Unexpected Surprise

By R5Family4Ever

Romance / Drama

Doctor Appointment

Bella's POV:

The rest of the weekend was kinda quiet. Charlie came home late on Saturday and left early on Sunday and came home late again. I knew we would have to talk soon. If he wasn't going to take initiative soon I knew I would have to.

Monday was kinda quiet at school. Jessica and Angela asked me a lot of questions and were smiling and giggling over my answers. It was funny. It's like they enjoyed hearing about my weird cravings and what foods made me sick and other things like that.

But today is Tuesday. It's the day of my first appointment with Dr. Bennett. I was nervous, excited and anxious all at the same time. When the final bell rang at the end of the day I hurried to my truck and drove out. My appointment was at 4:00 and it was already 3:30. I didn't want to be late.

I walked into the clinic and had to ask the receptionists where the ob/gyn part was. She rolled her eyes, smacked her gum and gave me directions with a very annoyed tone.

"Take the elevator up to 2nd floor and it's just down the hall on your left." She said and then turned back to the phone.

"Gee, thanks for being soooo helpful." I said sarcastically as I walked to the elevator.

Once I got upstairs I walked to the gynecology office. The secretary looked up at me with a smile.

"Hi, how can I help you dear?" She asked with a warm smile on her face.

"Um, I'm here for my 4:00 appointment with Dr. Bennett." I said nervously.

"Oh, you must be Bella, I just need to you sign here and take a seat, her nurse will be with you shortly." She said.

"Thank you." I said as I sat down.

I looked around the office. I couldn't help but notice that the other pregnant women were sitting next to their husbands or boyfriends. I felt my heart crack a little more.

I impulsively reached down and rubbed just below my belly button.

"Don't worry honey," I whispered, "I promised your daddy will know soon. And he will."

I had no sooner said that then the nurse came out to get me.

As it was the first appointment some of the stuff seemed kinda weird. Like the fact they had me pee in a cup and all the questions about my sex life and family history. That part was kinda a blur for me.

But when I asked the nurse about the whole pee in a cup thing she said it was one of the ways they make sure everything's going ok and I would have to do it every time I came in so it was better to get used to it now.

Not long afterwards Dr. Bennett came in.

"Hi Bella, how you doing today?" She asked with a big smile on her face.

"A little nervous." I confessed.

She looked at me with understanding eyes. "This is your first time in a gynecologist room?" She asked.

I nodded and smiled.

"I'll tell you something." She said. "Everybody is nervous the first time they step in here. But I promise you, you're in good hands and I won't let anything happen to you, or the baby. I'll do my best to keep you both healthy OK?"

I suddenly felt A LOT more comfortable. I nodded and knew I had picked the right doctor.

After we talked a bit she had me lay back and she felt my stomach.

After that she gave me a prescription for prenatal vitamins and told me to make another appointment in a month.

So I went out and made an appointment to see her the next month and then went to the pharmacy in the clinic and got the prescription filled.

When I got home Charlie was sitting on the couch watching the TV. He looked up when I came in.

"So...how'd it go?" He asked very nervous.

"Good. Thank you for the recommendation by the way, Dr. Bennett is really great." I said.

"Glad to hear. Oh, I picked up TV dinners for dinner. I don't know what's OK for you to eat, but some of the ladies at work said protein is good for you so I picked you up a chicken TV dinner is that OK?" He asked.

I could tell he was very uncomfortable about this conversation but I also liked to see that he really did care.

"Yeah, that should be OK." I said with a smile. "You hungry now?" I asked.

"Oh I already ate mine." he said as he turned and looked at the game again.

I fixed my dinner and ate on the coffee table. After I ate I went upstairs and took a hot shower. When I got out I heard that the TV was off. Charlie must have gone to bed.

I went into my bedroom and did my homework before I got too tired. Once I was done I saw it was 11:00.

I went downstairs to take my prenatal vitamin and picked up some of the days mess.

It was then that I saw that I had left my phone on the table. I had 3 new text messages.

I opened the first one. It was from Jessica: 'Hey, how'd it go? txt or call me and lemme kno k?'

The second one was from Angela: 'Hope everything went ok 2day. c u 2morow school.'

And the third was from Jacob: 'Hey, howd it go? wana hang sat? lemme kno on both k?'

I texted Jessica back: 'It all went gud. c u 2morow.'

I knew Angela wasn't expecting a text back but Jacob was.

So I texted him: 'It went gud. dont kno bout sat yet. ill txt ya l8r and let u kno.'

Once I had done that and locked the door and turned out the lights I walked upstairs and crawled into bed.

So it looked like Charlie and I were gonna be ok eventually. And I had a GREAT doctor who I felt extremely comfortable with. Looked like things may turn out somewhat ok after all. I thought as I started rubbing my belly. And that's how I fell asleep, rubbing my belly.

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