My Toy Story


Fictitious lives of Toys

Saanvi Nayak
5.0 1 review
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All of you have toys, some are old, some are new. We all love toys, don’t you? Well, I am a big fan of toys, but did you know that when you are sleeping, they talk about all the great things you have done to them to make the others jealous. Well, Mr. Teddy says “She brushes my silky, soft fur and it is very smooth. It feels like a fantastic massage. Surely you are jealous of me”. All the Barbie dolls said “We all do fashion runways walks and she dresses us beautifully. She even put makeup on us. It is much better than your fur”. “She builds things with us. She will be proud she has us. We could help her get a job as a builder” came the reply from the building blocks. The stuffed animals replied “She thinks us as her pets because she does not have one as it would destroy the house. Instead, she can play with us. We can also help her with her animal sounds so she can be an explorer. It is much better than her growing up to be a builder”. They did not notice they were talking so much; they did not even notice it was morning. Then they hear a sound from the playroom they came to know it was morning. They all stopped chatting. They went into the positions they were in before. But you hardly even notice a thing. You just think about which toy you want and how you want to play with it. Now the life of the toys goes in a life cycle!


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