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My bestfriend

Chapter 2: "y/n i love someone"

I approached my target who was talking to i don't know who from behind while taking the cap of the bottle off with lisa following me filled with curiosity and poured the cold water on his head allowing it to make its way down his whole body.

"What the f*ck" he said before turning around completely.

Everyone in the canteen started laughing consequently earning a death glare from him.

" wtf y/n....why'd you do that" said jungkook angrily.

" that's your punishment for pranking me jungkook" i said while laughing.

" what do you mean pranking??"

" seriously you're gonna behave like you didn't ditch me in math class for some random chick" i said looking to the girl jungkook was talking to before and then back to him.

" what??.....i didn't ditch you....do you even know that i got into a serious fight..." he said with a serious face

" what....are you hurt??"

" yes"

" omg...where??"

" in my heart... because it hurts that you are my bestfriend and yet are so....easy to prank" with that he started laughing his ass off.

At that point i was fuming with rage. I could sense myself exploding at any time now. Everyone was laughing until i gave them a death glare.

" oh no its about to go down" lisa facepalmed herself

Without any warning i started running towards jungkook and he started running too as if he saw it coming.

" y/n....jungkook...STOP" Lisa screamed behind us but we didn't pay attention and continued running out of the canteen to the hallway. The bell rang for the third period to start and all students started going to their classes.

" fuck it guys let's get to our classes as usual they'll be back after they're done with this chase game" said lisa boredly while heading to her class. Everyone also headed for their classroom agreeing with lisa.

At the school's terrace.

I ran all the way up to the terrace chasing after junkook not caring about the history class that is ongoing right now and that i'm actually supposed to be in it.

After a long run we both were totally breathless and tired. We stopped to catch our breaths while leaning on the railing next to each other.

"Sorry "

" what??" 'He said 'sorry'?'

" don't enjoy it too much"

" well i was not really mad at you so i accept your apology now let's go before we get detention for being out of class."

I turned around to walk back to class but stopped on my track when i felt a light grip on my hand dragging me back to the railing.

" jungkook what are you doing we have to go back..."

" no we are going to sit here and talk...i need to tell you something" he said while picking me up and making me sit on the railing with legs on the open side of it and he then sat next to me.

We kept sitting there for a while watching the beautiful view from the rooftop. I looked at jungkook waiting for him to say something as he wanted to but he kept looking ahead of him biting on his bottom lips with nervousness so i decided to break the pin drop silence between us.

" so you really didn't tell me to come early and leave me alone in class just to prank me huh....what is it say it.." i asked knowing that there is something bothering him.

Being bestfriends,we understand each other and know exactly what the other person is feeling that's how we are.

He just smiled at me and sighed.

After a couple of minutes he said,

" y/n i love someone"

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