Shadows of the Past

By Coastalfirebird

Mystery / Romance

Dreams and Freedom

Chapter Nine: Dreams and Freedom

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and the affiliated characters and stories are the property of J.K. Rowling. This particular plot is mine however. And to make it seem more cohesive to the original stories I am using some of the lines from them, but they are not my material. They came for the excellent mind of their owner.

A/N: Italics either mean internal thoughts, dream, memories, or the words of a god/goddess to a mortal mind. Underlined words are spoken in Atlantean.

Hermione stretched as the light of the morning came streaming in through the window. Pushing aside the headache she had the Gryffindor moved to get out of bed. She felt something move next to her. "Good morning Crookshanks."

A female voce responded. "I am not your bloody cat."

Hermione looked over her shoulder at the Slytherin in her bed, and couldn't help but smile. The memory of what had transpired the previous night after learning from the Atlantean professors brought a deep blush to Hermione's cheeks. The conversation in the empty dorm room soon turned to snoging and wondering hands. The wondering hands led to missing clothing, and finally to soft moans of passion. Just the mere memory of Pansy's naked body was enough to make the Gryffindor blush. The raven haired girl wrapped her arms around the brunette's neck and started whispering her praise for last night's events, and this only increased the blush that was creeping over the Gryffindor's face.

The two remained like this for what felt like hours until the need to tend to bodily functions overrode the need to cuddle. As the two got dressed Hermione snuck glances over at her love, and could not help but smile at the sight before her. The school robes hid the attractiveness of the girl. Brown eyes traced over the thin frame that lay before her. She only stopped staring when she heard the other girl giggle, and apologized for starring. Once they were dressed Pansy slipped out through the shadows. Once Hermione had finished her morning routine she went down to the Common room where she found on smiling Harry Potter.

The two of them sat and talked for a little bit about what they planned to do for the day, and Harry didn't hide the fact that he knew Pansy had stayed in Hermione's room last night. To which the brown eyed girl tried again to deny anything inappropriate had occurred. Harry just kept telling her he believed her, but the smile on his face told her he had his doubts.

After a while they left the common room, and on their way down to the Great Hall the Gryffindors were stopped by a woman with long blonde hair being escorted by Professor McGonagall, who didn't look happy. The other woman looked absolutely fuming. She walked up to Hermione and pointed a finger at her and started yelling that she had somehow corrupted Pansy with 'muggle-born filth', and was keeping her away from her 'true love' Draco Malfoy. Hermione argued back that the woman had no right to put her nose where it didn't belong. The woman seemed more focused on Pansy than she was on Hermione, and it clicked in Hermione's head the moment the word 'niece' was used.

"Who are you to Pansy?" Hermione tried to hide the venom in her voice, but was unsure of how successful she was.

"I am her aunt you slag." The woman said rather vindictively.

Harry wasted no time in asking his question. "Who is your husband?"

"Jeffery Garrus, why has she been spreading more lies about him?"

Hermione didn't wait for Harry's response she just charged past the woman, and Professor McGonagall. She heard the woman screaming at her, but she didn't give a damn about the foul mouthed woman all she cared about was Pansy. As she ran Hermione could see the stairwell slide out a barrier preventing her from going down. Taking one look back she could see the angry woman closing in on her, and looking to both sides gave her no peace. To her left was a brick wall, and to her right was the empty void of the stairwell. With one more look backwards Hermione decided to use an ability she had not used since her birth day a little over three months ago.

Hermione heard Professor McGonagall scream as she leaped over the side of stairs and began to fall. Hermione tried to think of every descriptive word for flying. Her fall ceased when she thought of the phrase 'to go up', and instantly her fall stopped. Looking up she could see the professor, Harry, and the woman running after her. She wasted no time in returning to her decent, and this time she controlled her speed. Once her feet touched the ground floor she took off in a mad dash for the dungeons. She was passing doors and students at an incredible rate, but decided to tackle this little conundrum latter. Once she made the last turn she could see Jeffery Garrus screaming at a shadow wall, and all Hermione could do was smile. The brunette stopped her forward progress as her girlfriend immerged from the shadows and held up her hand as if to say 'I've got this'. Pansy's uncle was yelling angrily at the raven haired teen as if she had committed mass murder. Some of the things he was saying made Hermione want to wash his mouth out with the most putrid soap she could find.

With one phrase Pansy turned this argument from verbal to nearly physical.

"Go to Hell Uncle Jeffery." Pansy turned on her heals and began walking towards Hermione.

"You are going to lose your chance to become one of the greatest witches this world has…" Pansy's uncle was cut off.

"I believe Morgan and Circe are in competition for that title." Hermione spat as she drew near the middle-aged man.

"Oh and here is the whore who has misled my niece." Mr. Garrus glare at Hermione.

Pansy immediately shadow stepped in front of him. The 'smoke' rolling off her body caused the other Slytherins to gasp. Her uncle just stood there slack jawed, and the brunette could only guess what her girlfriends face looked like. In a matter of seconds the man's face turned sour, but before he could say anything the raven haired girl in front of him spoke words so callously one would have thought the man kicked her puppy.

"If you ever call her that again Uncle Jeffery I will jinx you into the next century and if you lucky someone will be there to heal you." The Slytherin pulled the brunette close as she placed an arm around her waist.

"Pansy Lillian Parkinson you are making a big mistake." The man growled.

"No I am not. Now leave uncle I do not wish to return home with you." Even though Pansy's voice did not waver one bit Hermione could feel her girlfriend tremble a little in her embrace.

The arrival of Professor McGonagall brought a smile to the Slytherin Queen's face. "What is going on here Ms. Parkinson?"

"My uncle seems to think that I have been forced to stay here against my will."

"It was my impression that you wished to stay." The familiar cold voice of Professor Snape came from the doorway into the Slytherin common room.

"It is professor, and I have no desire to leave with a man who threatens me with physical harm if I do not comply with his demands." At those words Professor McGonagall drew her wand.

"Mr. Garrus I am afraid I will have to ask you and your wife to accompany me to the Headmaster's office, and if you do not comply I am going to stun you." Professor McGonagall then turned to look at Pansy. "Ms. Parkinson I would like to see you in one hour."

"Yes ma'am." Pansy said firmly.

As both professors led Pansy's aunt and uncle away the fool man gave a death glare to both girls as he rounded the corner. As soon as Jeffery Garrus was out of sight the raven haired Slytherin fell to her knees. Hermione and Harry rushed to her side, and the Queen of Slytherin just started mumbling: I did it. Hermione helped her to her feet, and held her close as they walked to the Great Hall.

Once they arrived in the Great Hall Hermione helped Pansy into a chair, and then took the seat next to her. They sat there in silence for a while allowing Pansy to collect her thoughts. When she stopped muttering the same thing over and over again the girl started to eat. Hermione didn't know if this was shock, a psychological defense mechanism, or if she was just that hungry. Harry on the other hand seemed to understand what was going on, and proceeded to eat some eggs and bacon.

It was about midway through the meal when Pansy finally said something.

"Did I just do that?" the Slytherin said between sips of orange juice.

"Yes you did Pans, and I must say I am proud of you." Hermione said this with a slight grin on her face.

The group talked for a bit about what had happened. Pansy moved closer to Hermione while Harry patted the raven haired girl on the back. They listened as she told them everything her uncle had done from physically hitting her to the use of a pain inflicting spell. Pansy insisted that it was not one of the Unforgivable Curses, but in Hermione's opinion it should be made one. Glancing at her watch the brunette informed the others that it was time to go see Professor McGonagall. Once the couple arrived at her office they knocked and waited for her to acknowledge them before opening the door.

"Enter." As they entered the Transfigurations professor's office they noticed an open bottle of Fire Whisky, and a half empty glass. "Ah Ms. Parkinson right on time, but I don't think I asked you to be here Ms. Granger."

"I want her to be here." Pansy said meekly.

"Very well, we just have to wait for the Auras now."

A few minutes later and three people wearing badges that read DMLE entered the room. The woman of the group tripped over her own two feet as she entered the room, and her hair turned a bright pink color. After a quick introduction the interview began. As Pansy stated talking about the abuse she and her cousins had suffered at the hand of her uncle Hermione felt her blood begin to boil. He would punch them for the slightest of transgressions, and for 'more serious offenses' the aforementioned pain inflicting curses would be used.

As the interview ended the brunette noticed that the young woman who could change her hair color could also do the same to her eyes because both were a bright red. As the group left the crimson haired woman tripped and fell to the floor. After picking herself up her hair and cheeks were a warm pink color once more. Looking back to Pansy she saw Professor McGonagall talking to her about an alert charm that she could use if her uncle for some god-awful reason got off the hook. After several nonverbal practices Pansy seemed to have got the motion down, and she promised to practice it till it became second nature.

After they left Professor McGonagall's office they rejoined Harry for a little mid day snack seeing as neither of them actually ate any breakfast. The rest of the holiday flew by with little fan fare saved for Harry getting a new broom, a Firebolt, and riding it nonstop. Had she not heard what the minister had told the professors she might have thought it was jinxed, but given that the man was innocent she decided not to do anything about the gift. Pansy seemed a bit worried about Circe though. She said that the two times they saw the ancient demigoddess she seemed overly happy, and this seemed to worry the young demigoddess.

It was the first day back to classes and Pansy once again brought up the issue of Circe's over exuberance to Hermione.

"Look Pans I am not saying I don't see it, but if she is once again turning men into pigs I think the Daily Prophet would report those disappearances." She said as caressed girlfriend's cheek.

"I don't think that's why she is happy. She seems like Crookshanks after a battle with catnip, or Rexa after a good bit of stake." Pansy placed a small kiss on Hermione's hand before they entered the classroom. "Besides I still think she is seeing someone."

Hermione just rolled her eyes as they took their seats next to Harry and Neville. Professor McGonagall just shook her head at the duo as they sat down. It seemed the Golden Trio was now had forth wheel. The Transfiguration class went smoothly enough whit Draco looking over at them periodically. This mad Hermione wonder how things went with his father and mother over the holidays. At best they both agreed to the help she could offer, and at worst he was disowned. The longer the class went on the more she thought on the issue, and this caused her to mess up a few times on turning her teacup into jewel incrusted goblet. This earned an insult from Theodore Nott which in turn caused his teacup to turn into a king cobra.

After the cobra was returned to a teacup the class was dismissed. Hermione was reminded by McGonagall that demigoddess or not she was still a student her and that there would be consequences for her action. She was given detention and twenty points were docked from Gryffindor. The rest of the day's classes went by uneventfully. By the time they got to dinner the story was that Nott had offended Hermione to such a degree that she summoned a giant anaconda to kill him. She however quickly dispelled this myth to save herself the grief of having people run in fear of her. It worked, but only just. After she finished her assignments she made ready for bed blissfully unaware of the events about to unfold.

Hermione stood in a hallway that looked too well lit to be Hogwarts. As she traversed down the marble floored corridor she could hear sobbing coming from the other end. She continued down the hall till she reached a pair of bronze doors emblazoned with the words: Critical Care. She past clean through these doors without even opening them. Within this room she could see Mrs. Weasley, and a bedridden Ronald. A nurse seemed to be doing some kind of physical check on his well being.

Mrs. Weasley seemed to begging Ron to improve and hoping that alone would make things better. As Hermione approached her crying stopped, and the brightest witch of the age saw why. Ron's Hair was turning a charcoal black and he seemed to have a sharp intake air. The air around him seemed to become cold, and from natural means. Ron opened his eyes for the first time in over two weeks Ron's eyes opened. These eyes were different though. Where Ron's eyes were a light blue happy and jovial; these eyes were darker, and seemed to carry a look of malice to them that she had only seen on one man: Magnus the grand advisor to the queen of Atlantis.

A cold and callous laugh left his lips. "Maya my love it worked." At these words the brunette could feel someone pass through her body. "Mum may I introduce to you my love: Morgan le Fey, also known as Maya le Fey."

With that Mrs. Weasley turned in time to see Morgan cast the stunning curse at her, and then the traitorous bitch cast the spell at the nurse. "Ah my love it is good to hear your voice again. The way it was always meant to be." As the tow kissed it dawned on Hermione that the voice Ron now had was that of English speaking Magnus. "Now let us get you out of here before the Auras arrive."Morgan helped him to his feet.

"Not yet love, we have visitors."

Hermione spun around to look to the now open bronze doors. There stood her mother and Circe blocking the exit. Circe did not have her wand out, but Hermione could read the expression on her face and it did not bode well for Ron. No words were traded the Gryffindor could tell that if Circe and her mother were allowed to both of the dark mages would be dead where they stood.

"Well my reborn little brother it seems we still have not learned." Circe spat as cobra wrapped itself around her neck.

"Sister you have such a lack of faith in me." Ron said as he embraced Morgan.

"You are no longer my brother Ronald Weasley. Do not confuse your past for your present." The snake hissed at him showing its defiance to his attempt at control.

"So even you would betray me?" Ron's voice rose to a screaming volume.

"You could fight her Mr. Weasley, and by the looks of things you are not ready to fight a shadow." Hecate just laughed. "As it stands you're but a boy, and she is a woman. Good luck with your attempts at intimidation." With that Hermione saw both the goddess and her immortal daughter fade away in their familiar lights.

"Meddle some as always." Ron turned to his mother, and looked back at Morgan. "Deal with their memories, and let us go."

"What do you mean love?" Morgan once again aimed her wand at the forgotten Weasley matron.

"Erase the conversation I had with her about you, and modify her memories so it seems I have always had this hair." He walked up and kicked his mother. "That is for favoring the famous prat over me."

Hermione shot up in her bed covered in sweat. Her heart was bounding in her chest, and she could only hope that Pansy did not have this same dream she just did. The implications were horrific. As if on cue the usual puff of black smoke and the Slytherin Queen shooting into the air signified she was wrong. With on finger to her mouth she pointed to the door. With a nod both girls walked down to the Gryffindor common room. Once there they cuddled up next to each other on the couch.

Neither of them said anything. Their minds running rampant with the memories of a past long forgotten, and the effect Magnus could have in the modern Magical World. Hermione tried to think of Magnus' original fall into darkness, but could not remember it too clearly. She asked Pansy and she just shook her head. Even though Pansy's past life was his half-sister she could not provide any more insight to his fall than Hermione could remember. They did not need to think of its aftermath that was clearly etched into their minds now.

Within a year of his embrace of darkness Magnus corrupted the military council, and urged them into war with Athens, six months later he was helping his older brother amass a golem army to attack the city of Athena. Thousands of lives were lost because of one man's greed and lust for a woman he could not have. No matter how much Hecate and Leto preached to people they did not seem to want to hear it until it was too late. They only prayed they did not have to do that again. They were unaware of falling asleep in each other's arms.

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