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Two worlds

Chapter : 1

A small angle was slowly walking through a alley way while holding a cat in his hands . He look around to see if the cost was clear or not . After seeing the way is clear the small frame quickly run through the dark alley. He bend down to let the cat go before continue his slow walking .

The sneaky angle was wearing a face mask, a big sweater with big sleeves with a black skirt complete his look with a stocking , it was cold out there . So, he had to stay warm somehow. Anyhow.. The angle got to his designated spot where he wanted to do something fun. It was just a abandon building but he wanted to spray some cat faces all over the wall with his stolen can of spray paint. Yoongi wasn't know for anything extreme like Murder, but it only happens if it was REALLY REALLY necessary. So, he just did some vandalism here and there , stole people's car or took in lost one's as his own. Yoongi stole a lot so he had plenty of food for him and his precious kittes.

One the other side..

Taehyung drag a dead body to the red forest ( because in that forest always dead body are founded ) He killed a mid-old man who was drunk, because of boredom. After cleaning the human waste he cleaned himself and remove all the evidence and walk towards a dark alley like he did nothing while a stick of death ( cigarette ) between his lips. He was wearing full head to toe black. A black t-shirt with a black hoodie. A black cap of his head which was covering his eyes slightly with the hood of his hoodie to cover his half face , a tight black pants which help him to show his thick muscle thigh and a black boots. The not so happy demon was walking but he stop on his track when he saw someone's shadow , he threw the stick and smash it under his boots and cover his face with a black mask which help him to cover his mouth to nose for the other to not see his sinister face. He smirk as he casually walk towards the hot thing he saw which was wearing a skirt, his most favourite . The demon stand against a wall while looking at his prey.

End of the chapter

( A/N: Hey my dear readers!! Hope you will enjoy my first chapter plus please forgive me if there is any grammatical mistake . Don't forget to comment and vote. You're comments are highly appreciated. )

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