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My bestfriend

Chapter 1

Y/n's Pov.

I was currently running as fast as i can to reach school on time as i woke up really late on the very first day of my senior year.

__PAuSE PAuSe PaUSe__

First some information about myself, that is...

Lee y/n and i'm 17 y/o. My dad's a very rich and well-known man in South Korea. Five years ago my mom left me and my dad to marry some other guy. Well that hurt us a lot but now that my dad married another woman, i guess he has moved on and i should too. At first, i was not so sure that i would be able to accept my stepmom or even more my step brother Kim Taehyung who seems to annoy me even more as the days past by but now i'm very happy to have them in my life. As for taehyung well we both irritate each other very much and that's how we know that we love each other very much. At school i'm one of the populars along with my friend circle which includes kim namjoon, kim seokjin, min yoongi, jung hoseok, park jimin, kim taehyung and the one who can't be forgotten, my one and only bestfriend jeon jungkook. Jungkook has been my bestfriend since kindergarten and we are the most popular duo in our highschool as everyone is scared to mess with us. My friend circle also involves blackpink. I am very friendly towards everyone in school except if you mess with me i ain't gonna leave you till your death.

Well that's it, let's continue ^_^

As i reached near the gate of the school i already knew the bell has already rang and everyone is in their respective classes yet i gain my calmness and started walking in a cool way to imply that i intended to be late in case anyone see me.

Well you see i kind of got a reputation to protect, being the carefree + sweetheart + helpful + dangerous + sometimes tomboyish and other times girlish....not to brag but basically perfect isn't really easy.

Making sure that i'm not heavy breathing due to so much running and i'm composed i enter my class which is apparently Mrs. Chang's class, my math teacher... 'aishhh why her' i thought.

"Oh..welcome miss. Lee we were just waiting for you to come and bless us with your presence" she said sarcastically. I just stood there infront of the class and gave her a sheepish grin knowing that she isn't going to let me go any time soon without throwing some well-known lectures at me.

As she continued on with some more lectures about not being late at school reminding me of that one time when me and jungkook came five minutes before the bell rang announcing the end of the class for which we got detention later, i could see the whole class holding in their laughters, i throw them a death glare without being noticed by Mrs. Chang and they immediately stopped.

I must say though, even if i top in her's and all my other classes she still holds grudges against my bad habits. Like damn lady i'm trying to have a fun and adventurous highschool life😞

"Y/n" she called loudly seeing me getting lost in my thoughts. "Yes" i replied disinterested. "So where's your partner in crime, usually you guys come together."

Hearing that my head immediately jerked up scanning the whole classroom.

Oh no, you did not just do that jungkook. This calls for revenge. With that said a slight smirk forms on the corner of my lips.

"Are you going to answer me?" Mrs. Chang asked." Well i don't know Mrs. Chang.... can i please take a seat now"i answered simply.

"You don't know where jungkook is?......that's something new......well whatever you may take your seat and because it's the first day you will not get reported for being late." she said while i head towards my desk in the back.

As i sat on my desk i look to the empty seat right next to me where jungkook is supposed to be seated but that idiot decided to ditch me for i don't know which sl*t this time.

After the long boring class it was now time for a short break before going to our next class. I decided to search for my bestfriend jungkook cause i still didn't forget my revenge.

"Y/n," a voice hold me from leaving the classroom. I turned around and saw Lisa. I was very happy to finally see her after the vacation because i could not meet her during the vacation as she was abroad.

"Lisa, i missed you so much..." i said as i hugged her. " i miss you too....btw where's jungkook and why were you late or to be precise sweating so hard as you arrived...." she said as she released from the hug and winked at me. I gave her a disgusted look and she gave me an 'okay...fine' look.

I ignored her previous words and proceeded with the explanation " don't even ask about him....he told me to come early today and that we are actually going to attend Mrs. Chang class knowing how much i don't like coming in her class and didn't even come." I said a bit irritated.

" okay but that still does not explain why you were late."

"Your so stupid i told you my car has gone for repairing last night an-" she cut me from my words

" but you said you'll come with taehyung"

" Oh don't even talk about that bitch....he knew i had to reach school early yet he left me in the middle of nowhere alone to run all the way here."

" omg he left you....and you ran all the way here..." she said in the middle of her laugh. I gave her a death glare and she stopped laughing only to burst into a louder laugh while leaning on the wall beside her.

" ok stop laughing now we need to find jungkook... c'mon let's go to the canteen" i grabbed her hand and dragged her with me while she's still laughing slightly.

Arriving at the canteen i saw a guy with a big bottle filled with iced water in his hand and walked towards him and snatched the bottle from his hand." What the f-" he looked up at me, " oh y/n...it's ok you can take it" he said nervously and walked away.

" what's that for?" asked lisa.

" wait and watch👀" i said as i smirked and searched for my target who i had spotted from the moment i had entered the canteen itself.

I approached my target who was talking to i don't know who from behind while taking the cap of the bottle off with lisa following me with curiosity and--

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