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Maybe...we weren't meant to be


Taehyung and Y/N met each other in the simplest way possible but they weren't meant to be. Read to find out how they fought against their own destiny. ( It's a fan fiction I don't own BTS, bighit or anything else. I only own the plot of this story and if anything resembles any incident of real life then it's purely coincidence)

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 2

If only I knew that I wasn't supposed to go to library that day and that my fate wanted me to go with Jimin so that I can fall in love with him. Nope of this could have happened. But what can I say I am happy that I went to the library that day. That was the best mistake I have ever made.


As I entered the library my nostrils got hit with the pleasant smell of books. Ah..it's my utopia.

I went to the person sitting in the counter. "Here I wanted to return this book. My membership number is 30121995.

The person sitting in the counter looked up and I got mesmerized by his beauty. He looked eternal... even handsome than Jimin and if I am saying that it's true because weirdly Jimin made my heart flutter. He looked like a beautiful blend of Asian and European beauty. The best of both worlds.

I didn't noticed I was staring at him like a creep.

He cleared his throat. " Oh so you borrowed 'Crossed path by will'. Please don't mind but did you liked it?"

"Like? Dude I loved it. The only flaw in this book is that the plot seems a bit unrealistic to me as I have never seen that kinda love."

He smiled " Me too. I loved it but the plot seems unrealistic."

Little did we know that the same thing will happen that us in future.

"Did you liked the character of Loona?"

I thought for sometime and replied

" Um it depends. I think she was blinded by love. Reiya didn't deserved what she did to him but love makes people blind. At the end I felt as if time would somehow reverse and Loona could never meet Stephen and end up with Harry."

His eyes lit up " I think the same."

Then we spent sometime chatting about the book as the library was nearly empty and not many people would willingly come here at this time in such a cold whether.

"By the way I talked so much with you but I didn't catch this beauty's name."

I smiled "I am (L/N)(Y/N)".

" You mean your name is (Y/N) and surname is (L/N) right? I always get confused when a foreigner say their name."

I laughed " Yep it is. I know it's so hard. I really get confused too when someone say their name while talking in English."

" Good I am not alone in this and I am even glad I am with a beauty whose name is even more beautiful. "

" Hey you are such a flirt. You flirt just like a Frenchman. "

" Actually milady I am half French."

I mumbled " Now that explains why you are best of both worlds." "Uh? Did you say anything?" "I-I um no I didn't." I stammered and blushed.

He smiled and seriously he looked so cute. His smile is so unique it looks just like a box.

I said " By the way Frenchman you didn't tell me your name."

" Oh how glad I am that this beauty want to know my name. I am Taehyung. Kim Taehyung. Also milady stop staring at me. Are you perhaps struck with my beauty?" Then he smirked.

Seriously this guy's personality turned 360 degree.

" Oh you wish. Sorry I have seen better" I smirked.

"I like it cute but feisty. We have so much in common. Do you wanna go with me somewhere after my shift is over? We would discuss other books and get to know each other. "

I smiled " Sure! When Is your shift ending?"

" An hour from now."

" Okay then I am gonna look at the other books. "

I felt his gaze on me as I was looking at the books and this way an hour finally passed and surprisingly I felt comfortable with him.


This chapter maybe too clingy but it's important for the story. Some may think that the meeting is really normal but it's important. This entire chapter is I guess the most important chapter of the story.

It gets better please bear with me. Also English is not my first language. But I will try to edit it the best I can. Also I will try to update every Sunday.

Also don't forget to review and comment. I wanna hear your opinion.


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