My Step-Brother (y/n fanfic)


Every person on Valentine's Day have plans weather it is going on a date or sitting on the couch at home and watching Netflix while eating a bag of chips Well my Valentine's day plan turned out to be very different and changed my life Inna good and bad way

Chapter 1: Valentine's Day

y/n pov
every person on valentines day have plans weather it is going on a date or sitting at home watching netflix while eating a bag of chips
but i was neither of these two types of people .I was in a car with my step brother Jungkook ,who had been ordered by his fancy father to pick me up and drive me to their house so we could 'bond'
me being an antisocial person just stared at my instagram feed while listening to some music.While jungkook drove silently looking straight at the road not even glancing at me or even syaing what most people say when they first meet 'hello'
But i did sort of expect the 'your a ghost and no one sees or cares about you' action to happen .As i was checking my feed Jungkook glanced back at me "Had a date ?"he asks shamelessly
i was taken aback at first but later responded with "none of your buisnness"he smirks snarkily and continues to drive...."your pretty though" he says casually
"your handsome too, but i dont think you have a date since your driving me to your mansion out of town"i say not holding back
"As a matter of fact ,i have a date"he says
"and who is this girl who's gonna die out of boredom because of you"i back answer
"you " he says in a raspy voice
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