Unexpected Surprise

By R5Family4Ever

Romance / Drama


Bella's POV:

I heard a knock at the door and went to open it. When I opened it I almost fainted at what I saw. Edward was standing in the doorway.

I immediately reached out and clung to him. But he just stood there as cold and still at a statue.

I pulled away and looked at him, very confused.

"What's wrong?" I asked him very concerned.

"Is it true?" was all he said.

I looked at him growing more confused.

He looked at my stomach and then looked back up at me and asked again: "Is it true?"

I finally understood. I looked at him with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.

"Yes Edward, it's true. I am pregnant and she's your child." I said trying to hold in my excitement.

"No...its not." He said very coldly.

With those three words I felt so dissapointed and brokenhearted.

I couldn't understand him. This was the man who had almost died for me. Who said he would do whatever it took to keep me safe. And now here he was breaking my heart.

"Edward...yes she is. Don't you remember the night of my birthday? Don't you remember when we made love?" I asked feeling my heart break into a thousand tiny pieces.

"Bella, we never made love. You never got pregnant." He said.

As he said this I felt my stomach sink down. I immediately raised my shirt and saw that my stomach was the shape it was before I had gotten pregnant. I then looked up and he was gone. I fell onto the floor and wept. It couldn't be true.

"It's not true. It's not." I kept saying over and over again.

"It's not!" I screamed as I sat up in bed. I looked around my room and realized I had been dreaming.

I immediately raised my shirt and rubbed my belly feeling my little bump. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

It was just a dream. It was just a dream. I kept reminding myself as I laid my head back down and fell back asleep.

I heard a cry from the other room. I walked into the room and saw her smiling face look up at me from her crib. I smiled at her and leaned over the crib.

"Good morning sunshine!" I said with a huge smile on my face.

She smiled at me and raised up her arms to be picked up. I picked her up and smothered face with kisses. As we walked into the living room she started rubbing and patting my face and grabbing my hair and putting it in her mouth.

I laughed and blew raspberries all over her cheeks and face as she laughed and cooed with me.

We walked into the kitchen and I grabbed a bottle off of the counter and grabbed the formula out of the cupboard. I watched her face light up and she started clapping.

"Just a minute sweetie, I gotta fix your bottle first." I said as I filled her bottle with water.

As soon as I had mixed the formula I handed her the bottle and she started eating very hungrily.

I had to laugh at her.

"You act like I haven't fed you in days." I said as I put her in her highchair and turned on the coffee pot.

After we had breakfast we both went into her bedroom and got her dressed for the day.

She then came into my bedroom with me while I got dressed.

About that time I heard the front door open.

She started to squeal and laugh. I knew why she was so excited.

"Is that daddy? Is daddy home?" I asked her in my happy excited baby voice.

She started squealing and giggling even louder. She stared to squirm on my bed.

I quickly grabbed her before she fell off of the bed.

I heard him put his keys in the little tray we had by the door and put his bag down.

I placed her in the playpen we had in the bedroom while I put away the clothes I had folded the night before.

"Hey babe, how was your night shift?" I ask with my back turned.

I heard him let out a great sigh.

"I've never been so exhausted. There were 2 bar fights and 3 crazy ex's. It was one of our toughest nights." He said as he walked over to the playpen.

I heard her laugh as he picked her up and started hugging and kissing her.

I heard them do their morning routine. He would kiss her and hug her, then hold her up in the air and ask her "Who's my happy baby girl? Who's my happy baby girl? You are! You are!"

All the while she would be laughing and giggling and drooling due to her teething.

I then heard her squeal and knew he was gently tossing her in the air. She loved that best. I never did it with her for fear that I would drop her but he had much surer hands and never dropped her.

And so it had become a "daddy and me" thing they had. It was their special thing and I wasn't about to get in the way of that.

I then heard him softly humming and I knew he was hugging her and swaying back and forth with her.

It was in these moments that I knew I had made the right choice. He truly loved her as his own. It didn't matter that she wasn't his. He still loved her.

I then heard him place her back in the playpen.

At this point I had finally closed the last drawer and all the clothes were put away.

I felt his arms snake around my waist and his head rest on my shoulder.

I instictively leaned into him. I loved these moments. This and the moments when we would all sit together after dinner and watch a movie before he had to go to work I really felt like we were a family. Like I could live like this forever and be eternally happy.

He kissed my neck and smelled my hair.

"Every moment I spend away from my girls is pure torture." He said with a smile.

"It's torture for us too." I said with my eyes closed.

"I'm so glad you chose me Bella. I honestly thought I never had a chance. You have no idea how much it means to me. To know how much you love me." He whispered in my ear.

He turned me around and immediately kissed me. This kiss, like all our kisses, was so familiar but also so new. Every kiss with him felt like the first kiss and the last at the same time.

He then hugged me close to him and whispered in my ear, "I love you, Isabella Swan and I can't wait til we are married."

"Me neither. I love you so much."

At that moment she started to fuss again. I heard him laugh.

"Always wanting in on the moment." He said as he pulled away and went to pick her up.

It was at this point I finally saw who it was that I had chosen. I was about to speak to him when I started to hear this odd buzzing.

I woke up and heard the alarm going off. I turned it off and sat there and thought for a moment.

After my shower that morning I made 2 decisions as I headed downstairs to see if Charlie was up yet: 1: I WOULD tell Edward, but not until after she was born. He had every right to know but I was too afraid that he would reject me and the baby and I was afraid that the stress and trauma of that would make me lose her.

And 2: I now knew exactly who to choose to help me raise my daughter.

Well, what do you guys think? I would really love your guys reviews and opinions.

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