Unexpected Surprise

By R5Family4Ever

Romance / Drama

A Day With the Cullens


It had been 6 weeks since we had confirmed I was pregnant. I was finishing up on my first trimester and per Carlisle's request we had stayed here for the past 3 months to make sure there aren't any complications.

We had an appointment today with him to make sure everything was still ok.

After he measured my stomach and did another ultrasound he looked at us both, shaking his head.

"Carlisle, what's wrong?" Edward asked as I pulled my shirt down.

"Nothing, everything is perfectly fine. The baby is growing at a normal rate and everything with Bella is as normal as a normal pregnancy can be. I just don't understand." he said.

I could tell this totally baffled him and it surprised me. I had always thought Carlisle had all the answers when it came to vampires but now...

"So does this mean I can go back to Dr. Bennett now?" I asked.

I had enjoyed having her as a doctor and really wanted her to help deliver this baby as well.

"Actually Bella, I talked to Dr. Bennett shortly after you got home and we confirmed your pregnancy. I told her I was worried that you may be a high risk pregnancy, and since I have had experience with high risk pregnancies I asked her if we could transfer your file over to me. And she agreed." he finished with an "I'm sorry" look.

I realized there was no way out of this and admitted defeat by simply nodding and saying "Ok."

"Also Bella, as I have classified this as a possible high risk pregnancy. I, as your doctor, would strongly suggest you stay here for the remainder of your pregnancy so I can keep an eye on you and the baby and make sure everything will stay ok. Alright?" he concluded.

Knowing he was not talking to me as a father-in-law, but as a doctor, I knew this would probably be for the best.

So I just nodded in agreement.

"Excellent." he said before starting to write some things in my file.

After the examination we headed back into the living area while Carlisle went to his office to put my new information into his computer.

"You know, I realize I'm really happy and excited that you're here and know about the baby from the beginning," I said to Edward taking his hand, "and that you're going to be here every step of the way this time." I finished kissing his cheek.

"Look Bella, I can't apologize enough for what I did to you last year while you were pregnant with Nessie, especially those first few months. If I had known about it, not interrupted you in the forest that day, I would have stayed here with you. Or maybe I would have taken you with us." he said as we walked down the stairs.

When we got to the bottom of the stairs I stopped and had him turn to face me.

"Hey, it's ok, I understand. You thought you were doing what was best, for me and your family, when you left. I mean, I'm not going to lie, I WAS mad you weren't there, but knew why you weren't." I explained.

Suddenly he embraced me and kissed the top of my head before whispering "Thank you my love."

After a couple of minutes of just holding each other we continued into the family area.

"I just kind of wish we already knew whether we're having a boy or girl." I said as we turned the corner.

Suddenly I heard our little pixie say "Well, do you want to know now?"

I turned around and asked "What Alice, you know already?"

I deserved the look she gave me, like I was an idiot.

"Of course I do Bella. So do you want to know?" she asked again.

I just looked at Edward. This was a decision that involved us both.

I could tell he was thinking about it before saying "You know what, why not?"

To say his answer shocked me was an understatement. But I went with it.

"So Alice, what is it?" I asked turning around to face her.

"Do the initials J A C mean anything to you Bella?" she asked with that familiar glint in her eyes.

"J A C?" Edward asked behind me.

"Jacob Anthony Cullen? I'm getting my little Jakey?" I asked excited.

"Yes Bella, you're getting your little Jakey." Alice said with a laugh.

Suddenly I felt Edward spin me around.

"Jacob Anthony?" he asked confused.

At first I thought he was offended, but then he continued.

"How did you come up with that one?" he asked genuinely curious.

"Well, Anthony was your father's name and Jacob, well I think that's kind of self explanatory." I said.

"Don't get me wrong, I like it. It's a good strong name. I was just curious." he said before kissing the top of my head.

Suddenly my stomach growled.

We both laughed before Edward said "Apparently Jake is hungry."

I just chuckled before nodding and heading into the kitchen to fix something to eat.

I headed to the fridge to make something to eat. They had to keep the fridge stocked now that Carlisle insisted I stay here.

I made us an egg, cheese, and tomato omelette.

I put it on the table but noticed it was missing something.

Suddenly I realized what it was.

I went to the fridge and pulled out two things.

I then sat down and put the ketchup and mustard on my omelette.

I had downed about half of the omelette before noticing that Jasper, Emmett, Alice, and Edward were looking at me with disgust on their face.

"What?" I asked.

But before anyone could reply Esme walked in, saw my plate and the looks I was getting, and said "Oh come on guys, she's pregnant. You think she's not gonna have craving?"

Suddenly everyone snapped out of their stares at the same time which made me burst out with laughter.

But as Emmett turned I heard him whisper to Jasper "Yeah, but that's just gross!"

I was about to say something when Rosalie walked in past Emmett and smacked him hard on the back of the head.

She just said "You know why." as she walked to the living room and picked up a magazine.

Oh yeah, it was gonna be fun living here.

Later on that day I started thinking about Jacob and realized I wanted to go see him.

I decided to tell Edward where I was going and found him in changing Nessie's diaper.

"Hey you two." I said leaning down to kiss Nessie's forehead.

I then stood up to kiss Edward.

"What's up Bella?" he asked as he buttoned her onesie.

"Just thought I'd let you know I'm going to go visit Jacob for a couple of hours. I should be home by dinner time." I said cuddling Nessie.

"Ok, if you need anything give someone a call." he said taking Nessie back to feed her.

"Will do and I'll see you soon." I said before kissing him and heading out the door.

I called Jacob to find out if he was at home or with Leah. Since he had just woken up I pulled up into his driveway.

"Hey Loca!" he called as I walked up the walkway.

"Hey Jake." I replied hugging him.

He then led us into the house.

"So where's Billy?" I asked noticing he wasn't there.

"I think he said something about fishing with Charlie." he said as he grabbed a bottle of water.

"Want one?" he asked holding another one up.

"Sure." I replied sitting down on the couch.

He came and sat down next to me handing me the water.

We spent the next hour just catching up.

He told me about Leah's pregnancy, and told me about how Seth gave Jacob his blessing to marry Leah and take care of her and the baby.

And I told him about how Edward and I were expecting our 2nd baby.

"Bella that's awesome. Congratulations." he said giving me a hug.

"Thanks Jake. We're really excited too." I said.

I figured I'd leave out the detail that Carlisle was worried about the baby being half-vampire, half-human.

"So you picked out names yet?" he asked.

"Yeah actually. Alice already saw that it's going to be a boy and we're naming him Jacob Anthony Cullen." I said hoping he'd make the connection with the first name.

"JACOB Anthony Cullen?" he asked.

Yep, he got the connection.

"Yeah, Jake you've been such a great friend and supporter and you're the brother I never had. I always knew if I had a boy he would have my "brother's" name in there." I said smiling.

His grin was from ear to ear.

"Thanks Bella, I'm honored. Not just about the name but everything else you said. I know I was an ass earlier this year but I am really glad you and Edward were able to forgive me." he said.

"You were mad, I understand." I said rubbing his back.

"So you guys pick out a name for your baby yet?" I asked him.

"No, Leah wants to wait til we find out what we're having to pick out our name." he replied.

Suddenly my phone rang.

I immediately knew who it was by the ringtone.

Edward had recorded my lullaby onto a ringtone.

I smiled and told Jacob "It's my husband. Man, I love saying that."

He just laughed as I hit "Accept" on my phone.

But I barely got out my "hello" before Edward said "You need to come home now. I have something to tell you."

And just as suddenly as the conversation started it was over and my phone disconnected from the call.

I turned to see Jacob's face was as confused as mine.

"Apparently I have to go. Edward has something big to tell me." I said picking up my purse.

Jacob walked me out to my truck and hugged me before I got in the car.

When I got home I was greeted with everyone in the living room.

Everyone had a sullen look on this face so I knew this couldn't be good.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Bella," I heard Edward behind me.

He came up and wrapped his arms around my waist before looking deep into my eyes and saying the second biggest thing that could scare me.

"The Volturi are coming. They want to inspect the children."

DUN DUN DUN! LOL I loved writing in the fact that the Volutri is finally coming. I knew they were going to have to be in this story and I felt they worked here.

So hope you liked it and if anyone has any feedback, good or bad, feel free to let me know and please review.

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