Unexpected Surprise

By R5Family4Ever

Romance / Drama



"When will they be here Alice?" Edward asked next to me.

"Two days, on Friday. About 10 a.m." She replied.

I did the math in my head and realized something.

"The day after Thanksgiving?" I asked.

She just nodded as this realization dawned on me.

I may only get one special holiday with Nessie and Edward? Our lives could be over right after Thanksgiving?

At that I made a decision.

I stood up and spoke loudly to have everyone hear me, since they were all discussing what to do about the Volturi.

"I have an announcement to make!" I shouted to get everyone's attention.

They all turned to look at me.

"Ok, we don't know what will happen on Friday morning, but tomorrow, Thursday, is a big, family holiday. Now, me and Edward have plans with Charlie tomorrow afternoon, but I want US to be together as a family that evening as well. It may be our last night as a family and I want us to be together." I finished, hoping everyone would agree.

I looked at Edward, who smiled, which told me he liked the idea. I then looked at Carlisle.

"That sounds like an excellent idea Bella." he said with a smile.

"You're right, we don't know what Friday holds, so we should be together, as a family, the day before." Edward said coming up to embrace me.

I felt him kiss my head as I melted into his chest once again.

Suddenly I heard Nessie through the baby monitor.

"She's probably wet and hungry." Edward said as he walked into the kitchen.

"Make sure to grab her a blood bottle too, she hasn't had any yet today." I said as I walked up the stairs.

I walked in to Nessie's nursery. Alice had set up for us over the past few weeks. I had to admit, there was so much pink I thought I was gonna be sick. I remembered when Edward first saw it he called it the "Pepto Bismol" room, which made me laugh. Even now it made me smile every time I walked into her room.

"Hello precious." I said picking up Nessie.

She looked up and gave me the biggest smile she could.

She always knew how to make my day, especially on days like this.

I had just finished changing her when I heard Edward walk in.

"She ready for this?" he asked from behind me.

"Yeah, you know we feed her that first so she doesn't try to bite me looking for blood." I said with a smile handing her to Edward.

We had an agreement that he would get to feed her the blood since I provided her the milk she needs.

I busied myself with throwing away the wet diaper and throwing the wet clothes in her hamper before I heard a familiar tune coming from their corner of the room.

I turned to hear Edward singing Renessme our lullaby.

Seeing them together, Renessme looking up at Edward with those huge, brown eyes, and Edward looking back at her with so much love and sweetness.

These were the moments that melted my heart.

The moments I knew I would remember even after Edward changed me.

The moments that would last in my memory forever, whatever may come.

After she finished her bottle Edward stood up so I could sit down.

He then handed Nessie to me so I could feed her.

"I'm gonna go wash this out while you two finish up." Edward said walking out the door.

About 10 minutes, and 2 nipples later, Nessie disconnected from my nipple letting me know she was finished.

I was about to burp her when suddenly Jacob Anthony started jumping on my bladder.

"Edward! I need you up here!" I called as my bladder continued to fill.

"What's wrong?" he asked looking very scared.

"Nothing, but you need to burp Nessie before my bladder explodes." I said urgently handing Nessie to him.

I could hear Edward laughing as I walked into the bathroom.

A few minutes later I walked back into the bedroom to see Edward wiping off Nessie's chin from a little spit up.

"Feel better?" he asked as I picked up Nessie.

"Yeah, much." I replied.

After we cleaned up Nessie we all went downstairs to see what they decided to do about the Volturi.

I put Nessie in her little bassinett and joined my family in the main room.

Carlise stood up to make his announcement.

"Ok, now that everyone's here, here's what we've decided to do. Alice has seen that they are coming to see if the children will be a threat to our lives and secret. As we all know, we're already training Nessie to drink animal blood, not humans. As she's only 5 months old, I strongly believe that they will leave her alone. And as far as Jacob Anthony goes, we know Marcus' power is relational empathy. He can see the relationships between people just by looking into their eyes. Knowing how much you and Edward love your children, I have no doubt in my mind that he will see how much he means to you. And Aro's power is to know every thought you've ever had with a simple touch. It's like Edward's power, but much stronger. And Alice has seen that Nessie and Jacob will grow up to be model vampire-human hybrids, keeping our lives a complete secret. All we need to do is have Aro see that in Alice's mind and they should be completely safe."

"And if they're not?" I asked, not wanting to, but knew I need to.

"As much as I don't want to tell you this Bella, I feel I must. If Aro decides they are a danger he will probably destroy Nessie now, and have us destroy Jacob very shortly after birth." Carlisle said with the saddest look on his face.

The last thing I remember was feeling the room start to spin.

I opened my eyes to see it was dark outside.

Suddenly I felt a cold hand stroke my cheek.

I rolled over to see Edward looking very concerned.

"Are you ok love?" he asked.

I sat up slowly taking inventory of myself.

Awake, check. Lucid, check. Still pregnant, check.

"Yeah I think so. What happened?" I asked.

"After Carlisle told you the worst case scenario for Friday you fainted." he said.

I could hear the fear in his own voice.

I scooted over into his lap. I just needed him to hold me right now.

"Edward?" I finally spoke after a while.

"Yes love?" he asked.

"What if we lose them? I don't know if I could survive that." I said feeling the tears well up in my eyes.

He forced me to look him in the eyes.

"I will not lie to you Bella, it will be the worst moment of both of our lives. But together, we can get through everything. 'For better or worse' remember?" he said.

I just nodded before he pulled me to him. We both just held each other like it was our last moment together.

"I love you, all of you." I whispered, speaking to Edward as well as Jacob.

Suddenly Edward pulled back and looked at my stomach.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I don't know, but say something again." Edward said rubbing my stomach.

"Like what?" I asked.

Suddenly Edward's face lit up.

"Edward what's going on?" I asked getting worried.

"I can hear him. I can hear Jacob." Edward lit up like a Christmas tree.

"You can hear him? You mean his thoughts?" I asked getting excited.

"Yes! he says he's happy. He wants you to know not to worry, he won't let anything happen to you and his big sister." Edward said, looking happy then confused.

"Well, of course he's happy." I said starting to rub my stomach.

"I love you and your sister so much." I whispered to him.

"He says he loves us too, all of us." he said before kissing my stomach.

"Don't worry Jacob, I won't let anything happen to you, mommy or Nessie." Edward said putting his cheek on my stomach.

I smiled, laying back and letting them have their own "private conversation".

A few minutes later Edward sat up and laid next to me.

"Did he run out of words?" I asked jokingly.

"No, he's tired and wants to sleep." Edward replied pulling me onto him.

"Could you hear Nessie when she was in the womb too?" I asked.

"I thought I did when we went to the appointment when we found out she was going to be Nessie, but I'm not sure. I'll have to start trying to hear her thoughts now that I know Jacob and I have a connection." Edward replied.

Suddenly my stomach growled.

"Speaking of Jacob, I think we're hungry." I said with a smile getting up.

"I'll go check on Nessie while you eat." Edward replied getting up as well.

I had just finished up my hamburger and fries that Alice made me when Edward came in with Nessie.

"Is she hungry?" I asked seeing them sit down.

"No, just wants to cuddle." he said kissing her forehead.

I sat down next to them.

Emmett had the football game on and him and Jasper were watching on the edge of their seats.

Half an hour later the Redskins scored the winning touchdown against the Raiders.

"Pay up Emmett, that's 50 bucks." Jasper said with a grin on his face.

"You guys bet on every game?" I asked.

"Yeah, and I somehow lose every game." Emmett grumbled as he pulled out his wallet.

I just laughed at my brothers'. 'This must be what it's like to have a big family' I thought with a smile.

Suddenly my eyes felt very heavy.

Edward must have sensed this because suddenly he said "I think we should head to bed. It's late."

He stood up and held Nessie in one hand while he helped me get up.

"I'll put Nessie to bed then I'll be in." he said kissing my head.

I was too tired to argue with him, so I just nodded and headed into bed.

About half an hour later I felt the bed dip as he crawled into bed.

I rolled over and snuggled into his chest.

"Did she fall asleep easy?" I asked.

"Yeah, after her two bottles and a diaper change she went down fast." he said kissing me again.

Suddenly I felt an urge come over me.

I sat up to look Edward in the eye.

"Edward, I need you." I said.

"Bella, I'm yours forever, remember?" he said with a smile.

I smiled and shook my head. He may be smart, but he needed me to spell this out for him.

I sat up and straddled him. I then brought him up and kissed him passionately.

"No Edward, I NEED you." I said.

"Are you sure it won't hurt the baby?" he asked concerned.

"No, as long as you're gentle it won't hurt him at all." I said bringing his hands to my chest.

That was all he needed to hear, and feel, before turning us over and kissing me passionately.

The next morning I woke with a smile.

Last night was...AMAZING I realized as I remembered it.

I rolled over, but Edward was gone.

In his place was a note.

'Went hunting, I'll be back before noon so we can go to your dad's.'

Suddenly I realized I didn't hear Nessie.

I walked into her room to see Alice feeding her a blood bottle.

"Morning ladies." I said smiling.

"Hey sleepyhead." Alice said setting Nessie up for burping.

"Sleep well?" Alice said with a wink.

"Yes very." I replied with a grin.

"She needs a change." Alice said handing me Nessie and her diaper.

After I changed her I heard a familiar warm laugh come from the doorway.

Suddenly his cold arms wrapped around my waist making Jacob jump.

"Sorry buddy, didn't mean to startle you." Edward said rubbing my stomach.

"He doesn't like cold?" I asked buttoning Nessie's onesie.

"No, it's too nice and warm in there he says." Edward replied picking up Nessie.

"You go eat, I'll take her." Alice said cuddling her niece.

"So do we need to bring anything for the dinner?" Edward asked.

"Leah said something about bringing apple and pumpkin pie." I replied.

"I think I'll have Rosalie help me cook them." I said.

"Leah's gonna be there?" Edward asked confused.

"Yeah, dad invited the Black's for dinner and Jacob invited Leah and her family. Will that be a problem?" I asked confused.

"No, just wondering." he said going to watch TV.

At that moment Rosalie walked in.

"Hey Rosalie, can you help me make some pies for this afternoon?" I asked her.

"Sure, what kind do you need to make?" she replied.

"Apple and Pumpkin. I kinda cheated and bought the ones in a box premade, but I would still like your help." I said with a smile.

"Sure, I'll go get started on them now." she said with a smile.

"I'll wash Nessie and get us ready while you two make the pies." Edward said heading upstairs.

One hour, and 2 hot pies later Rosalie and I put the aluminum foil on the pies and took them out to Edward's car.

A thought occurred to me.

"Rosalie?" I asked to get her attention.

"Yeah Bella?" she replied.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but why have you changed towards me? I mean, you used to hate me and recently you've been a lot nicer to me." I asked.

Rosalie smiled her tiny smile before responding.

"Bella, I've never hated you. I didn't particularly like you but, I can understand why you felt that way. I guess I just realized, since you're my sister, and you make my brother the happiest he's been since I've known him, I should give you a chance." she said with a smile.

"Oh ok." I replied.

"We're ready, why don't you go shower and get ready?" I heard Edward say as he came down.

He was in a dark blue button up shirt with his black slacks and good black dress shoes.

He had Nessie dressed in a nice, cute lavender purple dress with matching leggings so she wouldn't get cold.

I kissed them both before heading upstairs.

After my shower I tied my hair in a half ponytail and did my makeup before going to put on a dark green blouse, black skirt, and my black ballet flats.

I walked down to see Edward changing Nessie's diaper.

"You ready to go?" he asked as he put Nessie's pants back on.

"Yeah, just gotta grab my coat and purse." I said heading to the door.

I smiled as we pulled up and I saw Jacob's rabbit.

Charlie opened the door as we walked up the stairs.

"Hey dad, happy thanksgiving." I said giving him a hug.

"Happy thanksgiving kids." he said shaking Edward's hand.

I had barely put down Nessie's diaper bag before I felt some warm arms wrap around my shoulders.

"Jacob!" I screamed as I was spun around once.

"Happy thanksgiving Loca." he said putting me down.

"And to you." I said giving him a proper hug.

"Come sit down, dinner's almost ready." he said.

"Jacob, good to see you again." I heard Edward say behind me.

"You too Edward. You taking care of my girl?" Jacob said with a grin.

I heard Edward chuckle as I sat down.

"Of course." he said sitting down.

"How are you Leah?" I asked sitting next to her.

"Good, bloated and cramped but good." she said with a smile rubbing her stomach.

"I know how you feel." I replied.

We continued talking about our babies while the guys discussed everything from cars to sports.

About half an hour later Sue walked in from the kitchen.

"Ok everyone, come sit down, dinner's ready." she said with a smile.

We all ushered into the kitchen.

Dad sat at the head of the table, me on his left, Edward next to me and Seth next to him, then it was Billy at the other end of the table, with Jacob next to him, Leah in the middle, and her mom Sue next to Charlie.

Charlie doesn't think I know, but him and Sue have been dating since just before my wedding.

"Well, I'm not a Christian man, but I think we should give thanks for this meal." Charlie said.

We all joined hands and bowed our heads.

"We thank you Lord for this meal and the fact that we made it through another year. Bless this food to our bodies and our time together. Amen." he concluded.

"Amen." we all said in unison.

As we started handing around the food I remembered something mom did every year.

"You know, as a kid, my mom would have us go around the table and say what we were thankful for this year. Would everyone be ok if we did that?" I asked.

Everyone nodded and that made me smile.

"Ok dad, since your the head of the house, why don't you start?" I suggested.

"Ok, well, I'm thankful that love has given me a second chance with Sue. And that you are so happy sweetheart. As a parent, as you understand, your child's happiness is what matters the most." he said taking both mine and Sue's hands.

We both smiled and got tears in our eyes.

I wiped my tears away as I realized it was my turn.

"Ok, I am thankful for my family, my husband, and my kids. And that we can all be together as a family." I concluded rubbing Edward's hand.

He just smiled and kissed my cheek.

Edward cleared his throat and started then.

"I am thankful for my lovely wife and wonderful children. And all the happiness they have brought me this past year." he said smiling.

"Ok my turn." Seth said, "I am thankful for Jacob cause he's the big brother I've always wanted. I'm learning so much from him. I'm also thankful that he's treating Leah and the baby well since I gave him my blessing earlier this year. And I'm thankful my mom has found love again with Charlie." he finished with a smile.

"Well, I'm thankful for my son's and Leah's happiness and I'm thankful that Jacob has grown into such an amazing man that I'm proud to call my son." Billy said putting his hand on Jacob's shoulder.

"Thanks Dad." Jacob said touching his hand.

"Ok so, I'm thankful for Leah. And our baby of course, and that we're getting married right after the baby's born. Also, I'm thankful that I signed the papers on our first apartment yesterday." Jacob finished with a grin.

"You what?" Leah asked looking shocked.

"I signed the papers on our first home yesterday. We can move in the first of the month. Happy thanksgiving honey." he said kissing her cheek.

"Ok, let me stop tearing up first." Leah said wiping her eyes with her napkin.

"Ok, so I'm thankful for Jacob, and that my pregnancy is going so good, and that we're finding out next month if it's a boy or a girl." she said taking Jacob's hand.

"Ok so I am thankful for my kids, and that Seth is doing so well in school, thank you Jacob for helping him with his work, and that Leah and Jacob are so happy. And I'm also thankful for Charlie and that he will finally let me announce...we're getting married!" she concluded.

"What?" I asked shocked and happy.

"When?" Leah asked.

"Sometime next year, after your wedding and the baby's born." she said with a smile.

After everyone gave their congratulations we all started eating.

Edward had agreed to pretend to eat today to keep up appearance. I knew after dinner he would excuse himself and go outside to dispose of his dinner.

As Leah and I cleaned up I got a text from my mom.

'Happy thanksgiving to you and all the family.'

I just smiled and texted back.

'Happy thanksgiving to you and your family too mom. I love you.'

After we finished cleaning I saw Nessie rub her eyes.

"We should get her home and to bed." I told Edward.

"Yeah, we should." he agreed.

After giving everyone hugs and wishing happy thanksgiving we got in the car and headed back home.

We got Nessie into bed and went downstairs.

About 2 hours later, after everyone had gone out and eaten their "thanksgiving dinner" composed of wild animals we all sat down and just enjoyed each others company.

"Hey Bella told me about a tradition at her family I want to start here. They go around and say what everyone's thankful for this year." Edward said suddenly.

"That sounds wonderful, let's do that." Alice said eagerly.

"Ok, well with Carlisle being the head of the family he should start." Edward said.

"Alright, well I'm thankful for being wrong about Bella's pregnancy and that Bella and little Jacob are doing so well." he said with a smile.

Esme was next to him so she of course was next.

"Well, I'm thankful that my family is whole, since Edward was gone for the first part of the year and some of last year, and I'm thankful that Bella has brought so much happiness to him." she said with a smile.

Emmett was next to her. I prepared myself for the worst from him.

"Well, this year, I'm thankful for my wife, Rosalie, and for what all she has done to make me a better person." he concluded giving her a hug.

"Well, I'm thankful that Bella has finally come back into Edward's life and that she's been for him what I couldn't be." Rosalie said with a smile.

Alice was next.

"I actually can't say what I'm thankful for until tomorrow night, or it will ruin a surprise." she said with a smile.

I hated when she did that, but knew why she did.

Then there was Jasper.

"Well, I'm thankful that I've gone a full year without human blood and can now consider myself an official vegetarian vampire now." he said with a smile.

Then Edward was next.

"Well, I am thankful for Bella, Nessie and Jacob, and all the happiness and joy they have brought me this past year. I've never been happier in my entire life." he said with a smile.

He kissed my head before whispering "Except for our honeymoon of course."

I chuckled to myself before speaking up.

"And I am thankful for Edward, Nessie and Jacob and that we can all be together as a family." I said with a smile.

Watching the fire made me sleepy and before I knew it I fell asleep.

But I was jostled awake as I was placed on the bed.

"Edward?" I said to get his attention as I rolled over to look at him.

"Yes?" he asked.

"We don't know what's going to happen in just a few hours, we may only have tonight." I said.

"I know love, but what's your point?" he asked wondering where I was going with this.

"If this is our last night together, I want to be as close to you as possible. Make love to me?" I asked.

He just smiled before embracing me.

"You never need to ask, my love." he said kissing me with intense passion.

The next morning I woke up and looked at my clock.

9:00 AM

I had one hour.

I jumped out of bed to go get Nessie, but Edward was already changing her.

"Everything ok in here?" I asked.

"Yeah, we just finished up and now she's just hungry for mommy." he said as I sat down.

"Ok." I said getting ready to feed her.

Half an hour later she was done eating and we went downstairs.

Edward had just finished making me breakfast as I put Nessie in her bassinet.

After I ate my eggs and bacon I just sat there with Edward and Nessie, with Edward rubbing my stomach.

It killed me to wait, I had no idea what was going to happen, this could be our last moments together as a family.

Suddenly we heard the clock chime ten o'clock.

Just as it finished chiming the doorbell rang.

It was time.

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