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"Baby, I want to stop with the plan all it's causing is you and me both is pain. Now that your pregnant I don't want you getting anymore hurt. I want to tell everyone you are mine and that I am yours. I don't care about what it will do to my future as long as you are happy by my side safe and healthy. Since my friends don't know that we are together the think it's ok to bully you while I try to make them stop. The only day I was out or school and made you go to school was a day I regret and will forever regret. They got physical with you and broke your arm. They would have never done that if I was there. They know I don't take kindly to hitting girls it's wrong, pathetic, and weak of a man to hit a woman. I want to stop with the plan because in the beginning it seemed like a good idea but now it's out of hand I want to protect you and be able to keep you safe. Please let's stop this and be happy for once. And don't worry we don't have to tell anyone your pregnant until we actually need to since both of our parents know. No one else needs to know."

Fantasy / Romance
Usagi Kitsune
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Taehyung and Reason grew up together as neighbors and best friends. When it was time to start school, Reason was sent to a private school while Taehyung had to go to a public school. After a while Reason and Taehyung grew slightly apart. Reason and her family moved to Seoul but not before Reason told Taehyung they were moving.

He was very upset and cried for weeks after a while telling him that she and her parents were moving. She gave him her favorite stuffed animal that was a baby white tiger. He kept it to keep from forgetting her. Years went by until Taehyung started his last year of school. He and his family had to move to Seoul since he joined BigHit Entertainment in a group called BTS.

His parents were so proud of him when they found out. What Taehyung didn’t know is that he and his friends were starting at the school where Reason goes, BigHit Performing Arts.


I wake up to the song of my annoying alarm clock. I drag my feet out of bed to get ready for school. After I am ready I go downstairs to where my mom is sitting at the table talking to someone one the phone in a secretive type way but in all honesty, I don’t care since she’s always doing something secretive if you want my honest opinion.

“Mom, I’m going on to school see you when I get home this afternoon,” I say grabbing my backpack from the back of one of the chairs before I get to the door my mom stops me.

“Wait, sweetie, I need to tell you something. You know Kim Taehyung your childhood best friend?” She asks.

“Well, yeah of course I do. Please don’t tell me something bad has happened to him.” I say worried.

My mom shakes her head no.

“No, nothing bad has happened to him. His mother called me just now telling me that he joined a group called BTS at BigHit. He and his members will be going to the same school you as you. I know how much you miss him but the two of you have to act like you don’t know each other when you see each other in school. I invited them over for dinner tonight and them; I mean Taehyung and his parents. Your dad should be home tonight. You can go now so you won’t be late for school. I love you have a nice day today sweetie.” She says nearly pushing me out of the house.

I laugh at her and walk to school since I don’t live far from the school.

When I get to school I make my way to the library entrance since I don’t like going through the main entrance of the school because I’m the schools main nerd. I tend to get picked on and it’s mostly names and a push or two but I really don’t care but that doesn’t stop people. Once I’m inside the library I make a note of how many people were surrounded by a group just wanting to see them. I walk by the libraries main desk saying hello to the librarian before leaving.

I make my way to my first class, when inside I make my way to my desk before turning completely back around sitting in one of the desks I usually sit in when my classmates ask me to help them occasionally. I didn’t realize the group of seven guys had seen me and is staring at me. I don’t like attention on me, it makes me uncomfortable, and makes me feel like I did something wrong.

I put my head down and ignore their stares which seems to piss all of them off except for one. You see I have no friends and the only one had I had to move away from. Since he now goes to my school I have no clue what he looks like now and probably doesn’t recognize me. With my head down on my desk I can feel their stares and anger radiate off them. They all make their way over to where I am. I don’t know how I know it’s them but I just have a feeling it’s them. Once they stop in front of the desk I am sitting at one of them taps me on the shoulder.

I lift my head up to see who tapped me on the shoulder staring down at me along with the rest of the group closely behind him. I grow nervous under their stare and put my head back down again. They are all handsome that’s undeniable. No wait handsome is an understatement, beautiful? Princelike?

I can’t think of a word that wouldn’t be an understatement even calling them gods is an understatement. Ugh, why is this so hard? Not long under their stare the bell rings and they have to go stand by the teacher at the front of the class. One of the guys seems familiar but I can’t put a finger on how. Mrs. Lee quiets down the class so that she can speak.

“Alright, so we have seven new students this year and I’m pretty sure you all know who they are. I hope you treat them well. Can you all tell us your names?” She asks they all nod and the guy who tapped me on the shoulder goes first.

“I’m Jeon Jeongguk, you can call me Jungkook, I’m the youngest of the group. Please take care of me?” He says with a smirk before bowing, which makes me roll my eyes.

The next one is the guy who seems familiar to me but I don’t know why but I’m guessing I’m about to find out.

“I’m Kim Taehyung, you can call me Taehyung or V. I’m the second youngest. Please take care of me.” He says with a box smile before bowing.

I’m shocked, I’m utterly shocked. I can’t show that I’m shocked since I can’t be around him at school when he’s with his friends.

“I am Kim Seokjin, you can call me Jin. I am the oldest and I love food. Please take care of me.” He says with a smile then bow’s.

“I’m Kim Namjoon, you can call me Namjoon or RM, I am the fourth oldest. Please take care of me.” He says before bowing.

“I’m Min Yoongi, you can call me Yoongi or Suga whatever floats your fancy I don’t really care. I’m the second oldest. I love to sleep, take care of me.” He says with a shrug then bow’s.

“I’m Jung Hoseok, you can call me Hoseok or J-Hope. I am the third oldest. I’m your hope, your my hope, I’m your angel, I’m J-Hope. Please take care of me.” He says with a huge smile before bowing.

“I’m Park Jimin, you can call me Jimin. I am the third youngest. Please take care of me.” He says with a wink then bow’s.

I roll my eyes at his cockiness while every girl in the room nearly passes out. If I keep rolling my eyes they are going to roll out of my head. Why of all the places I had to go to school it had to be here? The world will never know since I didn’t have a choice to pick the school.

When they are done Mrs. Lee makes them sit down so she can start the class. She looks at me questioningly. I just tilt my head to the side indicating my answer, she nods her head in understanding then starts the lesson for today.

The bell rings I quickly grab my stuff and leaves before anyone from the group knows that I left. I’m still unsettled about what happened at the beginning of class.

I avoid them through my next three classes until the bell rings for lunch. I quickly gather my things and make my way to the library where I spend my whole lunch period. I quickly walk to the library. I don’t get noticed by the group wondering what would happen if they actually caught me in the halls. A shiver runs down my spine knowing the encounter wouldn’t be good.

A couple minutes of being in the library I hear the door thinking it’s Mrs. Han the Librarian leaving to do something she does sometimes. I know it’s not her when I here multiple pairs of feet on the floor coming towards me.

I look around the library in panic for somewhere to hide but only see the back exit and the front exit. I contemplate on whether or not if I should hide behind the desk where Mrs. Han sits. The footsteps get closer and closer to me. I quickly grab my things but quietly head to a room I’m allowed to go in while others are not. I hear footsteps coming towards the room.

“You aren’t allowed back there. If you aren’t here to be productive, I suggest you boys better leave now.” Mrs. Han says making whoever is in front of the door walk over to the closest table.

He takes off his backpack setting it on the table and stirs down taking out his laptop.

“Taehyung, what are you doing?” I think Jungkook is the one to ask.

“I’m finishing my English assignment so I already know that I won’t be able to at the dorm and at my parents house. So why not use the library since I’m already here?” He says.

I guess he shrugs since I can’t see anything.

“Ok, we’ll be in the lunchroom if you finish before the bell rings. If the nerd comes out call us. We need her to know who runs this school now.” Jungkook says before leaving with the others following after.

A couple of minutes pass.

“Reason, you can come out now. I’m not like my friends so I’m not going to hurt you. I’m still the Taehyung you knew when we were little. Oh, Mrs. Han wants to speak to you.” Taehyung says.

I walk out of the room and back hug him.

“I’ve missed you.” I say before letting go and walks over to Mrs. Han.

“Reason, since you have more credits than all of the other students you can go home. If you need a ride I will personally drive you home if you want, but today you are taking my advice and is going home. I will tell the office that you are leaving so they can tell the rest of your teachers so they won’t mark you absent.” She says I just nod before letting her call the office telling them that I’m leaving for the day.

“Mrs. Han, can you drive me home?” I ask her knowing the answer.

“Yes, of course, let me call the office once again telling them where I am if they need me for anything.” She says making me nod once more.

When she’s done she turns her attention to Taehyung.

“Do you mind being here by yourself?” She asks him.

“No, I don’t mind being here by myself. I would offer to drive her home but that’s not really possible since I know my friends are most likely to come back to see if Reason came out of hiding or not. I’m going to lie to them anyways. Once you both leave I’ll leave the library and head to the lunchroom since I lied about having to finish an assignment that’s already done. I just wanted to see Reason without my friends around.” He says before getting up and walks over to where me and Mrs. Han is before enveloping me in a hug.

“I’ve missed you too. I’ll see you tonight when my parents and I come over for dinner.” He says before letting go and walks back over to where he was sitting.

He sits back down and pretends to be working on something.

Mrs. Han and I leave walking towards her car. We get in and leave heading towards my house. When we get to my house I get out and head inside after thanking her.

“Oh, sweetie your home early.” My mom says once I close the door behind me locking it.

“Yeah, since it’s my last year of school, and I have more credits than the rest of the students in the school I am able to leave early. To be honest mom I made a mistake last year. When I got the opportunity to graduate early I should have taken it but unfortunately I didn’t and now I regret that I didn’t. I somewhat met Taehyung’s friends; they are like the rest of the school when it comes to me. They only see me as a nerd. The Nerd.” I say before going to my room and changes my clothes to something more comfortable.

I walk back downstairs to the kitchen over to the fridge to get something to eat since I didn’t at school.

“Reason, remember that Taehyung and his parents are coming over for dinner tonight.” My mom says after I finish eating what I had gotten to eat.

I head to the living room and turn on the TV and find absolutely nothing that I want to watch. I groan at my luck which is it, I have absolutely none. I decide to take a nap but I tell my mom before going to sleep.

“Mom, wake me up in a couple hours so that I can get ready.” I yell from the top of the stairs.

“Ok, sweetie,” she yells back, before I head to my room and goes to sleep.

A couple hours later my mom comes in to wake me up telling me to get ready along with the fact my dad is home.

I walk downstairs once I’m done getting ready. I walk into the living room where my dad sits on the couch watching something I don’t really care for. My mom walks out of the kitchen with a smile.

“Everything is finished and ready for when they get here.” She says happily.

I smile at her.

“That’s good mom. Just make sure it’s edible.” I say jokingly, she laughs.

“That wasn’t my fault I told your father to watch it while I checked on something else. Well it may have been my fault if you think about it. I shouldn’t have told your dad to do that since he can’t cook to save his life. Sorry honey but that’s the brutally honest truth.” She says laughing more.

I go over to where my dad sits and watches whatever he has on because I don’t really care, and as always I have nothing better to do. My mom comes and sits with us while we wait for Taehyung and his parents to arrive. Not even thirty minutes later we hear the doorbell sound. My dad gets up and answers the door to reveal Taehyung and his parents. He’s not in what he wore to school. He’s in a freaking suit.

I get up from the couch and make my way over to where everyone else now stands talking. I feel someone staring at me. I look up to find Taehyung staring at me. I feel awkward and leaves the room heading towards the door that leads to the part of the backyard where the garden is. I open the door walking outside hiding myself in the beautiful maze that was created with the flowers and bushes. I’m not far in the maze when I hear the door open and close indicating someone has come outside as well. I can hear their footsteps on the stone walkway heading towards the maze.

The footsteps get closer and closer to the maze I back farther and farther into the maze not looking where I’m going I get trapped in a dead end, I panic. I hear the footsteps getting closer and closer to where I am now trapped. Before the footsteps get to me, they stop. I then hear Taehyung speak.

“Reason, I know your out here in the maze. You know I’m nothing like my friends so please don’t hide from me. I told you that I have missed you and that’s true. You haven’t changed much. You’re still as beautiful as you were when we were younger.” He says making me blush before making his way to where I am.

I look at him not knowing what to do. Taehyung clearly does since he envelopes me into a hug. I hug him back instantly.

“You already know I’ve missed you so much as well. I don’t want to lose you again. I didn’t want to leave. I hated to.” I say in his chest since he is taller than me.

We pull away from each other.

“Reason, as much as I want to protect you at school I am not allowed to. My contract allows me to do much of nothing to be honest and the rest of the boys are let’s just say horny toads. You are my most treasured person. No one not even the guys are even close to where I have you. I can’t keep the boys from bullying you but I can keep them from physically hurting you. They know I don’t like it when something or someone is hurt. I don’t like seeing you hurt in anyway but I’m going to have to. I will do as much as I can to keep you safe but I’m not able to do much but I hope that something is enough.” He says as he leans his head against mine.

“If your friends found out about me they wouldn’t be happy with you and your career would be ruined. I don’t want that to happen. Why would you want to protect someone who is basically nothing to the eyes of everyone else?” I say on the verge of tears.

He lifts his head and grabs me by the shoulders before taking one of his hands, placing it under my chin, lifting my head so that I now look into his eyes.

“Reason, you are not worthless. You are worth everything you have worked for and more. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. You always have, and always will be. Do not doubt your worth for a second because I will pick you up and show how much you are worth to me.” He says before looking at my lips then leans in, I blush furiously.

His lips are nearly on mine when we hear someone yelling for us to come inside to eat before everything gets cold. I turn my head to the side trying to hide that I was blushing. Taehyung kisses me on the cheek which makes me even more flustered. The both of us walk inside and head to the dining room where everyone else now sit.

Once dinner is over our parents go to the living room to talk more while Taehyung and I go to the library.

Once we’re inside Taehyung pulls me to him.

“They interrupted us in the garden, they can’t do that now least I hope not.” He says making me blush once again.

He chuckles at me and leans in.

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