Unexpected Surprise

By R5Family4Ever

Romance / Drama

Valentine's Day


I woke up once again to the smell of breakfast being cooked. I carefully rolled out of bed and wrapped my robe around my 6 month pregnant belly before heading into the kitchen to see my husband and daughter cooking.

Edward had gotten into the habit of getting out of bed when Nessie "called" him with her mind, then he would get her dressed and changed before setting her in her little jumper in the kitchen while he cooked. I liked it because it gave me time to sleep and then wake up, and it gave Edward and Nessie some "daddy and me" time.

We had also talked Carlisle into letting us stay in our home, but I had to come see him every week to make sure everything was normal. And if anything changed we were to come back to their house until after Anthony was born. And it felt REALLY good to wake up in my own bed in my own home every morning.

I stood in the doorway just watching them for a few minutes.

"Yes, I'm sure mommy will love your idea for breakfast." Edward chuckled to Nessie.

"What?" Edward asked before looking up at me.

He smiled, "You're right Nessie, mommy is standing there watching us."

I grinned before leaning down to kiss Nessie's smiling, drooling face. She was breaking in some new teeth so she was drooling a lot.

"Good morning my precious." I said to her before standing up.

"And hello to you too." I said wrapping my arms around Edward's waist as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

"Good morning beautiful." he said kissing the top of my head.

"And happy Valentine's day too." he said as we held each other.

"Happy Valentine's to you too." I said smiling.

Edward laughed before looking at Nessie.

"You're right, mommy's food will probably get cold if she doesn't eat soon." Edward said walking over to her.

He picked her up and set her in her highchair as I sat down at the table.

Nessie and I talked while Edward got my plate and our coffees.

"How did you sleep?" I asked her.

In return I got a laugh, some babble, and gurgles. No matter what, she always made me smile.

"As a gift to you today, I'm paying for a spa day at the Forks Beauty Salon." Edward told me handing Nessie her blood bottle.

"I'm not really into the whole spa thing though Edward." I said taking a fork and stabbing my eggs.

"I know, but you have done so much for me and Nessie, we both agree you deserve it. And while you're gone my little lady and I are going to treat you by cleaning the whole place." he said smiling at her. She replied by smiling and gurgling some more.

"Also, tonight Alice is coming by to get Nessie so we can have a little Valentine's for ourselves." he concluded drinking his coffee.

"That sounds really nice." I said with a smile.

It had been a while since we had a night all to ourselves, and I missed our intimacy. Mostly because I was so exhausted by the time we got to bed we didn't have any time, he just held me and sang to me as I fell asleep.

I couldn't help but notice the wiry grin that crossed my husband's face as I said my last comment.

After I finished my breakfast Edward handed Nessie to me so she could eat while he cleaned up breakfast.

I know it may seem like Edward does everything around the house, but mostly he does the cooking and kitchen work, I do the rest, and we both split the things Nessie needs.

As Edward came back in from cleaning the dishes Nessie detached from me and smiled at both of us.

I kissed the top of her head as I sat her back up.

"I'll go change her if you want to go take your shower." Edward said coming over to us.

I just nodded before standing up, kissing both my loves, and handing Nessie to Edward.

After my shower I went to get dressed. While passing her room, I heard Edward and Nessie in there getting her dressed for the day.

I just picked a simple maternity shirt and pants and walked over to the bed to get my shoes on.

As I sat there I realized, once again, my stomach was too big for me to get my own shoes on.

"Edward!" I called down the hall.

A moment later he was in the doorway.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

I just held up my shoe and pouted my bottom lip out.

He smiled and chuckled as he walked over and picked the shoe up out of my hand.

"There you are my Cinderella." he said as he doubled knotted my last shoe and stood up to help me up.

"Thank you, my Prince Charming." I said kissing him.

"You should get going to your appointment." he said as we embraced.

"Ok, call me if you two need anything?" I asked walking to Nessie's room.

"Of course, but we'll be ok, right Nessie?" he asked.

She smiled at both of us and giggled from her little walker in her room.

I just chuckled before leaning down and kissing her head.

"I'll see you soon, be good and help your daddy out today." I said.

Edward walked me to the door.

"Have a nice time, enjoy yourself." he suggested.

"I'll try." I said kissing him and heading out the door.


I walked back into Nessie's room to see her drooling on her teether on her walker.

"So should we do laundry, the bathroom, living room, or the bedrooms first?" I asked her.

"All of it at once daddy!" she replied.

I laughed and bent down so we were at eye level.

"That's not possible baby, even for daddy." I explained.

"But daddy, you're super duper fast, you can do anything." she argued.

"Except that," I said kissing her head.

"Let's start the laundry, then we will work on the bathroom, then living room and save the bedrooms for last ok?" I asked her.

"OK!" she responded jumping up and down in her walker.

I laughed and kissed her before moving her into the laundry room.

I told her everything I was doing, from the soap to the clothes to starting it up.

After we started the laundry I rolled her, in her walker, into the bathroom doorway while I cleaned.

I had just finished mopping when I heard her again.

"Daddy, I tired." she said rubbing her eyes.

I kissed her head before picking her up, taking her to her room, changing her diaper, and laying her down for her nap.

"Sleep, I'll come get you when you wake up." I told her stroking her auburn hair.

"I know daddy, night night." she said rolling over to grab the lion I gave her for Christmas.

"Night night baby." I said turning on the lion so it would sing to her.

While she napped I got the living room straightened and vacuumed, the kitchen cleaned and mopped, at least 2 loads of laundry, one in the washer, one in the dryer, and had mine and Bella's room almost straightened up.

"Daddy!" I heard as I laid the last pillow on our bed.

"Hey beautiful girl." I said walking over to her.

"Hi daddy, I think I'm icky." she said looking sad.

I smiled at her and picked her up to check her diaper.

"Yes sweetie, you are." I told her as I unwrapped her diaper.

"Daddy clean me?" she asked me with her big golden eyes.

"Of course I will princess." I said kissing her head.

As soon as I got her pants back on she caught my attention again.

"Daddy, I hungry." she told me as we walked into the hallway.

"Ok baby, let's go get you your bottles. Which do you want first?" I asked her as I pulled out Bella's milk and a blood package from the fridge.

"Blood please. My mouth burns." she said getting fidgety in her seat.

I just chuckled as I screwed the lid on her bottle.

"Here you go sweetheart." I said handing her the bottle.

"Ta-ta daddy." she said sticking the bottle in her mouth.

"You're welcome princess." I told her kissing her head.

I put her in her bouncer and carried her into the bedroom to finish straightening up.

We had just walked into her room when she held up her bottle to me.

"All gone, I need mommy's now." she said with her perfect pouty face.

"Ok baby, I'll be right back." I told her going into the kitchen to get the milk bottle.

"Ta-ta daddy." she said as I handed her the milk bottle.

"You're welcome again baby." I said straightening her stuffed animals.

About an hour later the house was looking perfect, almost all the laundry was folded or drying, and I was just starting dinner when I heard the door open.

"Hey you guys here somewhere?" I heard my perfect wife call from the living room.

"Mommy!" Nessie started trying to jump out of her bouncer though she was strapped in.

"We're in here love!" I called putting dinner in the oven and closing the door.

"Hey baby!" Bella said squatting down to kiss Nessie.

"Hi mommy!" she said smiling at her mommy.

"Daddy, tell mommy I wanna say hi too." I heard Anthony tell me.

"Anthony wants to say hi to everyone too." I said walking over to my ladies.

"Hello my little boy." Bella said rubbing her swollen belly.

"We both love you." I said leaning down to kiss her belly.

"What about me?" Nessie asked me.

I laughed before picking her up and putting her between us.

"We both love you too." I said before Bella and I both kissed her cheeks at the same time.

Suddenly I heard the front door open again.

"Where's my little niece?" I heard Alice call walking into the kitchen.

"Hey Alice, we're in the kitchen." I said putting Nessie in Bella's arms.

"I'll go pack her bag." Bella told me taking Nessie in the room with her.

"Hey big bro." Alice said giving me a hug.

"Hey sis." I said hugging her back.

"So you looking forward to tonight?" she asked raising her eyebrows and grinning.

"You're hanging out with Emmett too much." I said laughing.

"True, but that doesn't answer my question." she said sitting on the counter.

"Yeah, I am, I mean, Bella does so much for me, Nessie and Anthony. If I can do something small to make her feel special and beautiful, it's all worth it." I said smiling.

"You truly are perfect for her." Alice said smiling.

"Thanks Alice." I said grinning.

"Ready to go." Bella said walking into the kitchen.

"Great! Say good night to mommy and daddy Nessie." Alice said taking the bag and Nessie's lion and blanket from Bella.

We both kissed Nessie good night before I walked Alice to the door.

"Alice, thanks for doing this for us. It really means a lot to have quiet time with Bella." I said smiling.

"Not a problem, if you ever need it, just call me. Everyone loves spending time with her." Alice said kissing her cheek.

"But I gotta go so, goodnight." Alice said opening the door.

"Goodnight." I said closing it behind them.

I walked over to the couch where Bella sat.

I sat on the other side and let her crawl into my lap.

"So how was the spa?" I asked starting to stroke her hair.

"Relaxing, but it felt weird to have someone dote on each and every thing I need." she said intertwining our fingers.

"You deserved it though." I reminded her kissing her head.

She just nodded before resting her head on my shoulder.

We just sat there, enjoying each other's company, while I rubbed her belly.

Anthony was asleep. I could tell because he wasn't talking to me.

About an hour later I kissed her cheek before speaking up.

"I have to go start our sides for dinner." I told her.

"Ok, I wanna go take a shower anyways." she told me heading to the bathroom.

Shortly after I finished the sides I heard the shower turn off.

She walked into the kitchen, smiling.

"Dinner's almost done." I told her checking the lasagna in the oven.

"You fixed alot of food for just me." she commented.

"Well, I'm actually going to eat with you tonight." I told her walking over to her.

"But won't you get sick later?" she asked getting concerned.

"Yes, but tonight is worth it. I fixed a wonderful dinner for US, and I want to enjoy it with you." I told her embracing her.

"Ok, so I'll clean up after dinner then?" she asked.

I just nodded. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep the food in my system long, but she was worth it.

During dinner we didn't talk much, just enjoyed the food.

After dinner, like Bella had predicted, she cleaned the dishes while I got sick in the bathroom.

I came into the kitchen and saw Bella rub her eye, signaling she was getting tired.

"You wanna go to bed?" I asked as I came up and hugged her from behind.

She just nodded as she turned to hug me.

We crawled into bed and just cuddled for a few minutes before I turned her to give her a passionate kiss.

"Well aren't we passionate tonight." Bella said suggestively.

"We haven't had time for this in a long time. I miss you." I told her shifting us so our chests were touching, but I wasn't laying on Anthony.

"I miss you too." she said before I kissed her and we started slowly making love.


I felt bad about today. I had to work all day and couldn't do anything with Leah til after I got off work.

I stopped at the florist and got her favorite flowers, lilies, before heading home.

"Leah?" I called walking into the apartment.

"I'll be out in a sec." I heard her call from the bathroom.

I sorted through the mail while I waited for her to come out.

"Hey baby." she said getting my attention.

"Hey back." I said kissing her.

I then noticed her robe and still dripping hair.

"You showered, great. Go get dressed, I'm taking you out to dinner tonight." I told her running into the bedroom to pick out some clothes.

I settled on some black slacks, a dark red button up shirt, and my black leather coat.

After my shower I got dressed and met Leah in the living room.

She was wearing a black skirt, lavender shirt, and her button up jean coat.

I walked over to her smiling.

"You're beautiful." I reminded her kissing her.

"You're not too bad yourself." she replied before kissing me again.

"You ready?" I asked her grabbing the keys to the car.

She just nodded as we headed out the door.

I took her to La Belle Italia for dinner. Edward had suggested it.

I was so nervous, knowing what I was about to do.

"Leah, I gotta ask you something." I said getting even more nervous.

"Ok." she said giving me her full attention.

"Leah, you've been the most amazing thing to happen to me this year. You got me to let go of Bella, you helped me to take up my place as Alpha of the pack, and you've given me one of the greatest gifts ever." I said rubbing her swollen belly.

"But there's one more thing I need you to help me with." I said shakily getting down on one knee.

I saw her eyes get as big as saucers before I reached into my jacket pocket.

I opened the box and displayed to her my mother's ring.

"Leah Clearwater, will you marry me?" I asked feeling my entire body shake.

"Yes, of course I will Jake." Leah said starting to cry.

I grinned ear to ear before jumping up to kiss her and place the ring on her finger.

I couldn't stop smiling the rest of the night. She had just made me the happiest person in the world.

After dinner we went back home. I let her pick out a movie while I went to pop some popcorn.

I walked in to see 27 Dresses menu on the screen.

"Really?" I asked sitting down next to her.

"Hey, you let me pick, deal with it." she said grabbing some popcorn out of the bowl.

But halfway through the movie I noticed that Leah was fast asleep.

I turned off the tv and dvd player and then gently carried her to bed.

I laid her down and then quietly headed out to lock the door and turn off all the lights before I headed back to her.

I crawled into bed and wrapped my arm around her waist as I laid down.

I felt around til I found her left hand, and the ring on her finger. I smiled and closed my eyes, thinking about how I am the happiest and luckiest man in the world tonight.

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