Shadows of the Past

By Coastalfirebird

Mystery / Romance

Old Lessons New Faces

Chapter Eight: Old Lessons New Faces

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and the affiliated characters and stories are the property of J.K. Rowling. This particular plot is mine however. And to make it seem more cohesive to the original stories I am using some of the lines from them, but they are not my material. They came for the excellent mind of their owner.

A/N: Italics either mean a internal thoughts, dream, memories, or the words of a god/goddess to a mortal mind. Underlined words are spoken in Atlantean.

Hermione's sleep had been fitful last night. She had repeated nightmares of Ron dying then returning to life as Magnus. Magnus would then either torture Pansy, kills her, or does… far darker things. Hermione felt sorry for the other girls in her dorm she could not count the number of time she woke up screaming. It got to the point that she just asked them to cast a silent charm on her, so she would not wake them the next time she woke up screaming. Even the following morning when they were all packing to leave she was still sleeping.

Once she finally decided to get up Hermione went to the Hospital Wing to check on Ron. Once there she found Mr. and Mrs. Weasley talking to Madam Pomfrey while two unknown witches checked Ron's condition. Poor Mrs. Weasley was beside herself, and Mr. Weasley was doing his best to comfort her. Once Madam Pomfrey saw her she ran immediately to her, and started asking the same questions everyone else had asked her the day before. Do you know of any spell that could do this? Was there anything she could do for him? Did she see what had happened to him? While the first and last questions were easy to answer the third was the hardest to answer. She had not read anything in the book her mother gave her that said she could reverse spells. That sounded to messianic in Hermione's opinion. If she could reverse a spell she could theoretically revive Harry's parents, or cure Neville's. And she was doing her best not to appear like a savior as it was. To appease the school nurse she walked over to Ron and started to scan him for curses and/or enchantments. The book her mother gave her vaguely spoke of this ability, but it seemed no different from 'sensing' magic. She closed her eyes, and reached out with her senses. Hermione was unsure of what the others saw, but what she felt was a flow of energy going from the core of her being to the palm of her hand. From this sensation she could feel the magic in the room, and covering Ron, but she could find nothing around Ron's body that spoke of either enchantments or curses. She turned back to Madam Pomfrey and shook her head in negation. The nurse hung her head in defeat, and the unfamiliar witches started asking questions that she didn't want to answer, but she felt compelled to do so lest she be dragged off to St. Mungo's as well.

"You might want to sit down for this." The brunette said calmly.

"Young lady I have been a healer for twenty years now. I don't think there is anything you could tell me that requires me to take a seat." The grey haired woman said sternly.

"I am a daughter of the Greek goddess of magic." Hermione said this without blinking.

Madam Pomfrey stood in front of Hermione before the woman could stun her. "Chastity she is the real deal."

"Are you daft Pomfrey? Such a claim is a clear sign of lunacy!" Chastity screamed.

"Then try and stun me." Hermione said, and dismissed Madam Pomfrey's attempt at talking her out of this course of action. She could see the silver trails of energy leading to the orderly behind her, and some leading to the elderly woman by Pomfrey. She wrapped the energy within her around her like a shield, and as the spells hit the shield she wandlessly disarmed the two nurses. "Do you believe me now?"

As the woman shook her head in agreement Hermione had to only guess as to what she looked like to the others. She told the Weasley's there was nothing she could do for Ron even being who she was, and feared hurting him if she tried anything. While they said nothing the look on Mrs. Weasley's face said everything. The woman looked saddened, shocked, and terrified all at once. Mr. Weasley's expression lacked the fear, but was not far off.

Hermione ran from the Hospital Wing the tears barely contained. She made a fast track to the Great Hall where she found Pansy, Harry, and Neville waiting on her. She jumped into Pansy's arms, and could hold the tears back no longer. As she cried Pansy whispered soft comfort in her ear, and rubbed her back. They Gryffindor told her girlfriend what had happened and how Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's faces showed the fear that lay beneath the surface. She could hear Harry and Neville talking to each other, but did not pay too much attention to the conversation. When Harry touched her shoulder she jumped in response. He said that he and Neville would go talk to the senior Weasley's about what Hermione was, and of what Ron had been doing. She went to stop them, but Pansy held her in a tight embrace. Looking at her girlfriend Hermione saw the daughter of Persephone shake her head 'no'. The two girls stayed in the Great Hall for about an hour and a half before they went to the Gryffindor commons. Once there they had to deal with a few death glares from some of the first and second year Gryffindors.

The sound of the portrait opening caused both girls to look up. They saw Harry enter the common room, and Neville stumble in shortly thereafter. Harry trudged over to the couch adjacent to the loveseat, and threw himself into it. Neville walked over and sat in the chair next to the fireplace. The four of them sat there in silence no one wanting to ask the others what they had been going through. It was Harry who finally broke the silence. "Well Mrs. Weasley is in an uproar about Hermione not being able to do more, and Mr. Weasley is indifferent." He gestured to the group. "He said that she will calm down eventually, but said don't expect it to be anytime soon."

Hermione saw the look on Pansy's face, and recognized it immediately. It was the same look of abject disdain she once reserved for her. "Pans dear Mrs. Weasley is just concerned about her son."

She felt the raven haired girl shift in her lap. "I know dear, but that is no excuse to treat someone like dirt."

"So says the former Queen of Slytherin house." All heads turned to face the descending elder witch. "I see you remember me Leto dear." The smirk on Morgan's face was far more than creepy. It was out-and-out evil.

Hermione wrapped her arms around Pansy to keep her from charging the ancient witch. "Leave now Morgan."

"Awe, are you still trying to protect her Hecate?" Hermione felt Pansy struggle in her embrace. "You couldn't defeat me last time, and you know even less now little girl." As Morgan left the common room she gave the adult version of a child sticking their tongue at someone.

As the portrait closed Pansy stood up, and glared at the brunette. "What was that for Mi?" Pansy screamed.

"I didn't want you to get hurt Pans." She reached out her hand only to have it swatted away.

"I could have taken her down this time!" The raven haired girl folded her arms in front of her chest.

"Think about it for one second Pansy. She knows how much more than we do right now." She once more reached her hand out to the other girl. "We only remember using our old abilities, and do not have the practical knowledge of the past." Her girlfriend hesitated a second before nodding in agreement. "I know she hates me, but fighting her here and now would only achieve two things: One our expulsion, and two severe injuries."

"Hermione dear I think that is supposed to be the other way around." The Slytherin Queen said.

"She is always like that," said the boy-who-lived. "Now will someone tell me what the hell is going on?"

It dawned on Hermione that while Neville and Draco knew who, and what Morgan was, Harry did not. After reprimanding Harry for his course language Hermione began telling him of the memories she and Pansy had gained during the first trip to Hogsmeade. After he sat there absorbing the information for few minutes Harry asked how she knew this was real, and not some trick Morgan was playing. Pansy told him she had been having the dreams about her past life since she was six. Hermione thought for a moment on when she had began having the dreams, and what caused them. She could bin down the time as mid June, but she could not find a reason for the dreams. She could guess what caused the dreams for Pansy, but that was an unpleasant train of thought.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing with Pansy, and Harry. They were now the only three in Gryffindor tower, and the quite was quite relaxing. After last year's debacle Hermione was glad not to have a sense of impending doom looming over her best friend. They talked about class and homework, but eventually conversation died down, and the trio sat there enjoying the silence. When dinner rolled around the trio went down to the Great Hall together. Pansy ignored the calls for her to join the few Slytherins that remained at the

Hermione planed on meeting Pansy at the Slytherin dorm entrance. As she made her through the corridors Hermione could not shake this feeling of déjà vu. She knew this was felt familiar, but could not place it. More than likely it was the fact that in the previous two years she, Harry, and Ron had done their heroic actions at night. And like now his antics were done under the cover of night. As she walked around the last corner she could hear Pansy on the other side of the Wall leading to the Slytherin Commons. As the wall opened she saw Pansy giving Marcus Flint the two fingered salute as walked towards the brunette. The young 'man' stared menacingly at the pair as the wall closed behind Pansy. The two began the long trek to where her mother wanted to meet them, and true to her word Circe had cleared the halls of patrolling teachers, and the few prefects that remained at school. As they made their way out of the school Hermione could see a soft glow off in the distance which they assumed was Hecate, but as they got closer the duo saw seven other people standing around a solitary woman in regal robes.

As they drew near the group they could them talking and the language sounded familiar. Words and phrases sound like Atlantean, but others were completely foreign. As they drew near one of the women in the group pointed to them and said something, and all conversation stopped. The two groups just stared at one another both uncertain of the others intent. The tension was broken when one of the men in Atlantean asked if the girls were the children of gods. Hermione looked over at Pansy unsure of how to answer this. They were supposed to be meeting her mother here tonight, and she knew nothing of these people. Looking back to the man who asked the question she answered the question as best she could. The knowledge of the life she lived was returned in full the knowledge of the language was limited. She knew what she wanted to say, but how to structure the sentence was alluding her. When he asked if she understood him all Hermione could do was nod.

In stunned silence Hermione watched as the group lowered their heads. The brunette didn't know if it was out of respect for knowing a dead language, unlikely; or out of respect to their parents. Option two annoyed Hermione. The soft chuckle echoing off thin air told the two teenagers that the goddess of magic had finally arrived. She waved her hand dismissing the attempted show of respect made by the unknown group. After motioning for the two of them to her side Hecate introduced the teens to the headmistress of the Atlantean Magical Academy, and the professors of 'advanced' magical techniques.

Apparently the goddess of magic realized she lost them, and explained further.

"Pansy you remember the ability you once hand to slip into the shadows?" With an affirmative nod from the raven haired girl she continued. "Professor Dragos here teaches that ability."

A short plump man with salt and pepper hair stepped forward. "How do you do Lady Pansy."

Hecate then went on to explain that the girls would be given the chance to relearn any of these abilities if they desired, otherwise there lesson would continue as normal. Hermione's initial thought was that the abilities would be 'downloaded' into their minds. Her mother quickly told her otherwise. They would spend this evening acquiring the abilities, and their mastery would be gained, or not, on their own time.

Pansy wasted no time in asking Professor Dragos to teach her the Shadow Step ability. Hermione took her time in deciding. She did not do anything off the cuff. Well almost anything. While the idea of being able to manipulate fire intrigued her the thought of accidently setting a book on fire if she got angry knocked that out of the running. Water was knocked out of the running for similar reasons, and once again being a Jill-of-all-trade was not appealing. She wanted something that would help her should Magnus truly return. The thought of Ronald brought to mind the day at the ice-cream shop, and how she froze the boy's spoon. Making her decision she walked up to Professor Frost a young woman with light brown hair and green eyes.

"Professor Frost I am interested in learning what you have to teach me." The know-it-all tone in full swing seemed to make this woman chuckle.

"As you wish Lady Hermione, follow me."

While they walked back to the school the brunette talked to the Atlantean. "Why are you guys calling us 'Lady'?"

"We know who you once were my lady and your girlfriend as well." Light brown haired woman stopped in her tracks. "You two are a couple are you not?"

Pansy chuckled a little. "Yes we are." The raven haired girl walked over and took Hermione's hand. "Now how do you guys know all of this?"

Professor Dragos began explaining that the survivors of Atlantis had sailed to an island in the Atlantic where they reestablished the culture. The tale he told was almost exactly like the dream she and Pansy had had a couple of days ago. Frost explained that each boat had its own story, but as a whole they followed the advice of one of the youngest survivors. Over the past four thousand years they have rebuilt the Atlantean way of life, and kept their existence a secret for most of it. The ruling family had informed the muggle governments about Atlantis a decade ago, but was waiting for the magical world to step out of the 'broom closet' to fully reveal itself.

As they entered a disused classroom Professor Dragos produced a sing candle and placed it on a stool before lighting it. His instructions to Pansy seemed simple enough: place magic energy in the tip of her foot, step into shadow, and think the word down. Within seconds the raven haired Slytherin was gone in a cloud of thick dark smoke. A few moments later the former Slytherin Queen returned with a dark gray material in her left hand, and with on motion draped it over her shoulders. As the material sank into the core of her being Hermione watched Pansy shiver. At that moment she looked over at Professor Frost.

The woman was constructing what looked like a cloak out of ice. She was weaving magic into the ice, and as each thread of magic touched the ice it ceased melting. This gave the cloak the appearance of flowing water. Once it was finished Hermione was instructed to take it and put it on. As she touched the 'fabric' the brunette shivered. The material felt like a cross between linen and silk. As she draped the cloak over her shoulders she felt it slide beneath her cloths, then beneath her skin, and finally around the center of her being. Hermione's shivers became more pronounced, and she could feel her teeth chattering. After a few minutes of this she got used to the cold, and could feel her body warm back up.

It was not long after that that Frost began instructing her in the use of the ice that now resided at the core of her being. As Hermione began constructing a small block of ice she felt the cloak reform around her shoulders, and as she finished it remained. After the professor looked over the block of ice for any mistakes she told Hermione to dismiss the cloak. Hermione asked the woman how she would do this, and was informed to tie it 'removal' to a word of her choosing. Hermione thought on this for a few seconds. 'Take off' sounded to lewd, and 'remove' was invoking other ideas. She finally settled on 'dismiss' as the keyword, and with one thought the cloak vanished.

After some further instruction the two of them were allowed to leave. Hecate informed them that their studies with her would continue throughout the holos. With one final nodded the girls departed. They were too exhausted to talk, so the just leaned into one another. Before long they were standing in front of the Fat Lady's portrait, and after giving the password Hermione turned to kiss her girlfriend goodnight.

"Can I stay with you tonight?" Pansy asked before she could bring their lips together.


"I don't trust Flint to save his own life. Much less keep his hands to himself." Pansy's voice sound haggard.

"Okay, but what if people start talking?" The Gryffindor could feel a blush crawling up her cheeks.

"Did that stop us from dating?"


"This is no different, and I promise to keep my hands to my side of the bed."

The brunette did not need a mirror to tell her cheeks had gone crimson. "Pansy, can you make this anymore embarrassing?"

"Yes, but I won't." The broad smile gracing the raven haired teens face was sexy, and a little more than inviting. As the portrait opened Hermione motioned with one finger for Pansy to follow. "Now using innuendos?" was Pansy's only comment as the portrait closed.

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