Getting to know you

Chapter Eleven - The Loss of our Soul

Hayley's POV:

Hayley scanned the living room to make sure she was alone. After the quick escape Hope had made that morning, Hayley had decided to try to make up her own mind. She and Elijah'd had a rough time, neither of them hardly spoke to one another and if they did it turned into a huge fight. It was all nonsense, they had fought before over silly things, but this time it didn't seem to have an end.

She didn't even know why he was angry with her, sure she had spent a lot of time with the new werewolves in town, but it had been completely harmless. She hadn't really enjoyed her time with them and the main reason for her to spend time with them had been because she wanted them gone from New Orleans before Klaus could get his hands on them.

She had succeeded to send them away, and now she spent every minute of every day doing nothing. She and Hope never spoke and if they did it wasn't much to brag about. They hadn't connected, just as Hope had said earlier. How could it be so easy for Klaus and Hope to get along? Klaus of all the people in the compound? She didn't get it.

"What's up with you? You look like someone just tore apart you favorite teddy bear," Rebekah pointed out without any sign of sympathy. She was carrying a box filled with dusty, old stuff in her arms.

"I think you know what's going on," Hayley replied.

"That you and the noble brother of mine can't get yourself some sweetness time? Please, Elijah is being the polite ass he can be sometimes. Don't worry, he will come around once he understands he can't hide forever."

"I'm just confused," Hayley explained. She and Rebekah had gotten along pretty well lately, talking about things that were on their minds.

Rebekah put the box down on the floor and walked over to the couch to sit down next to Hayley. If someone had told her fifteen years ago that Rebekah could be a great friend, then she would have laughed that person in the face. "Tell me what's bothering you."

"It's just that – one second Elijah tries to kiss me and the next he totally ignores me. I don't know what he wants and what to expect."

"Elijah has always been quite the secret himself," Rebekah sighed. "As before, I believe he is afraid Niklaus will get between the two of you. But now when that bitchy blonde vampire is back from Mystic Falls, I think Nik has enough on his mind."

"What shall I do?" Hayley asked, knowing how pathetic desperate she sounded. But she had to admit it, she was in love with Elijah and she didn't want to hide it anymore. If she wanted something, then she would fight for it.

Rebekah sighed and got back up to her feet. "No bloody idea. I've never understood Elijah's way of seeing things. Now if you'll excuse me, I will throw this in the cellar and make sure our lovely parents still are rutting down there."

She picked up the box from the floor and stepped out of the living room leaving Hayley by herself again. If Elijah couldn't find the courage to look her in the eye and tell her the truth himself, then she would have to do the dirty work for him. She had waited for over a decade for something to happen and now when they had the chance to finally find peace, then she wouldn't waste another minute waiting.

She decided to confront him the next time she saw him, no more waiting in the darkness and with thoughts and question without an answer. She needed to know if he wanted the same thing as she did, because otherwise she didn't see any reason to stay in New Orleans except for Hope. Which also didn't work out at the moment, maybe some time alone with her daughter could sort things out.

Klaus wouldn't become to keen on that thought though. He would probably slaughter her alive only to make such a suggestion. He was too eager with his own mind to even realize how the way of controlling this family was tearing them apart. She knew Klaus saw the end of them if they stayed in New Orleans, but how much would they have to sacrifice before they could move on from this place?


Hayley could hear the voice of Rebekah from the courtyard, which made her heart skip a beat inside her chest. That voice only meant one thing - that something bad had happened.

She got up to her feet at the same moment as Klaus came running down the stairs. He gave her a fast look before exiting to the balcony and the courtyard with Hayley right behind him.

"What is it sister?" he asked with annoyance in his voice. He obviously didn't take his sister's scared voice on fully seriousness.

"Something has happened, I went down to the cellar to check on our parents. But I couldn't find them." Rebekah's eyes widen in fear when she told them about the bad news. Hayley took a strong grip around the balcony railing.

Klaus' gaze darkened, although Hayley could sense a wave of fear coming from him. "Are you sure?"

Rebekah nodded. "And another thing, I found the witch that was keeping them locked-up dead."

It didn't take long before Kol and Elijah entered the kitchen after Klaus had called them. This was worse than just the crazy Mikaelson parents escaping out of the blue, since they had Hope back. More than that, Hope was missing. It was five in the afternoon and she hadn't come home yet, Hayley had even called the school and they hadn't seen her all day.

"Do you think they have taken her?" Hayley asked with her voice breaking. "I won't lose her again."

"She is not answering her cellphone," Rebekah said and tossed her phone over the room. It hit the wall with a loud bang. "What shall we do? Who knows what the psychopathic father of ours have done to her?"

"I knew this would happen, we should have gotten rid of them ages ago!" Elijah said filled with anger.

"What if Hope just stays at a friends' house?" Kol suggested. "Or maybe she has ran away again?"

"Still doesn't change the fact that our parents are missing, Kol!" Rebekah spat. She ran her hand through her hair as a nervous reflection. "Besides, Hope always makes some sort of dramatic exit before she does something bad. I hardly believe she would run away again like the last time."

"What if she was the one to let our parents out?" Kol continued, causing his siblings and Hayley to glare at him. He threw his hands in the air while making a half circle around the table. "Think about it, she can't have forgiven you and if I was in her shoes I would like to get revenge. Don't forget that she is Nik's daughter."

Klaus eyes looked like they were burning of anger. The next second he had sprung over the room in Kol's direction, his fists clenched and fangs dropped out of his mouth. He looked like a miserable monster, with the vanes covering the lower part of his eyes and with the color of yellow covering his eyes.

Elijah jumped between them in the last second before Klaus had a chance to break his little brother's neck. Klaus flew through the kitchen and crashed into the wall, causing a huge hole appear where he had landed. Though he was soon on his feet again and in front of Kol with Elijah keeping them apart by holding out his arms between them.

"I will rip your throat out with my teeth right after I've staked Elijah," Klaus threatened, still with his hybrid face covering him.

"Again with the pathetic threats?" Kol pushed.

"Stop it, both of you!" Rebekah screamed. "We have bigger problems than your teenage drama."

"We do not have time for this," Elijah calmly spoke. "I agree with Rebekah, we have bigger problems to worry about."

"The more time we waste on fighting each other, the less time we will have to find our daughter," Hayley said. Her voice sounded desperate, just like her eyes looked when they found Klaus'. He clenched his teeth before taking a step back and letting his face turn back to normal.

"It's almost dark, I will have the nightwalkers scan the area," Klaus announced while putting on his leather jacket, his gaze still shooting bullets at Kol. "One of us should stay here in case Hope turns up."

"I can stay," Rebekah offered.

"Hayley and I will search the Quarters, if you see anything suspicious you call us," Elijah said and took a firm grip around Hayley's shoulder. "Nik and Kol tell the nightwalkers while Rebekah call Marcel."

Kol nodded and followed Klaus out of the kitchen, before Rebekah ran over the room to pick up her phone again and started to type in Marcel's number.

Hayley took a deep breath to steady her pulse, but it didn't make it better. She had met Mikael once, and she didn't want to do it again. She was afraid of what that man could do to make sure his bastard to a son would die. He could probably sacrifice Hope for Niklaus' death and she wouldn't let that happen.

"Are you okay, Hayley?" Elijah said with a smooth voice. He was trying to comfort her, but it didn't work. She had one thing on her mind, and that was to save her daughter. No matter what it would take.

"Let's find my daughter."

Hope's POV:

She had been dreaming such a nice dream. It had been without any worry or pain. All she had to do was breathe and make sure she was happy. She had smiled, even laughed and meant every single thought of happiness that had filled her brain. Her family had been there, her real family. Kol had made Rebekah angry by telling her that she looked like a soaking wet cat in the blue dress she was wearing. Though everyone knew she had looked stunning. Elijah and Hayley had been married, both with huge smiles on their faces and without as much as a thought of fighting. Klaus hadn't killed anyone, on the contrary, he had actually saved a little boy's life from being killed by a bus.

It had felt so real for a moment, almost like it had happened in reality. But when she opened her eyes, she wasn't on the beach she had dreamed of. She was in a dusty, old cellar with only stone and hard ground as company.

Her hands were tied behind her back, making it hurt around her angles. She couldn't remember anything, with her head aching like it had been smashed into the wall at least five times. She was lying in an uncomfortable position, with her face down facing the ground and her legs bent in front of her.

Carefully she sat up, forcing herself not to make a sound though her hands hurt. She leaned against the wall while looking around. It was definitely a cellar. It wasn't too big, but very old because of the rusty, old hooks that was attached to the walls. It was cold there, with the wind hitting her face from the iron gates beside her. A huge lock was the only thing preventing her from opening the gates and escape from there.

She tried to untie the knot that was keeping her hands from become free, but it was too tight to get open. She really was stuck.

Hope leaned back with a sigh, if she had payed attention in magic class then she probably would have a spell to get her out of this mess. But she was a lazy person and she hadn't payed attention, which gave the result of no spell to get her out of there. Great.

The last thing she could remember before everything went dark was the man Mikael, he had told her his name and that she could help him kill his son. She remembered Elijah talking about someone named Mikael, their father. But it couldn't be him, could it? If so, then that meant he was after Klaus, and he would do everything in his power to make sure Klaus would die.

Hope got up on her feet and walked toward the iron bars, on the other side of them there was a dark tunnel . But that was everything she managed to see except for the torches that were lighting up her cage and another one next to the one she was locked in. She had never been trapped like this before and she definitely didn't like it. She didn't even know how long she had been knocked out, an hour? A day?

Hope shook her head and took a couple of steps backwards until her back hit the wall. She leaned her head against the wall of stone and closed her eyes. She felt more abandoned than when she had been in New York, what if her family couldn't find her? Would she die here? For the first time in her life she was afraid of dying, she didn't want to leave earth like this. Not now when she had gotten someone into her life worth loving.

A sudden loud sound made her eyes shoot open, she could hear steps coming closer. But to her surprise she could distinguish more than one person's footsteps. Had her family found her?

The excitement that filled her for a moment was at once drained out of her when she met the eyes of the man who had kidnapped her. He was even more disgusting than she had remembered him to be.

"Good, you're awake, lass," he said before reaching toward the cage next to hers. Hope neither answered nor moved, instead her eyes found a blonde girl next to Mikael.

She was a young woman, with pale skin, green-blue eyes and medium length blond hair. She was wearing casual denim jeans, a top with a dark jacket. Hope didn't recognize the woman, but the look on her face, she did know Hope.

The woman's face was filled with scratches, and her hands was also tied with the same kind of rope that Hope's was. Mikael opened the gate to the second cage and shoved the woman inside before locking it again.

"My family will find me," Hope said between her teeth. She was brave enough to meet Mikael's eyes, he looked at her with a mixture between disgust and cruelty.

Mikael emitted a laugh that sounded like knives driving through Hope's ears. "That's exactly what I am hoping for, lass."

She didn't know how to respond, if Mikael wanted her family to find her then there was nothing for her to do. She couldn't warn them, because her phone was in her bag that Mikael obviously had taken from her. She was probably just the bait, he used her to get to his own children and to finally get his peace by killing them.

"You're pathetic," Hope simply said. She felt the woman's warning glare at her but she decided to ignore it. Instead she bravely met Mikael's eyes as he turned around to face her.

He laughed, making Hope control her emotions not to shiver in disgust. "I'm the pathetic one? You, if anyone, are the most pathetic excuse of a living creature on this earth. A miracle baby, which has led to nothing more than killing and confusion. If there is anyone to blame for my children's reckless behavior, it's you. The only reason why I haven't ended your life yet is because I need to make sure the boy my children call brother, won't walk another day alive again!"

Hope covered her fear by snorting a cold, joyless laugh. "Right, so I'm the one to blame because my grandmother had an affair with another man and a kid was the result? What century are you living in? Wake up, old man, stuff like that happens everyday. Besides, you have failed to kill them for a thousand years, why do you think this time will be any different?" She took a step closer to the iron bars, but stayed far away enough not to be in reach of Mikael's hands.

Mikael looked furious, his eyes scanning her with anger and his body shaking. "That kid, is an abomination, a symbol of weakness and a disappointment to anyone who comes near him!"

Then reality struck her, as she looked into Mikael's eyes and read his every movement. It was obvious when she thought about it, why haven't anyone figured it out before?

"You're jealous of him," Hope said in surprise. "You're jealous because of all he has accomplished, you call him weak, but he has proven himself strong because of all he has done even though you were a coward to abuse him as a child. Very brave of you by the way, to hurt a defenseless little kid. How pathetic!"

Mikael's eyes widened in anger, Hope had hit a sore spot. Her mission was accomplished, she now knew how to make him become angry. It was surprisingly easy, although it did scare her that the only thing keeping him from taking a grip around her neck was the bars between them. It was enough for her to make up a plan to get out of here, if Mikael didn't decide to end her life right away, which she doubted because he needed her to get to Klaus.

Mikael grinned. "You're lucky that I still need you, lass. Otherwise you would have been dead long ago."


"I'm not afraid of death nor pain."

"You should be," Mikael said before taking a step closer to the bars, almost touching them. "The thing that is waiting you is far worse than death, girl."

Hope swallowed, feeling how a lump of tears filled her throat. She felt like crying, why had Mikael accomplished to escape? How had he been able to escape anyway? Someone must have killed the witch, but who?

"Can't wait," she hissed between her teeth. Mikael laughed and turned his back toward her before exiting the cellar. Hope took a deep breath once she couldn't hear his footsteps anymore. That had been intense, she hadn't imagined her first meeting with her grandfather to be like this.

"Seriously? Do you have a death wish or something?"

Hope had totally forgotten about the other woman in the cage next to hers. But who could really blame her? She had been busy enough to make her crazy grandfather angry. To be honest, she was quite proud of herself and what she had been able to make out of the little information she had gotten about Mikael from Elijah.

She turned toward the blond woman. "Sorry if I offended you, I can't promise it won't happen again." She was ironic, she didn't like her way of speaking to Hope, like she was some sort of idiot or something.

The blonde rolled her eyes. "Why did you do that? To piss him off?"

"Sort of," Hope shrugged. "I needed some information, nothing to worry about."

"You're definitely Klaus' daughter."

"So I've been told."

Hope sat down at the floor with her back against the wall, still watching the blonde woman's every move. She couldn't be much older than herself, somewhat between seventeen and twenty. She was probably a vampire, considering Hope didn't see any reason of Mikael capturing a human.

"Who are you?" Hope asked making her forehead go into deep wrinkles. A part of her already knew the answer to the question, but she had to be sure. She hoped that her assumption were wrong, because if she was right, then this was a much bigger deal than she had thought.

"Caroline Forbes."


Hope couldn't resist to blink a few times in confusion, so this was the woman her father was utterly in love with? The only person who made him more human than anyone else? Hope at once felt a huge wave of respect for this woman flow through her.

"I believe we have a problem," she said when she found her voice again.

"Now you decide to become careful?" Caroline spat out. "Mikael, the vampire who hunts vampires, have us locked-in a cage underground and is about to kill all the originals, which will lead to every vampire's death!"

Hope clenched her teeth, she didn't like Caroline's way of talking to her. She wasn't an idiot, she knew exactly what she was doing. It was only a matter of time before they would be out of here.

Besides, people acted less careful when they were angry and had things to think about. Mikael had definitely got a lot on his mind after she had talked to him, which would probably cause him to make at least one mistake. Hopefully that mistake would be something that could drag her family's attention.

Hope avoided contact with Caroline, not because she didn't like her, but because she didn't trust her. She knew Mikael was a vampire hunter, but how could he have figured out that Caroline was in town within hours? Of course, maybe he had some guy on the inside that had given him information while his time in the basement at the Abattoir. But still, it didn't make sense to her just yet.

She lost track of time after a while in silence, she could hear the sound of dripping water somewhere close. Which made her mouth become dry, she hadn't drunk anything for hours. Her stomach howled for something to eat. She literally could feel how her strength begun to dry out of her, as her hands started to feel numb and her eyes wanted to shut themselves and fall into deep slumber.

"Where are we anyway?" Hope spoke as Caroline decided to quit walking around in her cellar and sat down against the wall.

"I think it's called the Bayou," Caroline answered. "We're in some sort of underground cellar underneath a lake."

At least that explained the sound of water.

"Are you okay?"

Hope allowed herself to look up at Caroline when she asked her that question. "What do you mean?"

"This must be a lot for you to handle, I mean everything with vampires and werewolves," Caroline explained, her voice sounded much smoother and understanding now than for a couple of minutes ago.

"How did you become a vampire?" Hope asked without even thinking about it could be a sensitive subject to discuss. After the last month with her birth family, she had learnt that the supernatural creatures wasn't a touchy thing to talk about, or at least not around them. But with others – she wasn't as sure.

Caroline took a deep breath, but she didn't seem too anxious about the subject. "I was killed by a vampire named Katherine Pierce with Damon Salvatore's blood in my system."

"Elijah told me about them," Hope told her while switching her seat when her hands started to cramp. "Katherine was the first dubblegänger, wasn't she?"

"Yeah, and the most bitchy one if you ask me," Caroline snorted.

They kept on talking about Caroline's previous life in Mystic Falls, she also told Hope more details about her father when they had been in the city. It was both frightening and fascinating to hear about how Klaus had handled things years ago and how he had acted towards those people who had lived there. Obviously he had been one hell of a pain in the ass for Caroline, although that didn't seem to bother her much anymore.

"So how about you?" Caroline asked as she had ended her story about a fling she'd had in Paris a couple of years ago. "I guess Klaus has a short leash when it comes to boys?"

Hope chuckled, well at least she had got that one right. "Yeah, but I'm not really seeing anyone at the moment. I've enough going on anyway."

Caroline nodded, she obviously did understand what Hope was talking about. To be honest, Hope had never been in love, she didn't know what it felt like. Sure she had had plenty of boyfriends, but none of them truly meant anything to her. She had never felt love in her entire life.

"Someone is coming," Caroline whispered and got on her feet in the same moment as Hope did. She already knew who it was, the footsteps were way too slow for being her parent's.

"Great, you're both awake," Mikael smiled when he appeared around the corner. "No more waiting, my lovelies, it's time for some action."

He reached for the lock on Hope's door and ripped it in pieces. Well, at least she wouldn't have to be stuck in the cell anymore.

"Come on now, lass. We have work to get to," Mikael spat and took a hard grip around Hope's arm. She bit herself in her lip not to scream in pain, she didn't want to seem weak in front of him. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction. "You too, blondie."

He did the same thing to Caroline's lock as he had done with Hope's before he pushed both of them in front of him through the corridor. Hope stumbled at the feet, she was so tired she had problem standing straight. If she only could find enough strength so she would feel so helpless, but she couldn't, all she wanted to do was sleep.

The light of the moon hit her face at once she step out in the cold, night air. She felt like she could finally breathe again after have been underground.

"Come on, lass, we don't have the whole night," Mikael growled and pushed her in the back so she nearly fell face-down on the ground but managed to stay on her feet in the last second.

Just as Caroline had told her earlier, they were by a lake with not more than forest surrounding them from every corner. They had gotten out of an underground cellar, which was almost impossible to spot because of the huge bushes that were covering the entrance.

Right in front of them an open area appeared, with an open space lightened up by small torches on the ground formed as a huge circle. In the middle of the circle of fire, Hope found two people. One – a person she didn't recognize, it was a dark girl with black hair and an empty look on her face, the second one – the person she did recognize, made her heart stop inside her chest.

"Sam!" Hope called out, she didn't know if she should be thrilled or terrified because of her best friend from New York being here. Probably frightened because of the fact that it was Mikael who kept them hostage.

Mikael pushed both Caroline and Hope inside the circle of fire before he entered after them. Sam shook his head as a warning when Hope took an impulsive step towards him but was held back by Mikael's grip around her arm.

"What do you want with him?" she asked with her eyes shooting daggers at Mikael.

"You will find out soon enough, lass," Mikael said with a low chuckle. Hope swallowed, this would definitely be a long night.

"Don't try and run," the other dark girl suddenly spoke. Caroline had made her way toward the line of fire, probably because she had seen an opportunity to run when Hope distracted Mikael. "Once you enter, you can't leave."

She was a witch!It made total sense, but why would Mikael need a witch? And Sam? And Caroline? Hope didn't get it, the only thing that could kill an original was the white oak stake, which Klaus had because he had taken it from Mikael at the same moment his ugly-fat ass had been thrown into the basement.

Mikael finally decided to let go of Hope and she didn't waste a second before she ran over to Sam, who immediately embraced her.

"You okay?" she asked without hesitation. It felt weird to see him again, to be able to feel him. Now she understood how much she actually had missed him.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he said before letting her go. He looked over her shoulder at Mikael and the witch who now were talking with low whispers. Caroline tried to make it through the circle of fire, but an invincible wall stopped her from escaping.

Sam reached for the rope that still were around her ankles and started to untie them.

"Why are you here?" she whispered. "You shouldn't be here!"

"I was at home and got a phone call telling me I have to come to New Orleans, I don't know why or why I couldn't do anything else than what the voice told me to do."

Hope eyes widened. "He compelled you!"

"Compelled? What are you-"

"Enough with the small talk!" Mikael screamed just as Sam managed to get rid of the ropes. It felt relieving to finally be able to move her arms again. "We have a lot to do, come here lass."

He waved his hand toward Hope, who turned quickly to meet Sam's eyes. "If you get a chance, run!"

He nodded, although Hope already knew he was compelled not to leave. She hadn't seen anything like this before, but she had been able to figure out what this was. It was a sacrifice.

It was at that moment that she realised how high the moon was on the sky, which meant that it was past midnight. It was her birthday, she was no longer a sixteen-year-old kid, she was seventeen. Happy birthday, Hope, she thought.

"Right on time," Mikael said with a huge smile on his cruel face. "Make sure those two don't do anything!"

He pointed at Caroline and Sam, and the witch raised her hand toward both of them. They both fell onto their knees, with their hands covering their ears and screams escaped their lungs in pain. Hope made an impulse to run over to them, but Mikael took a grip around her shoulder, holding her back with his strength.

"Not so fast, lass," he whispered. He pushed her down to her knees in front of him so she was facing the woods, where she now could see silhouettes of people appearing by the trees. Her heart made a jump inside her chest. No!

"Let go of her!" Hayley's heartbroken scream echoed through Hope's ears when they stepped into the light of fire. Elijah reached out his arm to stop her from running into the circle. Although Hope was pretty sure none of them were able to enter anymore, the witch had probably made a spell that prohibit them from doing it.

"You sick monster, don't you dare touch her!" Hayley continued to scream, tears running down her face. Hope at once regretted everything she had ever done to make her mother angry or sad, watching her suffer like this was too much.

Kol and Rebekah kept themselves behind Hayley and Elijah in the shadows, probably trying to find a way around the spell. Hope also found Marcel, standing beside Rebekah with his eyes shooting daggers at Mikael.

"What do you want?" Hope's eyes finally found her father. Klaus was pacing forth and back by the fire, she could feel his anxiousness pouring out of his body. He, just as her, hated to feel useless and helpless. "I swear if you hurt her I will make your death the worst suffering you have ever felt!"

His eyes shifted in yellow as he spoke.

"Not so though now are you, boy?" Mikael mocked with a huge grin covering his face. "Diandra, please love, bring the lad over."

He made a gesture toward the witch, who nodded and reached her arm toward Sam. He got up on his feet with a painful grimace on his face before stumbling over to Mikael and Hope.

"Let her go!" Hayley begged while struggling against the grip Elijah held around her. Mikael ignored her and pulled out a knife from his pocket. Klaus at once flinched toward the wall of fire, which flamed up and stopped him from passing.

He gritted his teeth. "You will regret this!"

"Quiet, boy!" Mikael shouted. "This is nothing more than a simple test."

He took a hard grip around Sam's wrist and dragged the blade over his skin, making a deep wound appear with dripping blood pouring out of it. Hope's eyes widened, she could feel the urge of tasting it. At once her head became a total blur, she couldn't think or concentrate on anything else than the blood. She needed it.

She wasn't the only one realising what was about to happen, Rebekah had taken a step forward beside Klaus and covered her mouth with her hands making a oh-my-god sound. Mikael grabbed the back of Hope's head and threw her toward Sam's wrist. It was only inches away from her, she could literally smell it. She wouldn't be able to keep herself from it this time, even though it was Sam. She would have to kill Sam.

Klaus had teared his gaze of Mikael and met Hope's eyes. They were worried, but also understanding and they somehow managed to calm her down.

"It's okay sweetheart," he whispered. "It's going to be okay."

Mikael wasn't too patient though. "Come on, lass, have at it!"

And so she did. She couldn't resist it, the smell was too much. Her whole body wanted it, although her head screamed at her that she shouldn't. She kept on drinking, tasting the euphoric drink that made her throat feel whole. She was too busy concentrating on drinking that the sound of her family and Sam's scream went past her. On the same time that she felt fully alive, she couldn't think. Almost like a ghost.

It wasn't until she felt Sam's body relax and fade away in her arms that she made herself let go of the boy's lifeless body. She had killed her best friend with her own hands and she didn't even feel a wave of regret.

"Excellent", Mikael said and dragged Hope back onto her feet, leaving Sam's body dead on the ground. His eyes were shut, his body lying in an uncomfortable position. She had killed her best friend. She was a murderer.

Her hands were shaking, she couldn't manage to look at anyone so she kept her eyes closed. Though her body felt different, she was stronger, she could feel the earth underneath her in another way. She could hear everyone's heartbeat, the leaves that slowly waved in the same pulse as the wind and the water of the lake pushing against the shore.

It was a powerful feeling, to know exactly what the other people around her felt, thought and wanted. Her ability to read people had become stronger, she felt invincible. The price of becoming a hybrid had been much, though she couldn't find the right words to describe what she felt. A part of her were thrilled with her new senses and strengths, another wanted to scream out in pain for the loss of Sam. The third part of her wanted to shut it all out, every feeling, every thought, it wanted it all gone.

Mikael held her head in a strong grip, making her neck bend in an uncomfortable position. She let out a cry in pain, her full transition hadn't completed yet, though she knew it tried to process it.

"Open your eyes, lass," he demanded.

Hope shook her head, she didn't want to. All she wanted to do was to run away, far away from here where no one could find her again. She wanted to be alone, just stop thinking for a while and not have to worry about anything. It would be so nice, not to care of anything. Just let go.

"What are you trying to prove, father?" Klaus exclaimed, rage covering his voice. "You can't kill neither of us now."

"Quiet, boy! This has nothing to do with either of you!" Mikael shouted. Hope screamed in pain of her ears inhaling the shouting noise, she wasn't used to hear anything this loud. She covered her ears with her hands and fell down on her knees, couldn't this just stop?

Mikael didn't appreciate her weakness, he roughly took a handful of her hair in his hand and ripped her head backwards. "I said, open your eyes, lass!"

Rebekah screamed at him to stop and Hope could hear their attempts to get through the invincible wall. Useless tries though, the witch was too strong.

So she opened her eyes with a start, causing all of her family members gasp for air.

"Now this is interesting," Mikael whispered before he let go of her. Hope stumbled forward and crashed into the ground.

She met the eyes of her family, they looked confused, almost a little bit scared. What was it with her eyes?

"Bring the blonde one," Mikael then commanded to the witch. Diandra nodded and smiled without joy as she reached for Caroline and forced her toward Mikael and Hope.

It was at that as the Mikaelson's finally tore their gazes away from Hope and found Caroline's painful face. Hope could only imagine the feelings going through her father's mind now.

She tried to make her legs work again to back away, but something kept her in place. Not magic, not Mikael. She was too weak and tired to move. shouldn't her transition into a hybrid make her stronger instead of a helpless kid?

"What are you doing?" Klaus hissed between his teeth, Hope lifted her head enough to see the white oak stake in a hard grip in his hand. He would kill Mikael the first chance he got.

"A little experiment," Mikael answered. He took the knife from his pocket again and reached for Hope's wrist. He then pulled up her jacket sleeve and let the blade drag over her bare skin, making red blood pour out of it.

Hope tried to struggle against him, but it was useless. Mikeal reached for Caroline, made her drink the blood from Hope's vanes before he let go of both of them and pushed Hope to the side. She crashed into the ground a couple of feet away from Mikael and Caroline.

Caroline's face were covered with blood, she let out a cry in pain when Mikael forced her onto her feet.

"I will kill you!" Klaus warned with the stake dangerously in his hand.

"Shut up, you pathetic excuse of a living creature!" Mikael said.

"You won't get away with this!" Klaus continued.

Mikael laughed, a cold laugh that made Hope shiver all the way into the heart of her bones. He grabbed Caroline's neck with one of his hands, picking up a stick of wood with the other one.

Hope got up on her feet and started toward Mikael. But it was too late, he had already pushed the stake through Caroline's heart. She took one last breath, before she fell into her knees and closed her eyes. Her body didn't move, she laid lifeless beside Sam. Not moving. Not breathing.

The only sound they could hear was the scream of a hurt immortal man: "Caroline!"

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