Unexpected Surprise

By R5Family4Ever

Romance / Drama



"Bella let's go!" I heard Edward call from the living room.

"Just a minute, I'm looking for Nessie's favorite toy. I think I dropped it in her dirty clothes hamper last night by mistake." I called back from her room.

"I already found it and put it in her bag. Now come on, your dad's already called twice." he said from the doorway.

I turned around to see him standing there with Nessie sleeping in her carseat in one hand and her diaper bag in his other hand. I don't know why, but seeing him standing there like that was starting to turn me on.

Edward must have seen the look on my face because he smiled and chuckled before saying "We should probably get going before you jump me and try to seduce me."

I smiled, looked down, and tucked my hair behind my ear as we walked out the door.

Once in the Volvo, Edward strapped Nessie in while I checked her bag. Edward had done well. He had a handful of diapers, her wipes, a change of clothes, and a bottle of formula and a bottle of mountain lion blood.

We found out early that Nessie craves blood just like her daddy. She was about 3 weeks old when Edward was out hunting one day and she got hungry. So I sat down and started feeding her when she bit me. At first I didn't think much of it, she had been born with a couple of teeth and had nipped at me before. But then I realized she was sucking just above my nipple. She was sucking my blood. I let her drink for a couple of minutes before stopping her and getting her a bottle of formula. As soon as she finished her formula and I laid her down I noticed her cheeks looked fuller and had more color in them. When Edward got home I told him what happened and he called Carlisle to check. He said it was highly possible since Nessie was half-vampire that she needed blood to survive. That evening he brought by a couple of their "emergency blood" packs to hold Nessie over til Edward went hunting again.

Now every time Edward went hunting he took along a blood bag to fill up for Nessie. Needless to say, we kept the bags in a chest freezer in our bedroom in case of guests who don't know of Edward and Nessie's needs.

We got to Charlie's bout 20 minutes later. Thankfully Edward had found the apartment equal distance from both Charlie and his family.

I walked up to the door with the bag as Edward got Nessie out of the car. Charlie must have seen us coming cuz he opened the door before I got there.

"Hey Bells." he said before pulling me into a hug.

"Hey dad." I replied as I heard Edward coming up behing us.

As I walked in I glanced behind me to see how it would go between the two.

Edward held out his hand for Charlie to shake.

"Chief Swan, it's good to see you again." he said.

Charlie shook his hand before replying.

"Edward, since you're gonna be my son-in-law in a few days, maybe you should start calling me Charlie."

I saw Edward smile a little before saying "If that's what you like, Charlie."

Charlie and I smiled at the same time. This was good, it meant that Charlie was coming around.

I grabbed everyone a glass of water as Edward got Nessie out of her carseat.

We sat and talked for about a couple of hours before I smelled something horrible. It didn't take long for the scent of dirty diaper to hit daddy as well.

"I'll get Nessie's diaper bag." he said getting up.

"Nessie?" Charlie asked confused.

"It's Renessme's nickname. Edward came up with it one day and we thought it was cute." I explained before Edward got back into the room.

After I had changed her I saw her give out a BIG yawn. I looked at Edward and said "We should probably get her home for a nap."

He nodded in agreement before getting up to get her carseat.

"Sorry dad, but we need to get Nessie home for her nap." I explained as I wrapped her blanket loosely around her.

"That's fine, I understand." he said.

"Oh, Alice will probably be calling you sometime this next week to finalize some things with you about the wedding." Edward said as he put Nessie in the carseat.

"Oh really? I thought she had it all planned." he said shifting nervously in his chair.

"Oh she does, but she wants to do final fittings and plan the rehearsal dinner. After all, the wedding is only one week away." Edward explained.

I couldn't help the smile that came across my face at the thought that in one week I would be Mrs. Edward Cullen. In one week Edward and I would be together forever, in every way possible.

After we said our goodbyes we got in the car and headed home.

I must have been tired too because after we got Nessie down for her nap Edward and I put in a movie and I woke up when I heard Nessie crying.

Today, I gave her a bath while Edward cleaned up a little bit.

Shortly after her bath my cell started ringing.

I was a little surprised but happy to see the name on the caller id.

"Hey you, long time no talk." I said.

"You're telling me." Jacob replied with a chuckle.

"So what's up?" I asked.

"Well, I actually wanted to talk to you. Can you come down to the reservation?" he asked.

I looked at the clock. It was only 3:00, I still had alot of time.

"Sure, I'll be there in about 45 minutes." I said.

"Great, see ya then." he said. I could hear the smile in his voice as he hung up.

I walked into our bedroom to see Edward sorting out clothes.

"Hey, Jacob wants to talk to me about something. Think you and Nessie will be ok for bout 2 hours?" I asked.

"Yeah sure, just don't be too late ok?" he asked coming over to hug me.

"I'll be back in time for dinner." I promised before kissing him.

I walked into the living room where Nessie was in her bouncer. I didn't feel guilty leaving her there because Edward had a clear view of her from the bedroom.

I kissed her head and when she looked at me I assured her "Don't worry, mommy will be back soon."

At that I grabbed the keys to my truck (yes I convinced Edward to let me keep it) and headed out the door.

It seemed like forever since I had driven down this road. When I saw the red house so many memories came flooding back, both good and bad. But I forgot about all of that when I saw Jacob walk out and smile at me.

I smiled back as I got out of the truck.

I had barely shut the door before being engulfed in one of Jacob's bear, er wolf, hugs.

"Hey Loca." he said.

"Hey yourself." I replied when he put me down.

"So what's up?" I asked.

He chuckled and looked down kicking the dirt a little.

"A lot. Let's go inside and talk." he said nodding toward the house.

I sat there in shock at what all he had just told me.

He and Leah were engaged and expecting a baby in about 8 months and he had challenged Sam and won his Alpha title back?

"Bella, you ok?" he asked waving a hand in front of my eyes bringing me back to reality.

"Yeah, just trying to wrap my mind around all of this. Leah's really changed you huh?" I asked.

He chuckled before smiling.

"Yeah, she makes me want to be a better person. She just makes me see things more clearly. She's, she's-" he couldn't finish his thought but I knew what it was.

"She's your soulmate." I replied.

He smiled with a look in his eyes that I had only seen in one other man's eyes. It was the same look Edward got right before he told me he loved me everyday. It was a look of pure happiness.

"Exactly. Which brings me to the other thing I wanted to talk to you about Bella. I realized the other day I hadn't told you this yet but, I'm waving the white flag on 'us'." he said.

I looked at him a little confused.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh come on Bella, we both know I laid my heart on the line for you and you chose Edward. Which I admit, I was super pissed about. But now that I've found Leah...she fills the hole that was left in my heart when you chose him. No, more than that, she fills my ENTIRE heart. So...I'm offically telling you I'm going to stop pursuing you. And I hope you and Edward are happy together." he finished with a smile.

I smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. For some reason I felt relieved.

Then I looked at the clock and realized it was 4:00.

"I gotta go, I promised Edward I'll be back in time for dinner and he starts fixing dinner at 5." I said grabbing my purse.

"I'll walk you out." he said as he got up.

When we got to the truck he hugged me really tight. When he pulled away I gave him a light kiss.

He looked at me a little confused.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"Consider it a goodbye kiss." I said smiling.

"Goodbye?" he asked getting more confused.

"Goodbye to...'us'." I explained.

"Ah, ok." he said, understanding washing over his face.

I then got into my baby and backed out, Jacob waving til I turned and pulled out onto the road.

I got home to find Nessie asleep in her playpen. I was about to call for Edward when I smelled spaghetti sauce and hamburger meat wafting from the kitchen.

I walked in to see him stirring the spaghetti.

He looked up and smiled at me when he heard my footsteps.

I walked over and turned him away from the stovetop before giving him a passionate kiss.

When I pulled away I saw him beaming.

"Not that I didn't enjoy that, but what was that for?" he asked.

I just smiled and hugged him before saying, "Just for being the perfect guy for me."

And it was true.

He pulled out just enough for me to see his smile before he returned the passionate kiss.

"Go sit down, dinner will be ready in a few minutes." he said turning to the stove again.

His spaghetti was amazing. And his garlic bread wasn't too bad either.

After dinner I fed Nessie her bottles while he washed the dishes.

We then sat down and watched a movie together til Nessie's bedtime.

I took her in and rocked her to sleep while I heard Edward cleaning up the living room from the day.

After she fell asleep I put her to bed before going out to find Edward in the bedroom reading.

"She asleep?" he asked as I crawled in next to him.

I nodded before placing my head on his chest.

My breathing was getting very even and I felt my eyes getting heavy about an hour later.

Edward sensed it because he put his book away and turned out the lights before laying down next to me.

I placed my head and left hand on his chest.

I felt him lift my left hand and kiss my ring finger.

"Only one more week, Mrs. Cullen." he said with a smile.

"Only one more." I said before falling into my blissful and peaceful sleep.

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