mean the survivors of Atlantis the answer is yes." Hermione laced their fingers together.

"Do you think it was factual?"

"I think so, but until my mother gets back I don't think we will know."

"Where did she go?" Pansy quizzed.

"Your full of questions today aren't you?" The green eyed beauty stuck her tongue out at Hermione. "She went to Olympus for something pertaining to the magical world."

"Are things really getting that bad?"

"I don't know love, I just don't know."

The Gryffindor leaned her head against her girlfriend's chest. They remained like this for what felt like hours. Hermione could feel Pans moving around and messing with the snow, and the felt her lurch forward. Opening her eyes with fright Hermione looked around for an attacker or the twins ready to prank the hell out of them. Turning to Pansy she asked "What the hell?"

"I think we are being stalked." Pansy pointed in front of the silver eyed teen. Looking in that direction Hermione could see Rexa crouched down and slowly approaching them.

"It seems so." Hermione scooped up some snow, and formed it into a ball. "Catch girl!" she threw the snowball, and Rexa jumped and caught it in mid air. From there it dissolved into a ruckus of snow and laughter as Rexa tried to catch the snowballs the girls were throwing at her, and the girls throwing snowballs at each other. The only thing that stopped it was snowballs coming from the opposite side of the courtyard. Both girls turned in time to see two identical red heads toss two more snowballs.

"Fred, knock it off!" Hermione screamed.

"I'm not Fred he is." The twin to the left said.

"No I am not you are." The other one retorted.

"I don't care who is who what do you guys want?" Hermione was seething at this point, but Pansy was rolling around on the ground in fit of laughter. "What you laughing at?"

"Your… hair Hermione there… is a letter…" the rest of the statement was lost to laughter.

Reaching up to feel the top of her head she felt an envelope on top of her head. She began to read the letter.

Hey Sis,

Hermione mother wishes to speak with you and Pansy tomorrow night please disregard curfew. Don't worry about the prefect patrols I will deal with them. Oh and I will be dealing with the griffin issue as well just get me the information you find and I will be Hagrid's advocate.



At the bottom of the letter was a smile face charmed to repeatedly stick its tongue out at the reader. She was glad to see that her sister was willing to help them out, but she wondered about the motive behind it. While she did not fear for Hagrid, she feared most assuredly for Lucius Malfoy. That man was probably going to say something that got him turned into a pig or worse.

"What's wrong Mi?" Pans asked.

"Circe is going to be Hagrid's advocate." She couldn't keep the smile off her face. "Do you think Lucius will survive that encounter?"


Both girls broke out in laughter, and after some explanations they turned ten shades paler than they already were. After bidding the twins good bye the girls went into the castle to make ready for the last trip to Hogsmeade before the holiday break. They managed to get Pansy in to the Gryffindor commons without much of a hassle. She always used a deafening charm on herself so as to not hear the password. This did not change Ron's anger that the girl was in the commons when in his opinion no Slytherin was worthy of a Gryffindor. In truth they had to get it Okayed by Professor McGonagall first, and then Snape (much to the disdain of both girls).

They were sitting on loveseat in front of the fire place where they were talking about what they were going to do during the break. Pansy's uncle wanted her to return home so they could 'talk'. Pansy understood this to be a euphemism for a beating, and something both girls wanted her to avoid. When they noticed it was close to noon they decided they needed to get ready. Pansy need to pick up her money and Hermione need to get Crookshanks back in her dorm. Once in the girls' dorm area she was stopped by Ginny.

"Hey Hermione have you noticed a change in Ron?" the ginger haired girl quizzed.

"Besides his gradual taking away of Draco's cronies, no I haven't." the thought of the once proud king of Slytherin reduced to a second fiddle part would have once brought a smile to her face, but not now. "Why do you ask?"

"Well it is more than that. He is changing, and I am not talking about his personality. His hair and eyebrows are turning from red to black. And his eyes are going from blue to a steel grey." Ginny sounded scared.

"What else Gin?" Hermione asked while gently placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Well he keeps calling himself 'Magnus'. I think he might be turning into a dark lord."

Upon hearing that dreaded name Hermione's heart sank. Apparently it showed in her face because Ginny looked even more scared now.

"Hermione are you okay?"

"No Ginny I am not okay." She took a deep breath. "I have to talk to my mother before we continue this conversation." She held up her hand when the other girl went to talk. "I know it seems unfair, but trust me I do not want to tell you something that might not be the truth, because if I am wrong you will hate me forever."

"And if you're right?" If there was a way for someone to sound optimistic and downcast Ginny just did it.

"The Voldemort is the least of our concerns."

It took some doing to calm Ginny down, but after that was done she left to go talk to Pansy. This was something the ancient Atlantean spy would want to know. She ran as fast as she could to the Great Hall. She didn't even stop to talk to Fred and George about their brother, but made a mental not to do it later. Once in the Great Hall the brunette scanned for the raven haired girl, and her eyes fell on a frightening sight. Ron, Crabbe, Goyle, and Morgan were making threats to Pansy and Draco. She ran to the side of her girlfriend and the blonde boy.

"Look Maggie the heroine has arrived." Morgan laughed.

"What's so funny Morgan, or should I say Maya," Hermione tried to sound as stern as possible.

"Don't talk to her like that glitter girl!" Ron said in the agitated voice.

"Ronald don't you talk to me as if…" she was cut off.

"The name is Magnus now Hermione, or don't you remember that?" a very familiar wicked grin crawled across his face. Even though the form was slightly different that smile was not. It was the same one the ancient Magnus had worn before he went off into war or a magical duel.

She walked right up in front of the nearly raven haired boys face. "Your hair maybe turning black, but legally your name is Ronald Bilius Weasley."

"For now it is my old friend." The voice he used was deep and cold. This was not an angry Ron Weasley; it was kind boy becoming an evil man. He turned to his followers. "Let's go, we don't need to be around these riff raffs." He and Morgan turned and walked away with Crabbe and Goyle following close behind.

"What was that about Granger?" Draco spat.

"If you want to know kick the attitude." Pansy retorted.

"Follow us Draco." Hermione with one look seemed to have conveyed the destination to the love of her life.

With only the promise of answers Draco followed the girls down corridor after corridor. When they got to her mother's office Hermione knocked. The silken voice of the goddess bid them enter the room. When the door was opened they were greeted with the sight of Hecate in her true form with a balding man standing in stunned silence on the other side of her desk. Draco's father was still trying to yell but with an odd bubble over his head he was thankfully silent.

"Yes my daughter is something wrong?" the concern in her voice was clear for all to see.

"Yes ma'am. Draco and Pansy just had an encounter with Ronald, who I presume is Magnus reborn."

"What was that name?" the plump man asked.

"Magnus, mother who is this?" She point to the unknown man.

"Minister Fudge my dear. So you know or should I say remember?"

"Yes ma'am." The girls responded as one.

"Umm Pansy who is this woman?" Draco asked.

"Hecate, Hermione's mother and the goddess of magic." The terse statement seemed to shut up the screaming Lucius Malfoy. Draco's response was immediate. His mouth just opened and closed like a dying fish.

Her mother gestured them into the room. Once the door was closed she dispelled dome around Lucius' head. "Why are you with this muggle born Draco?"

"Because she is a demigod father, and as Pansy has stated already the goddess of magic is her Mother." Draco then knelt before her mother.

"There is much you need to do to earn my favor Draco." Her mother then turned her third head to face Lucius. "You may go Lucius I doubt you or the Minister need to hear this."

Without argument both men left the room. Apparently being a god had its advantages.

"What did he do?" Hecate's voice was cold.

"I did nothing you greatness." Draco squealed.

"Not you young man," her mother just waved a hand dismissing Draco's comment.

Pansy then went into the explanation as to how Ron/Magnus had accosted Crabbe and Goyle from Draco's service with promises of power, and fortune for their families. Once this was done he turned to Draco trying to get the boy to swear his loyalty to him, and how she had stopped him before he did so. While the raven haired girl told the story they all could hear the wind pick up outside, and Hermione could only imagine what was happening outside the castle.

"And as far as I can tell he already has those in sixth and seventh year Slytherin house in his pocket." Pansy finished.

"Why do you keep referring to him as Magnus Parkinson?" Draco questioned.

"Because over four thousand years ago the boy you know as Ronald Weasley caused the destruction of Atlantis." The blonde teen's mouth fell open. "These two," the raven haired goddess gestured to the two demigods. "…once fought against him."

The cold silence that followed brought to Hermione's mind the memories of the fight between her and Magnus. It lasted four hours, and thanks to the last act of a dying Pansy Maya could do nothing to help him. Draco broke the silence.

"So what must I do?" He nearly whispered.

"Convert your parent's to Harry's cause." Even to the completely ignorant this quest, if that is what this was, seemed daunting.

"But they won't turn on the dark lord so easily." The blonde protested.

"For you Draco they will do almost anything." She gestured to Hermione at this point. "And as for the Dark Mark my daughter can remedy that."

"How can I do that mother?" Hermione held her head at an angle displaying her confusion.

"You will know." She waved her hand. "Now I suggest you three leave. I need to 'talk' with the minister and Mr. Malfoy, and you three have a Hogsmeade visit today." As they walked out the door Hecate said one last thing. "Yes Hermione, he is Magnus, and it too late to stop the transformation now." Her mother sounded heartbroken, so she said nothing in response.

Pansy just shut the door, and hugged Hermione. She whispered in her ear "Not again." No further explanation was need. They had lost each other once before, and they would not do so again.

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