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"LOVE IS BLINDING" is what they say by that they mean when you're in love you can't see the evil as bad...this story two people who hate eachother but are at the end of the day they are together but little did that boy know who she truly is..after a bit he gets to know and is truly regretting that he fell in love with her so he leaves his love pain in his heart but that girl has no idea of what is going on but is heart broken and after sooo many years they meet again he had a bad life after leaving her,even same with her but she avoids him as much as possible but he is begging for her to come back but she does not and her enemy kills her..the guy is seriously sorry for his mistake but nothing can be done.......in this whole story actually the girl had an accident where she forgets everything (this was before meeting the guy)and she met him and he left her...her best friend from before the accident helps to keep her identity a secret because she had a terrific past....... Please read this story and enjoy

Drama / Thriller
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Chapter 1

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