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Supernatural Love


The dungeons are not the cleanest or brightest place to be but, they are certainly quiet, peaceful. As though those who are brought here instinctively know that no matter how loud they scream no one will come. Jimin rather likes the silence, he feels a connection to the prisoners in a way. After all, he too feels trapped in this world everyone around him calls home.

Through a tiny cell window, Jimin admires Yoongi, his mint green hair, his grey eyes. Get yourself together Jimin. He tells himself. He's just a man, like all the others. However, deep down Jimin knows that Yoongi is nothing like the others. For a start, he actually thinks he might fancy this one.

He unbolts the door and steps inside.

Yoongi looks up when he sees Jimin, he smiles. He is not sure why, but he feels relieved to see Jimin again.

"Jimin, hi."

Jimin nods curtly. "Yoongi. I uh, have some questions to ask you." That was a lie, The Master already knows everything there is to know about Yoongi. Jimin ruffles his blond hair nervously. I just wanted to see him again. But why?

"Jimin." Yoongi breaks the silence. "If I'm going to die, when will it happen?"

"Oh, well. I don't know if you are. The Master has not decided yet."

Yoongi's eyes shine a glimmer of hope. "So I might get to go back home?"

"No, I'm sorry. I don't think anyone that is brought here ever gets to go home."

"So, this is it then? No matter what happens next, my life is over." Yoong's face darkens, hope is gone.

"No. Well yes, your old life is over. But, you could have a new one. I really can't say any more than that, because I don't know."

"Will I still see you, in my new life?"

Jimin blushes. "Uh, I have to go."

"What about your questions?"

"It doesn't matter."

Jimin shoots out of the cell, bolts the door and runs straight to his room, leans his back against the door, and slides down to the floor.

"This cannot happen, he is a human. What the fuck is wrong with me?"

He darts into the bathroom and stares into the mirror. "Sort yourself out Jimin."

"I've said that to you many times," Hoseok says from behind Jimin. "You never listen."

"Hoseok! I'm really messed up this time."

Hoseok nods. "Yeah, you are."

"I'm serious!"

"So am I. I sensed your arousal again. You need to get some 'vampire' action. Maybe you're finally becoming a man at twenty-one."

Jimin scowls. "You know I don't feel this way about anyone. I never have. I don't know what to do."

"You've really got it bad haven't you?" Hoseok spins Jimin around to face him. "Jimin, you can't have him, it's forbidden. And I really don't want to lose my best friend. So, these feelings that you have, you need to get rid of them."


"Well, you either spend some time with a lovely vampire. Or, well...you take care of that feeling, by yourself, in private."

"That's messed up Hoseok." Jimin cringes. "I can't stop thinking about him and these weird thoughts, of what I want to do with him...maybe father won't find out. If Yoongi likes me too, we could keep it secret."

"No Jimin!" Hoseok pushes Jimin back against a wall, his expression now deadly serious. "Your father will find out. You know that he will. Please, promise me that you will not have any kind of relationship with Yoongi, at all!"

Jimin purses his lips. He wanted to promise Hoseok, he knows deep down that his friend is right. But, reason seems so far away at this point. These feeling's for Yoongi are just too strong. Jimin knows he can not keep that promise.

"I'm sorry Hoseok, I can't do that."

Deep underground the vampires had dug out an enormous open space, that they refer to as The Hall. That is where all vampires assemble to discuss the latest issues. Like, new rules, a reminder of the old rules, crimes that a vampire has committed and sentencings. Basically all news in general.

Thousands of years ago, vampires had once ruled the world. They lived among the humans, who looked upon the vampires as their Lords. The vampires had everything, lavish castles, mansions, power, wealth and the freedom to go anywhere and do whatever they pleased. However, there came a time when the humans decided that they had, had enough of living like slaves, as they saw it. They believed the world should belong to them, not the monstrous vampires. The humans rebelled, they turned against the vampires, they even began to hunt them. The vampires fought well, of course. Regardless they severely underestimated the humans, they were unexpectedly strong and would not be beaten, they would not back down. Shocking the vampires, the humans won the war. Both parties suffered great losses. The remaining few hundred vampires retreated, slinking into the darkness. The humans now believe the vampires to be extinct. But they are still very much alive, hiding underground, in their self made tunnels.

Jimin knows what today's meeting must be about. The fate of Yoongi. Will he be executed? Or perhaps worse? Enslaved to the vampires, forced to live out his days underground, to serve The Master?

Jimin bites his nails anxiously. He saw Hoseok in the corner of his eye, watching him closely.

A silence falls over the vampires as Yoongi is dragged into the Hall behind The Master, his hands unnecessarily bound. There is no chance of him escaping this fate. The master forces Yoongi to kneel, and face the crowd of leering, hungry vampires.

Jimin stares into Yoongi's eyes. He stares right back. trembling slightly but, there are no tears.

I'm not afraid anymore.

Jimin realises that Yoongi is talking to him. He nods to show that he heard him.

I want to stay with you Jimin.

Jimin gasps. A few vampires turn to scowl at him before turning back to the front.

Hoseok punches Jimin's arm lightly. "Jimin, chill!"

"I've made my decision." The Master tells them all. "Min Yoongi will make a very useful addition to our family. Therefore, he is now my servant. I'm sure I don't have to warn any of you not to touch him, but, I feel some of you need a refresher now and again. So, you touch my servant and you die. Understood?"

The crowd muttered a quick "Understood!"

Yoongi lets out a shaky sigh of relief since he won't be dying today. Maybe there will be hope that he could escape one day and go back home.

Jimin is relieved that Yoongi is to stay alive, yes. But, he is not sure that it was the best outcome.

"That is all." The Master said. "Dismissed."

Hoseok grabbed Jimin's arm. "We have to go, now Jimin."

Reluctantly Jimin agrees. He gives Yoongi a light nod, then allows himself to be dragged from the Hall by Hoseok. They did not get very far however, when Namjoon, Jimin's older brother stood in front of them.

"You're on a supply run with me today Jimin."

"What?" Jimin asked. "No I don't do run's father will only let me patrol."

"Change of plans little bro. He wants you out there now."

Jimin shoots a nervous look at Hoseok, who shrugs and pats Jimin's back.

"Talk to you later."

"Namjoon," Jimin rushes to catch up to his brother. "Why has the father decided I can go into the human zone?"

Namjoon shrugs. "I don't know. I was surprised too. We will do it quick as we are already behind schedule."

Excited builds at the prospect of finally seeing the other world. Jimin has always dreamt of this day.

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