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Remade with an Objective


Y/N Rose was an innocent child that was loved, but his life took a dark turn when his family decided to abuse him to the brink of death, in his recovery he was Remade With An Objective

Scifi / Action
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Y/N Pov:

I’m with my so-called family, being in the attic while everyone else is laughing and feel joy downstairs!

Thoughts: ‘I wish they would care about me again!’

Thoughts: ‘I miss those times before they would abuse me and forget me entirely’

Then I heard somebody calling my name

???: “Hey Y/N come downstairs immediately!”

Turns out it’s just my Bastard dad

Tai: “Don’t make me come upstairs now!”

me: “Right away dad...”

Tai: “What did you call me!?”

me: “d-d-dad...” I stuttered

Tai then uppercuts my stomach and punched my right abdomen, coughing blood Tai grabbed me by the collar of what’s left of my shirt!

Tai: “Never call me that! You piece of SHIT!”

Summer: “Tai what happened?”

Tai: “Y/N called me dad!”

Summer: “That’s ridiculous!” she laughed

Tai: “Call me sir and never call me dad ever AGAIN, do I make myself CLEAR!?”

me: “Yes! Sir!”

Tai then threw me to the cold hard ground! I was then stomped and kicked by Summer and my sisters!

Ruby and Yang: “Yeah! That’s our dad, not yours!”

Summer: “I can’t believe we had you! You waste of space!”

Qrow then arrived

Qrow: “Ruby, Summer, Yang, What are you doing!?”

The three girls: “Teaching this trash a lesson!”

Qrow then separates them from you

Qrow’s gasped to see the multiple injuries and bloodied face

Qrow: “Why did you guys do this!?”

Summer: “He was just a mistake!”

Qrow then showed Summer of a picture of me being born, Summer was carrying and smiling?

Summer looked at this picture and backed away a bit!

Ruby and Yang ran towards me, they kicked me more on my waist and abdomen!

Qrow: “Yang, Ruby STOP!”

Tai then hits Qrow out of the way!

Tai: “Get Out you damn bad luck charm!”

Qrow: “I’m not letting my only nephew to be abused anymore!”

Raven then comes in

Raven saw the drops of blood and saw me down on the ground!

Raven: “Qrow what happened to Y/N!?”

Qrow: “This damn family happened!”

Raven: “I’m taking him away from you guys!”

Tai: “Nope! I got IronWood on speed dial!”

Raven stopped for a minute!

She then made a portal and went back to her Bandit Tribe with a thought: ‘Bastard!’

Qrow then intervenes: “You bastard! What did he do to you!?”

Tai: “Living...”

Ruby and Yang kept on beating me to submission!

Summer kept witnessing the beatings from her two daughters towards her only son!

Summer: “Yang, Ruby Stop!”

Summer then pushed them away and ran towards me!

Ruby and Yang: “Mommy?”

Summer cried and said: “Y-y-y/n?”

I couldn’t say anything, my body was hurt all over

My Vocal cords were hurting, My legs and arms beat to a pulp!

Several skull fractures, and several broken bones!

Qrow then went to Summer and carried me in his arms!

me: “I see-e a light”

Qrow: “Kid, don’t go to the light!”

Summer slowly walked towards me and Qrow!

Summer: “Y-y-y/N, please don’t leave me!”

Ruby and Yang: “Mommy?”

Tai: “Summer why do you care about the piece of trash all of a sudden!?”

Summer: “I remembered his first smile when he was born!”

Summer: “I remembered the feelings I had when he was born!”

Tai stopped himself from talking and was reminiscing the times where Y/N was happy with Ruby and Yang!

Tai remembered when he was happy to have a son, as well as being one big happy family


Young Y/N: “Daddy...”

----FlashBack’s Over-----

Tai collapsed and cried with Summer!

Qrow was there watching them crying!

Qrow: “I can’t believe you two, this is what it took for you to care about him again!?”

Qrow: “I’m taking him away from all of you!”

Summer begged: “Qrow you can’t he’s my son!”

Qrow: “No! You lost the right to call him that ages ago!”

Qrow then took off!


Qrow went to Atlas to heal me after my multiple injuries!

Qrow personally went to IronWood to have permission to use the advanced tech in Atlas!

IronWood: “Qrow what happened to this poor kid!”

Qrow: “This poor kid is my nephew!”

IronWood was dumbfounded by this new piece of information

IronWood: “What happened to him!?”

Qrow was holding back his tears and uttered: “The Rose and Xiao Long family did this to him...”

IronWood was shocked and said: “He was-s-s...”

Qrow: “Abused”

IronWood felt sympathetic and heartbroken

Qrow: “But please help him! He’s at the brink of death!”

IronWood: “I think our cyborg initiative could repair his broken bones and several of his ruptured organs”

Qrow was fear-stricken: “Broken b-b-bones... Ruptured O-o-organs” he stuttered

IronWood: “I had my best doctors to check him, some of them had a fearful look when they reported the back to me...”

IronWood: “They said that he has broken arms and legs! As well as several skull fractures, and some unknown chemical residue that poisoned his internal organs!”

IronWood: “But they were impressed by the fact that he is still sane and that he doesn’t have any brain damage!”

Qrow: “James I know that we haven’t been on the best terms!”

Qrow was crying and begged IronWood: “But please! Help him!”

IronWood: “The Cyborg initiative could save his life!”

Qrow saw a glimpse of hope!

Qrow: “I’ll do anything to save my only nephew!”

IronWood: “I need you to sign these documents, and so you could be identified as his guardian! As well as consent documents!”

----The Next Day----

I was waking up and saw a barren white room, I saw a glass panel that had some people behind it!

I looked around and saw that I was on a panel...

I tried to move, but I couldn’t

Atlas scientist: “I know that you are shocked! But please try to calm down, you were at the brink of death, and we saved some part of you”

me: “P-p-parts O-of M-m-me...” I stuttered

Then the scientist pushed a button, then the room around me was moving around!

Several robotic limbs placed a mirror in front of me...

I saw myself with robotic prosthetics!

Then the Robotic limbs from the room slowly disassembled me!

They took off my left arm, then my right, then it took off my entire waist!

I then saw only my face, my brain, my heart, and several of my internal organs

Atlas scientist: “You are very resilient!”

Atlas scientist: “We had to replace most of you limbs, due to it being damaged beyond repair!”

Atlas scientist: “We were able to salvage some of your organs though!”



This triggered several bad memories of me being abused

Then the monitors in the Scientists room lit up and showed what I remembered!


A/N: (since your brain was connected to the Atlas database they could see what is in your mind!)

Tai: “Don’t ever talk back You little SHIT!”

Summer: “I can’t believe that I had you...”

Ruby and Yang: “You waste of space!”

Then the beatings and abuse continued to be showed up on the screens

The Atlas scientists were gasping at how your former family treated you!

IronWood was also present during all of this!

IronWood thoughts: ‘I can’t believe what they did to this boy!’

Then IronWood heard you cry!

me: “Please... delete these memories”

me: “The pain!”

me: “Emotions!”

IronWood felt his heartstrings being pulled!

IronWood: “Do you want us to take away your memories, and emotions!?”

me: “YES PLEASE, all of these are painful to remember, to feel!”

Qrow was behind IronWood and cried

Qrow: “If I was a better uncle, if I wasn’t always on missions, I could’ve stopped this!”

IronWood: “Qrow calm down, at least he’s alive!”

Qrow: “At least grant his wish, his first wish!”

IronWood: “Erasing his humanity...”

Qrow: “I am so sorry kiddo....”

Qrow: “What type of uncle am I? To let my nephew choose to erase his humanity!”

IronWood: “Qrow Calm down!”

IronWood took a deep breath and said: “Do it!”

Atlas scientist: “But sir, If we do this! He will never be able to regain his memories and emotions again!”

IronWood: “Make a back-up! Until he wants it again!”

IronWood: “Do it!”

Atlas scientist: “Understood”

I felt sleepy and heard a muffled voice

muffled voice: “Erasing Memories and emotions now!”

Then I felt a part of me being taken away!


I saw myself!

Other Y/N: “I guess this is it!”

Other Y/N: “You will know when you need me again...”

I went to him and tried to grab his hand, but his hand slipped away from my grasp and other me started to fade away!

---Out of the MindScape----

I woke up, I don’t feel anything! I don’t remember anything! I heard some people talking...

IronWood: “Let’s make a more humanoid body for him, he can’t walk around like that!”

Atlas scientist: “Right Away Sir!”

Then I was approached by a person in white clothing! Then another person wearing a cross necklace came beside him!

White clothed man: “Do you know who I am?”

The man with the cross necklace shoved him out of the way!

Cross Necklace man: “Kid do you know who I am?”

me: “I don’t remember anything...”

me: “I don’t know who you two are?”

me: “Where am I?”

White clothed man: “Easy kid, I’m General IronWood and this is my associate Qrow”

IronWood: “My scientists helped revive you from the brink of death and rebuilt you, then you asked us to remove your memories and emotions!”

me: “I understand...”

Qrow: “I’m sorry Kiddo!”

me: “What for?”

Qrow: “For letting them hurt you”

me: “Who?”

Qrow: “Your old family”

me: “I see...”

me: “But I don’t remember them anymore, I think that is for the best...”

I tried to crack a smile, but it failed!

Qrow saw this and tried to hold his tears, to only smile back and then calmed by IronWood giving him a pat on the back!

IronWood: “Qrow do you mind if I adopt him?”

Qrow: “To be honest I was going to ask you to adopt him...”

Qrow hesitantly said: “I will always go on missions for Ozpin and it might be too late for me to come back and redeem myself for being a failure of an uncle!”

IronWood: “I understand...”

Qrow: “Thanks, Jimmy...”

IronWood approached me

IronWood: “Would you like to be my son?”

me: “What’s a son?”

Ironwood: “You would be apart of a family”

me: “What’s a family?”

IronWood: “I would be your father, I would be able to guide you...”

me: “I see... I accept...”

IronWood: “I’ll handle all the paperwork...”

IronWood looked back at me and said: “Hello Y/N IronWood”

me: “Hello Father...”

---The next day---

I am now the legally adopted son of General IronWood, I was a bit confused about what a son should do, then I had the entire dictionary downloaded into my databanks!

me: “I see... that this is what a son is about...”

Dad then called me

me: “Yes father?”

IronWood sighed and said: “Just call me dad from now on okay?”

me: “Understood dad”

me: “Dad, could we perhaps hang out sometime?”

Dad’s face lit up and said: “If I have time my son...”

me: “Dad can I see what you’re working on?”

Dad: “Yeah”

I then saw a robot being constructed to look like a human girl!

me: “What is her name?”

Dad: “Her name is Penny your sister when she’s finished!”

me: “I could have a sister?”

Dad: “Penny will be your sister!”

I then hugged Dad and said: “Thank you dad”

Then I released Dad from the hug, only for Dad to see my emotionless face...

Dad: “But you will have to wait a bit for her to be finished!”

me: “I understand!”

IronWood’s Pov

Ozpin: “IronWood, I heard that you have a son! Is this true?”

me: “Yes it’s true!”

Ozpin: “Who might the mother be?”

me: “Adopted...”

Ozpin: “Oh, I’m sorry”

me: “Why are you calling me Ozpin?”

Ozpin: “Merely an invitation to come to Beacon...”

me: “My son will attend Atlas, but he can come to the Vytal Festival if your wondering...”

Ozpin: “I see...”

me: “Will that be all Ozpin?”

Ozpin: “Yeah!”

me: “Goodbye Ozpin”

Ozpin: “Goodbye James”

me: “Son”

Y/N: “Yes Dad?”

me: “Would you like to attend school with your sister when she’s finished?”

Y/N: “I would be delighted Dad!”

me: “Then you and Penny will start attending Atlas Academy Next month!”

Y/N: “Thank You, Dad!”

me: “No Problem Son” he says as he puts his hand on Y/N’s shoulder

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