Getting to know you

Chapter Five - Bridgediving and Fairytales

It had taken a while before Hope's father finally had decided to help out with emptying her bedroom with stuff so she could start painting the walls. She had insisted on doing the painting herself, even though Rebekah had tried to make herself useful. But she wanted to do it herself, because she believed it would be best if she did so.

It took her most of the weekend to finish her room, she painted two of the walls black, one fully white and the last one without neither windows nor doors, she painted a huge picture of a city at night.

Rebekah had told her a fairytale which she also had told to Hope as a baby, it had been stuck in her head ever since and Hope couldn't just let the words of that story go to waste.

So she decided to paint the words of the fairytale on the white wall:

Once upon a time, there was a majestic king.

He was blessed with a beautiful baby daughter for whom he wished only peace.

Still, the king had demons who pursued him. There was a ruthless beast who wanted to take the kingdom for her own.

Armed with a pack of untamed creatures, she drove all the other magical beings from the land.

And there was a wicked sorcerer with enchanted stones that weakened the king every full moon.

Seeing the shadows his enemies caused upon his home, the king was driven to send his beloved princess away, convincing all who remain that she was forever lost.

She was just about to finish the room two nights later when everyone else had gone to sleep, or when she thought everyone had gone to sleep.

"Quite an artist, aren't you?" Klaus said as he entered her room. She was just about to finish the last word of the fairytale.

"I guess," she shrugged. "Why aren't you asleep like everyone else?"

"I was just about to ask you the same question," Klaus replied with a grin before he started to read the words written on the wall. "Fairy tales?"

"Bekah told it to me," Hope explained. "She used to tell it before I went to sleep as a baby."

He didn't answer, instead his gaze went over to the painting of the city. Hope sighed before she started to pick up the used brushes and empty buckets from the floor.

"Aren't you curious?" Klaus asked as she was about to exit the room. "About the hybrid part of yours?"

"Of course I am," Hope immediately answered. "But every time I try talking about it, Elijah shut me off."

"Elijah isn't here at the moment, is he love?" He raised his eyebrows and sat down on the armchair she had in her room. Hope put down the buckets of paint outside the door before turning toward her father.

"Tell me."

"It's simple," Klaus begun with a mysterious smile on his face. "Normal werewolves has to kill someone before their gene is activated, while vampires has to die with a vampire's blood in its system and then drink human blood."

"And what do I have to do? Both?"

"Not quite, you have to drain a human from its blood until he dies."

Hope didn't know how to react, she had never killed anyone in her life before, but her craving for feeling something unbelievable was about to win over her conscience. All of her family members had done it, killed people, and none of them seemed to regret that much of it. Especially not her father.

"That's it?" she asked with full confidence.

Klaus nodded. "That's it, sweetheart."

"Let's do it."

"I won't do it."

"Come on, you can do this, love."

"No, I won't!"

"Hope," Klaus sighed getting impatient. He had parked across the street from the private school she was about to attend. It looked so different compared to the one back in New York, the students looked so ... engaged to get to school and almost happy. Even the teachers seemed to care. "I know you can do this and if someone has anything against you I will break that person's neck."

"Sounds cool," Hope joked. "Can't you do that now?"

Klaus shook his head with a wide smile on his face. "Get out of the car."

"Fine, buzzkiller," Hope muttered before opening the door and stepping out. She tossed her new backpack over her shoulder before looking back into her father's eyes. "You promise to come after me if I call, right?"

"Yes, sweetheart, I promise. Now go, you're running late," Klaus said. He could be quite human if he wanted to, he had even helped her decorate the rest of her room yesterday and insisted to be the one to drive her to her first day of school.

Hope rolled her eyes before slamming the door shut and walking over the street toward the huge, white building the kids called school. Compared to her old school with only about one hounded students, this was huge.

Since Hope was about to turn seventeen in two months, she was a junior, so she could comfort herself by thinking she only had to be there two more years.

"Nice car." Hope spun around to meet the eyes of a short girl with way too much make-up covering her face. Somehow she reminded a bit of Rebekah, with her long blonde hair and the way she was looking at Hope. Like she didn't know how to react on Hope's way of clothing and appearance.

"Thanks," Hope answered continuing walking when the girl started to walk beside her.

"Your boyfriend's?"

"No, um .. " she didn't know what to call Klaus. Her dad? That he was, but it sounded wrong to say it out loud. "Actually it was my father."

"That young?" The girl said in surprise. "Wow, he must have been very young when he got you."

Hope held back a chuckle, if this girl only knew how old Klaus really was.

"Yeah," Hope said.

"I'm Summer Adams," the girl announced with a wide smile. "You're new here, right?"

"Yeah, I am."

"And your name is?"

"Hope," she said. "Hope Mikaelson."

When they entered the school, a long hallway filled with lockers on both sides of the walls appeared, different signs were placed everywhere so no one would get lost. Hope already felt like she was on another planet.

"If you're looking for the expedition, it's that way", Summer said pointing to the left. "Just follow the corridor and turn right when you hit the wall."

"Thanks. Again," Hope said.

"No problem." Summer smiled before running off to a group giggling girls standing beside the lockers. Hope didn't bother to look at them, instead she turned around and walked toward the expedition.

It wasn't hard to find it and soon after she had, she got her schedule and a map where to find her classes. It was a nightmare, why did Elijah insist on her going to school? Wasn't it a problem enough with the witches, her grandparents locked in the basement and all those kind of stuff? No, she had to do something they thought were normal.

Her first class was math, which made her think about mr Cole. He was probably thrilled when she wasn't attending his classes anymore, Hope knew she was.

She hurried through the hallways so she wouldn't be late for class, because if she knew this school right, then the teachers probably would make her introduce herself in front of the rest of the students. And that was something she really wanted to avoid.

It wasn't hard to find the right classroom, although the map she had was useless, but she overheard some kids talk about the class so she followed them to the third floor.

"Hope! Over here!" Summer called from her seat way back in the classroom as Hope entered it. She actually felt relieved that someone knew her name. In her old school it had been simple, everyone knew her and no one dared to stand up against her. Here, no one knew her and everyone stared at her when she made her way back in the class.

"You can sit here," Summer said pointing at the desk in front of hers. "This is Trip." A blonde guy with his hair falling down his blue eyes, sweet face and well-trained body, smiled at Hope when Summer introduced him. "That's Sly." The guy sitting next to Trip was a brown-haired, tall person with chocolate-brown eyes. "And Bradin." The guy next to her was thin with pale white skin, black, messy hair and freckles.

"Guys, this is Hope," Summer said making a gesture toward her. "She's new here."

"Couldn't tell," Sly joked. "Nice to meet you. Summer mentioned you have a nice car."

"Her dad's car," Summer corrected him. "Who also looked kind of hot."

Hope stared at Summer, who looked more pleased than ashamed by her comment.

"What?" she asked clearly not understanding why Hope was in slight shock. "Hot dad fantasies is nothing to be ashamed of."

"Right," Trip said. "But that doesn't make you less weird."

He leaned forward onto his elbows while playing with a pen with his fingers.

"Wait, wasn't your last name Mikaelson?" Bradin asked. "Like the Mikaelson's who lives in the French Quarters?"

"Yeah, why?" Hope asked.

"I thought you were dead. Don't get this the wrong way, but my mom told me that a baby named Hope Mikaelson died about seventeen years ago when all these people died in the French Quarters."

All of their eyes laid at Hope, who didn't know how to react. Hayley had told her about the memorial and that they had mourned for her in public so the witches would believe she was dead, but she never thought that any of the kids in her own age would know about it – or her for that matter.

She wasn't prepared for any of this, she didn't know what to say. But she knew, for the sake of her family, that she had to come up with a lie.

"Um ... it's a long story," Hope hurried to say. "I don't want to bore you with it."

Luckily for her, before anyone of them had the chance to ask her something else, their teacher walked in and started the class. He didn't even notice that Hope was new when he read the attendance list.

She would have to ask Klaus about a reliable answer to the question Bradin had asked her. Otherwise she would have to come up with a lie by her own, which could lead to some sort of misunderstanding.

After she had made it through the first couple of classes, it was finally time for lunch. At least there were something she wouldn't be complaining about with the school. In New York they hadn't got much of eating, but here it was like heaven for Hope.

"Don't look," Summer said with fear in her eyes. Hope took her gaze up from her hamburger to find out what Summer was so afraid of. "That's Rachel Lynch, she is the princess of this school and the worst bully ever."

"You don't want to get on her bad side," Trip said.

Hope couldn't help but laugh at her table mates. They had hung out all day and she actually enjoyed their company. Of course they wasn't as funny as Sam, but they had their own kind of charm.

"You're afraid of that barbie?" Hope asked leaning back in her seat to get a better view of the person they claimed ruled this school. If there was something about Hope, it was that she loved a challenge.

She had been the one on top of the rank at her old school, this one couldn't be much different. Hope had to be in charge and she never gave up on something she wanted. She couldn't stand losing, she always had to be the number one.

Rachel Lynch was a girl with designer clothes from bottom to the top and a hairband placed on her blonde head. She had more make-up than Summer and a pink handbag in her hand. Hope didn't believe her eyes, it was too good to be true.

"Don't say that!" Sly hushed her as Rachel was about to walk past them. But of course, she overheard Hope's try to get her attention.

"And who are you?" Rachel said turned toward Hope with a disapproval look in her face. Of course everyone in the dining hall had they attention on them, with whispers surrounding Hope from every angle.

"The name is Hope Mikaelson," she said raising her eyebrows in amusement. "Now why don't you carry on with your so called doings before you do anything you regret."

As Hope already had figured out – the girl Rachel had gotten her actual attention toward her. Rachel's friends stood behind her like miniature bodyguards dressed in identical dresses and with their face expressions either angry or surprised.

"Do you know who I am?" Rachel asked clearly not liking the lack of respect Hope was showing.

"Obviously someone who can't find her seat."

Trip covered his mouth with his hand not to show Rachel he was laughing, as the same for at least half of their audience.

"You little bitch!" Rachel spat. "Say another word and I will-"

"You will do what, huh?" Hope cut her off while getting up from her seat to face her. "Tell everyone here a bunch of lies about me? Call me nasty words? Laugh at me? Please, by all means, do as you wish." She threw her arms out beside her. "But you should know that every single word you say, every whisper you make, will be one step closer to your pathetic ending. You will be alone, you will be nothing and you're going to wonder what you did wrong."

Rachel stared at her, just like the rest of the students, no one able to actually think the new girl could cause such a scene. Hope enjoyed it, the attention and respect she now was gaining and started a new era of this school. It was only a matter of time before everyone knew her name.

"What do you want?" Rachel asked, making the people around her gasp for the sudden take down. "My spotlight? My place at the top? Well, then you will have to fight for it."

"By doing what?" Hope asked. "Making you look bad? I believe not, why don't we have a challenge? A dare? Something that actually matters?"

Hope wished her act would be enough to scare Rachel, she did indeed mean the words she was saying, but she wasn't patient and wanted her place at the top as soon as possible.

"Of course," Hope continued before taking a step closer to Rachel," if you're not too scared."

Rachel searched Hope's eyes for something that would give her away, what a mistake. Hope knew exactly what she was doing, which buttons to press and what to say to make this girl suffer.

"Fine," Rachel gave in after thinking for a long while. "Like what?"

There was one thing in this world Hope found herself following, that was the common line of words: no regrets. No matter what she did, said or even thought, she wouldn't allow herself to regret it. Which also meant that the day she decided to trigger her hybrid side, she would not regret it.

Dressed in her darkest jeans, the usual gray hoodie and leather jacket, Hope opened the window in her room and peeked out. It was in the middle in the night, eleven thirty to be more exact. The best thing about people on the top were that they wouldn't give in when they were in public. Rachel had had no other choice than to accept the challenge Sly had come up with. To jump off the bridge in the Mississippi River.

Rebekah was out with Hayley on some sort of supernatural mission they didn't want to talk about with Hope because she still was too young. Of course that only made her more motivated to become a hybrid. Kol was also out, probably for one or two drinks, while Elijah and Klaus were downstairs.

Hope made sure the coast was clear before she climbed out the window and walked out on the balcony that went all around the building.

She snuck around the corner until she found a pillar that went from the roof all the way down to the ground. She didn't think twice before she took a strong grip around the pillar climbed down.

"Sneaking out are we?"

Hope froze when she heard that voice, she knew she was in trouble now. Her heart stopped inside her chest and her whole body felt like ice cold water. No one of them would understand why this was so important to her. She would be out laughed in school if she didn't even show up at the bridge.

"Kol," she said when she spun around. "This is not what it looks like."

Kol raised his eyebrows. "Sneaking out with the house filled with original vampires, you're either brave or stupid. "

"I can explain."

"Go on darling," he laughed. "I can't wait to see my brother's faces when they realize you're not in your room."

"Um ... Thanks," Hope said in confusion. But she didn't ask why he was in such good mood to let her go, instead she ran past him and started toward the bridge. Kol hadn't been in his best behavior ever since Hope had moved in, he had avoided to be home and nearly never talked to any of them. According to Rebekah, this was normal for him, but she couldn't shake off the feeling that it had something to do with her.

She reached the bridge only a couple of minutes after the clock had turned twelve, where a lot of other kids had gathered to watch the girls jump.

"I was afraid you wouldn't show up," Summer said relieved when she came up beside her. Because of the light from the full moon, it wasn't too difficult to see.

"I'm here," Hope said rolling her eyes. "Where's Rachel."

"Over there," Trip said pointing toward a group of students that looked like seniors. "Sly couldn't make it, his parents caught him sneaking out."

"You know you don't have to do this," Bradin said. "It's only a dare."

He looked at Hope with worry in his eyes, not many people had jumped off the bridge before. Though Hope could feel something different coming from Bradin, it was like he wasn't really scared of her jumping. More like exited about what this would turn out to be.

"Exactly," Hope said. "I am not a coward."

With those words she walked past them toward Rachel with her head held high and without hesitation.

"Are you ready?" she asked confident.

"Are you?" Rachel answered.

"You know the rules," the boy next to Rachel said. "The one who jumps first wins. If anyone of them chickens out or call the cops, then they are out of the competition."

"Let's do this," Rachel said walking toward the edge.

"Wait!" Hope shouted, making them all stare at her. "We said we would jump from on top of the bridge, which means we'll have to climb up there." She pointed at the ceiling over her head, only with thick iron pillars that they could hold on to.

Rachel's eyes switched in fear, already letting Hope know she wouldn't be able to make it. "You're kidding, right?"

"Not really."

"You're crazy!"

"I'm competitive and this is a challenge," Hope simply answered before walking over to the ladder that was settled on the iron pillar. "You coming?"

Rachel swallowed before she walked over to the same ladder and started to climb after her. It was a clear night, with not so much as a cloud on the sky or a single whisper of the wind.

"This is so high," Rachel gasped when they had gotten half of the way up. She was looking down at the kids on the bridge, all with their eyes fixed on them. Hope had thought Rachel would at least climb all the way up, guess she was wrong about that one. "I can't do this. You win."

"I'll have to do this challenge," Hope explained. "Otherwise none of this matter."

She didn't bother to look down at Rachel before she continued to drag herself up, Rachel on the other hand stayed in her place before slowly climbing back down again. Hope could hear the disappointed people underneath her because of Rachel's decision to drop out.

Hope wouldn't do that, she was not a quitter.

As she reached the top she finally realized how high it was. It made her knees bend and she actually felt nervous. She wasn't afraid of heights or water, but it was thrilling to stand there on top of a huge bridge looking down at the still water.

The students had gone quiet, with only their eyes on her. She smiled before gazing over the ceiling at the water so far down underneath her. If her parents knew this they would kill her, which made her wanting to jump even more.

She took a deep breath and jumped. It all felt like an eternity, she could hear the students gasp and the wind that blew in her ears. The speed she was up in while she fell caused an euphoric feeling, she felt free.

The second she hit the cold water it all came back to her and she did her best to swim up although her clothes were bringing her down. Her lungs was exploding for not getting air and the cold water were creeping her skin. Luckily, she had been smart enough to leave her jacket, shoes and hoodie with Summer before climbing.

As soon as she could breathe again she felt the victory running through her mind. She had won the bet, now she would be the one on top of the rang in school. Rachel was nothing but a history, maybe even a never-was.

The second later, sirens from police cars appeared. She was so dead.

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