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Godzilla: monster war #1


All the monsters must team up to fight a monster that brings alien versions of Godzilla and the other monsters. Told through anguris's perspective

Action / Horror
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It's another boring day on monster island, as usual mothra and rodan are playing air tag. Me, godzilla, and baragon are laying ontop of the biggest mountain here. "By now I thought earth would be in danger again" baragon said, godzilla looked to him and sighed. "Ya think?" I blurted out just as Godzilla was about to say something, whenever I do that he always gives me this "death stare" i don't why. I looked up at mothra and rodan still playing air tag when suddenly rodan hit mothra out of the air! "Damnit" i said and then ran down the mountain, when I got down I shouted "mothra are you ok!" When I got to where she landed there was a giant hole where she should have landed, I looked down and I saw the corpse.

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