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Hoseok is a high schooler, eager to party, make friends, explore his own body and desires. unfortunately, he has the worlds strictest father and none of that type of living is tolerated. So what will happen when Hoseok meets and falls for the new boy Jungkook, who says up yours to bullies and does what he wants to? More importantly what happens when they all realise there is a serial killer on the loose Rated Mature due to scenes of blood and gore, Murder, kidnapping and torture. This is fanfiction. I do not own BTS or any image that I use. The story idea is all from my own imagination.

Thriller / Romance
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In the near future

Someone's point of view

When I awoke again for the third time during the night, I felt I'd slept enough and was able to sit up and take a look around and try to remember how I got so drunk last night. I don't remember drinking so much at the party but, I must have done. I took a look around and noticed that I was in a place I had never been before. There was a small lamp in the corner of the cramped room, it was switched on but it barely lit anything up. What i could see in the room, though, repulsed me. The floor was just disgusting, dirt and muck everywhere, there was some substances that I am sure were vomit and excrement as well as blood. The stench of it all made me sick to my stomach. When I was first brought here, I was violently sick until it became a painful dry heave. Now though I seem to have become accustomed to the foul stench. I'm cramped, locked up in a small cage. A lot like one of those cages used for dog's. I cannot stand, I cannot even lay down. I'm also naked, does that mean I've been raped? Or I will be? What if it's one of those perverted weirdo serial killers? He probably wants to torture me and then he will kill me. I have no idea how long I've been here, I know I'm dehydrated. All I can think about is water. So damn thirsty. I guess it must have been a couple of days. There is no point shouting out for help, I already tried that. No one answered, no help came. I am all alone. I don't even know who my captor is. I was attacked from behind, a rag held over my mouth and nose. I knew what it was, I couldn't fight against it. I was sedated. And I woke up here. That is all I know.



I toss my phone down on my bed and rush downstairs, throwing a silent prayer up to the ceiling.

"Hey dad?"

"Hm?" He looks up at me from the television. "What is it?"

"Jimin wants to meet up, so can I? Please!"

"Hoseok it's a school night. Where are you wanting to go?"

"Just out."

"For what?"

I shrug. "Just...nothing."

"Hoseok I know you think I'm too hard on you. It's only because I love you."

"I know dad, but..."

"I'm sorry son. It's a no. Don't you have homework?"

"Yes but, it's really easy. Dad please, I never get to go out!"

"Yes you do, when you're with me or when you're at school."

"Dad!" I whine.

"I'm not having my son going outside when it's getting dark and on a school night. Especially when you have work to do."

"What if I didn't have work to do?"

"It will still be a no."

I whine and pout but he ignores me.

"Fine! Then I will never go out! And I will miss out on everything!"

"I thought you said there was nothing happening?"

"Dad!" I stomp to my bedroom and slam the door for added effect. Throw myself onto my bed and call Jimin.

"Hobi, how did it go?"

"Bad. I can't come, I have to stay in my cell."

Jimin giggles. "Aw Hobi. You know your dad is very protective of you. I think its sweet."

"Yah! If it was your dad you wouldn't think that!"

"Yeah I guess. You know that new boy will be at the party, I'll try get a pic of him for you."

"I hope he is really ugly then, since I'm gonna miss it."

"Aw, I'll see you at school tomorrow. Tell you all about it."

I hang up, majorly upset. For as long as I can remember dad has never let me out at night. But I thought that since I'm almost seventeen that surely he would lighten up and let me have some fun. I dread the day I go to college. Would it still be the same? My friends living it up while I sit at home with my dad? Oh well, might as well do my homework, nothing else for me to do.

After finishing my homework, I slump downstairs to sit on the sofa beside dad. He chuckles at my sulky face.

"I'm sorry Hoseok. But you do understand don't you?"

"No, dad. I don't. My friends get to go out on school nights. I can't even go out when it's not a school night. It's not fair!"

Dad sighs. "It's not safe for you son."

"Not safe for me, but it's safe for them? That makes no sense!"

"Hoseok!" He snaps at me and I flinch. "Do I have to make you watch those documentaries again? Do you want to see what monster's do to children?"

"No, I don't!" I shudder, those documentaries gave me nightmares as a child and they still haunt me to this day. I know I can never win this argument but, I still want to try. "It doesn't mean that it's going to happen to me. And if I don't go out ever, then how will I ever have a social life? When I go to college or get a job, will I still not be allowed out at night?"

My dad glares at me and i wish i had kept my mouth shut. "Hoseok, you're just being a smart-arse now. Go to your room!"

"But dad!"


I speed up the stairs to my room as fast as I can, i leap onto my bed and hide under the covers. My heart pounding. I hate when he yells at me. I shouldn't have argued with him. I can't stop the tears from falling down my cheeks, i do not bother to wipe them away, more will follow, they always do. I usually cry myself to sleep after a row with dad, and this night will no doubt be the same. My phone vibrates beside me on the bed. It's a text from Jimin. He's sent a picture of the new boy. I gasp at the image. The new boy is gorgeous and intense looking. His face masculine, sharp jaw, his brown eyes are piercing, his black hair is swept to one side. I'm mesmerized by his body, his muscles, his abs clearly visible in his tight white top. Jimin texts again.

Jimin - "What do you think?"

Hoseok - "Is he real?"

Jimin - "Oh he's real alright. Perfect isn't he?"

Hoseok - "What's his name?"

Jimin - "Jungkook."

Hoseok - "Is he gay?"

Jimin - "Lol. I haven't found that out yet, give me a chance."

Hoseok - "Tell me when you know. And I'm keeping that pic."

Jimin - "Knock yourself out babe. Lol."

Hoseok - "Jimin! Tut tut. Lol."

I continue to stare at the image.is it possible that if he is gay, would he even like me? Would he fancy me? I shake myself back to reality. No, he has the look of a popular person. He probably won't even notice me. I start to imagine seeing Jungkook at school. He would notice me, and would drag me into an empty room, where he would kiss me and undress me. Jungkook would rip his shirt off to reveal his abs. He would take me and make me his. I let out a soft moan that wakes me from my daydream. I notice that I have a hard on. I sigh. He won't notice me at all I know that. A sudden knock on my door makes me yelp, I'm still hard, I try to bundle my blankets up more to hide it.

"Hoseok?" Dad calls to me.

"Yeah, what?"

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?"

Dad opens the door. "Do you want to watch a movie with me?"

I gulp. My erection is still there, I hope he hasn't noticed it. "Uh, yes. But I want to shower first." There's no way I'm moving until he is out of the room.

"Okay, don't be too long." Dad closes the door, i hear him walk downstairs.

I breath a sigh of relief. I put my hand to my chest, feeling the thump of my excited heartbeat. When will it calm down? I look again at the image on my phone. "You are a bad influence, Mr Jungkook."

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