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I can't sleep without you — a HUNHAN Fanfiction


Sehun can't sleep getting tired, he tried everything to make him fall asleep but not until he met Luhan.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - ONE

"so? It’s just sleeping, no sex right?"

Coffee shop, laundry shop, bar and restaurant. These are the places where Luhan usually work as part-timer. Too many? Yeah because he is desperate. He is desperate to earn money for his little sister’s college and his sick Dad who needs maintenance for his heart. And if he is going to be asked twenty four hours a day is not enough for him.

"who said I go that way?"

Morning coffee at the coffee shop, dropping his dirty clothes at the laundry shop, office and restaurants for meetings and drinking in a bar at night to look for a guy he can sleep with. That is how Sehun spent his life everyday, he never stop. He don't want to change his routine. He will never stop! Because if he do, all the memories will go back. ALL the bad memories will go back to torture him over and over again.

"yes I'm desperate for money, but I'm not that desperate to have sex for money. Sorry go find someone else." Luhan walks out.

"$2000!" Luhan stop walking that makes Sehun smirk as he think the cute guy is considering his offer. Money is not a big deal for him. One more push. "every hour, deal?" Sehun added.

Luhan closed his eyes and think about the amount of money he could get. He imagined paying her sister’s student loans and buying all the medicines needed for his Dad’s condition. He is very tempted to grab the chance of easy-money but his pride and dignity flag waving at him. His conscience talked to him inside of his head that he don’t have to pull down his pants to earn that big. Luhan you can earn the only if you work hard! Don’t be fooled’

He took a deep breath to let go of the thoughts. He kept whispering 'it's okay' over and over to himself to convince himself not to give in.

"still don't want it? okay then! $2000 for the whole night... sleep with me…. no sex. I don't have a time to look for another guy tonight, deal?"

Luhan thought it was a really good deal.
"okay, deal!" he exclaimed.

They shake hands but Sehun didn't let go instead he drag Luhan out of the bar where they meet up going to his car.

"Wait! sir! what about my work? I need to time-out first!"

"I already bought your night" Sehun stop walking then he pinned Luhan on his car. "I don't like interruptions understood?"
Sehun's voice is scary and deep that makes Luhan gulp in nervousness. Luhan just nod and let Sehun drag him to his condo unit, it was big, spacious and very neat.

"wow!" Luhan gasp at the beautiful lights of the city that can be view from the window."are you living alone in here?" he curiously asked.

"yeah, do you want to join me?"

"no way, I'm just asking?" Luhan said still being mesmerized how beautiful the city lights could be on his view. He never thought the city where he live in could be this beautiful at this height as he never been to this kind of place and all he think about the city is Luhan look back.
"so why do you pay people to sleep with you? are you that addicted with sex?"
Sehun gave a bottle of beer to Luhan who still standing beside the window.
"yes and no, I just can't sleep alone" Sehun slide open the glass door going to the veranda then he sat down on a metal bench and the cold air welcome them.
"come here" Sehun tap the space beside him.
Luhan just sigh and sit down.
"I still don't get it"


"why are you wasting your money? you don't have family?"

"I don't have any and please? can we stop talking about them?!" Sehun drink all the remaining content of his beer. "It bores me"
Luhan understands and he think this guy had some family issues.
"okay, what do you want to talk about then?"

"you? how did you know about me?" Luhan startled and look away. "why do you need money that much?"

Luhan drink half of the beer.
"okay? a friend told me that you pay someone to sleep with you and I thought...you just need someone to sleep with, no sex...and why do I need money that much? because my family needs it." they both take a moment of silence. Sehun now understand.

"are you still a virgin?" Sehun suddenly blurts out a question that almost choke Luhan.

"of course not"

"then why you don't want to do it with me? look" Sehun smile at him. "I am handsome, right?"
They just look at each other and Luhan admits Sehun is handsome and he has a nice body frame as well.

"Right?" Sehun asked again and Luhan just nod that makes Sehun to smile again.

"see? is this going to be win for you? You'll get your money and you'll get the chance to experience to do it with a handsome guy like me."

"WOW! so unbelievable." Luhan laugh. "I am not those kind of people you met before, I still have my dignity left...And I already promised myself to only do it with the person I love."

"THAT'S BULLSHIT!" Sehun laugh then he stand up to get another batch of drinks. "do you believe with that kind of bullshit?"

"yeah why?"

"people are just saying it 'love' but deep down they only really want is sex...A great fuck to get the satisfaction they wanted."
Sehun drink another beer while Luhan is just staring at him as he can relate to what he is saying. Base on his two exes they just left him for a girl, same reason of break up. They are bored with him romatically and sexually.
"yeah, that is bullshit" Luhan murmur but Sehun heard it.

"see? so you better give me your ass now" Sehun chuckles.
"Why are you so eager to do it with me?"

"thats easy, because you are beautiful and I think you have a nice ass." They look at each other. "and you need money for your family" Sehun said with soft voice that makes it sound sincere to Luhan.
Sehun move an inch to Luhan, he cupped his soft face.
"I just want to help you, so please help me too..help me sleep Luhan"
Luhan pushed Sehun from leaning towards him by touching his chest even he is still holding a beer he can feel the nice body frame.
"so...so you are just doing this because you can't sleep" Luhan stutters as he figure out. "do you have insomnia? did you..went to the doctor? did-"

"fuck!" Sehun whispers eagerly.
"I did and they only gave me bunch of useless medicines until I figured out..." he took the beer on Luhan's hand to put it on the ground then he wrap Luhan's hand around his neck. "exhausting myself every night will make me fall asleep."
They are both nervous.
Luhan is nervous because he think he is really going to do it with a person he barely know while Sehun doesn't really know why he is getting nervous.
"tre-treadmill?" Luhan is still giving Sehun other ways to escape what they about to do.
"yeah, but sex is much better, right?" Sehun smirks...he travel his left hand on Luhan's waist the he pulled him closer using his right hand on his back.

"just give in Luhan" Sehun whispers that makes Luhan to gulp and tickles. He is nervous but....excited? Yeah he felt excited if ever he give in and let Sehun do him.

Sehun couldn't take it anymore.
He can't wait any longer.
He can't play anymore.
So he started it with a kiss.
It was too fast, too deep and he felt like hungry for his lips. Sehun can't stop complimenting how soft and small Luhan's lips. It's sweet.
"let's continue this inside, shall we?"
Luhan just nod.
He gave up and now getting driven by the moment.
He never kissed that way before and he wanted more. He need more from Sehun.
As they get inside, Sehun turned on all the lights to see everything and this is the first time he is going to do it with someone while lights are on.
"should..should we turn off the lights?"
Sehun ignored Luhan's suggestion and he started unbuttoning his white sleeves that reveals the 'nice body frame' Luhan wants to see.
"I want to see everything" Sehun step forward, cupped Luhan's face and kissed him again while his hands are crawling down to the hem of Luhan's shirt. He stop and smirk before taking it off.
"you're so sexy, do you know that?" Sehun says using his bed voice while scanning Luhan's beautiful and silky body. Luhan felt so embarrassed being naked like it was the first time he got exposed in front of a man.

"shall we start?" Sehun sexily asked. Luhan is just speechless. His mind is kinda bit mushy now, he can't think straight anymore.
Sehun pinned him on his bed then slowly kissed him. Luhan only could do is to close his eyes and feel Sehun's soft lips and deep kisses. Suddenly he felt so relax, his tired body by working from 9 to 9 are slowly fading. He felt warm and cozy with Sehun's soft touches around his body. He felt like dozzing off.
Sehun stop the kiss as he felt Luhan's lips are not moving anymore.
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